Scam letter(s) from Marina Zabolotskih to Jeff (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello! how are you?
I am a sunny woman, miracles and magic always happen around me, I like to give people joy and make them pleasant surprises if these people are dear to me. I am cheerful, an optimist in everything, loving and tender, but my love extends only to rare people who are really dear to me. I know myself the price and I know that I deserve a real big happiness in this life. I need a man who will complement and support me, someone who never betrays and does not expose, one whose soul is full of romance and he can share this romance with me, is needed. Also I have a visa tourist and the international passport.
P.S. I have a possibility to communicate on Skype through webcam.
Letter 2
It is very pleasant to me, I want with you will get acquainted on closer. I am sure that you the kind and sincere man. It will be convenient to me to write to you the letter on yours to an electron mail, also to send the personal photos for You and to tell about itself about the life, in the future we could communicate with you on webcam - to see each other. I look forward to hearing from you. I do not play any games, for me everything is serious! It will be very pleasant to me to see you on webcam. I wait...
Letter 3
I sent the letter on your mail if my letter is not present in entering, look in the folder spam, probably my letter casually got there.
I sent you letter, but it back to me returned check correctly the mail. Or write itself.
Letter 4
I want to get acquainted with you on closer!
I want that, you in detail would tell about yourselves and your life there!
What interests at you and then you are engaged? You very much interested me! I want to see your various photos.
My name Marina and to me is 34 years. I live in Russia, and I not to time was married.
At present I [am] looking for the man for the serious love relations. In the following letter I will in detail tell about myself and my life.
In the future we are able communicate in Skype, and we will speak face to face and so we know better each other... You agree?
Well, on it I finish the letter, and I will hope that you have to me an interest.
I will wait from you the letter with the answer and I wish you all good!
Your new girlfriend of Marina!
Letter 5
Hello! I am now very glad that received from you news, and it is pleasant to me to realize that you began to be interested in me. You very much interested me - and for me is available big desires to get acquainted on closer with you! I will try to tell more about myself, and about the life here. In each letter to you I will tell more and more about myself.
I read your the letter and I liked your story about life and interests. In your the letter I liked some moments and it does about you good opinion and I am very happy with communication with you! I looked at your photo and it very much was pleasant to me! You look very well and you seem the pleasant kind man... I will be glad to see your new photos.
I from Russia - but put the city of other country in the Mingle2 profile - as a site that to the reasons does not pass on what profiles from Russia, you understand me?
My Skype: marina_sunrise You will add me there?
My name Marina and I live in Almetyevsk city (about 1100 km from Moscow) I was born on June 1 and me now 34 years. I have brown eyes and my growth 170 see. My weight about 50 kg. I live some years in the own apartment and I have no children and I never was married.
My parents live in other apartment nearby to me. I have the higher education - Institute of Economy, Management and the Right. Since the childhood wanted to visit abroad the country. Flied by the plane 2 years ago on a tourist visa with the girlfriend to have a rest for one week, very much it was pleasant to me, the great impression remained. I have a visa tourist and the international passport.
After I graduated from the university I got job. Now I work in shop - sale of the outer and bottom clothing, various footwear. At us and in a particular in the country it is very difficult to find work in the city by profession.
Now my purpose on the Internet to meet the good decent man. I want find the good man with which I can to communicate and construct the love serious relations. I want to have the serious love relations - and I want to construct my future. Exactly for this purpose I wrote to you and I hope that you liked my intentions - and you will love me? I would like to communicate and exchange every day letters with you on the Internet. Also will meet in real life soon. We can see each other through webcam, but I have no own webcam, but I have (desktop computer) my friend good, at it is at home the laptop through which we can communicate in Skype - and therefore for this purpose I should go to the girlfriend, well?
I will send you the various photos made at different times, there will be also new photos,
there will be also older photos, thus, You will know me much better. You will answer me reciprocity?
I live one in the apartment and sometimes to me there come my friends. I not married and at me am not present the constant man. On it now I look for the good man for the serious love relations. I am the adult girl and I am ready to begin the serious relations and in the future I want to make a family. I am ready to live with the man and to adhere to it to opinion and we will solve together our vital questions and problems.
I am the ordinary girl, I am not the proud person. But I have the personal opinion and character. I grew in a good decent family and to me gave good correct education - and I am the decent girl. I believe that the love relations should be mutual and honest.
It is pleasant to me honest conversations. I seldom use the Internet as not so well I own various programs. But now I will use the Internet every day to write you the letter. I told about myself about the life - and I think that for the first letter of it will be enough. I to you have serious intentions and I hope that I was pleasant to you.
I wish you all good. With big desires I will wait for your new letter. Girlfriend of Marina
Letter 6
Hello my dear!
I was very glad when received your letter, and I with a smile read your letter now! I was sure that you will answer my last letter, and with each letter my interest grows to you!
You seem very good the man! After your letter my mood raises above! I want that you told more about yourself and the life there. With each letter we know each other better, and I think that it is good for us with you! I am always glad to see your of a photo! You to me are pleasant to look several times also I your photos!
Very much it to be pleasant to me that you are a physician and fight against such dreadful disease from which million people die every year. I hope soon a science that that will think up and it will be possible to bypass chemotherapy. But it is very cunning illness on it the person yet did not think up medicine. There are some forms, but it everything in crude option, they are not affirmative, only write in news that that that thought up, actually there is no medicine. But the medicine is not necessary on a place.
Itself I do not know if it is honest why the site did not pass me, it was necessary to put other country, but now everything is good, now we are familiar.
in this letter I will tell in more detail about my life...
Now my purpose on the Internet - I want to meet the good decent man and to construct the steady serious love relations and now I see that You - the good man! I want to have the serious love relations, and I want to construct the future! For this purpose I wrote to you, and I hope, what you liked mine intentions, and you will love me?! We should hide nothing from each other!
I think that it will be good, if we from the very beginning communicate with each other sincerely and openly! I will never hide from you that or - and I am ready to answer all your questions!
I am the cheerful person and at me good health, I do not smoke a cigarette and very seldom I drink alcohol. I kind and gentle. I respect interests of other people, and I always help people who need the help, and I believe that it is correct. Always it is necessary to be the loyal and sociable person, and then other people will consider you kindly and during time the difficult moment they can give the correct advice or during the difficult moment they can help you. For me is available not many girlfriends and friends with whom I constantly well communicate. I started with childhood to communicate with the girlfriends, and we often see.
My first friend married a few years ago and it has now a good family with children. My second friend has serious relations with the man and in the future they want to marry. Also still I have two girlfriends of the childhood who departed few years ago from Russia to other countries. One girlfriend departed to live to Denmark another to Germany both of them got acquainted through a dating site with men and now live abroad. Girlfriends to me advised to find the love through a dating site. My friends nearly are not sorry that so arrived. Both of them are happy and live with beloveds, arrive here to Russia once in a floor of year to parents and friends and we meet and communicate, both of them are happy that departed from Russia and found the love outside of the homeland.
I had a man more than a year ago and from this point I any more did not meet the serious man... We with the man were in the serious relations for two years, but we left it because we had disagreements in life and we could not continue our relations...Certainly I and at it had high and bad qualities, but we could not unite them in the general joint life. He liked to drink alcohol, he liked to spend much time with the friends - and I do not know that it there did without me in the company of friends... I is constant to it to speak about it and even to make scandals about that that it again where that was all night long and came with an alcohol smell - I think that it was possible to understand me?... As I nevertheless the honest, decent woman And many times suspected change with other woman.
In free time I meet the girlfriends, and we have a rest. We can simply meet in my apartment,
or we go to cafe and we drink a cup of tea or it is simple to speak on various topics of conversation... We always find about what to us with my friends to talk. Or we can leave the city and go with girlfriends on the nature. We have general friends and colleagues. Sometimes depending on weather on the street - we go to the days off on cars on the nature to have rest, and we kindle a big fire.
On a fire we fry meat. We tell different story. I love summer and winter is fine romantic time. What season is loved by you?
Very often I stay at home one and I include DVD, and I watch different the film... I have many various films on disks, and I can look the imagination, thrillers, horrors, detectives, the drama or ridiculous comedies...
I listen to various music, but usually I listen to classical music or a retro 80x 90x - when I listen I plunge into nostalgia of memoirs of the pleasant good. Generally I to listen to Retro 80x-90x... From foreign performers I very much like such groups as to Modern Talking, CC Catch, ABBA, Boney'M, ScorpionS, Blue Sistem and similar... From Russian groups I naturally like "Tender May", to "Bee-2", "Hands up" and similar... You heard about such Russian performers?
I told you about my interests and tastes... I hope that we with you have general tastes and interests! And now you tell in detail about your hobbies and tastes. It will be very interesting to me to know you better!
I hope that you have today a good day, and I wait for your letter! Your girlfriend of Marina!
Letter 7
Hello my good! I am very glad to receive from you the letter! I like to communicate with you!
In you I see the good person, and my feelings grow to you!
Certainly you can write me when at you free time is available. I on you always will have time to write. I read your hobbies and tastes and it was pleasant to me. I want to tell to you that at us much in common! And after reading of each your letter my sympathies for you grow!
Well, now I will tell you about my way of life and about my family... I have the diploma about the termination the higher education of Economy, Management and the Right. It is very heavy to find work on a profession in Russia and for frequent people find work that, which it to liking or that which brings in them the good income. And on it now I work in shop – outer clothing, various footwear and underwear. To me my friends or friends often come and upon purchase I do them a big discount for the bought things. Sometimes on work I have the sliding schedule of work, but generally I to work from 8:00 o'clock in the morning and till 17:00 (5:00) o'clock in the evening and I have time for a dinner of 1 hour. I rise approximately at 6:00 o'clock in the morning in the morning and I start to wash and cook food. After that I quickly to put on and go on a stop what to wait the bus or a share taxi and after that I sit down and I go for work. I work all day at work and sometimes to remain on an extra time of work what to earn more money. But sometimes on a turn I to leave earlier from work for 1, 2 hours earlier because I manage to make the work earlier...
After work I sometimes come to visit of my parents mother and the father. I can sometimes remain to spend night at the parents, or I come back home to myself. If after parents I come back home then, I start to cook food, and I do house efforts. I do cleaning of the apartment, I wash clothes, etc. I am the pure person, and I do not love some dirt, and I do not love a disorder in the apartment. On it I am regularly tidied up in the apartment - I water flowers to vacuum carpets, to do damp cleaning in the apartment of the apartment. If I still have free time then, I enter into the Internet to check from you mail.
After that I to turn on TV to look interesting programs. I am pleasant like Discovery. I do not trust mass media, and I trust few government and news and newspapers because there is a lot of deception. Late at night I go to a shower, and then I go to bed.
And next day everything repeats again. Days off differ from my working days Because in the days off I can have a rest!
During week-end I visit the parents. Or I can meet the girlfriends, and we go to walk, and we have a rest in various places.
I want to tell about my family. My father works in the wood and he is engaged in the wood, cuts the wood, works for big firm. Russia is rich with different breeds of the wood. My mother cooperates with me in other shop. At it there is the point of sale of the goods, that is it is possible to tell I went in the footsteps of the mother. I have good parents and at us very close-knit family. In the childhood I was the active child, and my parents drove me on various physical preparations. I well ran and floated, etc. studied at usual school.
I have a good mood because I am glad that met you, and I am glad to our communication with you!
Well, I will finish the letter, and now I will be engaged in house efforts. I wish you the whole good and successful day! Your girlfriend of Marina!
Letter 8
Hello as at you put today? - I hope You succeed in everything! Now I came to an Internet cafe to divide with you small news which happened today, you each time answer me with letters and me it very much to liking - and gives to confidence of our relations!
I want that you described the feelings of because I read and so I study you and we become closer...
I live in the own apartment a few years ago I took the apartment in a mortgage and now practically I work for this apartment I pay money to bank, the big percent of my money
goes on credit repayment, for that now I feel own squares behind soul and the space. I do not want to live with parents [at] age of 34 years.
I had in the childhood a pink bear why that it to me was most of all remembered to me it presented on birthday.
Today on work since morning, my friend approached to me from the next department in shop, she sells wedding dresses and man's suits for wedding. She asked me, today for it to remain to work - to perform work! I asked what has happened? - it became interesting to me.
She answered me - I get divorced from the husband! The husband throws its one, to the mercy of fate and leaves to other woman to live!
I do not understand as it possibly to throw, such I pardon the girl! I for anything did not sustain, such loss, such man's treachery from its party! I was shocked - when heard the answer! I was in perplexity - as it was possible to dump such girlfriend whom, always the honest - hardworking, is always ready to come to the rescue - it many times helped out me on work, and I could not say to it no,
I agreed to help the girlfriend - in this difficult period for it! I know one that she did not deserve such is treachery.
Today on work I will remain till late evening to replace the girlfriend on work. Its shop working till late evening. And you, also should be, honest with me! I hate treachery and lie!
But I know I you are sure that not the such! Now I go on the works and I will come late evening!
I from you will wait for news. I will go home run, I will think of you! I send you the air kiss. Your Marina
Letter 9
Hello my dear,
You again and again excite me each time. I start to feel you at distance...
My dear very much to be pleasant to me that you care of birds, I like all animals and birds. Even when I go home and I see on a meeting the small kitten stood I runs to me I get from a bag food and I let's to it eat, we should help our brothers the smaller. I have houses a cat and a nickname his Busik.
I want to tell only the truth, and I tell the truth is my first experience of acquaintance in the Internet. Both it is very pleasant to me and I am glad that met you. I very seriously consider our relations and you, also as well as you me!
Today I for an instant presented that, as though we with you met in real time and live together. If it so where we will meet? Where you would want will meet?
Now I will make tasty a dinner for myself for today and for tomorrow. I will wait from you for news.
All the finest and kind. Good day and fine evening.
With Soul from Russia
your girl of Marina.
Letter 10
My dear today there was an unpredictable day in my life is it is possible to tell really so.
As always I woke up in the apartment early in the morning. Went to a bathroom has breakfast, put on and went for work.
Please recover as soon as possible, I do not want that you were ill, bitterns of tablets. Us too in the city are ill people much, go in masks that nobody to infect. I am ill seldom as my immunity very strong, I eat properly and I eat vitamins. It to me helps to remain healthy and strong. From improper feeding the organism weakens.
When I arrived for work in the morning - to a circle of our shop where I work "Shopping center" for an entrance there was a big turn, many people crowded on the street, it were employees of shop. When I approached to ask that happened why let in nobody in inside - I was answered by my friend that will pass today unplanned survey of all systems of fire safety. And on it work it is transferred for tomorrow. As the electricity is disconnected in shop.
But as I already came to work - that we with girlfriends in three decided to make today to ourselves a small holiday, so to speak went on giving to one of girlfriends - where we were waited by "Russian bath" - you when be was in the Bath? at you likely not much on another is called - the Sauna? or Sweating room? or to probably boors? It is a pity that you were not near me:)
After all this action - we went on houses, we spent excellent time today, and here now I houses - and my body demand rest now. I go now to change clothes and now I will go to bed in the bed, and I will wait for news from you tomorrow the road. kiss! Your Marina!
Letter 11
Hello my dear!
I am each time, when reading your letter I rejoice! Your new letters give me the good moments and I want to tell, you words of gratitude for our good communication with you! To me so sadly to hear about that that you still are ill. You can take the sick-list? take it though for 3 days and carry out his houses, and not a cash to torment the organism. is necessary to you rest, your organism was tired and demands rest. Yes you are right when are ill it is necessary to drink tea much with a lemon.
I for you will pray, that you went on the amendment somewhat quicker.
I always think of you, and you are in my head! My heart is open for you, and my soul flies to you! My body waits for touches of your hands, and my lips wait for your kiss...
But before us distance in thousands kilometers and to make it everything it is impossible temporarily...
Well, I will leave now from the computer, but I wait from you for the letter with the answer! Your expensive Marina
Letter 12
Hello my darling! I very much waited from you the letter! I with big desire read your letters!
I very much want to see you actually, and I want to give you the kisses! I wish you happy Valentine's day and I wish, that the love always lived in your heart that on soul it was warm and joyful that in life all was possible that nearby always was necessary and darling. I wish pure, true, true, mutual, devoted, sincere and endless love! Let enamoured eyes are shone with happiness is brighter than all stars in the sky!
recently I started to notice that I think often of you very much... Thoughts on our meeting come to my dream...
Well I will finish the letter, and I will make house efforts. I want to go to club today to have a rest with my friends. Then I will come back home and I will write you the new letter.
I send you photos of my city Almetyevsk where I live, at different times years. I want that you saw and I represented in what city I live. I thank lucky stars for our acquaintance! I wish you all good and kind! kiss kissss! Your girl of Marina
Letter 13
Hello my darling! I am very happy to read now your letter! Your letter is filled with gravity and sympathy for me. I think during our communication on the Internet here, we with you very much came nearer to each other and between us there are serious feelings! And I think that we are necessary for each other! I constantly think of you and you now appear considerably in we wash heart!
My parents and my friends noticed that I had recently very joyful behavior. I think that I fell in love with You! I have to you feelings and I never felt similar feelings with whom or still... My behavior absolutely changed now and my friends speak about it - because there was you in my life and I am very glad to this event!
I too started to represent already our joint life when you come after work and I meet you my dear.
in us on the street favorable weather now. Recently I had a rest in club with my friends. As usual I arrived to often visited cafe with the good girlfriend to drink a cup of coffee. During our conversation to us there arrived my 2 more friends to go all together to have a rest in club. We met my girlfriends, we sat all together some hours approximately. We drank coffee with a pie and simply spoke about our life and about cases of work. Each of my friends told various news about life... After all our conversations with my friends, we to call a taxi and went to night club. Club opening at 22:00 o'clock, and we arrived by a taxi by the opening beginning. Us there were four girlfriends, and we were without men. Many men started to pay attention to us at once, and they told us different compliments...
One of my friends was married and did not react to men. I during this moment thought of you, and I did not pay attention to men. But other my two friends who have no constant men, they answered men to signs of attention and the girlfriend winked at men and got acquainted with men. Slow music then began and under it started to dance in pairs of man and the woman... Men started to come nearer at once to us, we sat at a little table, and men started to invite us to dance. I and the married girlfriend refused to dance with men. Other my two friends chose men, and they went to dance... During this moment I thought of You, and to represent as we with you in the future we will dance slow dance... I very much want to dance with you, and to caress each other during slow dance!
After slow dance we continued to have a rest with my friends. Later I with girlfriends went on a scene to dance fast dances. This day played many retro of music as well as foreign and Russian music. We danced about two hours and very much this evening everything was pleasant to me, I have very well a rest and enjoyed in free evening. After club we called a taxi, and I went to myself home.
For all evening I drank not a lot of alcohol - I drank a glass of champagne and two glasses of red semisweet wine. I remained happy after club and after dances with my friends.
you are very pleasant to me and I feel that our hearts fight in one rhythm! I want to be with you, and You will be only my man. With you I will feel a darling! I will give you myself completely the soul and a body! We learn together all depths of pleasure... kiss kiss kisssssssss!!! I wish you all good!
Your girlfriend of Marina!
Letter 14
I Love you. Every day million people say these treasured words, write them on asphalt, shout in a tube and broadcast greetings.
As it is beautiful and as it is sad. Only the small part from them really understands all sense of this great word and feeling.
I am always glad to see your photos and I too send my other photos. Personally for me, having told "I you I Love" the oath to itself in steel intention to fight means. To struggle with circumstances, difficulties, with itself, but in any way with darling. The love it not only camomiles, candies, declines, dawn, and also this ability always to be near, ability to be silent and accept the person such what it was created by God. This infinite patience.
A problem, clear both people always can solve, but if a problem in the person, change of the partner will give nothing and next time everything will end precisely also. If you leave for a corner at each quarrel, or a problem, at each misunderstanding, call your feelings as be in a different way and do not dishonor this great word "Love". Before telling "I you I Love",
ask myself a question: And I am ready to that responsibility which it in herself bears?
Because I am ready completely to this responsibility and I declare - I love you Your darling of Marina Zabolotskih
Letter 15
My dear!
How you there?
What new at you?
Darling I write you the letter because any more did not find a way to express all the feelings and emotions. You perfectly know as long I waited such man as you, you give me my dreams. I feel so inspired that any angel can envy me. Looking at your photo, my heart every minute starts to fight all quicker and quicker, at me grasps breath, and on all body run goosebumps. It is love! I feel that we will be with you together.
This my desire, and I think of it always!
I dream of that day when we will remain with you together, in the evenings I imagine: as you take away me in a fine place where all exists only for us two. These hours will be the happiest and fine for us. I want to plunge into your embraces, to forget about everything on light and to enjoy your presence...
The beloved unique, thank you for that you are at me. Only you, can make my life, on - to the present happy.
I love each your section, each centimeter of your body, each your smile, a touch, a look... I want, that you, looked at me all life, the bottomless eyes! My happiness, native mine, my dear, you are the most remarkable little man and where you were that you did, start up my love warms and preserves you! Your darling of Marina!
Letter 16
My dear! Believe that would not happen, you always in my heart!!! All my thoughts only about you and about our joint life with you. I so want that you were near me always!
Twitter seems to me and Facebook is dependence, I there do not sit as I do not want to waste in empty there time.
. .. I already stopped thinking that was in the past, such impression as if it at all was not. I think only of the future, about our future with you!
I never thought that it is possible to know someone so well and during too time to feel that in this person still there is so much not solved. I never met the person with which so easy to communicate to speak, cozy and quietly.
as I would like to feel heat of your hands, I so want to be on rather with you together. I do not know why I everything wrote it, I can from that that, madly you I love... I am pursued constantly by that feeling that I know you all life. You know, when I saw you for the first time in the photo, thought: whether it will turn out at us that be with you? As you see, it turned out! Probably, you now smile :), I very much love your smile. As it is sick in heart from that that you not nearby,
I keep mind about you, I dream only of one - to see you quicker, to feel taste of your lips, tenderness of your hands, to look in your eyes. I trust, we surely will be together, after all it is wanted also by you, I know! So all in our hands. At us all will be remarkable... I kiss, I embrace I love you and I wait... Your girl of Marina! P.S. My native, I always nearby... Even now, when between us kilometers of sad roads.
I with you - with each drop of a rain that is knocked on your window,
I with you - with each sunbeam that awakes you in the mornings,
I with you - with each flaw that brings a long-awaited cool at night...
I trust you and I know that we can overcome any difficulties!
Letter 17
My dear, unique, you big that I have thanks. Only you can make my life on the present happy.
I am ready to give everything on light, for yours I "love" and that you with me were happy. Where you were, that you did, start up my love you preserves!...
Thank you for your force, your wisdom, your beauty!!!! For that with you I learned that such TRUE LOVE... I am very glad that We met you. For me now there is no ****** happiness Than to love you, to be you favourite. I awfully am afraid of you to lose and consequently never I arrive silly. I want to see happiness in your eyes and know that I am necessary to you. I want, that you trusted me. Native mine, please, let's [never] quarrel, betray each other never.
Beloved, We should understand each other, support and protect. To us still a lot of things should be made together. I Love you, to darling and I will give to nobody:) Your love of Marina
Letter 18
My dear, it seems to me that we so became close each other that we can guess that each of us will make during this or that moment. I know that you want to tell, of what dream, than live. But, the most important, I know how to make you happy. And I will make everything in order that your life always was that of which you dreamed. I demand nothing in exchange, to me it is important, that to you it was good. Simply because I love you very much and soul...
I passed my that you added me in Skype, and on it tomorrow I will go to the girlfriend to use her laptop and to call you my darling. I to you gave the reference to the site where I live, you forgot already? I once again will send to you. You can safely pass to it is Google.
I have corporate number and on it communication at me is limited, that is I can accept calls only in the country. you understand me? Here some more photo me ****... kiss!
please a photo of your city and your apartment where do you live send to me? I want to see. Please.
Or probably reference any your meta accommodation.
That day when we got acquainted, the whole world around became another. Each business which I would not begin, brings me pleasure. At me everything turns out, I would like to move further, to create, create, give to people around heat and care. And all these long-awaited changes in my life occurred only thanks to you. Power of our feelings cleaned all barriers, made unimportant all difficulties and problems. Because our love can overcome everything on the way. Your Darling of Marina!
Letter 19
My dear I had a small trouble now - my phone broke today casually. How today your affairs my dear? I hope better than mine.
I tried to call today to you my dear in Skype. But you were not in a network, I waited for you long time, but you did not appear there...
I will try next week, well favourite? Thanks to you favourite for a photo of your apartment, seems very cozy and beautiful,
I would like to see to your live apartment. The rent price at us the one-room apartment makes 10.000 rubles.(140?) Truth ridiculous money? But then life absolutely another also should not compare two currencies. Send me please the site the reference Google? I want to see where you live, it is very interesting to me.
Today I visited the parents, my parents transferred to you huge hello - and on the way to myself home I came into shop to buy products, to make a tasty dinner for myself. I dream about volume day - to make to you a dinner or a dinner or a breakfast and you tried my tasty food. After bought all necessary products, I went home to myself, on the road I was called by whom that on my phone, I started phone to get from a pocket and phone casually dropped out at me of hands on asphalt and broke - all screen in cracks, I did not manage to answer at all a call and now I is absolute without communication and I cannot write down again now to you video the address at all and take new pictures of. I now am in grief! My phone is not switched off at all. But on my computer there are not many kept photos - and it pleases me a little. To me my friend now - with the phone came and I asked to make a photo and video of my broken phone.
I have now a bad mood as I will go without phone. My friend now calms me - and speaks that it can happen with everyone. I am grateful to the girlfriend for support. I finish now the letter and I go to make for myself a dinner. I think of you every instant.
Excuse that for today I have sad news. Your darling of Marina
Letter 20
My dear, my native person! Likely for me there is nothing more expensively, than time when we will be together! There is nothing more perfectly, than yours the touch future, there is nothing more fantastically, it.
I want to tell that every day when I do not see you in reality, my head and my thoughts, only and think of you. My eyes look for you in unfamiliar silhouettes. Also start to burn more brightly when I see you on a photo. I would like that time understood our position, and helped us to go quicker to each other and to enjoy infinity of time when we will be together. My soul is so adhered to you that already considers your soul, the half.
I miss you always native mine. And time without you, is torture for me.
My phone is not subject to repair and now I cannot send video to you my darling of, I already went to a workshop, to me there told that I can throw out the phone as the processor there is damaged.
I live in the own apartment, on it I have no problems, my apartment to be in a mortgage. To me never before and with anybody it was not so pleasant to spend time.
I as though in general, forget about time, and I think only of you when I write you this letter. All my thoughts, always only with you and about you. My heart, without you fights not so rhythmically. I want to tell to you the road that is not present for me more expensive and darling, than you! Even in everything, all my thoughts, only about you. Only for you, I would like to wake up in the morning to see color of favourite eyes and a shining smile. That then, throughout everything to be nearby, and to do everything for your happiness!
To do everything in order that you became the most smiling on the earth! To me it will be good, when you with me simply will be nearby. Even when both of us will be silent, I will feel between us that - that related that that intimate!
I miss you always! the hot - a passionate kiss for you my Love! Your Unique Marina!
Letter 21
My darling
I will miss you even then when you will be in the next room.
Actually at us snow this year dropped out more than when or I in general saw. We had the whole week snow, then about 5 days the temperature stood-25 degrees of a frost. Very severe winter this year. At us in Russia almost for 7 months in a year snow lies, on it I any more am not surprised to this event.
If honest and so frankly you now retold our meeting, exactly so I want that our meeting took place, only still I want that you in a hand had one red rose of our love. As you already understood at me to be available the visa and the international passport on hands as I already was with the girlfriend in Holland few years ago, we flied to have a rest. My love of, to me my director on work approached and told me my holiday. It will begin officially from March 15 to April 30.
Change the date on holiday I unfortunately I cannot, as everything officially occurs. On it now you know my holiday and we will have a possibility will meet. After all I always have not enough of you. It is not enough time which to us is taken away to stay together. And it is not enough to me of all you always. I miss about you always and everywhere.
After all you also are that, darling and the dearest person for me! My heart, without you will grieve. And I want, that we with you, were unseparable always! After all to miss you it is so intolerable.
To me is intolerable to wait, but when meeting time comes, my feelings will be indescribable. I wait for you always and my heart waits together with me! Let every minute to last for me eternity, but then as minutes of a meeting are sweet. Beloved I very much miss. Love of Marina
Letter 22
Probably, when I miss you darling, the nature as if - would feel it. Because it is visible, what even the sun starts to shine not so brightly. It as if feels my grief on you. It as if shines not so brightly!
So darling if you will see that the sun starts to shine not so light-and it is beautiful, it means that I on you miss. It seems to me that on the earth there is no more native person for me. My soul feels communication between us. And it means that without you she feels very badly.
I want that we with you as it is possible more often were together soon! That those minutes that we will see off together, lasted as it is possible more long! …
Yes I think everything it will be enough correct one week us to feel our compatibility. When I to you will arrive what plan will be? I will remain with you? In how many you leave for work? In how many you come from work? Target what days?
I think that as soon as my holiday will begin, I can take off by the plane from Moscow to you at once. One of these days I will go to travel company to study the price of tickets to the Schiphol Airport. Also to study full information that to me it will be still necessary. Last time when we flew with the girlfriend, we too to go to travel company and to study information.
I long to look at your of a photo and it very much it to be pleasant to me! You there to look the kind man. Tell who it on a photo?
Know that I always miss you my darling Your Love of Marina!
Letter 23
My dear, I was today that in travel company and I have news. Also I want to share now with you the latest news. I was given information on arrival in Holland in the Schiphol airport to you my dear.
Here that is necessary for travel:
1. The visa (I have on hands a visa tourist already is available - me it is not necessary to make the visa)
2. International Passport. (on hands the international passport too is available for me)
3. Life insurance, Medical examination. (These two documents in one day) are made
4. The air ticket to Schiphol. (I can reserve at any time)
5. The ticket to Schiphol also is got at Travel Company its cost makes - ?700 this there and back, there and back. (The ticket is necessary for reserving for earlier)
And also it is necessary for me to have at itself - not less than ?3000 to be in Holland. I should show in Moscow at the Airport this sum. To prove to boundary control in Moscow that I have enough means to be in Holland. Our state to care of citizens of the Russian Federation. It is necessary for me to show only on control this sum at the Airport in Moscow day of a departure. More this money will be not necessary to me. I fly on "tourist visa" and on it I should have at myself money pocket. Last time when I flied to Holland with the girlfriend to us it was necessary to have not less than ?2500 for each person, but the prices and demand as always grow on it this time the sum was higher.
Now at present for me available to be available exactly ?1800. Today after work I talked over with the parents, I explained to the parents that we with solved will meet and I on all my holiday fly to it. Parents decided to help our meeting as well allocated to me for travel exactly ?1000.
Now I have on hands exactly ?2800. I so was glad that my parents with you love of my helped us. Now I do not have only ?900.
My parents told you huge hello, and was big pleasure to see today my happy parents. As I already wrote earlier to me it is necessary to show only this money at the Airport in Moscow in order that me let in Holland, it is a compulsory procedure for all taking off.
To Schiphol I can reserve the ticket at any time and flight data to you I will send favourite. But in a trip interesting to me and you therefore we should solve our trip together. I think that You will care of our meeting - also as well as I. We will meet, and we will have a great pleasure! On an arrival I will return you to these ?900 - as they will be not necessary to me - and you will be necessary only to. Now I will have a rest, as today there was a lot of work and it was necessary to go to travel company.
I wish you too darling of pleasant rest and I wait from you for news. kiss! Your darling of Marina.
Letter 24
Beloved, on March 6 in the afternoon I that ate bad food and to me it became bad... at me the head began to be turned and to be ill a stomach! At the beginning only one head hurt. But when by the evening the stomach began to hurt me, and I understood that I poisoned because I lifted high temperature! I was one at home... it was bad to me to cause also I the car ambulance! Generally me took away in hospital and I did not manage to write you the letter and to warn you! All these 4 days I was in hospital and to me my parents came.
But they do not understand in computers both on the Internet and on it they could not write you the letter what to warn you about it! Generally now with me everything is good to be at home also I! All these 4 days I not to forget about you and to think of you! I even started to worry about that you can take offense at me and cease to write me letters! As you could think of that you are not necessary to me anymore and I about you forgot!
But now I see that with you everything is good also you on former me love and continue to write me letters! I very much missed you mine all these days! Your darling of Marina
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