Scam letter(s) from Jennifer Hopkins to Jeff (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Well at least you are open and honest. Just to let you know, two of my favorite things in life are laughing and smiling. . . . As a matter of fact, today I was going to remove my account because I feel like I may seem to be something that I am not. I feel that it makes me look like someone who would not be faithful or loyal because I had put myself out there on this site. I am very loyal and I expect the same in return.
My real email address is I am trying to remove this account so it seems you cuaght me in the nick of time! Who knows, maybe it was meant to happen!! Hope you have a wonderful day and be safe
Letter 2
Trying to thats why I gave you my real email address so please give me yours. I have to run to the store but will be back in about an hour so if you have yahoo email we can do instant chat. And if you dont have a address then you should start one because the instant messaging is much quicker chat wise. So, I will be hoping that when I get back in about an hour, you will have sent me an address, ok.. Hope you are on when I get back.
Letter 3
I really appreciate that you would help me out like this even though we just met. It really touched me that you would do this for me. I also want you to know that I really did enjoy talking to you on the telephone this evening. Seemed to me that there was no lack in the conversation or any quiet "I don't know what to say " moments either. I definitely feel I am glad to have met you and again, I thank you very much
Letter 4
Thank you so much! I will definitely repay you. I guess we will discuss if I maybe will send it back the same way? even though it seems inconvenient for you. Or when we speak again, which I am hoping we will, maybe figure something that is more convenient for you. I am at work until 330pm, A coworker gave me a ride to work and then I will be getting a ride to pick up the western union and then go bail out my car!! I can you see by this you just may be a dependable guy, much appreciated.. Out of everyone I know, noone could help and a total stranger comes through.. Thank you for trusting me even though you don't know me, as I will repay you! You have made my week and put a smile of relief on this face! Well, I will talk to you later.. It is 1:30 pm here just so you know. Thank you very much! Sending you A big hug from Connecticut! Jenn
Letter 5
I'm sorry that I could not respond last night. We are in the middle of a two day snow and ice storm and just got powere restored sometime during the night while I was sleeping. I surely did get the Western Union and then picked my car up and drove off the city lot right around 645 PM last evening, thanks to my new friend.
Had to sleep together with my daughter because it was so cold with no heat! Actually, woke up to get ready for work and the place I work at it is a state of Connecticut facility and they have canceled work for today for state employees which means I do not have to go in to work today. I am more than happy to stay homw with my girl today I do have to say... Well, feel free to call me sometime after 10 AM my time.. My daughter and I have decided to stay snuggled in bed and watch a movie sinve we get an extra day together. Thank you so mcuh!! Well, sending you a hug.. Jenn
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