Scam Letter(s) from Leyla Ivanova to Carlos (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my lovely cat
I want to inform you once again.

-1-I have visa
-2-I am in Moscow
-3-I can go to you

I want to inform you, that it is necessary for us, something to do with my ticket. I need to buy the ticket as soon as possible. My uncle has sent me the western union 150 $. Now it is necessary for me only 400 $! My uncle has told, that more it has no money for my ticket. It has told, that you have sent me the others 400, it(he) speaks, that it is our meeting, and for some reason it does all. It has told, that any more than helps me may not. Now speaks, that to me have applied all forces and further did all. Why you may not send money, you unless do not want a meeting with me. I very much want to meet you and am ready at on all. Let's do our meeting real. I can arrive to you for 80-90 days. As I can remain with you but if only you will want it. We very well shall spend together. We shall have a good time much I in Moscow. The address of hotel in which I am. hotel "international" 123610, Moscow, Krasnooresnenskaya nab., 12, World trade centre. I wanted to learn a phone number in hotel but to me have answered negatively. Have told, that number of hotel does not accept calls from other country. Only Russia. I certainly was surprised and have asked, why? They have answered what many to pay it is necessary for these conversations. So what to call you to me it will be not possible, it would be a pity is healthy to talk with you.. I long can not be in Moscow, at me already numbers 9 will be terminated money. To me will come to go home. And meet then already we can not to meet. As I again will need to buy the ticket up to Moscow and to repay much which I took for the visa. Understand me correctly I want a meeting and I ask you to help me in it.

I wait from you the letter today and want to receive good news.

bye bye bye

P.S Together with this letter I send you a copy of my visa. That you might understand, that I do not joke also I am adjusted very seriously. Kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss



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