Scam letter(s) from Natalia Matsenko to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Richard my love, what happened? Why can't I get emails from you, honey? Are you all right?
Letter 2
Good morning my love, my sweet Richard! I congratulate you on the holiday of bright Easter! I wish that the sun always shone in your house and happiness came. I love you very much my dear Richard!
How are you spending today?
I hope you are still asleep and my letter will cheer you up my love.
What are your customs on this day? Do you bake cakes and paint eggs?
My mother and I baked cakes and made them so beautiful. I'll attach a photo.
I hope you have a happy day. I love you. Gently kiss and hug.
Your sweetest Lily!
Letter 3
Hello, sweet. Love you Richard, my native.
I am grateful for my courage and for the fact that we are together now. I was so lucky, I wasn't looking for a Prince, but I found a king. I remember how it all started. How we started corresponding with you Richard. My boy, now I can't imagine how I could have lived so long without you! How can I live without you? I'm very much used to you. Still never, before acquaintance to you, I couldn't feel warm and happy inside just from what you read love letters.
Dear Richard, I am so lonely without you. My soul is empty and indifferent to everything that is happening around me. Your love is the most precious thing in my life, and I am particularly aware of it now. You are my joy, my soul, my light and my air. Sometimes I think that not only you know this, but everyone around you, because my feelings for you just can not be ignored.
My native Richard, I am near. Even now, with thousands of kilometers between us. I'm with you - with every drop of rain that knocks on your window, I'm with you-with every ray of sunshine that wakes you up in the morning, I'm with you-with every gust of wind that brings the long-awaited coolness at night. I believe you and know that we can overcome any difficulties, because our love is real. I'll be the happiest ******* earth when I see you. I promise you that we will never break up. And you know why? Because you are my soul mate and I can't live without you and your love. You and I are one. We will always be together. Now I live only for you. Every day of my life is you. Richard, you are always present in my life. You are in my heart. I want all our dreams to come true. And our love was in real life. I miss you very much. Your love Lily
Letter 4
Hello my love Richard. It's an amazing feeling to open an email and enjoy your message. I am always very happy when I read your letter.
I hope when I write to you, you are still resting in bed!
Yesterday, the weather started to change. Some snow fell today. Yesterday we walked with my mother along our river. It becomes very beautiful with the arrival of spring. If you can call it spring weather.
You know so well that I have you. Richard you so suddenly appeared in my life that now I can't imagine it without you. I'm so grateful to have you. I just want to tell you, Richard, how much I love you.
Thank you for what you do for me. I want you to always be there for me.
We will definitely run with you. We need to keep our bodies in shape. I want you to like me every day!
You see, I love you very much! And most of all, I'm afraid of obliging you to love me in return. I don't need anything from you. Nothing at all. Just let me walk next to you and watch you say your funny words to a little girl without noticing how intently and mesmerized I am watching the movement of your lips. You are not with me now and the world is not interesting. If I am with you, I will give you the most important thing – my love. I know that many times you have heard me say words of love, tenderness and affection. But I will not get tired of repeating it, because every day, every new confession sounds more and more forceful. Because my love grows for you day by day.
Richard, I hope that we will meet again soon. Right? I can't live without you. I want to be together forever. I will hope that you also want it. I hope very soon all our dreams will become reality.
If you only knew how much I want to see you, taste your hot kisses, burn in your arms, look into your beautiful eyes, hear your voice. I dream about you every night and I like it, you know, these dreams are so real. And I hope that you and I will definitely meet and be happy. Your love Lily
Letter 5
Beloved Richard, I miss you very much. Thank you for your warm letter. I'm very pleased. Send me your picture, I miss You. I want to see you.
How are you doing? What did you do this weekend?
I stayed at home these days, so as not to run in the rain. Collecting puzzles and so doing all sorts of nonsense. Although like and did useful things. We took things apart, some of them were put away for my father to wipe in the garage. For household needs.
I would be happy to spend not only a walk with you but all my life my love Richard!
My heart always wants to be near you. Your kind, gentle, loving look – I miss it so much right now. I want to be close to you and look into your beautiful eyes close-close, at a distance of breath. And your smile is what makes you forget about all the problems and hardships.
Richard your love is the most precious thing in my life, and now I understand it very clearly. You are my joy, my soul, my light and my air. Sometimes I think that not only you know this, but everyone around you, because my feelings for you just can't be ignored, all my friends and my family are very worried about me.
You are the only one in my heart. My world, my universe. You are mine, you are only mine! You are all that is most precious and desirable to me. Without you, I can't breathe, exist, live! You are my bright ray of happiness in this darkness of endless, identical days. I live only for you. I love you very much Richard!
I want to fall asleep in your arms so that I can Wake up with your warm breath. Sit with your legs tucked under you and watch you go about your business. Watch a movie with my **** on your chest. To inhale your smell, such fresh and warm, his nose buried in your neck. Take your arm when you go out. I want all this because I love you so much. I really want all my ideas about our meeting to be in the real world. I want to come to you, Richard, and be with you for the rest of my life. I live only for you. Your love Lily
Letter 6
Hello my sweet Richard.
I am very pleased to receive such nice letters with delight. Thank you Richard! I would have done it, and given you a lot of pleasure. The cruise sounds very charming, I would be very happy to be with you and spend a Grand long weekend of 10 days with you Richard!
How did you start this new month and finish the old one? I understand that you have a very difficult situation right now, but still, I want to think that you are near my love.
We celebrate the first of may as a holiday of workers. Well, as noted, in this situation with the pandemic, we are forced to be at home. And so every year we cook meat on coals, dig in the garden and spend time in nature.
My love, I also wish to be together soon and never let you go. I am insanely happy to be near you and love you! I want our intimacy with you my love!
I hope to hear from you soon my love Richard.
I kiss and hug you, your Lily P. S Richard I wanted to enlist your support now in this difficult situation, can I count on you, at least 200-300 dollars. Buy food and pay bills. I'm out of work and I can't pay. I really need your support Richard! I ask you sincerely, you are my man, and I have nowhere else to get support...
Letter 7
Hello my love Richard! How glad I am to receive your letter. I really missed you!
The number of cases is growing every day. But we don't communicate with anyone, just mom and dad and a neighbor. They are all elderly people. And it turns out that we are limited to our contacts.
I really want these restrictions to be lifted as soon as possible, but I understand that our country will be under quarantine until the end of may, although there are rumors that it will be until September 1.
But I do not think to be discouraged. Everything will be great and the day will come when we will find our love together Richard!
And if they open an air service, I will be only happy to be near my love!
Today is very Sunny weather and my father took me fishing, we went to catch carp. But there is no way to show it to you on video yet, because there are some difficulties so that I can send you a video. I can't connect my phone to my computer, or I just broke something.
Richard dear, did you want to help me when I can count on your support?
I will miss you, kiss and hug you, your sweet Lily
Letter 8
Hi my love. How nice to see your message!
How did you spend your weekend?
I'm sorry but I couldn't write, because the neighbor's children came to visit, and I didn't go and ask for it, as it is not convenient. I hope you understand.
Today I was at home in the morning, after a little work in the garden. Weeding radishes and planting cabbages.
You're right, it's better to spend time outdoors than locked up at home. Thank you very much that I have you Richard! Your support is very important to me, you are the most valuable thing I have!
My love, there are some problems when connecting the phone to the PC there is no connection. I so want to show you our nature, and I can't.
My dear, you wanted to help me, can I hope that you will help me?
How are you doing? tell me more about yourself.
The situation with the virus is already a little tired, and I want to go back to work, but there are still difficulties with this. I myself would rather be in your strong arms my sweet Richard!
I wish to see your letter soon.
I kiss and embrace your love Lily
Letter 9
Richard my sweet, Hello! I'm so glad to see your letter. I am very pleased to hear warm words.
Of course there are photos, I will send them to you, but they are old. I just recently recovered, caught somewhere, maybe blew. In General, I got a little sick.
Sweet you my, of course I missed you, and know there is a great news.
Richard is starting to open up the borders, I would really like to be near you. We need to think about this issue seriously.
Tell me do you want me to be there for you as soon as possible?
I wish you a great night's sleep and a great work week.
I'm not working yet because of this virus.
I kiss and hug you, your love Lily
Letter 10
Hello my Richard, the most beloved, I do not live without you, I exist! I don't need gifts, stuffed animals, flowers, I just need you. Every morning, I understand, I live for you Richard. I want to live for you, breathe for you, I want to be always with you. I love you more than life.
I want to feel you next to me, to be in my bed every day. I want to fly to you Richard! We must strive for this, my love.
Everyone creates peace, love. We dream, come up with something that probably isn't there, and believe in it. Gradually, the world around me turns out to be quite different from what I wanted, the person who is dear to me occupies all my thoughts is not the same, although I invented it, drew it, for me you are perfect. The thought of you brings tears to my eyes and makes my chest ache. I'm ready to change the world for you. I love you Richard. No one will ever fully understand and feel my feelings for you. No one will ever understand how much I love you Richard. And all because no one on Earth is gifted with this happiness-to love to the point of madness, to the point of absurdity, to give yourself to your loved one completely, without a trace, without demanding anything in return. I want to make you the happiest! I want our relationship to continue in real life.
I can't live without you, I need you like air. Without you, I'm just a human being in this world, and with you, I'm over the moon. When you're around, I'll feel like I need you, just like I need you. Don't think that when you're not around, I don't think about you. When you are far away, I love you a hundred thousand times more Richard. I think about you all the time and I love you very much. I hope we will be together very soon. Your happiest girl Lily
Letter 11
Hello Richard, my sweet and beloved! The best man in the world. I want to make you the happiest man on this earth! I want to enjoy you every minute and I want to give all my tenderness, warmth, care, affection. I love you!
You're driving my mind as well as mine crazy. You overwhelm me, you are everywhere! You are in the air that I breathe, in the sun that dazzles with its brightness, you are in the objects that I touch! You are at dawn, coming in my window with a soft, unobtrusive light. You are in the cool of the afternoon, you are in the shade of the trees. You are in the sunset, which spreads so smoothly over the entire sky and gives the sky a certain mystery. You are in me! You are in my heart! You are in my soul! In my eyes! But you are not in my hands! And that makes me very sad. We are so far from each other.
Richard, in the evenings I feel sad that our love is limited only to letters. I want to be with you in real life. It's very hard for me without you.
Waiting times don't mean anything to me, because I know I'll be waiting soon! I will wait for your hands, your lips, your eyes and, finally, your body, so tender, sweet, desired. My dear angel! I have never known such voluptuous pleasure! You give me such unforgettable moments in my life, in our life, that I can't even imagine why life has prepared such a gift for me! You are my whole life! I won't get tired of saying it! Your sweet girl Lily
Letter 12
Hi my loved
I am writing to you because I am overwhelmed and overwhelmed with emotions.
When you first wrote to me, I started going crazy. I am very happy that fate brought us together. We fell in love and now we just have to meet. I want to touch you Your man
Richard, gently, gently, stroking every inch of your body. Touch with your fingers, with your hands. Gently kiss you Your man
Richard. I'm yours! I am completely yours! I'm ready to kiss your hands. Can I? Your divine body is my talisman. I'm waiting for the moment when our bodies will be reunited. I want our bodies to touch. The most charming moment that awaits me.
All I need is your love. I also want us not to waste every minute of our love. We miss each other so much! I'm already tired of living in expectation of our meeting. I want to spend a romantic night with you, I want you to possess me. I'm so tired of waiting for this. I'm a girl and I want to spend sleepless nights with my favorite man, with you Your man
Richard. I want to give myself to you in the rush of our passion and love.
Pretty boy you're my **** one. Take care of yourself, please. And take care of your strength so that we can enjoy each other for a long time. I want you Your man
Richard, love. I'm already yours, we just need to meet. When you see me, you will understand what a gift you got! I kiss you! Your sweet girl Lily, your love!
Letter 13
Hello, my dear Richard! I'm so glad to see your letter
Sweet you are my man, I would give anything to stay with you. Whatever happens Richard meeting, it will be the happiest. I'm ready for anything my sweet Richard!
I went to the city, and in order to go there. I borrowed from my neighbor, Lydia Petrovna, who I am staying with, what to write to you.
In General, I went to my work, and there was nothing there. The salon I realized sold, or rather, this place is not a salon, and shop for auto parts. I went back upset. Now that I have the opportunity to work I am again left without a financial opportunity.
We had excellent weather, and recently spent several hours on the beach, swimming and enjoying the sun. Dad mom and me. I'll send you a photo or video later. if I can download it.
I'd rather see your letter. Your sweet girl Lily
Letter 14
Richard, you are my love. My gentle angel.
How was your trip to the mountains? I'm so happy to know that I have you Richard!
My feelings are light and kind. And it's hard for me to hide them. I love you just the way you are. I love you always. I love you anyway and no matter what. Thank you Richard, for all the pleasant moments that you have brought to my life! I am very grateful to you, you have made me stronger, better, smarter, wiser. You will always remain in my heart in a special place, because there are no others like you. Maybe there are better ones, but you, just the way you are, are the best for me.
Being near you is happiness. But I want more, I want to connect my future life with you Richard.
You know, there's a good saying, " Constant striving forward can brighten any life." We must not be afraid and move in front of our meeting. Only in real life will we be able to do all the things that you and I have dreamed of.
You know, Richard, I've been waiting for love all my life. I thought she would come and everything would change. Love came with you. Only everything has changed. I changed myself. I am writing you this letter to say "Thank you" thank You for coming into my life. That you came simply and as if in a dream. That you gave me a new life. Believe me, my life will be empty and absurd without you.
I love you very much. Let me repeat myself again, let me tell you what you already know so well, just so many things I want to tell you, so I want to sit next to you, hug you and kiss you. I miss you very much Richard, although that's not the right word, I'm just dying without you. There is such a desire to fall asleep and Wake up in your arms. You are the most precious thing I have and will have. I want you to understand my condition. Love you. Your love Lily
Letter 15
Hello my sweet love Richard! I am so happy to see your letter and your wonderful photos, thank you for them.
How are you doing? How's the weather?
I sleep kind of well, but I'm sure my sleep would be better with you, and I'm sure it would be stronger than usual.
Richard can you help me with a little support? It's hard for me to go and start looking for work again without earning money.
I am happy that you are in my life, you are my Foundation and you are my man, I am very happy that you support me, without it it will be difficult for me. I'm behind you like a stone wall, you're my pride Richard!
What are your plans for the weekend? We're kind of going for another swim, even though we've been reporting a heavy thunderstorm and downpour. I don't know yet but I was planning to go ashore.
I kiss you tenderly and will wait for your letter. Feel me hug you and caress your lips with my own. Gently gently.
Your sweet Lily
Letter 16
ear my love Richard. I want to thank you, Express my admiration, just because you play such an important role in my life. If there is anything striking and wonderful enough to write about, it is you, Richard.
Thank you for your photos, I liked them so much.
I am very glad that you could relax alone with nature. This is very wonderful my love.
Right now, more than anything, I want to put my cheek against yours. To feed you with it. Listen to you breathing in my ear. **** on you so you turn around and kiss me. To lie under your hand, gasping for breath, but not daring to move so as not to Wake you. Wake up from your kiss, so tender, warm and morning. Remembering you, to feel how cold the tips of his fingers. Knowing that there's a secret under your t-shirt that only you and I know. Falling asleep in your t-shirt, smelling you. To die of tenderness, falling into your arms.
I know that your feelings for me are real, you love me with all your heart. I love you very much, Richard. And it is very hard for me that we are not together. Every day is a challenge for me. The test of time and distance that separates us. It's very hard for me that I'm not with you right now. It makes me very sad. Richard, I will try to describe to you all my feelings that I feel. I want you to understand that you are alone, understanding that I have you, it's very hard. It is hard to realize that your loving man is very far away. I want to be with you with all my heart. My life won't make sense if you and I don't meet. For all the time that we have known each other, I have understood you, I have understood what kind of person you are. And I'm very happy that I met you Richard. We love each other. And if we make an effort, we will definitely meet. I understand that you're doing your best. Once again, I'm confident in you. I only believe in good things. And you believe. We will definitely be together. My love for you grows stronger every day. Your sweet baby girl Lily.
Letter 17
Richard Hello my love. I am so glad that I can make you happy with my letter!
My love, I would rather be together. I understand perfectly well, my love, that it will take time when all the airports will open and we will be able to be close. But for now, you need to make documents, because this is not a fast process and quite expensive. But we have to do it together. Right?
I would make these documents if I could pay for them.
Richard you promised to help me
What are your plans for this week? What did you do on the weekend?
My father and mother and I were working on the plot, laying out a path. My father made an agreement with someone from the road workers, and they brought us a stone. You spread it around the area where the paths are. In order not to drag the dirt. Tired of cleaning up everything.
I missed you so much my love, I wish that our feelings only flourished and we could enjoy each other. I appreciate us and our communication, I think it's time for us to take up the paperwork we want.
I kiss you tenderly and hope to see your letter soon and you can also take a photo.
Kiss and hug your Lily
Letter 18
Hello my love Richard! How was your week? I hope everything was very wonderful.
I am very happy to see your photo, I know that you are my most wonderful man! I love you Richard!
You know I miss you very much, in my dreams you are always my sweet, because I can no longer safely spend time in a dream, I want to enjoy together. I imagine us together and it makes my dream come true. I see us and imagine how great it would be if we could translate everything into reality. I dream and long for it!!!
Yes, I have a passport, but when the borders open, you will need a visa, right? And this is the time that needs to be spent.
We had very hot weather, and we were back on the beach, I really do not want to get out of the water, because the air is very hot about 35 degrees
How are things at work? Is there more of it?
I hope to see your letter soon and your desire to make our meeting closer to each other Richard
I love you and look forward to your photo
Your girl Lily
Letter 19
Hello my sweet Richard! How nice to see your letter I am happy! I would love to be near you. You are my man, I like you very much, your body drives me crazy. I wish to find our connection soon!
Honey, I don't have any financial support. Can you help me?
What did you do today, my sweet? Richard I've been looking for a job for a long time, but I can't find one, and I'm sorry to have to ask you for support.
We have an unbearable heat, I think it will end soon , but there is no rain or wind yet. Everything is very hot. I would love to spend time with you my desired man!
I hope to see you and your letter soon.
I kiss your tender girl Lily
Letter 20
Hello my dear Richard! How nice to receive your letter. I am very tired after work. it's great that you wrote to me.
How are you doing? How's your job?
Richard I have a wonderful news for you, I went to work, or rather got a job here, while I work as an Intern for three months. Maybe after all, as I earn experience will be transferred earlier to the main position.
I perfectly understand how difficult it is for you, but I am now in a very difficult life situation, as you know, the payment for interns is very low!
Here is until live on work, hope that soon will be able to rent apartment and live not on work.
Richard, now I will work like a ***** every day to be able to feed myself.
I spent this summer, or rather part of the spring and summer with my parents. They did a lot of gardening, and I helped them while I was unemployed. But you still have to deal with your life.
I hope I can see your letter soon. Lily
Letter 21
Hi my love Richard! I am always happy to see your letter, and I am very happy to be able to write to you today. On such a wonderful day, I just can't help but tell you what's going on in my heart. And in it something unimaginable has been going on since the moment I fell in love with you Richard! Since then, my heart has lost peace, but, interestingly, it does not want to find it again in any way! I'm not telling you all this because I have to say it today, but because I can't stay silent!
I love you Richard. I want to tell you this always, in the morning, when we Wake up, in the afternoon, when we walk together, or in the evening, when the rush of my love will not let you sleep! I want to make you the happiest.
Congratulate your mother on her last birthday and tell her that I wish her the most important thing good health and long life! Give her a hug for me Richard!
Richard, you have become my necessity, need, need, and all the like! I don't even want to live without you! How can I live if I can't talk about how much I love you! And anyway, why do I need such a boring life! I want to see and hug you always, always, in summer, winter, autumn, and especially in spring! But most of all I want to cuddle my favorite kitten when he is asleep! You are so soft and fluffy! It's you, Richard, my kitten. Such a cute photo, I just love seeing you!
Sunny, you probably already know, but I still say that you are the lightest person in my life! My sunshine! I can't even think without you, I'm getting ******-******! I don't even want to breathe without you! I need you like air! It's so unbearably stuffy without you, and I can't breathe enough of you. Richard, I only believe in the best. We will meet you for sure. Because it can't be any other way. Our love is mutual, and if it really is, then we will do everything to meet. I'm very lonely. I miss you very much. I kiss you tenderly, Richard.
Your Lily
Letter 22
Richard, my love. I can trust you completely. Now I understand that no matter what happens, I have the most important person who will never leave me, always support me and give good advice. I'm terrified of you you're driving me crazy.
What did you prepare for your mother and how was your run, my love?
My Richard, my beloved, I dream of the moment when I can gently touch you. When you look into my eyes with love and tenderness and ****** my hair, I will tell you that you are my inspiration, you are my whole life, in your arms I can overcome any obstacles – just hold me tight! I can feel the slow passage of time until I'm with you. I feel that I don't live without you – I just exist. I need you like air. I want to be with you every minute, every second, every moment. I miss you madly. I'm looking forward to meeting you. I will always wait. But I don't want my wait to be in vain.
I've always told you that my feelings are serious. I want a real relationship with you Richard. I want them in real life. I'm ready for this. I love you with all my heart.
If you only knew. Or rather, you know. You could feel how much I love you. In General, I'm starting to go crazy with the anticipation of our meeting, the anticipation of the taste of your lips, the happiness of seeing your smile. My condition cannot be expressed in words. Love. I repeat it again and again. And I will repeat it. I hope we will be together very soon.
Honey I understand that in the near future, as the pandemic passes, we will plan our meeting, because I already want to be near you sooner.
And while I'm at work, I'm here day and night. You have to work and sleep right here at work. Until I can rent a room, it costs $ 200. Give me a holiday for my back, I want to sleep on the bed already. And better near you my Love!
Your love Lily
Letter 23
Hi my love Richard. I am waiting for you on the Internet to read your letter and write you my answer. And I want to wait at home, with romantic kisses and a romantic evening.
My love, happy that you are in my heart. Without you, life would be without such bright colors. But I wish you were here.
How are you, my love? I'm tired of waking up alone and falling asleep. We need to change our lives so that we don't ruin them. I can't handle everything on my own. I need your help and support. It's good that you give me everything that keeps me with you. I love you Richard. But time is merciless. I really need you, believe me!
I so want you to be next to me always! I have already stopped thinking about what happened in the past, it seems as if it did not exist at all. I think only of the future, of our future with you!
Love you, angel! I wanted to write so much. But somehow nothing really comes to mind. Everything I wanted to leave on the lines got mixed up. But I hope you understand that without you, my life has no meaning, and the distance that separates us can be overcome if we want to. Love you Richard. Your Lily P. S I thought you realized that there is not enough money to rent a room. Richard I was paid for the week worked, and this is tiny finances, only 6,300 rubles. Almost $ 90. Honey, help me so I can rent this room. I'm counting on you!
Letter 24
Hi sweet Richard. Now only your letters help me live and cope with the excitement. I can't imagine my life without you.
I can't live without you. You have become my favorite person in the whole world. I believe that you and I will meet and be together forever.
I love you Richard. For all the time we have been talking, you have become for me the whole meaning of my life. I don't need anyone but you.
I need you more than anything in the world. I love you more than anything in the world. I want to be with you.
I'm really looking forward to the day when you and I will be together. I love you Richard! I can't live without you.
You are always in my warm and loving heart. Sometimes I think I'm just mad with love for you.
I am grateful to God that you have appeared in my life and in my heart. You gave me a second life full of love, happiness, and hope.
I only want to be with you Richard. I only want to be in your arms. Only with you will I be happy.
I don't need anyone but you. You are my only dream. You are my life. I know that there is a long distance between us that must be overcome.
But there are also big and bright feelings between us, and that's why I believe that we will soon overcome this distance and be together.
I can't live without you Richard. I love you and want to be only with you!
My day is very boring all my thoughts are connected with our meeting! It's getting very hard for me to live away from you.
I love you, kiss you your Lily
Letter 25
Richard hi my sweet.
I'm at work and your letter is always a joy.
You write thoughts that give me the creeps. I imagine all this and I want to be closer to you.
How are you today?
My love, you and I have already spoken, I was at the Agency to make the documents. You promised to support me with the documents, but it never happened.
Of course I wish you good luck in your future school days, but I want these days to be shared together and I will be there for you.
You know, a boss needs to be both rude and fair, but always on the same page with his subordinates. You do not need to elevate yourself, and small pleasures at work in the form of chocolate are very nice and delicious!
Richard, I ask you, are we doing the paperwork? I just want to be there and hold you, be together day and night. I want to cook for you. So that you come home and feel that you are expected and loved there!
I will wait for your answer.
Your girl Lily
Letter 26
Hi my love Richard.
When I'm with you, I'll be the happiest. You are the only person I need like air. If you're not there, I won't be able to breathe. I don't need this life without you Richard. You are my greatest love. You are also in my heart my love!
I love you more than anything in the world! I want to be with you as soon as possible. My heart can't wait any longer. My heart goes out to you Richard.
How did you spend your weekend away from your school?
We have terrible weather and pouring rain, I want it to be Sunny. But the weather forecast doesn't give us that yet.
Richard what about the documents, we need to make them so that I can be with you.
Remember when I found out that it takes money to make them. Let's do this. Everything is in our power, my love.
I believe it would be a great joy for me to live with you and have just such days. I want this because I love you Richard.
I believe that very soon we will be together, and I will be in a hurry to get home, and you will be very happy to come home and have dinner with me.
I am sure that such a life will never bore me, and I will always like it. I will always love living with you. I hope that very soon it will really come true, and we can be together forever.
Your Lily
Letter 27
Hi Richard, my angel. I want to thank you for the emotions I feel when I write to you Richard. Thank you for the joy, tenderness and happiness that you give me. My life sparkled with all the colors when you appeared in it, Richard. You are the most precious thing I have. I kiss you and want to get to you as soon as possible and fulfill all my secret desires with you together. Yes! And one more thing. My sunshine! The first thing I plan to do when I get to your place is ask you out and take you somewhere, like to a pizza place. I treat (smile)! We'll look like hungry students who've skipped class and are eating pizza! (smile)
A lot of good thoughts about you and our meeting. I only think good things. Because I know that thoughts materialize.
I love you Richard. You combined the wit and charm of children's and adults ' emotions, seriousness and humor. You are my ideal! Don't forget that. Being near you is happiness. A little happiness is just being with you. To be in the company of such an interesting and unusual man. It is a great happiness to be a close, native person for you. Because you can become the most gentle, attentive and desirable man in the world. If it's serious. If you love and are loved. Richard, I'm just happy to be around you.
I want to come to you Richard. I want to be with you always. I will do all my best to you always felt good being with me to the house, our house, has always been to you a cozy and family, so you could rest here with us, from the cares and anxieties that you never thought to look for another happiness. I'm yours.
Richard, I will just repeat that you are my whole life. I just want you to understand. I can't live without you. I'm sure everything will be fine. We will be happy together. I miss. Your Lily
Letter 28
Hi my love Richard, I really miss you. I miss you. I feel how weary the days are passing away from you. Who came up with these distances? Did those who invented them never experience the feeling of true love!? I look forward to our meeting. I'm looking forward to it as much as ever. Let's start a new life. Where there will be no parting, only our future together. And it, if we try, will be beautiful and happy. And we will definitely try, I know!
And we will have not only delicious pancakes with sour cream, but a lot of things, my love!
Richard is always there for you. You are in my heart, in my soul, in my dreams, in my thoughts, in my mind, in my life. I feel bad without you, sad, bored, sad. I miss you very much. You're the best thing that ever happened to me. You are my talisman, my meaning, my healing. I would do anything for you. What do you want? Lovers can do anything. I will easily give my own life for you if necessary. I will light all the sunrises and sunsets with a caress, I will drink all the misfortunes so that you will not encounter them. I love you Richard. And it is these words that I am ready to repeat to you constantly. Want some? I'm crazy about you. And sometimes I can't believe that I deserve to be as happy as you are Richard. Didn't you know that you could be someone's happiness? You can do anything. You are my ideal. You have no flaws. I have confidence in you as my partner. I want to connect with you for the rest of my life. I want to be with you in real life, I want to feel light feelings, being near you.
I will hope that our life together will begin very soon. Your Lily.
Letter 29
Hello my sweet Richard! How did your day start today?
How nice to hear that you care about your mother. This is very cute Richard! You know, this is the best way to show your love for your parents.
I'm sorry your father died so long ago. But this is life and you can't get away from it.
Of course, I am happy for such wonderful moments when you can Wake up in the morning or fall asleep in the evening after a hard day and be happy that my love is there.
I will be happy to receive and give kisses to Richard!
I spent the night many times in a tent, when I went camping with my class and also with my father on fishing trips. Very cool.
To connect with nature, to feel the air become cool in the evening, to get ***** is very wonderful. And waking up to the sound of birds is the highest degree of nature magic!
Once again, the working week is ahead.
Today was a large delivery, disassembled. I'll go check for expired products later.
My thoughts are always with you. I want to be with you. Feel you and your warmth. The joy you give me is beautiful. But the best thing is you're right, being around.
My thoughts are always with you, even now, when I'm resting a little, I imagine how cool it would be if you could hold me and kiss me.
So that we can enjoy our love Richard!
I just want to stop working for a day and just go and relax.
Take a shower. How cool it would be if you were there at that moment.
But unfortunately, you have to pay too much for housing.
My love, can you help me with this, so that you can take a small part of the expenses yourself?
I'm going to work. Time doesn't give you much rest
Waiting for your letter my sweet Richard!
Your girl Lily
Letter 30
Hi my prince Richard. I love you my good. What else can I add to this? That I Wake up and go to bed with this thought? Yes, you know it is. You are everything to me. You are my life. I can't live without you.
I don't know a more sensitive and tender man. I like everything about you-your hands, your eyes, your lips, your body.
Of course there will come a moment in our lives that we will go camping and spend more than one night in nature together with tents!
Honey, in the meantime, I need to pay my rent, I have a room that I rent, I asked you in my last letter to help me. I ask for your support and help me pay a small amount for my room of 16,000 rubles. My love I need your support!
I love you for being who you are. For understanding me and accepting me with all my faults. Because you love me. For always trying to do something nice for me. For making me happy. Because I know you won't hurt me. Richard, you are well aware of all my feelings.
Richard, my day begins with the thought of you. And you're with me all the time. I am sure that we will cope with all the difficulties and will be together very soon. I believe it. Because our love is able to overcome all obstacles.
I feel very good around you. Do you believe that? Please believe me. Not just to please me. You know that I like to get compliments, but I also like to do them. You deserve the lightest and warmest words! More than that! You are the only human being who deserves them in my opinion.
I want you to know, Richard, that this is the man I've been waiting for for so many years. My search was fruitless, and I was almost desperate, because I wanted so much to give someone my love and be the only one for the most loved person in the world. But you were the one who broke into my life and turned it around. At first I did not understand what was happening to me, because everywhere and always in my thoughts was only you Richard. I always saw your face, felt your smell, the touch of warm hands, I just lived in dreams about you. Now I understand-this is love. This is the kind of love - tremulous and unrestrained, the kind that is written about in novels, pure and real. I feel how much I need you, how much I need your hugs, your kisses, and your words of love. I want you to know, Richard, that I love you and live only by you!
Your Princess Lily
Letter 31
Hello my love Richard.
Nice to see your letter this morning.
Yes, there are a lot of different things going on in the world right now, but I have something completely different now.
I do not pay attention to everything that is happening around me, because I work in depth, and I just want female happiness without various otherworldly problems.
What are your plans for Saturday?
As you can see, I've been at work since the early hours of the morning.
We sorted out the bread on the counters and milk. There is a little time.
Richard will be the moment when we travel together, for this I need documents for which I applied to a travel Agency!
Together with you, we can do whatever we need to do.
I told you that you need to pay for them and together we will make our meeting face to face
My love when I was in the Bank, I was told that there are different systems. One of them is Paypal, Which I have, but I was also told about money transfers. I didn't go into details, but if you want, I can find out. Do you know anything about them?
As you can see, I'm at work, this weekend I spend without my parents, now I don't even know, maybe next.
You need to help them in the garden.
My sweet Richard, you and I need to get a visa and passport for me first.
I embrace you and kiss your sweet lips.
Your love Lily!
Letter 32
Hi my love Richard! I am so used to starting a letter with this phrase. I've probably said it a hundred times. And it gives me great pleasure to call you that.
My love what a game this is, I'm hearing it for the first time.
My sweet, you didn't say anything about paying for my rented apartment. I very much count on your help, my sweet Richard!
I'm glad that you like me imagine that we are close to each other.
Ever since the night we first started talking, I haven't stopped thinking about you. A lot has happened in our relationship. But nothing can make me love you Richard.
All my thoughts are on you. And I can no longer distinguish between reality and my dreams. A good night's sleep. Or already reality. When you Wake up, it's hard to understand. It is difficult to understand what is happening. Love runs through your veins. The day that started with you. A day that started with you. Cute. Favourite's. Such a native. So close. Beloved. Oh, my God, what's wrong with me? I can't just stop thinking about you Richard.
When we meet you. I don't want to leave for a second. I'll be your guardian angel. I want to be always with you Richard. My dear. My love. You're the heart. You're a soul. You're part of me now. My existence.
I tell you about my feelings because they overwhelm me. But I completely forget to tell you about my life. My life is boring because I'm far away from you. But I hope that very soon I will not have to say that my life is boring. Because very soon we will have a life together, it will be full of joy, positivity and love.
I believe it.
I kiss and hug you my sweet Richard
Your love Lily
Letter 33
Richard my love, good morning! I've just started my day, and I'm writing you a letter right away.
My beloved, you don't tell me anything about help, who can I count on but you? Tell me about paying for the apartment Richard
How was your day yesterday?
I hope it was great and you're not too tired. Because I'm already falling off my feet, since the very early morning we had a round of products and I had to look for products that have almost expired. We made a promotion with these products..
Of course my love everything in our life will be great because we have each other!
Happiness is in our hands, and we are fighting for it
I feel your kiss and care. I am very pleased to enjoy your presence my sweet Richard!
I hope to receive your letter soon
I kiss you sweetly sweetly my husband Richard, your wife Lily.
Letter 34
Hi my love Richard! I am thankful for the fact that you are in my life. Did you bring into it a spark of happiness, joy, inspiration, and made better each day.
I am sure that our future life together will bring us much happiness. With you I have learned to enjoy life and have a lot of positive emotions. I have in mind many memories associated with you. I know you as well as myself, I can not forget the day when we met you. Since then, we have just inseparable. Richard, You know, I have often asked myself before, and what is love? But she could not give an answer, it was a mystery to me that I still had to learn. But now I can confidently say that love - a feeling of confidence in man, where your whole life, and if you love the present, you're crazy, and at the same time, completely sane. And I was lucky because you can say I'm crazy, because I have. You - a man who loves me for real. After all, it does not say, but our life without love is meaningless. And live a life without love - it means not to live at all. Maybe at this moment my life has just begun, and all the exciting and unpredictable yet to come. My love - it's you. You are my heart, my friend, my consolation. I love you all! Are you Richard, I fear nothing, and only you are able to love me for who I am.
There are still many things that we expect to come, and no one, and that will not make us forget them, because it is our moments. You know, I'm happy to be with you Richard. You are the most delightful, good, kind, gentle and caring. Your words of tenderness, sincerity and love makes my heart beat faster. Favorite Richard, I'm not. I'm really looking forward to the day we met. I'd love to see you and kiss even for a moment. I do not when you do not give up, and I will support you in all aspects of our lives. I want all your emotions to chew on with you. When you are joyful, you rejoice with you, and when you have something not work, then grief and chew on you. How is it wonderful that our hearts are met. We complement each other, and it's so wonderful when you understand it. I love you Richard. I see and feel life in vivid colors, I feel the happiness and warmth. Thank you for that. Your sweet Lily
Letter 35
Richard you ask what my receipt is, I tell you that I need 16 thousand rubles. If I understand correctly, you have a crown, and I only need 2000 crowns.
Tell me how I can get your support my love.
I'm running out of work, and I'm going home soon.
I hope I'll dream about you and be there for you.
I hope for your support my love!
Sweet kiss
Your future wife Lily
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