Scam letter(s) from Anna Ponomareva to Mel (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Mel. I hope that you did not lose me) Sorry for my long answer, now everyone is talking about Covid-19 and with this news, I completely forgot to check my email. I saw your letter only today and immediately began to write you a response. How is your health? I hope you're feeling great;) Now is not the time for illness and I want to wish you good health before I try to tell you about myself.Thank you for sending me the pics.
As I said before my name is Anya. My city is called Mariupol it's located in Ukraine.
I have never been married, I have no children. Whatever now I'm single now but I don't feel alone myself. I have a positive view's for the world and always try to look for the good sign in everything. Maybe my friends are right and I'm just accustomed to being alone.
I am from a family that is not usual for Ukraine. My dad is 22 years older than my mom. But despite this, my mother is never inferior to him in wisdom. My mom taught me how to cook and my dad taught me how to drive a car. I got my driver's license when I was 18. Thanks to my parents I received a good education and I am very grateful that they supported me when I needed it.
Now I have my own online store that sells clothes. I earn a decent income and therefore I have the opportunity to travel often. It's a pity that now I'm like everyone else in quarantine. I can call myself quite curious, even to some extent more so than everyone else. I think this is a useful trait. I have always respected curious people, because they have something that many people do not have, namely the ability to develop themselves and expand their horizons, and I would be interested to talk if you are real.
In any case, I think that relationships, feelings and emotions should only be spoken about by looking each other in the eye. Who knows? Maybe one day we'll meet somewhere. By the way, I was planning to fly with my friends to rest in the Domenican Republic, but unfortunately with the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, this is not possible. Our trip was postponed indefinitely. I can't say that I'm very upset about this, but I already miss the feeling that I get when I'm traveling. I like the smell of the sea and the feel of the warm sun on my face. I am also happy to visit a Museum or just walk around an unfamiliar city. It is a pleasure for me and I can practice my knowledge of foreign languages. I can boast that I am fluent in English. It doesn't bother me that you're older than me. We can communicate and I would be very interested to know the opinion of the older generation. I think that friendship does not have a Statute of limitations, and you can always find a topic to talk about regardless of the age difference. The main thing is to understand each other and look for common interests.
I don't like jealousy, for me it is a sign of self-doubt, which is why I am not jealous personally. Also I hate when the house is *****, my house should always be in order. Perhaps someone can say that I am a pedant, but I think this is an indicator of neatness and education. I take it very seriously and love to see everything in its place. I don't think I'm asking for much, but I think you should know these traits of my character.
We just started getting acquainted and I don't even know if I will be interesting to you after this letter and all my "bugs" in my head. At the moment, I think the most we can achieve without a personal meeting is a warm friendly relationship by correspondence, in any case, if you want you can join us with my friends in Domenican Republic. Can you afford it?
In any case, I think that relationships, feelings and emotions should only be spoken about by looking each other in the eye. But unfortunately, due to the current situation with COVID-19, we can only communicate online now. Who knows? Maybe one day we'll meet somewhere.
Whatever we we can now try to become each other's pen pals. I don't want to burden you with my thoughts. I'm sorry, I just decided to reread my letter and realized that I've already written a lot. I have to go to work.
Your new friend Anya.
P.S. Some of my photos from my trip to Italy. I think that this letter is enough.
Letter 2
Hello Mel. How are you? I'm in a very good mood. I am very glad to see again your answer and I am pleased that we continue our acquaintance.Today the TV news said that the situation in Ukraine remains the same and the self-isolation regime will be in effect at least until the end of the month. I think that all people should behave responsibly, and be attentive to their health and the health of their loved ones. It's nice to see the pictures with your letter again.
I'm interested in talking to you. But as I told you in my previous letter, I'm not looking for a serious relationship right now. I don't want to offend you, I like you, but we need to get to know each other better before we start talking about possible relationships and meeting seriously. Whatever it is, I don't want to rush things and jump to conclusions. Unfortunately now is not the best time to travel and no one can tell in advance how long it will last. Sometimes I think that life will never be the same again, but I hope that there will be no global changes. In addition, I recently heard in the news that some European countries have already started to do some easing of the Covid-19 quarantine. I hope that these will be good decisions.
I really hope that this year I will have the opportunity to visit the beach and enjoy the sun. I love to sit on the beach and keep my feet on the warm sand, feel the warm sea breeze blowing on my body. But unfortunately, because Covid-19 has affected the way of life of millions of people, and we can not enjoy the everyday little things, we begin to live in memories. I hope that tomorrow will be a better day than today and that the normal and quiet life that was before will soon begin.
You probably already realized that I'm not a "typical blonde", I think I'm smart enough. I was able to get a higher education for free and graduated from the University of Economics and law in Mariupol. I studied well and I can say that a lot of information that I received at the University became useful for me in business. Thanks to this, my business is Autonomous and I can afford time for Hobbies.
I can't go to the gym, but I work out regularly at home to keep myself in good shape. It is not easy to maintain a figure without exercise equipment, but there is a simple set of exercises for physical activity and toning up. Perhaps we can give each other some advice on how not to get bored while we are at home. How do you spend your time? I think it's time to finish my letter. Hope you write me your answer soon.
Your friend Anya.
P.S. In photos, I look very tall because of my heels, although my height is only 172cm. The photos I will send you were taken last summer. I want to believe that I haven't changed much since then:) I'll send you a selfie I took this morning.
Letter 3
Hello Mel.
I was very glad to see your letter and I hasten to write my answer to you now.I'm having a good morning. I feel great. Today I decided to arrange a home beauty salon. When I woke up, I arranged a water treatment. I spent several hours in the bathroom with foam and aroma oils. After the bath, I gave myself a pedicure and moisturized my skin. All beauty salons are now closed and you have to do all these procedures yourself. It takes more time at home, but I try to think positively. For me, this is a good way to save money and not spend it on beauty salons. And if you do fitness at home, then you don't need to spend money on a fitness center)
Half of last night, I've been thinking about what I wrote to you and I'd like to return to a very important topic from my last letter. I think I should explain everything in more detail so that we don't have any misunderstandings. I mean, I wasn't trying to hurt your heart or make hurt you by saying that we not should talk about relationships. As I said before, I am not actively searching for relationships now. It's not easy for me to decide for this at the moment, but I do not exclude that everything may change in the near future. I think that only the future can show us what can happen and what our communication can lead to. In addition, now we have met you, and perhaps this will turn out to be something more)
I must admit that I often hear the question why I still do not have a soulmate. I think it's about my character, and my desire to commit myself to a serious relationship with someone now. Maybe I haven't met the person with whom I want to be together with until I'm old. I'm sure that with time everything will fall into right place by itself. At the moment, I'm not ready to let anyone near my friend zone. My business takes a lot of my time, and is currently experiencing some difficulties due to the decline in consumer demand. This worries me because business is part of my independence. I believe that soon everything will return to a normal rhythm.
Today, I have a little gift for you. I didn't tell you before, but once a week I buy a lottery ticket. I've already won small amounts, but I still haven't won the Jackpot. In Ukraine, people like to buy lotteries. This is a chance to catch your luck and completely change your life. I don't know how things are in the the United States. Are you buy the lottery sometimes? I hope you're lucky, and I bought two lottery tickets today. I bought one ticket for myself, and one ticket for you. I sent it to you from the lottery website. If you receive a message from the lottery website, don't be afraid. This happens automatically. On their website, you can check the status of your winnings and follow the progress of the draw. Who knows, maybe we'll win a million dollars and we can have a good vacation on the tropical Islands together. The draw will be in the nearest Monday, 20 April, at 17:00 in Kiev time. I hope we get lucky:) Tell me, do you always understand what I write to you about? I think that sometimes it is difficult for you to understand me, because the mentality of our countries may differ.
Of course it would be easier and faster to get to know each other if you were in Mariupol now. It would be great to have a teleport, but it is a so pity, that this is not possible at the moment. In any case, I want to say that you will always be welcome in my house if you ever decide to fly to me when the situation with Covid-19 in the world stabilizes:) I like you Mel, and I'm very happy that I have a friend like you. I love sharing my news and thoughts with you. Well, it's time to say goodbye for today. Have a great day! Your friend Anya. P.S. Some of my recent photos.
Letter 4
Hello my dear friend Mel. How was your day?
Today is a wonderful weather, I went out of the house for the first time in several days to buy food. Right now, it's the only way to be on the street legally. The city seemed to stand still, with fewer ordinary people and more policemen. It was good to take a walk and get some fresh air. When I got home my first thought was what should I do to stay sane during my self-isolation?
I started reading an interesting novel, but I think it will take me a few more months before I finish it, the fact is that I have a cat and it requires a lot of attention now. She's very helpful in keeping me from going mad but she can be very annoying. The only way to make it fall behind is to turn on the hair dryer or vacuum cleaner. Actually, I did so, I turned on the vacuum cleaner and she immediately ran away. I didn't know how it happened but I did some housework and Laundry. In any case I had a good time:) All I have to do is make dinner, but I'll do it later, after I've finished writing to you. I have a suspicion that this year I will have to cancel all my holiday plans and cancel my planned car purchase. Now is a difficult time for my business, and due to the fact that I can only trade online, sales have fallen very much. It is still not clear when the shopping centers will reopen and my Department will work in the same mode. Fortunately, I have some savings but if this situation continues for a long time I will have to use some to save my business. Now all private businesses in Ukraine are experiencing problems, and many have to close, and in the United States the same situation with private businesses?
I think you've already figured out That I like to make gifts. I decided to take the opportunity to make you a little present. It only cost me $ 2, so I didn't hesitate, and I bought a ticket for you, too. I was just buying myself a lottery ticket, and suddenly I thought of you. Now we just have to wait for the draw and cross our fingers for good luck.
It seems that it is time for me to finish my letter, I planned today to do a exercise "plank" and squat. In addition, you still need to prepare food. Your friend Anya. P.S. Today I received a long-awaited parcel with my shoes. Do you like?
Letter 5
Hello my friend Mel. How are you?
Today I woke up early, I was awakened by my cat. Perhaps he, too, is already beginning to go crazy on so often to see me at home, listening to music, I turn to you. Now it is impossible to sleep for 16 hours a day and often have to avoid meeting with the vacuum cleaner. Snow leopard, was the name of my cat, he said it was my master, and not vice versa. Sometimes, it seems to me that this is the laziest cat in the world. He just sleeps, eats and goes to the toilet. But it still remains my favorite. I saw on TV today that many people began to throw their pets for fear that they may carry Covid-19. I can not understand these people, because for me, my cat is part of my family. I can not betray him, even if it is likely that he will be sick.
Frankly, I do every day I hear only bad news about the situation with the pandemic virus, and it starts to get tense. People are beginning to be afraid of everything, and think less and less reasonable, and panicked. Certainly, sooner or later it's all over and we begin to live in the usual way. Personally, I'm really looking forward to this day, not only to meet up with friends and spend some quiet time together. I'm waiting for that day because I can reopen my department at the mall. Despite the large number of orders is not in my online store is now hard for me to cope with it on their own. When my department in the mall was working, these duties involved my seller's why I now have too little time. As much as I wanted to write you a long and interesting letter is now unfortunately I do not have time right now. Now I need to go pick up the next lot of things and take them to the warehouse. Then call on parents and pick up some things that you need to take away my grandmother in the suburbs. I hope you're not too upset, and I understand. I've got to run. Your friend Anya. P.S. Have a nice day!
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Letter 7
Good day Mr Melvin. Since you are not a citizen of Ukraine, your payment cannot be processed automatically on our website. So you have been assigned your personal Manager. Our manager contacted you but you don't answer. Check your mailbox once again. All information you can ask from him. His name is Ruslan Tkachuk. His email address: Thank you for choosing our company. If you have any questions I will be glad to answer them. Yours faithfully,
0800 807 807
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