Scam letter(s) from Li Haiyan to Josh (Mexico)

Letter 1
Hi Josh, I'm very sorry for the late response, my computer is faulty and couldn't load my email. I'm happy to receive your mail and also glad you give me this chance to get to know you more, so i will have to introduce myself for you my name is Haiyan Li but my friends call me Fujin I'm from Dongguan in Guangdong province China and 32 years old. I'm an high school teacher here in my town, I am the only child of my parents so now live with my mom. My father died after he was hit by a car accident when i was still about 5 years old and my mother didn't marry again, i have a distance uncle and other relative. Right now it is my mom's desire for me find a true loving, caring and honest man so i can start my own family. I want to meet someone from a different country so that we can get to know each other and learn each other's cultures. I broke up 2 years ago with my ex boyfriend and has been single since then, never been married before and no kids. i'm seeking for a serious relationship that would lead to marriage. A honest, trustworthy, caring and understanding man to work things out and spend the rest of our lives together. I believe that i will meet that true one who has the same goals with me. What i like is honesty, seriousness, trust, confidence, respect, understanding, being open minded, loving and supporting each other which are what matters most in every relationship. For us to love and be loved back in return. My Dislikes are dishonesty, Unforgiving heart, over proud and someone who treat people without respect. Someone who doesn’t show love and affectionate to the people out there who need help. My hobbies are cooking, home decoration, reading, watching movies and also relaxing on the beach on my free time and other so many other outdoor activities. Our past life doesn't matter but it shall be a memory to remember, so we just have to start a new life and focus on what the future has in bag for us.
So tell me lot more about you and i hope we will be honest and open to each other to know if we the perfect match of what we want in each other. Please take good care of yourself and have a wonderful day, i will attach some recent pictures and hoping to see some pictures of you in your mail. Haiyan.
Letter 2
Hi Josh, Its nice to hear from you again and also telling me deep more me about yourself. You are very cute and has such a lovely smile. Well to me your age, race or religion doesn't matter at all if you will promise never to hurt my affection to you if everything workout well for us.. I look straight to the heart. I just want someone who will will just be himself and don't pretend, someone who i can give my heart without the fear of getting hurt. I'm not interested in your financial status as true love is not about money.
I've been teaching for almost 6 years to support myself and also take good care of my mom. And am not complaining because it earns us our daily bread maybe until i meet my partner and we decided whats good for us. I studied International Economics and Trade but has never practiced my career because a good work is hard to get here dealing with the population of my country. So how long have you been working in that field? Can you tell me lot more about your work and your experience sop far! Oh thank you so much for the lovely things that you say to me, i enjoy getting to know you and i hope we will be able to meet soon to get more acquainted.
Well there is nothing much about my career as a teacher, no much benefits outside my salary but what i enjoy most is the interaction with the kids and the little plays too.

To tell you more about my love life.. My past love life brings bad memories to me, my ex wasn't honest to me and he kept cheating on me until the day i caught him making out with another woman. i hate dishonesty and pretense because i believe that in every relationship/marriage what matters most is the trust, honesty, understanding, care, respect and support. So after my breakup 2 years ago with him i decided give my heart that break, but i'm not getting any younger and i need someone to share my life experience with. Someone i'd explore the world with having fun and making every second of our lives to count. Well i still believe that real men still exist but hard to find which is why i want to take my time and no rush. I just want someone who will love me for no reason, stand by me in every situation and never hurt or play with my feelings as i will never do such too. I love being independent and would love to work harder even when am with my partner so i can support you in achieving your goals as a man and we will start saving for our older age together. I want to be traveling around the world at older age just to experience other cultures and making new friends So what are the things you are looking for in the woman of your dreams?
Okay i will stop here and waiting to hear from you again. Have a lovely day. Haiyan.
Letter 3
Hi Josh, I'm happy to hear from you again and i will say you're such a lovely man. I like your openness and the way you understand things, you sound so matured which i enjoy so much.
I also looking for a honest, loving, understanding, trustworthy and caring man whom together we will build something meaningful and live the rest of our live exploring and experiencing crazy things. It is indeed very rare this day and age to find true friends on whom we can completely rely and trust. Yet when we do find such true friends, it is also so easy to take them for granted today I would like to thank you for being my friend and making that special difference in my life. It feels great getting to know you and discovering those qualities in you. I discovered that although we do not know each other in person but i'm developing great confidence in you. I think you're a wonderful person, whom I will love to know. Now we've never talked about our religion.. What's your view on religion? Are you a dedicated christian? How often do you go to church... To me religion is by faith and faith is by the heart, so it doesn't mean in what one believe because what matters is your love for people around you. I and my mother converted to Roman Catholics when i was growing up but i schooled in Pentecostal church school for 4 years, so i saw Christianity from another view but fell away for a long while but have come back again. I try to go every Sunday when i can. Take care and have a lovely day. Hope to hear from you soon. Haiyan.
Letter 4
Hi Josh, Thank you for the lovely things that you said to me, you're so romantic and i feel very happy getting to know you. I and my mother live here in Dongguan which is 30 mins to Guangzhou. Wow am happy that you enjoyed your trip to my province.
Yes the situation of things are look so strange with the streets empty and no one passing. The lock down has lasted for so long here which make us feel so sad with no income coming in, now all our foodstuffs are finished and i owe some rent which my landlord is disturbing for. Oh thank you so much for offering to help, i will be very happy and grateful to you.

I'm an open minded girl who enjoys having fun and living life to the fullest, life is too short so we ought to live and make every second of it to count. I love pizza, soup noodles, dumplings and burger so much, ice cream and chocolates as well. I'm a fun, out going, open minded girl who enjoys dancing and having a good time. Some of my hobbies are: photography, dancing, movies, occasional shopping and spending time with my friends and family. No drama here and not looking for it. I want someone who can just be themselves and that is enough. I prefer to watch a movie or read novels rather than being with one who will not value my time. So how long have you been on that site we met?what has been your experience there so far? my best friend told me about the site few days ago so i decided to register to see what the future would bring for me and now i met you. I'm happy that we are getting to know each and i just hope that things workout well for us.
Do you wish to have kids? i'm a woman who dream to have at least 1 child of my own, it is the pride of every woman and also for my mother to see her grandchild.
i will stop here until i hear from you again. Have a wonderful day ahead and Take good care of yourself.

Letter 5
Hi Josh, Thank you for the lovely mail, again you melt my heart and make me feel very happy. You got me so worried as i kept thinking about what must have happened. Now i smile and feel very happy to read from you again.
You are very cute too and looking hot in the picture.. i'm having my coffee now and wishing we were together to share the coffee as we talk and get to know each other more. Well i'm just a normal girl who enjoys living the reality and no play. My past love life wasn't something i like to remember, i caught my ex boyfriend cheating on me on the day i traveled to Beijing for a job interview, so he thought i would spend more days there but i decided to fly back to Dongguan after the interview so i went straight to his house to tell him about the good news of me winning the job, then i caught him making out with another woman. Because of him i decided not to take the job because i detest that day.
Well i like your profile and stated talking to you because i have come to understand that the younger men don't understand what a true love and relationship means, they all want to have *** and flirt with every woman they come across with which is totally wrong. We are meant to stay with our partner, learn to wait for each other when we are out for days. So have you been overseas before? what are your future plans and dreams?
I'm a woman with big dreams, i will like to work hard and become successful hand in hand with my man so that we will be able to provide a good life for ourselves and the future kids and also have a good life after retirement. I love being connected to my partner in everything, romance, intimacy, we will do lots of crazy things together and have fun to the fullest. i want a lover like a best friend, a soulmate who will be free to express himself in a diplomatic way. Someone i will not be afraid to spank and run away haha.
I will go now and hoping to hear from you soon. Take care and stay safe. Haiyan.
Letter 6
Hi Josh, Thank you for everything that you have shared with me, you sound so lovely and matured. Yes in every relationship what matters most is the Trust, Honesty, Understanding and Respect for it to workout.
I also crave so much for us to start communicating more often and call but my phone is faulty now and just need me to change a new one. Will you help me to complete the little money i have so that i can go get the phone. I will really appreciate it and be very happy.
Wow you have traveled around the world, i envy you because i haven't been opportunity to travel out of my country even for ones. You have been in my thoughts throughout the day, i feel we are getting along very well and becoming something great.
I want to quickly tell you about my childhood... I grew up with a single mother who worked so hard in taking care of me, my mother is now a retired nurse. I had fun playing in the school and street with my friends then, but my mother would always come carry me and warm me to stop playing. It felt so lonely growing up with just my mother and no father and no siblings. My father died by a hit and run car few days after making his younger brother share holder in the small company he started, so my uncle started maltreating my mother after the death of my father which led us to relocate down to this city. Life were very tough then but my mother and i were living a comfortable life with the little money she earn. we struggled to eat sometimes but all thanks to my mother who fought so hard to keep cautioning me and made me the reserved girl i am today. I started working after high school as i study in the university. Now my mother is retired and old, So i feel it is my time to give back which is why i work so hard take care of her and making her happy in the little way that i can. Can you tell me about your childhood or when you were a bit younger?
Did you have some crazy experience growing up?
Whats the best and worst part of your personality?
okay i will go now and will be hoping to hear from you. Take care and have a lovely day. Haiyan.
Letter 7
Hi Josh, How are you and what are you doing now? Thank you for accepting that you will help me so that i buy the phone, I'm grateful and i forever appreciate.
I will be very happy and grateful to you for this. My phone fell down from my handbag and could not power on anymore, they tried to fix it and said the panel got ***** and need to change which cost almost like a new phone.
I went to the mall and got the phone that i want to buy, its an iPhone X and it cost 5250 Yuan, but i have 2100 Yuan which i need you to help me to complete the remaining.
Okay you can send the money to my bank account so that i can go get the phone. Postal Savings Bank of China.
Name: Li Haiyan.
Account: 6217996020004803951.
Swift Code: PSBCCNBJ.
Address : Dongguan city, Houjie Hujing business office of China Post Savings Bank Co., Ltd. Well about the pictures, I will send you the only **** ones in my PC which i took at the beach side but the deeper ones are on my faulty phone.
So i will take some pictures for you when as soon as i buy the phone. But you will promise me that you will not show anyone any of this pictures, i'm sending it to you because i like you and want us to work things out between us.
I will like to see yours too but i think that will be better through video call. So that we can talk to each other and see each other body. Okay i will go now and hoping to hear from you again. Haiyan.
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