Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Rainer (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Rainer! Thank you for your phone number. In the coming days, as soon as I have the opportunity, I will call you from my work and we can talk on the phone. Ok? I'll tell you in my next letters when I call you. I'm interested in everything that you write to me, all your thoughts are very close to me and I support you. I feel your support now and I think that it will not fade with time, I'm sure of you. I think that I can feel safe and secure next to you, what do you think about it? I am writing these lines and I'm worried, I have not experienced this wonderful feeling for a long time, when butterflies flit in the stomach. What is it? Today my night was sleepless all night I thought that you would answer me. I woke up earlier than usual and did not even have breakfast, ran to work to check my Email. I opened the mailbox and saw your letter. My hands were shaking and I was worried and afraid to open it. And a few minutes I was afraid to open your letter. When I read your letter I realized that I was not mistaken in you. Rainer I want you allow me to call you in letters "MY LOVE"? I think you will like it. But I think that we can overcome all obstacles with the help of our relations. Once I could not believe that love exists. But then you appeared, and the world turned over. I waited for you. I waited all my life. I knew that one day it would happen. You are that one whom I was looking for a long time. You are the man of my dreams. You turned into the meaning of my life, filled my soul with air. You allowed my wings to open and fly, soar over the earth and not notice anything except your image. You gave me a dream, a hope for human happiness... And I do not need much, just to know that you are some where in this world... In fact, I would give everything to be always near you. Now I need to contact my curator and tell him that I'm really going to fly to your country. For this I need to collect in a few days the list of important documents. Today my curator will tell me what kind of documents they need. My dear, I will have a very important request for you. I ask you to find in the internet a list of several dental clinics more closest to you in your city? I need 3-4 private practices. These dental practices should be as close to you as possible. This is necessary for me to conclude a contract with the the International Federation of Medical Associations. As you understand, the next few days will be very intense for me. I hope you Rainer understand that I need to do all this. I want to do all this as quickly as possible, because I really want our private meeting. For the first time I really enjoy preparing for such a trip. Today I still need to do my basic work. In the evening, my friend Yuliya should come to me. I'm impatient to share such joyful news.
Rainer I am glad that our life paths met. Let them burn as a bright star of our amazing love.
I will wait for your reply. Love and 1000000 kisses. Have a good day!
Best regards
Letter 2
Hello my love Rainer! How was your day?
Darling, a few days ago I already informed you about this, but apparently you are not reading my letters completely. My dear I will receive a full package of documents, which will indicate my new place of work and my residential address only after my boss make a payment of our contribution part and then I fly to your country and meet with the official representative of the International Federation of Medical Association. Now I have no information about the place of work, but I gave the list of clinics to my curator so that he would include them in the list of possible places. He promised me that I would undergo an internship at one of these clinics, he said that he would agree with the Medical Association about this issue.
In addition, you began to invent a story that I pursue only selfish goals and that I can deprive you of everything after marriage. But it will not pass. I have sincere feelings for you, I'm not going to deceive you or use any tricks. I have always been an honest person. We can fully follow your rules, so you will be convinced that I am honest with you and do not expect to deceive you. Today I have a lot of important news. I'll start talking everything in order. In the morning I had a meeting with my curator.
We had an extremely unpleasant conversation. I wanted to get concrete answers to my questions. I asked why they still have not transferred the funds?
My director immediately rebelled and asked why he should pay something? He learned that I am planing to stay with you for ever. He explained to me that the clinic does not see any point in wasting money if I do not return to work for them. I was very disappointing, but I understand it. After this conversation, I immediately went to my curator to discuss with him the whole situation. I asked if I can cash my certificate in Ukraine to make this payment? Can an International Federation of Medical Associations do this? My curator replied that over the past two years your country changed the rules. If I decided to fly to Israel, there would be no problems. I could get the whole amount in Ukraine. But your country, allows you to cash a certificate only on its territory. That is why my curator said that my only option is to make the most amount of the deposit. I did not despair, because everything is ready for my journey. I went to the bank where I get paid and keep money on the deposit. I have been servicing this bank for a long time and I was sure that they will be able to give me a loan for a short period of time. I explained the whole situation to the manager,I showed them a copy of my certificate that I will be able to cash out and immediately transfer their money from your country. The manager denied me for the same reason that my supervisor. I got all my savings, it was 900 dollars and went to work to write you a letter.
Along the way, I thought I could sell quickly to get the rest of 600 dollars ?? I'm still paying a loan for my apartment, so I can not sell it so quickly. Then I realized that I have no other options how to borrow this amount from you. I'm sure that for you Rainer it's no problem. We both did so much for our meeting, I do not think you'll deny me now. Moreover, I will return this funds to you in 3-4 days, after I arrive in your country. I will cash out without problems my certificate and I will return this funds to you. I really do not like this situation, I turned to you for a help, but I have no other choice and I am confident that you Rainer will not leave me in this situation. This situation will serve as a serious test of our relations and our words. I'm sure that my man will do everything to help me solve this problem and not worry about it. I send you a copy of my certificate so that you are absolutely calm that you will get all the funds back. I also send you a copy of my Bank account statement. I want you to know that everything I say is documented and this problem is just an accident. I will wait for your answer. It will be another sleepless night. I love you Rainer!
Have a good day!
Your Alla
Letter 3
Hello my love Rainer! No answer? I didn't expect that from you. I thought we trusted each other! In all your letters you told me that I can always rely on you and can always count on your help? We had our conversation, so we both want to change our lives, build our future together. At first I thought I for you it's just entertainment. I felt very hurt and just wanted to cry and never write to anyone on the Internet. Then I decided to understand why you refused me in so little help? All my life I've lived honestly and achieved everything myself. I built my own career, and I'm still single because of it. It's my own fault I never asked other people for help. I hope Rainer, you believe me, that I did everything I could! Did you see the Bank statement in my Bank account? I withdrew all the money I had. I just had no choice, I had to do it, because in the last few days I have a new meaning in my life - it's you Rainer! I think you want to change your life, too! We both have a chance to do this! I hope all your sweet words were true and you really need me and I could melt your heart. I did not think about my career, I thought that came the moment in my life when it's time to just turn everything around and live differently. On this I openly told my Manager that I no longer plan to return to Ukraine. I want to stay with you Rainer forever!
So I risked everything I had. I asked my curator to do everything so that I, as an independent person flew to the USA! I didn't mean to hurt you! it pains me that you have doubts. I don't like the fact that I have to ask you for money in debt. I never did, and now I feel new. I feel like crying..( In my thoughts I just thought about what a wonderful man you are and will never leave me in trouble. After all, real men always help their woman. Am I right? I would have returned all the money to you in 2-4 days after my arrival to you. Have you seen my certificate? I'll have that money in your country. I want to explain everything to you so you don't think badly of me. In our country, close people help each other even financially. I was absolutely sure that we are talking to you openly and honestly, which is why I think you are a very close person, and now I think you are my man. You think I'm your girlfriend, too? Just that I allowed myself to ask you for the money. I simply have no other option! It's important to me that you don't think terrible things about me. I'm just a naive girl who made a ****** mistake. I know how serious Bank and personal documents are in your country! I opened you all the data on my Bank account so you could see that I was willing to give everything for us and our future. You saw the official document from the Medical organization, you know that I will get my first salary of 3000 dollars. This will happen in 2-3 days as I will end up in the USA. I'll pay you back easily. You saw in this document that the organization allocates separate money for my accommodation? You do realize we could have arranged for me to rent an apartment from you! Then we will have an additional source of income. I understand that this is a trifle, but still it is an additional income. I told you all this again so you'd understand my behavior. I don't want you to think badly of me. I really love you Rainer. I'm talking absolutely seriously! I calmly and honestly told you my thoughts and my behavior. I'm sure you'll understand. In any case, the decision is yours. You want my opinion? I'm tired of being alone, I'm ready to give everything I have for our meeting. I did it! Now you have to answer yourself honestly! You want to change your life? Do you want to get a kind, affectionate, loving and caring woman? You want change? I really want to build a real and sincere relationship with you, which is based on love and trust. I am absolutely sure that a man who can write such letters, can not play with my feelings. I couldn't be wrong about you, and I'm putting those bad thoughts out of my head. I'm asking you to help me with this 600 dollars and this problem will be solved. I'm asking you to do everything you can to keep me from crying. Ok? Have a good day!
Your Alla!
Letter 4
Darling, I asked you for help. I need only $ 600. Your letters used to be full of love for me, but what happened now? After my request, you stopped responding to me. I have a question. How much do you love me and what will you go for me? It sometimes seems to me that your letters are just empty words. I do not like ears. I love a man for his actions. The act of a man is important for a woman. Now do you understand my condition? Do not get me wrong. I have no one but you, I have no one to turn to for help. This is my only chance to change my life and be with you. I did not sleep all night and thought about you and how to solve this situation. I sent you a bank statement stating my savings of $ 900. I am missing just $ 600. Am I not worthy of your trust? Without trust, there is no future in a relationship. Nothing keeps me in Ukraine and I want to see you. Is $ 600 more important to you than me? Answer me honestly can you send me $ 600? I have to tell my decision to my curator. Otherwise, I need to refuse a trip to you. I hope for your courage and your right decision. Your princess Alla
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