Scam letter(s) from Natalia Dushenka to Jeff (Netherlands)

Letter 1
I must say that I am very kind person. I am always ready to help people. They can always rely on me. Also I am very sympathetic. I like to create home coziness, for everybody to be comfortable.
Letter 2
Hello, I am Natalia, young romantic lady from Ukraine of 25 y.o. I'm slender and pretty, but unfortunately lonely so far. I work as a teacher. I am here with only serious intentions and
searching for love. Please write me and I will tell you about myself.
Letter 3
I am new members in this site. Unfortunately you can't see my pictures now, but if you send me your email I will send you my pictures, and, trust me, you will not be disappointed. I hope to hear from you soon.
Letter 4
Thank you for the interest! I'm also interested in you. I will wait for your letter and hope to learn more about you. Natalia.
Letter 5
Unfortunately you can't see my pictures now, but if you send me your email I will send you my pictures, and, trust me, you will not be disappointed.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Letter 6
Write me on my mail address please:
I will [be] waiting for your reply.
Letter 7
Hello,Thanks for your letter. I am Natalya, young romantic lady from Ukraine of 27 y.o. I'm slender and pretty, but unfortunately lonely so far. I am work teacher. I am here with only serious intentions and I am searching for my love, a man with whom we would fall in love and create happy serious relations.
Letter 8
Hello dear! I'm so glad about your letter and I'm hoping to learn you more and better. You look really good in photos and I think you will look even nicer in reality! You seem to have really cool personality and smart man. So, you are going to have a birthday tomorrow!? Great. What plans do you have to celebrate it? Mine is November 2. I'm Natalia. I'm a slender good looking girl with fair hair and grey eyes. In appearance I'm modest, but inside I am very temperamental, sensual and passionate young woman. My height is 167cm (about 5'7), weight 54 kg (about 115 pounds). My relatives are only my sister and nephews. Our mother unfortunately perished when we were teenagers. I have a father, but we are not close and we didn't talk or met for many years.
Yes, I consider myself very affectionate, romantic, loving and sensual woman. Do you like such women? Right now I live in a town Kirovsk, which is in the Eastern Ukraine. Since war actions started in our lands I moved to Kharkiv city and have lived there for three years. Right now we have a big crisis in Ukraine and very high taxes and bills. I had to give almost all my salary for renting apartment and paying bills and could not make my end meet. That's why I had to move to my home town, which is now under Russian control. At least I have a home here which I share with my sister and nephews. I just recently returned to my town last week and hope to find a job of a teacher of English at a local secondary school. I also have a great desire to find my love. For the right man I'm ready to move abroad and I'm ready for such changes in my life. In the deepest corner of my heart I do believe that we all have one person on this planet that we are destined to be with. One person to share a unity with that cannot be shaken and that fills each soul with a joy greater than history's greatest poets could begin to comprehend or explain. A love so strong that the thought of losing it would bring tears of pain to the strongest of wills. A love that uplifts each person's spirit higher than could ever be achieved alone and that inspires each one to live their lives the best they can for each other.
I've spent a great deal of time on my own, and now I feel that this has given me the opportunity to fully understand who I am, what I believe, and what I want in a relationship. I am however feeling that the time to search for and find my true love has to be ended soon. I long for a day when each morning I wake up to see my beloved man, laying peacefully beside me. I would like to devote my life to my man and make him happy. I want us to share in the joys and pains life has to offer while in the comfort of knowing we're not in it alone. I want us to enjoy lives together, to travel with and experience many beautiful places and adventures this planet has to offer. And some day to build a house and a family together. I want to fulfill his every desire and make him feel loved, desirable, wanted, and needed. I want to inspire you as well as to be inspired by you. I want someone to share the beauty of life in it's fullest with and to experience the best life that is possible and meant for all of us. If things work for us and I hope that when we meet, which I also hope to be soon, that I can make you happier than you have ever been before. Will you give us a chance? Wishing you a nice day and hope to hear from you back soon!
Letter 9
Hello ! You sound like a wonderful, nice, smart man, I love that a lot. :)
Thank you for the time that you dedicate to reading my letters and tell me about yourself. I want you to know that I am serious in my intentions towards you and that I will not make you lose time.
So, Happy Birthday to you and many happy returns of the day. My favorite birthday cake is Napoleon. Have you ever tasted it?
Things are going very badly in Ukraine now and especially in the regions which are not controllable by Ukrainian government. The shootings are still taking place, the economy is collapsed and people don't get income and many people want to leave abroad to more preferable conditions. I'm trying to find a work, but unfortunately so far without success.
Yes, I know what it means to accept love. Yes, I can handle being with someone who cared for me, did not want to change me, and who professed to be devoted to me. I don't think, I would grow bored with devotion not fairly earned and think that someone better could be found around
the next corner if I love this man also and this feeling is mutual. To be honest with you, I'm not here to send only emails, I want to find a person who is searching the same thing, who want to be my soul mate in real life. I am not into any games here and I'm tired of not serious fakes and scammers online which waste my time. I am serious in finding the love of my life and hope you feel the same. So, I am not interesting in exchanging endless letters without a real meeting in near future and if you feel the same I would be more than glad to know
you better. If you are not compatible in what I am seeking don't waste my time to write me. I don't see my future here in this country and I'm ready to move abroad. I guess, you heard about the difficult present situation in Ukraine. It's not safe and hard to survive here because of acts of war conflict, a crisis, great unemployment and poverty. Our country is bankrupted and government cannot pay salaries and do not care how people will survive. But at the same time I'm deliberate in my search and I want to find my true love!
My favorite quote is from the Little Prince 'Only the heart can see, what is truly important is invisible to the eye' so I understand what love means and I appreciate the inner qualities of a man much more than his appearance and the material things he possess. My date of birth is November 2... I'm Scorpio. I enjoy staying at home and relaxing in front of TV screen with a cup of tea or spending an evening with my close people and friends. Going outside to the beautiful nature, explore on the beach, hiking on mountain trails, or making picnic at the nature with friends are what I enjoy doing. And, experiencing a fun movie or cultural attractions like museums is also fun for me. Traveling to discover new places and meet other people is always fun and exciting!
I like to read and I'm a fan of Stephen King, Bernard Verber, Paolo Coelho and many Russian writers. I like good thrilling movies and beautiful romantic music.
It would be interesting to know many things about you and I hope in your next letter you will tell me more about you. Please write me back, dear. I like you very much and want to hear from you more and more!
Big hugs and kisses to you! :)
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