Scam letter(s) from Cindy to Jeff (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello Handsome
How are you doing ?
Ok dear. I am good
What are you doing now ?
I am watching a movie and talking to you
I am watching a movie titled Quantico
I buy and sell female clothing and jewelries and also hoping to become a movie star
I studied a little acting
I did some modeling when I was in my 20s
Yes I hoping for [film auditions] someday
I have never visited NY but I would love to be there soon
I don’t know about any firm work in Amsterdam but I would ask before leaving to USA
I don’t have family here I am only here [Netherlands] on vacation and also to get some new stock
I actually lives in Port St Lucie Florida
I am an Ukrainian-American born and bred in Ukraine but I have moved to USA 3years ago. I have been here for the new year and also on a business trip
Send me your number so we can keep in touch on whatsApp
Yes I do miss Ukraine
Yes I had boyfriend back home but not anymore
He was abusive and a cheat
Yes he [hit me]
Nope he lives in Ukraine
Nope the relationship ended before i leave for USA
Letter 2
My mom lives in Kentucky USA. She's an American but my dad was an Ukrainian.
Letter 3
Business is not doing too good now.
I couldn't pay for my shop space and I was evicted by the owner.
I have exceeded the grace period that's why I was evicted.
I'm now hoping to start an online trade.
Yes I wish im closer to massage your body and make you feel better
I don't really have more pictures cos my phone has been acting up for sometime now.
It's pretty here [in Florida] dear and I love the weather.
Letter 4
My mom is in a very critical condition and I have to be around her to take good care of her.
I'm the only child
Yes I'm in Florida now but I will be going to Kentucky tomorrow.
Letter 5
Yes dear I have family back home [in Ukraine].
Letter 6
She [my mom] is in very critical condition now and I really need financial support real bad.
I wish you can be of help dear. I will refund it to you as soon as my debtor pays me.
[Mom is in] Medical Center at Bowling Green. Dr. K.G. Sahetya. Why do you want to know dear.
Letter 7
Hope you would be able to help me with some money when you return home safely
I will be living for Ukraine on Monday [February 17] and I hope we can meet there if that's possible.
stepana banderi
Ternopil ukraine
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