Scam letter(s) from Alisa Ryabchikova to Luca (Italy)

Letter 1
Hello my love *****!
What is your day like today? How are you feeling All right?
All is well with me! Today I have a great mood! I'm only thinking of you and our meeting, *****!
I wanted to ask you if you managed to recover the money for the tickets. Hope the money hasn't been lost?
By the way, I found the remaining 30 euros, so I can deposit them into my account so that the amount is 1000 euros.
Honey, we'll definitely do it and we'll be together!
We are a couple, we are one! We are a family, *****!
I love you and I can't find the words to truly describe all my feelings for you!
I kiss you, your Alisa!
Letter 2
Hello my love *****!
Thanks so much for your quick reply!
I am very sorry that you feel sad. Yes, today we could meet and be together.
And I'm sorry you can't return the money for the ticket ...
*****, I found another way on the Internet with which you can send money.
He says the money can be sent directly to an online bank account.
I will leave you a link to this site, please check it, maybe this will be fine for us.
Also in the AppStore and GooglePlay there is a paysend application.
I looked at the reviews, this is a great way to transfer money. Money can be sent immediately to a bank account, so I don't have to go to WU or Ria to get it. I just need to provide you with a bank account, with the option of receiving money in foreign currency. And you can immediately transfer this money to my online bank account.
And I can open a bank account for the euro in my bank for free. It only takes a few minutes.
*****, let me know what you think.
I love you and soon we will surely be together! I believe in us, I believe in our relationship and I believe that we will be the happiest couple in the world !!!
I kiss you, your Alisa!
Letter 3
My love *****!
Thanks a lot for your letter!
I'm glad you enjoyed my suggestion for sending money.
Why did you contact the Consulate of Ekaterinburg? Ekaterinburg is a completely different city, you had to contact the consulate in Izhevsk. Why did you do that? Don't you trust me again and want to check? The consulate won't give an answer now, because I haven't provided any documents. They will start preparing the visa only after all the documents have been submitted. But I wonder why you decided to contact the Ekaterinburg Consulate. After all, I don't live in Ekaterinburg. Or do you have another woman from Ekaterinburg!?
I will wait for your answer.
Your Alisa!
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