Scam letter(s) from Anna Ponomareva to Mac (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Max. How is your health? I hope you're feeling great;) Now is not the time for illness and I want to wish you good health before I try to tell you about myself. You disappointed me for not sending your pictures. What is the reason, is it so difficult to do?Thank you for the flowers, it is very cute. Even a simple picture was very enjoyable for me.
As I said before my name is Anna. My city is called Mariupol it's located in Ukraine. What about you? Where do you live?
I have never been married, I have no children. Whatever now I'm single now but I don't feel alone myself. I have a positive view's for the world and always try to look for the good sign in everything. Maybe my friends are right and I'm just accustomed to being alone.
I am from a family that is not usual for Ukraine. My dad is 22 years older than my mom. But despite this, my mother is never inferior to him in wisdom. My mom taught me how to cook and my dad taught me how to drive a car. I got my driver's license when I was 18. Thanks to my parents I received a good education and I am very grateful that they supported me when I needed it.
Now I have my own online store that sells clothes. I earn a decent income and therefore I have the opportunity to travel often. It's a pity that now I'm like everyone else in quarantine. I can call myself quite curious, even to some extent more so than everyone else. I think this is a useful trait. I have always respected curious people, because they have something that many people do not have, namely the ability to develop themselves and expand their horizons, and I would be interested to talk if you are real. This is a funny situation as I wrote you a letter. I received a spam email from a Dating site that suggested I write an email for my first date. As it came to life in the end, the site demanded payment from me. I paid because it cost less than 10 Euro. I don't regret it, because now we can communicate with you.
In any case, I think that relationships, feelings and emotions should only be spoken about by looking each other in the eye. Who knows? Maybe one day we'll meet somewhere. By the way, I was planning to fly with my friends to rest in the Domenican Republic, but unfortunately with the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, this is not possible. Our trip was postponed indefinitely. I can't say that I'm very upset about this, but I already miss the feeling that I get when I'm traveling. I like the smell of the sea and the feel of the warm sun on my face. I am also happy to visit a Museum or just walk around an unfamiliar city. It is a pleasure for me and I can practice my knowledge of foreign languages. I can boast that I am fluent in English, German and Italiano.
I don't like jealousy, for me it is a sign of self-doubt, which is why I am not jealous personally. Also I hate when the house is *****, my house should always be in order. Perhaps someone can say that I am a pedant, but I think this is an indicator of neatness and education. I take it very seriously and love to see everything in its place. I don't think I'm asking for much, but I think you should know these traits of my character.
We just started getting acquainted and I don't even know if I will be interesting to you after this letter and all my "bugs" in my head. At the moment, I think the most we can achieve without a personal meeting is a warm friendly relationship by correspondence, in any case, if you want you can join us with my friends in Domenican Republic. Can you afford it?
In any case, I think that relationships, feelings and emotions should only be spoken about by looking each other in the eye. But unfortunately, due to the current situation with COVID-19, we can only communicate online now. Who knows? Maybe one day we'll meet somewhere.
Sorry, I just decided to reread my letter and realized that I have already written a lot and I have to run on business. But whatever it was, now we can try to become good pen pals.
Your new friend Anna.
P.S. Some of my photos from my trip to Italy. I think that this letter is enough.
Letter 2
Hi Max. I'm grateful that you want to give me a prize. I think it's a very fair decision, because I gave you a lottery ticket. I've already called the lottery company to apply for a prize. I explained the whole situation to the lottery company's specialist. I said everything as it was, that I bought an e-ticket for you that turned out to be the winning ticket and that you want to give me the right to receive this prize. I was told that this is illegal under the rules of the lottery. Each ticket is linked to the owner's email address. Only the ticket holder can get the prize, otherwise, it violates the rules of the lottery and the prize may be canceled. My dear, you should try to get money. This is a huge amount, but the most important thing is that this money belongs to you legally. I hope you don't forget about me when you get your winnings. I hope I can claim some of it:)
I have not had a very good day today, since the morning I slipped and twisted my leg very badly. I'm in a lot of pain right now and all I can think about is when the painkiller will kick in. However, I couldn't leave you without telling you the news of my departure. I like our communication, making new friends is never superfluous. I don't know what our communication can lead to, but I don't want to promise you any serious relationship. I would be interested in meeting you if the circumstances of my life are going well, but I don't see any such prospects in the foreseeable future. I'm just trying to be as honest as possible with you, and I don't want to give you hopes that will remain only hopes. I hope that you will understand me correctly.
Speaking of my departure. I wanted to warn you that I might not be able to write to you for a while. I and my family are going to spend some time in self-isolation, in the village with my grandmother. There is everything you need to relax, and help your grandmother put her garden in order before the start of the season. I think that the time of the epidemic is the best time to be together with your family. Measures to isolate the population are becoming more stringent every day. Everything is going to the point that soon it will be completely impossible to go out on the street. We all decided to use the opportunity to go to the country in the suburbs while it is still possible. I won't be able to write to you often because the Internet is bad in the village. But I will try to check my email through my phone and respond to your email. I wish you good health and not to die of boredom:)
P.S. I recorded you phone number in my phone. this number in international calls format? I think it would be nice to talk on the phone once. I'm sorry I didn't have a photo today, I'm in a hurry, my parents came to pick me up.
P.P.S. By the way, did you check the lottery ticket I gave you?
Letter 3

Hello, Max! Anna (email address: present you a lottery ticket and a chance to change your life for best way and become a millionaire. All information about the prize draw, you can see on our website in your account. Login and password were created automatically and you can always change them. After completion of the prize draw (only if you win) to your e-mail address will be send a notification. You will be able get your winnings one of the popular money transfer systems. We wish you good luck and hope to see you again. TICKET NUMBER: 595757222344
DRAW DATE: Thu, Apr 23 2020 at 17:00
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Password: WE4HLLRg Log In The Ukrainian national lottery (UNL) is a Ukrainian state lottery operator that conducts lotteries under license and under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance and the State Treasury. © 2002-2020 «Ukrainian National Lottery». All rights reserved
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Information about this is available in Your personal account. Thank you for choosing UNL!
Letter 5
Hello Mr Max. I'm personal manager agent assigned to your case in company UNL, my name is Anatolii Marusich. I want to congratulate you. Since you are not a citizen of Ukraine, your payment cannot be processed automatically on our site. You are required to forward the following details that our company will able start processing your prize. You need to fill out attached file and send back to me. Since you are not a citizen of Ukraine, we will need information for an international Bank transfer to send your winnings you. All information you provide is confidential and we have no right to disclose it to third parties. After you provide all necessary information I will forward it to our head office to get Approval of your payment. All applications must be requested no later than 7 working days after notification. After this all funds will be returned to the Ministry Finance of Ukraine as unused. Thank you for choosing our company. If you have any questions I will be always glad to answer them. Yours faithfully,
Anatolii Marusich
Fiduciary agent
0800 807 807
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