Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Jeff (Netherlands)
Letter 1
Gentlemen prefers blonde, so if you have written to me - can I say you are a gentleman?:) My name is Tatiana, or Tanya, but you can call me Tani. I am a real woman - sensitive, feminine... I am a real friend - caring, kind and supportive... I am faithful, sincere, straight partner.
I'm sensitive, feminine... I am a real friend - caring, kind and supportive... I am faithful, sincere, straight partner. Look for a man, friend and partner, a man who will love me and who won't mind accept all my love and care.
Letter 2
Hello! It is great to receive your response. How are you today? I'm ok:) I want us to enjoy our communication and get to know each other. I do not know what future has prepared for us, but I really want to find it out This is my e-mail, I wait for your reply with impatience, as this will be more private then site and we will be able to know about each other;-)
Have a nice day
Letter 3
I seek serious relationship and marriage without agency
Letter 4
Hello, I'm sorry for my late reply, your letter went into spam box, and I do not know why:( I'm so glad to have your reply! How are you? I hope your day is pleasant and you are having wonderful mood….
I'm glad we are sharing more with each other, because more we know about each other - closer we become. I live in Kharkiv, Ukraine, was born in 1986, on the 27th of December. Do not have siblings. I have great mother and father - they have been living together as a happy family during many years. I'm so much happy about them, and want the same in my life. I have not met a man I wanted to start family with...that is why I am here, on the dating site.
In my leisure time I like walking in the nature, I like practicing sports, I like going to the cinema, I like preparing special evening for my friends (with dishes cooked by myself), I like barbecues, I like visiting new towns to learn their history, I like travelling, but have had opportunity to travel only to Turkey....but certainly those activities can change to share other activities the day I will have my beloved near me.
As for the things I'm looking for in a man - in relationship I want to have only love, care, support, trust, faithfulness, - I see how my parents still love each other and want to have same relationship with future husband. In modern world it is so hard to have such a relationship as people have totally lost those family values that are so important, most men and women makes sex without love, without obligations, it is not for me. I want a strong relationship based on friendship and trust. And as for your question - yes, I'm a very affectionate person, I want to touch my man all the time.
I hope you were not too bored after reading my letter and you have enjoyed it:-) You may ask me whatever you would love to know. But I hope that you will also not leave my letter without your reply and will tell me more!
Have a nice day:-)
Letter 5
Hello :-)
Thank you so much for telling about yourself – nice to know more about you and your life, your likes, your family….You seem to be an interesting person, I hope we will keep in touch, and probably will meet some time:-)
As for our age difference - I think it is great! I prefer man older than me. May be now you have a question "why?", because you are more experienced and I'm sure you know what woman wants and how to create the stable and happy relationship.
So how was your day today? As for me - I had a very exhausting day at work (you remember, I'm a veterinary). At first we had problems with the door of our medical office, I couldn't open it, my patients and their masters had to wait for nearly 30 minutes till our locksmith could come and open it. I had to examine my patients in corridor: Then two old women, real cat lovers came to me and asked to tell them everything i know about cats because they thought their cats are sick.
Of course I asked them to bring their pets, but they refused and I had to give 1 hour cat lecture. And at the end of this "nice" day the electricity was turned off in the whole district and we were waiting for 1,5 hours till everything will be Ok:-) But in spite of everything I adore my job:-) I am enjoying what I do and I am doing what I enjoy:-)
I want to tell you again that I am very glad and thankful to you for your wonderful letter and kind words. I am sorry to end this letter, but I really have to go that is why I will be closing up and will be looking forward for tomorrow and hoping inside that you will write me a soon reply:-)
Have a nice evening,
P.S. Send some photos, want you to introduce to my family. 1 photo - my Mom and Granny, Dad is always behind the cam:) 2 photo - son of my cousin, I adore him! 3 - me, when I was 5 years old:)
P.P.S. I cannot say I strongly believe in horoscope, but i find many similarities there:)
Letter 6
Hello ! Thank you a lot for your letter and for your wonderful photos! I like them very much! … How are you today? As for me - after the hard day I told you the previous time
I went to the birthday party of my friend, and it was really very relaxing:-) There were only 4 of us, but the evening was so sweet and cozy:) I miss my friends as I do not have opportunity to see them often, but when we get together - I always have good mood :-) Thank you a lot for telling me more about your life…. Anyway I'm happy we share and learn more about each other with every letter. I want to get to know you better and better and hope to meet you sometime soon. I would like you to come to meet me and I would make you a round trip over my city and would take you to my favourite places, the places which are dear to my heart. But unfortunately Ukraine is not the best place right now due to all problems with war. :( Also I wouldn't mind to have opportunity to see you in your place one day too. :) Dear, I feel that I can open up before you and you will do the same from your side, I like what you write and would like so much to continue knowing you. The start of a relation between two persons is like a small young flower that can only be fed by our care and trust in the nearest future. And you know the laws of nature are the same as flowers - they need some water regularly as our relation needs frankness and commitment to overcome this long distance between us. Now we don't have the opportunity to meet every day. We only can write our thoughts, wishes, dreams, hopes, desires and it’s not easy to make our feelings grow into a big love. But we should try, yes?:-) I hope you will have pleasant evening and sweet dreams:-) Waiting for your reply with impatience!
P.S. As for your question - my height is 170 cm, I have blue eyes.
Letter 7
Hello my dear! Sorry for the delay in my answer, and thank you a lot for your letter. Honey, Thank you a lot for your words and compliments to my photos, yes, the previous photo was from my friend's birthday, the girl's names are Lena and Alla:) Lena is my colleague, and Alla is a seller in a shop store. Also I liked a lot the questions you have asked to me:) So, the place I like to be alone is my room. It belongs to me only and I feel very good here:) As for toy - yes, it is a little toy rabbit, I do not know why but I like it so very much. I have it, but it is in my parent's house….
I was very very happy to receive your letter - all of your letters warm me up and bring so much positive emotions to me... You know dear, I am thinking of you and feel happy. When I wrote you my first letter, I did not expect a lot that something good can happen with me. But with every letter I have been becoming more confident, more sure that I want to continue our communication! Because I was waiting for sweet words for a long time, which can melt ice in my heart. And you have done it. Now I am not alone. I think that a relationship has to be based on deep constant feelings for each other. It includes as well mutual respect, trust and openness, and the constant reconfirmation of honest feelings for each other. The expression of love and gentle kisses, or fondly caress, and an endless hug are only some of the beautiful regards for each other. It would be a pleasure for me to investigate your soul in order to verify mutual matches... I would be happy to retrieve the matching soul in you when we meet:-) and I really hope it won't be in too distant future:) By the way, I'm having international passport. Looking for your letter...
With affection,
hope to be yours,
P.S. I'm sending you the photos of this summer:)
Letter 8
Hello my dear. Thank you so much for your wonderful letter and for answering the questions, it is really great to know more about you! 1) I do not have such movies, I get boring watching them over and over. But as for movies - I like comedies and action movies:) And some TV serials like Sherlock:) 2) My patient has died on my table, a dog.. It is always hard to bare with it... 3) I like neck kissing, so you already know one of my secret;) Honey, I think meeting in Paris will be amazing idea! I feel that I can share everything with you. It is a wonderful feeling inside. I trust you, and I feel comfortable talking about anything with you. I like what is happening between us and I want everything to come on next level. I have many dreams for us, I can picture many things in my mind when I think of you, and the things we will do together. I cook very good, and would love to cook a special romantic dinner for you.
Candlelight, soft music, flowers, wine, and you looking so happy :). I am the lucky one, you would make any woman very happy, and any woman that can share her life with you will be the luckiest one in the world. We will succeed together, working together, and sharing all of our moments together, good and bad, but together we will be strong and unstoppable. I have deep feelings for you, your inner beauty, your intelligence, patience, and warm heart. You are a very wonderful man! I need your reply with all my heart,
Yours Tani.
P.S. My friend had a wedding this weekend, so I'm sending you the photos from their. It was a great time and they are so beautiful couple:) Very happy for them!:)
Letter 9
Hello my dear. Thank you for the wonderful letter and photo, you are looking much better then Johnny Depp honey:) I really need you beside me, I need your loving support, your passion and your affection, I need your smile, your warmth, I need your friendship, your laughter, I need your help as a partner. Thank you a lot for your commitments to my fashion style, well it totally depends on my mood. One day, I'm too lazy to wear something "ladylike", so I can wear an ordinary jeans, shirt and sport shoes (I have M, and my feet number is 38). And when I want to feel myself beautiful I wear skirts, dress and high heels. But you know, the most strange thing is that in every cloth I'm very pretty and look like a real Lady:-) I guess it is an innate talent:-) Also as for Perfume – I like Chanel Chance….
Honey, thank you so much for your desire to send me a gift but I would like to ask you not to do this as I have heard bad stories about delivery services here in Ukraine - my friend's sister has a boyfriend in Georgia (former USSR), so he wanted to make a surprise for her for her birthday, I will not go into details but she has received it three weeks later, not the present that he has sent her, have had rude talks with the delivery company and also when she got to know how much it all cost she understood that her boyfriend has overpaid three times for this present. I know how nice and generous you are, there is no need in any presents - the best present for me will be my coming to you! Please, do not feel abused, but really anything you want to give me will be thousand times pleasant if you will give it in person! Maybe I am going too fast sometimes, but I believe that we both feel something very deep here and that when we see each other I believe that what we are feeling will only be confirmed and that we will be wanting to be together. I need you beside me, Honey. I have learned to be patient, but I have been waiting all of my life to find you and now that I have found you, I want so badly to be with you. I think that during this time we have an opportunity to become one in our souls at a very deep level, to explore our spiritual connections. I hope that we can during this time develop such a connection that we can feel each other in our spirits even across the miles, and if we do that, then we can never ever be separated, not even by death itself. And, when I am finally able to see you, when I am finally able to take you in my arms and hold you, it will be incredible because it will be something more than either of us has ever known before. And also I really hope we will be able to meet in not too long future, what do you think about it? With all my love,
Letter 10
Hello my dear, it was really a very busy week for me due to all New Year preparations, and I'm really happy it is Monday now, I'm having less work so I can write to you! I want to congratulate you with holidays and wish you Merry Christmas (even when it has already passed) and all the happiness in the New Year:-) Thank you a lot for your greeting card, it is very sweet from your side, honey! … As for my future plans - I want to have a big loving and caring family of my own and I think on this point we have same desires and wishes. I think that when I will have kids of my own - I would like to be at home to take care of them while they are little and to see them growing up - I am not much into career thing - I think that the main woman's career is a career of good mother and wife. But if needed I am wiling to have part time job. My religion is Christian Orthodox - I do believe in God and know that he guides us in our life and he is our Heavenly Father. I read the Bible and have a friend who is a priest and like to talk to him about the God and Bible. But I don't go to church that often, but I usually go to the church on Easter and Christmas…. I have Skype account, but unfortunately I'm very limited to the Internet. I do not have computer at home and I'm writing to you from work. And it is no webcam here. It would be better for me if we communicate by e-mail. Hope you don't mind:-) But if you want we can set up the time and chat some time:-) I'm so happy that I can write to you. I feel very bad when I can't write you some good words. I want that you to feel always happy and have good feelings. Your letters make my day, sweetheart, I look always forward to another day that I find a new letter from you. Thank
you for all of your wonderful letters full of love and affection, they are so beautiful. My sweetheart, I need you so much, I need your warm and tender arms around me, your tender loving touch, your beautiful lips on my lips, your beautiful smile, I need your wonderful support, I need your deep warmth, I need your friendship and I need you beside me as a loving partner too. With all my love,
I miss you,
I think about you,
Your Tani.
Letter 11
My dear, I'm sorry for my short letter, I'm ending my working day now. I won't be able to write to you tomorrow as I have days off at work till 3rd of January so I won't be able to use computer. Till then please receive all my sweet kisses and hugs! Tani.
Letter 12
My honey, thank you so much for your letter and for your so very sweet words and congratulations! My loving man, you are so very wonderful, loving, caring and marvellous, I can't find very often the right words to express how marvellous you are to me. Thank you a lot for wonderful photos you are sending to me, your city is really very beautiful! … I wish you were here with me yesterday as I went shopping to our big supermarket - it is a huge place where you can [get] anything for your flat or house. I have bought some kitchen towels and some food and new slippers for myself. I wish you were with me to go shopping and buy new things for home, I like very much to buy beautiful things for house and also I love plants and flowers very much. I want to do all this things together with you. It's a pleasure and joy to do everything together. I miss you, I kiss you, I hug you, I dream of you, you are always in my thoughts! Your Tani.
Letter 13
My honey, I'm sorry that you have so bad year... Life has different turns - good and bad, and you never know and you are never ready for such circumstances, but family should stick together no matter what. I wish I was near you in this time to care and support you, as I have promised to be with you no matter what, in any situation. I understand that it is a stressful situation for you and your closest people's hearts, it is a mutual family sorrow and we will overcome it together, my beloved! Sharing and communicating is a key to everlasting love, as people who are eager to discuss, talk, support will always know and understand each other feelings and needs. I am glad we share both bad and good things with you - it shows how deep we understand and care about each other. Think of you and please feel my support
Your Tani.
Letter 14
Hello my honey, how are you now? How is the heating? I really hope you are warmer, and you have to be warmed by both my letters and the unit:) I think of you all the time dear! Today early in the morning I was dreaming about you, I was thinking how wonderful that could be to be lying my head on your chest after we had spent the night together and hearing your heart beating slowly, feeling that your heart has love only for me. I would really love that. I would love to be kissing you day and all night long when we first meet - gently, slowly, kissing you for hours, feeling the warmth of your truly beautiful body, your lips, feeling their fullness, their softness, feeling you near me, our bodies touching. I would love to lie peacefully with you, and kiss you for hour upon hour, never getting enough of you. Honey, I need you in my life and not only in letters, but in flesh, I need your physical presence. You know I have talked to my boss today and she said that I will be able to have my days off in February. I thought about it and I have some crazy idea: what do you think about our meeting?:) I know maybe it is too fast but I'm not here for infinite correspondence, I would like to meet a man who makes me happy, a man I like so so so very much! What do you think, my sweetheart? Should we start planning it?:) Your Tani.
Letter 15
My dear… I wish I could be there to support you and to make you feel ok! As for profile - yes, it is mine, I'm veterinarian, and "seller" is a site mistake, i do not understand why it is shown like that. Honey, it's really very difficult to express all my feelings in the letter. But any way I'm happy that thanks to them I can feel your love and your desires! Every time I dream about our meeting! I imagine our first sight, first touch and first KISS! When you'll look into my
eyes, you'll see all intensity of my love to you! Your love fills me of thirst to love and to be loved! I want to feel your warm and your breath! Very often I fly to you in my thoughts! Sometimes I want to leave all to run to you, MY LOVE! Honey your letter and your wonderful words warm me every night in my empty and cold bed! I know you are always with me! You are in my heart and all my life belongs only to you, my sweetheart! Tani.
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