Romance scam letter(s) from Leyla Ivanova to Ganesh (Canada)
Letter 1

It is pleasant for me that my letter did not appear vain and you have written to me back. I still shall tell slightly about myself. As I have already told, I live in city Samara. I live together with Cat "Vilka" and my parents. It not the big apartment, but well-equiped and from a window of mine At home a beautiful kind. This beautiful place here again is some small mountains where good Mountain-skiing resorts. I like to do walks on a ski and to go from mountain. It at me is good I a lot of entertainment from it (especially when I fall LOL LOL) turn out also receive. There where you live There are mountains? What you like to do for an entertainment in the winter? My city very beautiful here again is much Good places where it is possible to go and cheerfully to spend time. Sometimes it seems to me that I live in the best Place, but I can live everywhere and for me the main thing is love. Main my purpose in life it To meet worthy the man and to leave in marriage for him and to live happily up to the end of life. My future The husband should be sociable have a lot of energy and to be little bit sexual. This the man you?
:) we will have time to learn it. I have no problems to find the man in my country therefore That there are many men which dream to be my husband, but it is pleasant to me marriages consisting more >From different cultures. I know that such marriages interesting and strong. Also the marriage may not be Strong without love and mutual understanding. I appreciate myself, but I think that the owner in the house should be The man and the wife should obey the husband. I never married, but I am ready to enter in Marriage with correct the man. I the careful woman also shall be sure that the good wife.:) I The sociable and cheerful woman, is able to do many things that my future husband was happy with Me. My mother has learned me to prepare many various kinds of meal and I think that my future husband It will be pleased with it. I know that the good meal this much means in home life for the man!:) I I work as the bookkeeper for firm selling electronics. My work consists from numerous Papers and accounts where it is impossible to be mistaken. It not easy work, but me is pleasant to work and eat Many interesting things in my work which do my life interesting. From firm I frequently I do trips to many city and on trips I have many free time to see A lot of interesting. Write more about your work? How many hours per day you work and As far as interesting you have works? It is pleasant for me that we have begun to write each other and at us are The chance to learn each other is closer. I never got acquainted in the Internet before and I do not know as Correspondence works, but I know many pairs which found each other in the Internet and now Are happy together! I should on what, but I shall be happy if at us it turns out to do for Started friendship and it is then possible more than simply friendship! For today I finish my letter. Inform me more about you and your dream? How you imagine your future life? Describe To me your future the wife if you want. You may write all that you want. It will be pleasant for me To receive any your answer. Also you may send any photos which you have. I wait for yours The answer. Have good day.
Kiss, Leyla
Letter 2

Dear chuck,
I have good news and bad. I think, that I shall start with good. Today I have received visa and now I have all necessary documents that To fly to you! Bad news, that I had a problem at the airport. After reception of money I have gone to the airport to buy the ticket of the plane, but in aircash a department to me have told, that I cannot fly in the Canada because as the visitor I should have with myself 1500 $. They have told, that to go through customs house to me it is necessary to have with itself in a pocket 1500 $. I did not understand that they speak and has gone to administration of the airport. In administration of the airport to me has told to go through customs, necessary to have this money. They speak me, that it is necessary only to have with itself and then to me it will be possible go through customs house. To me have told, that it rules, and they cannot let me go in the Canada if I shall not have this money. I have some tens free dollars and now I do not know what to do.
chuck, your help is necessary for me because it is very difficult situation and I do not know what do. Excuse that I have such problems, but the Canada very difficult country for visitors and I could not provide it earlier. I never flied so far and could not expect these problems. Please tell to me what to do? It is necessary for me 1500 $ and then I can fly to you. I do not know you have this money whether or not, but this money are necessary to have only with themselves in a pocket. If you can help me, I will be arrive to you and I shall give this money to you back. I should have it only with myself in a pocket. Please write I as soon as possible what to do. I hope, that you are not angry with me. I never faced these problems, but I parents spoke that there can be problems because the Canada has difficult laws. I have everything to fly to you, but it is necessary for me this money and then I can arrive to you and I shall give this money back. If you can send money to me send this money as soon as possible. Now I at the airport and I do not know what to do. Airport have Western Union here and I can receive money very quickly and then I shall to buy the ticket of the plane and give you all ticket informations. I have checked up flight for on March, 30 and there are empty seats for me to fly to you. It is a pity to me that there were problems, but I hope that You will not throw me in such situation and we shall be together. I am in the Internet of cafe now and I shall wait for your letter. Write to me as soon as possible.
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