Romance scam letter(s) from Rita Shapa to Jeff (Netherlands)
Letter 1
What can I say about me? It is quite difficult. I work administrator in the cafe of my city. I am also passionate by the song. Since its more tender childhood, I began to act on the local contests in my city. I really like sing song, and in the future, I want to achieve even more success!
Letter 2
Due to the fact that most of my time I spend at work, I have no way to access the site, but to lose communication with you I don't want. On your computer I have a filter on the Dating sites, including foreign. I can only check your Inbox. Let's continue our communication via email? Write me your email or I will give your?
Letter 3
Hi. My name is Rita.
Letter 4
Hi! I beg you not to worried about our age difference. It does not bother me. Today we have again a cold day. I am very cold. Now I drink a glass of hot tea with lemon. It warms me. In this weather, want to drink warm tea and warm up. I'd like to tell you about myself... I live without parents, me and my girlfriend rent an apartment. My parents live in another district of the city. I have no brothers or sisters. And do you have any brothers or sisters? I live in city Tolyatti. This is a very beautiful city. I like my city. I understand that between us great distance. But I don't want to communicate with Russian men. They only want one thing is sex. I want a relationship. Recently I decided that I need to try to chat with someone from a different country, with different mentalities and habits. It is great, when you communicate with a foreigner. And what do you think? I am very interested to know. Do you smoke? Drink alcohol? As for me, I sometimes drink alcohol. I can afford to drink in a bottle of good wine, but nothing more. To Smoking I'm neutral. I sometimes think that a cigarette gives man brutality :) I finish my letter and I with impatience to wait the answer. Your Rita
Letter 5
Hi! Today I have a very good mood. And, thanks to you. I really didn't expect that on a dating site I could meet a man like you. I'd like to tell you more about myself and hope that you might be interested. I work as a receptionist in the restaurant of the city. My task is to monitor the work of waiters and cooks. I believe that every person should like his job. I like my job. I almost don't have to work and all my working time I spend playing on the laptop :) Today after work I with my friends are going to go on the day of birth. All day yesterday I went shopping and chose a gift. As a result, I decided to give her a dressing gown. I hope she'll be happy. Today I'm driving the car, as she has already started to celebrate a birthday. I have a driver's license. I know how to drive a car. I'm a very good driver. Do you have a car? I want to tell you that I intend to keep in touch and become good friends. I often think of you and have already told about you to her friends. I have to finish my letter. I'll wait for the answer. Your Rita.
Letter 6
I am very glad to get your letter. I was pleased to read you.
The birthday went well. I had a good rest from the same type of days.
Today we have a wonderful day. On the street quite warm.
I have a friend who, two years ago began to communicate through the Internet with a man who is older. He loved her and a month later she left [for] him. Sometimes my friend calls me and says how she's doing and tells me the good news. She said that the European men are quite different.. They are very caring and polite. Communication with you I begin to understand it, and it makes me very happy!
I often begin to remember you. I want to communicate more often. I'm so happy with our communication.
Today, what are you going to do?
Your Rita.
Letter 7
It's another day, which pleases me, because I write YOU!
My mood is just wonderful. I rejoice every day. I am very glad that have met such person as you. I really hoped that I could meet such good man as you.
Yesterday I was talking with my friend about which I told you about. I told my friend about you. She was very glad that I had a friend from another country.
Before you start writing the letter I looked on the Internet various articles. Randomly, I read an article about children, about family.. I really want to have your own child. I want a boy and a girl. And you want to have children? I am very interested. Who do you want?
I want to be a happy girl and loving wife. Want to have your happiness. Your warm heart. But it's just my dreams. I can only dream about it. How about you? Do you have dreams?
Today my day passed as always. Work was not a lot of visitors. There is practically no work. So I'm not tired at work.
In the evening we go cinema with friends. What today will do you? I hope you will be good to spend your evening.
I want to communicate more often.. Your Rita!
Letter 8
I am very glad to get your letter. It is a pity that you came to me with sad news. I'm so sorry for you and your family. I can't imagine how losing a loved one. I'm scared to think about it...
I read your recent posts and saw a few questions. Unfortunately they are difficult to see using a netbook as their font smaller than the font with which you write.. Now I'll try to answer..
I never liked [to] smile. I do not like it. So I prefer to take photos with a serious face :)
I prefer to sing foreign performers. The secret is that in Russia, people do not understand English, so for them it seems to be a masterpiece :) The few times I sat at the table and was going to write songs, but I couldn't do it.
In human life the main family, and then career. If my husband allowed me to pursue a career, I will do it. I so want to spend the evening with a good person together. Fun conversation, a walk along the waterfront, sincere smile. You would want to spend with me tonight? I think it would be great. As I wrote earlier, I can't and don't want to hide it, but I have big interest to your person. I think a lot about you! I want to look at the development of our communication. I see that you're a good man, and I don't want to end our meeting. [And] you an experienced man who can teach me many useful things in life. I appreciate that about you.
The Internet can give us friendship and nothing more. Background to the relationship as a maximum. But a meaningful relationship is impossible in the Internet space, no doubt. What do you think about us? You are completely satisfied with our communication? You've become a small part of my life, because for me you are a good person. I hope that this will turn into something interesting later ... let's see!
This morning I woke up very early. I woke up my friend. It was early morning. We went to the gym to do fitness. Now I feel in good shape. After training I went to work. In general, I had an eventful morning.
I think about you. I will wait for your letter.
Your Rita.
Letter 9
Honey, I'm telling you ... Our age difference does not bother me.
Yes, I have international passport. Once upon a time I went to Turkey. It was very cool!
The last few days I want to watch romantic movies, thrillers. I envy the actors who experience the feeling of love. I don't know what love is, but I want to experience it. I admit, the second day before going to sleep I think of you. Imagine, as we sit on the balcony, drink coffee and socialise in a good atmosphere. Your letter can understand what you are very nice to talk to someone. I will not deny that I have physical interest in you.
Today, when I woke up in bed, I was cold. I want to wake up with a loved one in the morning. I want to give affection and tenderness. I don't want to sleep alone in a cold bed.
Now I have a small break from work. I can rest a little. Today we are open till late night in our restaurant korporotiv one company.
I want our relations to be developed every day. We communicate with you by mail, but I wish we had real communication with eye to eye.
I don't want to talk bad about his friends. But I'm not a little girl to go out with her friends. I want to spend time with you ... you want this?
Thank you for your nice words about smile. I will try to smile more often :*
You probably interested to see my work live, so I'll send you the video!
My birthday 15 September. And you?
Until tomorrow!
Your Rita.
Letter 10
What did you do today? Are you all right? I hope you fixed the problem and now you live in the heat. Dress warmly to avoid getting sick!
Honey, the opinions of others means nothing to me. Every person lives for themselves. I won't care if someone will talk about us….
As to the trip.. We need to think about this in a few days. The Director will be back from Moscow and I'll talk to him about holidays and salary.
At the beginning of our conversation I say that I had a boyfriend in university, but he betrayed me and started dating my friend.
Oh... Paris the city of love. Two of my favorite cities - Paris and Los Angeles. Always dreamed to be there...
From 6 am I was on my feet. Went to shower, had breakfast and went to the gym. Then went to [my] favorite job and again did nothing. I even thought about the holiday because I get bored! I'm home now, came back a little earlier and the first thing I decided to write you a letter.
Remembering the old letters, it seems to me that I talk too much about their feelings ... I hope you are not tired :)
I want to tell you that you can trust me. I will be really pleased if you tell me what happens in your head. I am very interested to know your state of mind. Because I care about you. You probably think we are all evolving so quickly. I thought exactly the same. But I am very pleased that our relations are developing with great speed.
I very much like. It may sound unrealistic, because it's only on the Internet. Oh, why do we have such a long distance. I hope that fate will give us a chance to meet. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe a month, maybe a year, but we should get this chance. And we should use this chance. Right? I'll wait for this happy day for us! We found each other, but we won't have an easy way, I think. Maybe sooner I say this, but I feel for you so much interest. By the way! We never talked about fate. Do you believe in? I think that people can change the destiny. Not completely, but partially to influence events.
I want you revealed to me. I can no longer restrain [my] feelings towards you. I'm trying to open up to you.
I want to kiss you. I want you to kiss me. I will be very happy.
1000 kisses.
Your Rita!
Letter 11
Hi dear!
I can no longer restrain [my] feelings. Don't want to hide. I love you! Yes, I'm sure in [my] feelings. Love is a feeling that comes immediately or not understood. I want to tell you these words [to your] face to look into your eyes, kiss and hug you. I so much want you hug me and never let go. I'll be loyal to you and loyal.
I want you to know ... Since we're dating, I'm no longer interested in other men. I only want to be with you. My heart can't take separation.
My words to you sincere. All my words I'm telling you with all my heart. My words come from the heart. And I ask of you that you express your emotions towards me. And I'm a little nervous, because I don't know what answer I expect from you. I hope you don't reject me!
In Russia, Christmas is not popular in other countries of Europe. We don't invite relatives, not congratulate each other on the phone. This day we have unfortunately not developed.
What is the temperature in your town? I always thought that portable heaters are very bad warm. I'm afraid that you're going through a cold:( ....
I have a little knowledge in terms of traveling to other countries. My girlfriend often do this with their guys. I ask them and they tell me the details.
Today I'll sit at home. Expect your letter. Now gonna watch the film and hope that tonight you'll write to me.
With love, Rita!
Letter 12
Hello my love!
I'm sorry I didn't text you. In my area due to cold weather stopped working the Internet for technical reasons. All the time technology was reconnected and now I again can write to you. I hope it won't happen again….
I feel I can't be without you. You became very close person to my heart. I can't be without you. I really want to be with you and I feel great attraction to you. It's hard for me to describe in words the feelings that I have for you. I love you like crazy!
I'm no longer interested in other men. I just want you. Only with you I'll be happy. I want to be with you always in joy and sorrow. I want to share with you the happy moments in my life. Also, I'll be there for you when you're sad. Know that I'll always support.
Now I'm home and my mom came to visit me. I started to tell my mom that we had mutual feelings. I told her that I love you. My mom started to say that you're older than me, that between us very big difference in age. My mom reacted negatively to my choice. But I made my choice. I chose you. And I don't listen to my mom. I will listen to my heart.
Good evening!
I love you. Rita.
Letter 13
Hi! I never stopped you writing. I sent you a letter but you never answered me a few days in a row. I was worried, but today I saw your letter and happy again.
I didn't celebrate “Old New year”. In Russia do not celebrate this holiday just like Christmas. But today I plan to go take a dip in the ice hole at the Baptism.
Unfortunately I don't have a webcam and microphone. We can only correspond. I told you that I had never interacted with men on the Internet, so I [didn’t need] a webcam and a microphone. Really, why should I?
My love, I think about you. When I think of you, my heart beats stronger. I know I can't be without you! I love you like crazy! And I want you not to worry. I don't listen to my mom. I want to be with you. I will listen to my heart.
Tonight I am very cold. Now we have quite cold nights. I really want you to be near me. I so want to sleep with you in bed. I'm sure it will be very good together. I imagine you'll hug me and cuddle. I will be very nice and warm with you. We'll make passionate love.
I present our meeting with you at one of our houses .... We'll kiss each other and slowly undress. We will slowly and passionately undress each other. I'm wearing bright white panties and white bra. Next we come to the bed. On the bed with very nice linens. Around will burn only candles. We will lie down on the bed and let's feed each other grapes and drinking champagne. You feed me grapes by hand. I can't not talk about [my] feelings to you. I want for you to open up. I want to let you know all my secret desires. I trust you completely. I passionately kiss your body and I will go down lower and lower. I will climb in your pants and I will caress your penis. I'll suck your penis. Then I'm going to enjoy the taste of your semen. Then I'm going to continue sucking [you]. You put me on my back, [and] pull off my bra. You will caress my breasts and my nipples.
You begin to caress my body. You will descend lower and lower. Then you'll be mouth to remove my panties. Starts to lick my pussy. I feel I'll get an orgasm from you. Then we take 69 pose and caress each other. After that I'll sit on you from above you and gently enter me. I will start to move very quickly. Then you'll knock me down and starts me hard to enter. I'm going to moan with pleasure. I will be very loud moan. Then you cum in me. Or would you like to cum in my mouth? We will have very passionate sex. I want to make love to you all night.
My love, I present this. I am very excited. I want you. I want to do with you passionate love.
Mmm... these are my dreams. I really want to my dreams become a reality. Now I have a wet pussy. I want you!!!!!
I really want to be with you always. You're the best thing in my life. I only want to be with you. And I want to make my sexual fantasies come true. I really want to lie in bed with you naked.
I so want to bring you hot coffee in bed and greet the morning with you, spend with you a day. Have a good time together. I will always be loyal to you........
Letter 14
Hello my love!
I was pleased to read you. I'm happy that you liked my sexual fantasies :)
I would love to spend time with you and I think you also want this. But I don't understand, can we not afford it? Isn't it too expensive for us? You have to understand that while I can't promise you a lot, and after our meeting we will have another very well know each other. Are you ready for this? Write me....
You're more to me than a friend. I really want you to understand that I'm a woman who can fall in love with a wonderful man who can even slightly understand. You're so good to be able to determine what has never been happiness for me. How many people are around me, but none I can find at least a small part of understanding. My soul is too weak to withstand deceptions and disappointments in my life. I'm tired of thinking about what is in this world for me, maybe something to change because I haven't been able to find such a person, whose warmth and attention will make me happy.
But now I think quite differently. After I was first able to read your letter, in my soul there was a strange feeling that was bugging me until today. I just could not understand what was happening to me. But now I feel that you became for me an amazing man. And his attention you are helping me get through everything that has accumulated in my soul. I am very grateful to you for what you appeared in my life. I can gladly take you up on your offer and come to you.
1000 kisses.
Your Rita.
Letter 15
Hello my love!
I am very glad to see your message.
My love, I am very glad that you as well as I very strongly wish our meeting. I will do everything possible and impossible that our meeting soon took place.
Regarding about the trip. I think I need to learn more about it.
Tomorrow I will go to travel Agency to learn more information about travel to you. It seems to me that the tourist Agency will help me to come to you. In the Agency I can learn about how I can come to you. Also I hope they will tell you about all the details that need to travel.
I really want to see you. I have to work a long time was not holidays. So I could easily get vacation at the moment. I'm sure that if we are together, it will be very good, magical time. I will conveniently come to you at any time. For me it's important that you met and took me.
Tomorrow I'm trying to learn all in travel Agency. What day would it suit you?
I am very glad that soon we can be together. You are my happiness. I began to smile more often thanks to you. This is true because you bring me a lot of pleasure and joy in this life. I am very much looking forward to meeting you...
I send you many kisses and I'll wait for your message.
I'm writing a letter.
Your Rita.
Letter 16
Hello my dear!
I am very glad to see your letter.
I mean, I can't promise a long future. You have to understand it. When we meet, we must understand.. Should we be together or is it better to stay friends.. I'm pretty sure our feelings will be confirmed and we will be happy couple. I hope...
This morning I went to travel Agency to learn everything you need to travel to another country. In the Agency I was told that you need to determine exactly what country of Europe I would go. I said I wanted to go to Paris. I really want to spend time with you.. I really want to be with you.
Most of all the Manager was talking about a tourist visa. Tourist visa can be obtained for a short period of time. I was told that the visa will be issued within 7-10 business days. The visa is for a period of 30,60,90 days. How many days do you want me to make the visa?
In the Agency I was given the approximate cost of the ticket in Paris - 295 euros (economy class is the cheapest).
But I still need to issue the international passport, insurance, medical certificate.
The paperwork will cost about 200 euros.
If you are not able to meet me in Paris, write the name of the city and the airport, so I could study the pictures. After I saw these pictures, it seems to me that for me this trip was unreal, because I don't have that kind of money. I am very much upset when they learned the total cost of the paperwork and plane tickets. The total amount of approximately 495 Euro. For me it is a lot of money.
I assumed that everything is expensive, but so so expensive! I was very upset. I have a little heart stopped when I found out the cost. I don't know how to do it and how do I come to you. I promised that I would come. But it turns out that I can't do it.
I feel very ashamed in front of you. I thought that the trip not so expensive. Forgive me...
I'm far from you and I can't come, can't make you happy, cannot give you my affection and love.
I do not have so much money, and I don't know where I can find them. I met you, I realized that you're exactly the man with whom I want to be. And I don't want to lose you. Forgive me, I'm sorry, but I can't be with you now.
I send you my kisses and hugs.
Your Rita
Letter 17
I'm a little upset by your letter. It seems to me that you rejected my feelings….
I don't want to spend extra money on accessories for Skype.
I find it easier to get the laptop of my friend. If you really want to communicate and to understand whether we need this relationship, I'll be glad. I need your Skype username. Let's agree on a specific time? I don't want to wait a long time before the laptop when you go online.
If you want, we can talk on Skype tomorrow at 9 PM Moscow time….
I understand that the Internet is no place for feelings and love. But you should know. All that I write is sincere and from the heart.
With love, Rita.
Letter 18
You have to understand. Everything I write is all from the heart and from the heart. at the moment I have only one way to convey your feelings. I can do it messages. And I use it. I don't want to hide it and I want to tell you the truth. I have no doubt and I'm sure when I see you on webcam, my feelings will not change. Or will become even stronger and brighter!
This short period of time that must elapse before we could meet, would be my eternity of suffering. But this suffering can break my soul, because I'm ready to suffer and to wait, but most importantly, now I know that our meeting will soon come true. And now I can experience the greatest happiness possible in my life.
Honey, get me. Those words I wrote, that was not till the end sure you love me. I was afraid when you meet me, your feelings can fade away. That's why I wrote to you these lines.
Why are you mad at me? I wish you no harm and don't want things between us were misunderstandings. Once again, if your username of Skype and I'm going to talk to you on Skype. On this I finish my letter.
With love. your Rita
Letter 19
Hi. In the beginning I want to apologize for my absence. Lately I have to work more often than before. Because I hinted to the boss that are going to take a vacation. So he loads me with work :) such a disease! Understand the difference between men and women. Especially the woman who have not experienced the feelings of love. It can suddenly loss heart rate to love a man and be true to him indefinitely, until it is rejected. But even in this case she will not surrender and will to achieve reciprocity! Yes, that's what we do. I want to say that I must soon go to Moscow for interview to obtain a Schengen Visa. Today Andrew called from travel Agency and was told that my application was considered. In Paris I was expecting to see you. Man, I'm sure he was talking about his feelings sincerely, and that he won't change [his] opinion about me after first meeting. Person who will have the same charm as in the letters. Who really thinks as an adult. The man, who has goals in life. And I realized that you, in real life the same as in the virtual. In conclusion I want to say that I added you on Skype. You only need to confirm my friend request. Hopefully tomorrow night we'll brew hot tea and sit in front of each other. And discuss all the relevant issues. With love, Rita.
P.S. I understand your point of view,
Apparently I need to talk less about their feelings ;)
Letter 20
I think we should go to chat on Skype.
I've already wrote a few messages.
I don't have time to warn you, but I went to Moscow, in Embassy. I went to the interview for a visa.
Asked strange questions like: "Your purpose of travel?". I was a bit confused these issues.
I need to pay the application fee and other stuff.
Everything will be fine, I hope.
In general, tomorrow at 8-9 PM I'll be on Skype.
With love, Ivan.
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