Scam letter(s) from Hanna Andrew to Jeff (Netherlands)

Letter 1
I am a graduate of art
I am a teacher
I teach in elementary school
I teach part time
I am single
I am here looking for a serious and a honest man for a long term relationship
I am open for travels
Letter 2
Thank you so much for your mail
I am a teacher
I teach in elementary school
I teach art
I am a graduate of art
and I teach kids between the age of 8years old and 11years old
I teach part time I am single
I am new here on the site and how about you?
How long are you here on the site?
Yes I agree with you
If you are serious maybe we exchange email address and write each other there and know each other more and I can send you more photos there and you also send me yours too
Letter 3
Write me here
Letter 4
Thank you so much for your mail and I enjoy reading it
I am single
I am the only child of my parent
My parent are both alive
I am a graduate of art
I am a teacher and I teach part time in elementary school
I teach kids between the age of 8 and 12 years old
I teach art
I live alone
I don't smoke and I don’t drink
I am there on the site because am looking for a serious relationship and an honest relationship
And a man I can trust and love
I hate lies and cheat
Have never married before
Letter 5
sorry have attached photos here
yes I am affectionate person
yes I like kiss, ***, hugs,
my boyfriend cheated on me too
I want be serious with you if you are serious
I can travel as well
Letter 6
I love everything you wrote here
Am a very open person so do I think you are which will make things easier for us. Am sorry that you didn't all the affection you deserved as a child as for me since I was young my mother has always been so close to me was showered with kisses until now she is my first best friend. But don't worry you got me, will make you feel loved in all the ways that I can because I believe feeling loved is very important in everyone's life. .. . Am so happy you seems very different from other men feel comfortable to ask me anything. Would love to answer all the questions. About public affection I always love everyone to know that this is my man and as far as am with you am so proud of which (will even complain if you don't show me affection in public especially kisses) Looking forward to hearing more from you
Start by asking me anything
Will continue from there.
Letter 7
Thank you so much for your mail
I like your mail
I teach art
I like abstract art
And that is what I do and love best
Your age is not the problem and it is just a number and it is all about understanding and been there for each other as well
Yes have travel to Sweden and France before
And I have a valid Schengen visa
And I like Europe and have also travel to Thailand and Dubai before
And if you want us to meet there is no problem about that
It is all about you promising me that you will take care of me?
I am okay with you
Hope you good
Letter 8
Thank you so much for the photos and I really appreciate
You are a good man and I like you already
I am always happy to have you here with me
I like the photos dear and you look great too
Thank you so much for making my day with your photos
and hope you are good over there
what are you doing now?
Letter 9
I am attaching here my photos
and I am home now
Letter 10
Already I know that you are older than me and it is my decision to like and love what I want
I am okay with you and have agree with you already and yes am okay with you
well first of all, I need to know where to stay if am there with you
and I need to know how many days or weeks you want me to come over there and stay with you and I understand you very much you are the man and you should know how to treat a lady and make her happy and welcome her around you
I am okay with you and just hope you will be sincere to me and honest to me
I have attached my photos here
Letter 11
we can share apartment together and with this alone will enable us know each other more
I am okay and I understand you
But I can decide what I want if it makes me really happy and I am comfortable too
If you promise me that you will always makes me strong then am okay my dear
well I will say with time you will know what makes me happy
Just want to be part of my man success and always be there for him and he does the same to me
I am happy that you know how to take good care of a woman and be there for a woman as well
we can spend two weeks or three weeks together because this is a relationship . . .
and hope when you date a lady you don’t cheat?
you will always be honest for me
Letter 12
1 bed room is okay dear
Thank you for your words
Letter 13
I am having a problem with my apartment throughout this months and my salary has not been paid
Things are not easy for me here except you help me out if you want to and I never wanted to disturb you over anything
But for now am down and sad
Letter 14
Am down and weak
I like you so much and I want you to know that and I never wanted to disturb you for help or money
And I understand you
But if you can help me I am okay
The owner of the apartment want to sell the apartment out and this coming Sunday is the last day am having to park out to a new apartment
For me to enter into a new apartment now
I need to pay for three months and agency fees too
I have here like 400 euros with me and I am still looking for 700 euros
I only have a local account here in Ukraine
And you can only help with me with moneygram transfer
I can send you my details if you want to help me out
And have attached here my ***** photos
And hope you are okay now
Letter 15
I am going out now and just take a selfie for you now
when we meet you will see me and I will set my eye on you and for now am just down
and I want you to understand me please
when am settle with my problems will make it easy for us please just understand me now
well you don’t need to have a moneygram account before you send me money
you can find any moneygram post office and you need only my first name and last name to send me the money and you can go there with your driver license and your passport
you can tell them you want to send the money to Ukraine
I will use my passport to get the money here in Ukraine
First name: HANNA
Surname: ANDREW
Country: Ukraine
Use only moneygram transfer
you can take a photo of the receipt and send me or you send me the details
your names you use when sending me the money?
they country you send me the money from?
the amount you send?
the control no?
this is all and I will claim the money
it takes 15 minute for you to send me the money
I understand you and how much money can you afford to send me?
tell me?
can you send me 550 euros?
I will see what I can do
I wait for your mail and thank you
Letter 16
well this is not true because my friend help me with money this money
she send me 200 euros through moneygram transfer
you need to go to the moneygram transfer office and ask them you want to send money to Ukraine
I have attached here my scan passport
and here is my phone number +380632555206
here is my address : 20A schevchenko park, Donetsk state country : Ukraine
all you need is my first name and surname and my country to send me money . . .
please if you want to help me do help me
this is all I ask for now from you
send me the money using moneygram transfer
and it works
go to their office if you want to help me out
thank you
Letter 17
it can be a loan and I will pay back
I will really appreciate
thank you
Letter 18
How are you today?
I don't hear from you again why
Hope you are good over there?
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