Scam letter(s) from Elena Onycheva to Jeff (Netherlands)

Letter 1
I am glad to see your message. I waited for your answer but because of a problems on work I couldn't answer to you faster. I am a little confused by this situation, because I never talked in Internet before... And it is my first experience! Anyway I am glad to get your message and I would like to introduce myself to you )
So, my name is Elena, and I am from Russia, but not for long time. That's why you could find in my profile that I am from Germany. I plan to go there for work in nearest time. My friend, she work in Berlin, and she helped me to find a job in Hessen, it's some pharm company... so I am waiting for their response, I sit on my suitcases, and I already feel me like a german )))
But it is not important!
I think you ask yourself why I write you, we are so far from each other, and I think it is nice question. I think, we are so far from each other, and it can help us to be absolutely opened and talk and to get a best friendship. And may be more, who know ) I am not sure, is it a big problem for you, I mean a distance. Because there are a lot of kilometers between us... But ok. I will leave it for you, to choose. Ok?!
So I wish to begin our meeting, and here there are a little about me what I wished to tell you, I don't wish to load you very much with my letter, so I will try to be short. And so! I am 29 years old. But I always hear that I look's like 4-6 years younger than my years ) I won't be angry if you share this opinion, because I like it...Mmm I want you to know me better, I think it would be right to exchange by photos. I send you ones of mine. I hope that you will be able to see it. If you will have any problems with it, don't be angry. I wish to admit you, that penpals it really something new for me...
So, it is first step after registering on date site. I have almost free access to internet here on my work. I can to write you from working computer, which I use here for job, sure boss don't allow workers to use computer for our private purposes, but I do. And I hope that I will not tire you with my letters.:-) I joke! I think, that you will be able to notice, that I am the cheerful woman, and one of qualities which I appreciate in a man is a sense of humor. Without humor it would be difficult to survive in this world. Are you agree?!
Oh, I has absolutely overlooked!!! I hope, that you understand my English... I talk for free in English, but to type in English on keyboard, i found out today that it is difficult for me... It is easier for me to type it in Russian, and then translate it to English by online translater. So if we will talk in person one day, it won't be problem to speak in English. And it mean that I think for typing messages to you I will use this online translater, but for speaking with you, I don't need any help ) I talk in english well )
I also want to send you some of my photos, I hope you will like it. I made it especially to post it on dating site, but later I changed my mind and I didn't post it. So I can to say that it is exclusive for you ) Now I am going to end some my deals and I hope to hear from you. Be well
Letter 2
Hello, it's me again!
I am thanking you for your letter!!! I am happy to see your message and photos!!! I like it!!! Wonderful photos!!! I don't have a lot of free time to write you, but I am happy to see your message, and I think I have enough time to write you more details of my residing and my job... I hope you are not against )
So, place of my residing is Seversk, it is Tomsk region, Siberia, Russian Federation ))) It is not a big city, but not a small too. We have a large Chemical combine here. There are engaged most people of our city in processing of chemical waste products. Our city is located 20 km from center city is Tomsk. We also have a most beautiful river here, we call it Tom. Like Tom which from a cartoon Tom and Jerry )
A little about my family. I live alone in a rented flat, my mother live in a village, she visit me often, it is not far from Seversk, My father has left family some years ago... He was ill, I mean he was alcoholic... He left us and we forgot about him. And now we live just my mother and me. I don't have any sisters or brothers. I am one child in family.
If it is interesting for you, I am working in a supermarket, my work consists in management by goods. But I studied in Economic University and my specialisation is accountant. I worked for some time as accountant, but later because of crisis I lost job. But later I have got a job as manager here in Seversk.
Now I am single and never was married, and I don't have children. I am not sure what to think about such relation in internet, it is new for me, but I want you to know what I am waiting for from this life, I dream to find such guy who could really love me and to be with me. I dream for family with beloved man, and wish to be loved... :-) It is a little hard to find this Mr. Right... But I think it is possible!
So, you asked me some questions, and I plan to answer to you.
> What pharmaceutical company are you hoping to find a job with?
Oh … please easier question, I am on work and I simply don't remember it... I know that it have a lot of branches there in Germany, and seems same here in Russia... But I can't to recollect it...
> And what specific position are you applying for--something in the laboratory, or clinical development?
I am going to work as accountant for some time, and later if all will be fine, I plan to get a main-accountant job...
> stopping off to see the real Juliet Capulet house there; maybe the two of us can go there someday, if you like to travel???).
Wow!!! I envy you... Sure I would be happy to visit this place... it would be Great!!! I like travel, but I didn't travel abroad before... And this way to Germany, it will be my first experience!!! ))) Oh I wait it so much!!! But ok )
So... I think that it can be enough for second letter... I wrote more than I planned!!! :-) I think it all because I am interested in dialog with you ;-) So I am ending my message and I will wait for your answer!
Best wishes
Letter 3
Hello, my friend!!!
I waited for your answer! And I am glad to see you in my mail-box ) I wish to warn you, that I can't to write you from work in any time. I can't to use working PC for my purposes while boss is here... But don't worry, I will find time for our dialog.
And really … I was amazed that there is common thing! And you even know somebody who are from Tomsk!!! Tomsk is very near to me! Just 20 km from Seversk!!! Beautiful place!!!
And I was so happy to know what are you looking for in partner!!! it all is very important! I want to admit you, that I search for same thing... And I hope that I will be luck and I will find him, or I already have met him! Sure it is pity that you had so bad relationships before... But as I understand this life, it is usual thing that you see a pair, they are together, but one of them is loving and other is allowing to love him or her... I hope you understand what I mean? )
You also asked me:
> what does your friend do in Berlin, and how long has she lived in Germany?
Before to go there she was married here, but it was not lucky marriage. Her husband was alcoholic... it is usual thing here. Later they was divorced. After it, she met a guy from Berlin, I am not sure how it happened... But they met, and it seems near to 5 years they are happy and live together. Now she is working on post office.
> Who else do you like to read?
Honestly, it is hard for me read at last time... I watch tv more at last time ) When I came home after work, my eyes don't allow me to read ) I don't remember who is author, but I read at last time a book is city of angels.
So ok, just else something about me, it wasn't hard day for me, but I think it was hard day for cashiers, it were a lot of clients today. Anyway it was a nice and a little sunny day! it is so fresh on the street... I am sure that it would be so much better to get a walk on the street instead of work, and it is pity that you can't to join to me at this evening and to share a walk with me :-) it could be great to walk, and get talks in the park, enjoy by weather, enjoy this cool evening :-)
But ok, I must be short today, I must to end my work day today a little earlier, because I have to go to my friend, and sit with her child for evening. But while I have time, I will write you something else about me.
So! I overlooked something of my life story which I wanted to tell you :-) Let's talk about hobby! What about your hobby?! My hobby is cooking and collect any recipes! ) I like to try something new, experience is very important for kitchen. If it will be possible, I am not against to show you my abilities in a kitchen one day ;-)
Besides kitchen, I like to listen the music. I don't like the club music, I like pop, slow, and sometimes, when the soul need it, I listen the classic music.
I like walks, walks under the umbrella, it calm me... :-) What about you?! Do you like walks?!
I also wished to tell you, that recently, I left my boyfriend. All was perfect in our relationships, but one day one of my friends told me that she saw my boyfriend with other woman... I couldn't believe in it. But when I asked him about it, he has told me that for long time wanted to tell me the truth... I was in a shock!!! There was the time of depression, we have gone away from each other. I stopped any connections with him, I torn off all connections! And almost for one year I didn't get any news about him. Just one that he got married on my old friend...
Same situation with my friend, she is married with man who like to drink and as she think, he have a lot of lovers... After same stories, it disappointed me at men... And I am not sure can I trust now anybody. May be therefore I am here and I talk to you. One of my friend, she has given me an advice, to search my mr Right in another country. it is necessary to tell that due to her, we talks to you. Thank Olga for help - she is my real friend.
Oh... I am sorry, I sincerely hope that my histories didn't disappoint you. I seriously concern to our friendship, and therefore I am completely frank with you. And therefore I wished to tell you this story. I hope that now you can understand why I started search the man from another country. So, I think that it is enough for today, and it is time for me to run to home.
I will hope that you will write me more about you in your next letter. I will try to answer on any your questions, just ask me. I also would like to hear your voice. But there is a small problem, I don't have the cell phone at present time... I had it before, but it was stolen seems... And unfortunately apartment which I rent it haven't any phones, there are some problems with a telephone system on this part of town. But anyway, I am sure that it won't be problem to talk and to hear each other. If you will give me your phone number, I would try to call you from post office center!
Today I am sending to you my new photos, I hope you will like them. I hope it will not scare you...:-) And hope it will help you better to imagine and feel who am I ))) Those photos from my work, it is place from which I type you this message, it most recent photos. I hope you will like it! Hope to hear from you soon!
Best wishes
Letter 4
Hello my friend
I was happy to find your message today and I am glad to write you!!! It is so pleasant that you wish to send me your gift with chocolate! Sure I like chocolate ))) But I think it can be a little difficult for you to send it from another country... Anyway if you want, here is my address:
Russia, Tomsk region, city Seversk, Kuybisheva street I(1-5) — 636036
What about your home address?!
You also sent me a song, but I could to open it... winamp which we have on computer it can't to open it... And I couldn't hear it... I am sorry ...
> It would be good if we could go together and share the ballet--what do you think?
Yeah I like such things, like theater, cinemas, ballet... I like to spend time by this way! Oh really we have a lot of common things... it worry me... ;-)
> What is your favorite recipe? And if we did meet, please give me an idea of the full meal you might prepare for me. :-)))
Hmm... I like salads, I like salads wich include only fresh vegetables. Do you like it?! I also like cakes, I like to cook it. Do you tried soup such as Borshch before?!
Anyway, it is end of my working day, and I prepare to go to home but I didn't forget about you, I have some time to write you while I am here ) I sincerely hope that you liked my photos which I have sent you before. There is other situation today I don't have anything what I could to share with you... But I will try to send you something new, to you my friend in next time.
I have a nice mood today, it was a nice work day! I hadn't too much works, We didn't have today ****** clients... who can't find a goods which near with their noses! If it would depend on my wishes, I would end my work day more early, but I can't to leave my work place earlier than 5 pm ) And so each day, nothing interesting. Simple day. Sit and show something from goods for our clients.
I think that my job not too hard physically as it is hard psychological. I like my job, but sometimes, I hate it, because I must to make some accountant works. I get additional paying for it. But why they would not give me an accountant job? All because of director's daughter. She studied on accountant like me, but she is dumb in this way... Sometimes I take to recheck works to home. Certainly it is better and easier to make all works on work, because here there is a computer which I can to use for work and for writing you ) but I made a lot of works better at home ) I can to concentrate more better at home.
Oh I am sorry! I think enough about my work. Yesterday on tv I watched so interesting a scientific telecast, there have spoken about tigers of the East side of Russia, but I would like to notice, that it is not so far from me) Them remained very little in the world and consequently, my country try to save those beautiful animals!
There are people which live at stations, their work is very complex. They are compelled to bypass huge territories to collect the information. And the most interesting that they collect the information from special devices which are placed in a various places, And when the animal comes nearer to the device, device begin to work and it makes photos. And you should see those photos, they were so amusing!!! When I yesterday looked it, I laughed to tears!!! One of devices, has photographed a wild cat, whether you knew, that a cats lives in forests? I am not sure about your country, but there are wild cats in russian forests.. They are very aggressive and amusing! I did not see them in a real life, but many times saw on the TV. They are same like a home cats ))) But they are very aggressive!!! So, you can understand that I like telecasts about animals)
Oh ok, my friend, it is evening and i must to go home. It's time to close work and go home ) I hope to hear from you tomorrow!
Best wishes
Letter 5
Hello my dear friend! ! !
I am happy to get your letter at this evening! And I want to admit you that I waited very much for your response! And I am thanking you for your photos!!! I was so happy to get it today!!!! )))
You asked me:
> I also want to see more photos of you, especially in a dress
Dress?! I don't like dresses... I wear jeans, and trousers... But I will think and search something.
Funny, there are a big distance between us, anyway it so easy to talk... I like it ) And besides all it is very nice to talk to you in english, some practice for me! I sincerely hope that our correspondence will help us to know each other better and our correspondence will develop in a more open relationship. Certainly more open relations, it is demanding to wait and find out each other better.
So, ok, I wished to write you today more about my free time. I like watch TV, from a big quantity of telecasts, I like watch telecasts about animals, I don't like any serial movies...
I like science telecasts. It is very interesting, and all themes which are worrying me. Such themes as Global heating, paranormal activities. My favourite program is Wild Natural.
I like to watch fantastic and comedies and... animations (For example-Tangled). But TV has one minus - commercials...
I am not fan of rap or techno music... I like pop ) My favorite russian bands are "Hands Up" and "Ivanushki International" ))) This two groups, they sing the songs in pop style and they also have romantic songs. You could hear about those groups but I am not sure in it... :-) I like slow and quiet music under sounds which possible to dance.
If to be honest, I feel myself in some depression, I feel me so lonely... Certainly, there are a lot of guys, but those guys and they are not what I am looking for... Because I am looking serious relations, I am looking sincerity in relations, individuality, diligence, softness of character, nobleness and small sense of humour...Not tell lies, even if you think that it is easier to tell a lie than truth. After my not good relationships I couldn't trust anybody. It was hard, but I adapted to it.
And I want to admit to you, that to speak with you, it is very easy for me. I don't know why... I simply have such thoughts, like I know you for a long time... Oh, are we really so nice friends with you?! :-) So, I think I am too shy... and may be therefore I am still alone. But this way, through the e-mails, it is very comfortable for me, and I am feeling myself very nice to talk to you, and to finding out each other better :-)
As all women I have a small secrets I like to go to shops after I get salary! You can visit me later, and you will find a lot of tasty dishes at my home! Do you like shops?! Do you like walks there? You can overlook those questions.
I like camping. It is a very nice to be with friends in the forest on the river beach. And we are with my friends we liked to get a barbecues... :-) But I want to admit you that it was when we all were more free and younger, it is only work now, almost all of my friends have the family. They simply don't have enough time for walking! I am alone in it. If they go to nature, they go alone, only their family. And nobody other :-) I so miss for this time, hope that one day I also will be able to build a happy family! And enjoy by life with my beloved man!
I think it is not bad to leave by dreams. I still dream that I will meet my Mr. Right... I trust that it is possible, and one day I will find him who will be able to care and love me. And who knows, may be he is absolutely near or very far from me... :-) I do not know. But I only wished to tell to you, that in the man I search a real feelings, I want that he trusted me, and always will be able to be near with me in all hard situation...
Well, now I should finish my message and close work place, but I hope, that you will write me tomorrow and I hope you will tell me something about you too and will send me some your photos. I hope you remember that I write you from work place, and it can't be hard sometimes for me to write you. Weekends also not good time for our correspondence, but it is not impossible to contact on weekend ;-) And remember that I wait for any messages from you with impatience!!!
Best wishes for my friend
Your friend Elena
PS: My full name is Mihalchienkova Elena
Letter 6
And thank you for chocolates!
I will wait to try it!!! I will be happy to try it really!!!
Best wishes
Letter 7
Hello my friend,
I hope your day is great! And you have a nice day there! But I can't to say same about me... Because today I got a very bad news. I think you remember that I planned to move to Germany for work, I waited for their answer, and I really hoped on this way for me. I thought that I will there and there I will get job, which will make me happy. I thought that I will enjoy of this new place, new work there, I hoped on promotion, I thought that YEAH! That's my light, and that's my way! And I was so happy!!!
I waited each day and night! I even couldn't sleep, so much I wished to get this job as accountant! But today I got email, and they wrote me, that I should wait for their response, if they will need me, they will contact me, and I will be first in their list... But I didn't need it!!! I am so upset right now. I feel me so bad I feel me disappointed, I am simply upset...
I am not sure, I hope I don't bother you with my news, I am simply, I don't have anybody to share it... I don't want to tell it my mother, and my friends, they didn't know anything about it. Because I worried that if I will tell my secret, all will know and envy me...But I opened this secret to you, and I want to cry right now!!! Because it really was my last chance, to change my life!!! And now it all broken! All my dreams, all my plans, all...
Oh my friend, I am sorry that I wrote you it all, because I really didn't wish it, but it happened... and I still think, can I send it to you, or I should to delete it all, and forget everything... Anyway, I still work here, and I have work here, and I will continue to work. All is going fine, not well day for me here, but I am happy to get answer from you! Some good news for me...
Anyway, my dear friend, I am sorry for this message, and I wish to admit you, that I will go soon to home, and I have plans to cry for all evening... I am really very upset. But ok, I think I share with you this news, and I hope you have more better day there than mine. I wish you to have a nice day and don't forget about friends, like me )
I also wish to answer on your questions
> can you tell me if you have any favorite tastes in chocolate?
I like milk chocolate and it is good if it have nuts.
> Do you like fruits in chocolate?
Noo I dislike fruits in it.
> do you think that men sometimes only want to know you because of how you look and not who you are as a woman?
I think they wish to know how I look. There are not so much men who want to know you as a woman it is hard to find right person I think.
> What does she [mother] do for a living? Do you worry what will happen to her if you move away?
> I understand that pensions in Russia are very low and that the average person only gets about 200 Euros each month from the government, which is not enough to survive.
She get a pension, and besides all, she live in a village, and it is enough to have her pension for her. Besides all I help with all what I can. But who told you that we have pensions near to 200 Euros?! ))) You are a little unright. Middle pension here near to 6 thousands russian roubles. As I remember 200 euros it is near to 9 or 10 thousands roubles... But may be I am not right.
> Did you get a chance to listen to the video I sent you? If so, did you like the song? :-
When I tried to open it, it was written that it is not allowed to watch it for my area...
And thank you for your story about geese! It was so funny to read!!! I watch those photos! And I smile... You changed my mood a little on better side ) Oh I am sorry, my time is ending, and I should to end this message and go to work...
Best wishes
Your friend
Letter 8
Hello Hello my friend ! ! !
It is me again, your friend Elena! I hope that you didn't forget about me?! :-) I just got a free minute to write you! And I am in such a wonderful mood with it!!! I even can't to find words to show you how I am feeling myself today! I waited with impatience for any messages from you in answer on mine ))) And I was so happy today to see that you wrote me!!! )))
I was amazed that you sent me this poem!!! I like it! Sure i think it would be better to hear how it would sound from you )
> If you do leave, do you think your mother will accept that you have to leave?
Yes sure, she will accept it. Besides all, I am sure that it will be possible to help her from any point of earth. Therefore I am worrying for it.
So, anyway, I also hope I didn’t bore you with my letter? ))) I thought a lot of about job which I lost... And I decided that if I lost it today, it doesn't matter! Because all what happens, it happens for best!!!
The weather is very nice here today! The sun don't shine, but on the street it is nice and fresh day! And soon I will leave work place, and I will have walk to home, I will go home through the park, it is a nice place for walks! There are a lot of couples, which walks, kisses, hugs, but I am not about them ) There in park there are a lot of pigeons, which fly between couples ))) They fly and ask for some food, sometimes they sit on hands, and they aren’t afraid anybody!!! It is amazing!!! But I never kept the pigeon in my hands. They are afraid of me :-) I joke! It's simply interesting for me, as I know a pigeons it is a birds which there are in any country, or I am not right?! what about your country?
Oh, if to be honest I tired to sit on work, watch to Computer and calculate something... I forgot to say you, I make accountant works today... ( I dream to forget about job, and have simply walks... Are you ready to join to me?
I am sorry that I can't to use computer for my purposes often, if it would be possible, I could to talk to you more often! ) But I think it really will be boring to you and I will distract you from the job. But what about the job?!
What the difference in time between us with you?!it can be possible that when I end my work day, and you just wake up from dreams, with thoughts :-"what I will eat today for breakfast?" :-) I like to eat for the breakfast the fried eggs with sausage! And drink a cup of coffee :-) But nobody prepare it for me... What about you?! What you like to eat for the breakfast?!
Yesterday when I saw the weather forecast for today on TV, there told that it can be the raining today. And I took the umbrella with myself. But on the sky there are not such rain clouds, only light clouds! Which prevent us from sun :-) Besides the umbrella I was must to bring the documentation on work today which I took before with me to home. It was homework :-) And I was loaded very hard at home, but all not so bad as it seems ) Additional paying!
Oh, I forgot to tell you, today I saw so sad picture... When I was on dinner time and I went to nearest supermarket, I saw the children which ran in streets, and they asked for help, they needed money for food, and they asked all people. Small child came to me to ask me something for eating. It was so sad to see it!!! I asked her where are your parents, she has looked down, and answered that they are at home... But I have understood that they are drinkers... She told me that they force her to be engaged in begging on the streets!!! It was most terrible what I heard in my life!!! She is so young! I think that she is near to 8 years old!!! And she walked alone on the streets!!!
I took her to supermarket, I bought some things for eating. Fast foods, juice, a spaghetti, breads, some eggs, milk. And nothing other, because I decided that it will be hard for she to bring it to home alone without any helps, I couldn't to go with she. She gone alone to home. I sincerely hope that she will be fine and will eat something from it! Once again I saw what the kind of people live in our city!!!
It changed my mood until I got a message from you. Now I am feeling better myself. I think that there are not such things in your country, and I think government of your country is working with such children and with such parents?! Here it's still problem.
And my time end, and I must to end the letter and send it to you faster! :-) I am going to home now! I wish you to have a nice day! And best wishes!
Your friend
Letter 9
Hello Hello!!!
I am so happy to see your message today!!! And photos from your home in Chicago!!!
But I should to say I am sorry!!! I don't have time today... I can't write you much, but I think that it is better to send even those few words and Hello than again say nothing ) So I wish you wait for my answer tomorrow! I will write you tomorrow! Today is very busy day... I hope you understand me!
See you tomorrow!!!
Letter 10
Hello my dear friend!!!!!!
I was so happy to get your letter yesterday but I didn't have any time to write you yesterday. I am sorry ... So, about my email!
You have asked me in your letter before:
> Or do you prefer being called Helen? And who is Helen Mankova???
Helen and Elena are same names as I know, just one thing that Elena is a russian variant, and Helen is german variant as I thought. Why Mankova?! I simply didn't wish to write a real surname in my email. What you think?! And it is just some derivative from my real name.
> Why are you in such a good mood today after such a terrible mood yesterday?
All is very easy! It all not lost! If not today it will work later! ) And I will live with hope! I think that the life is very short to get sad... It is necessary to enjoy of life! And be well!
> Do you like pancakes? Waffles with chocolate and ice cream?
I like pancakes! But if you will invite me for dinner and we will eat waffles with chocolate and ice cream... I AM READY TO FLY AND TRY IT!!! ))) Really! ) I never tried it before... But I think it is very tasty!!!
Anyway, I am so happy to have chance to write you today, do you know why?! it is all very simply!!! I have else some photos which I can to share with you!!!!!! It is me and my friend, and I wish to show it to you!!! It is my friend Olga! She is my best friend, we know each other from a childhood! I am not nice on those photos... I was a little slim an year ago. But I have such physical construction, closer to summer season, I become slim, but closer to the winter time I take more pounds ;-) Anyway, I want to share it with you, those photos were made on past autumn ... I hope you will like them... :-)
We are with my friend walk in park, seems I told about this park once in one of my letters. We like to have walks there with her husband and child. Most interesting thing, that when her son was born, and when he studied to talk, he named me as mother... I think it was because I always was near to them :-) I was second mom :-) And certainly were a lot of cases when I cared for her ****. I hope to send you one day photo with ****. Seems I have one of them.
So, from my photos you can see that we have very beautiful parkway, and it is more beautiful when it is evening. But there is one problem, that closer to evening, there are a lot of ***** people in this parkway. And they can to change nice evening to bad...Once, when a company of ***** people tried to talk to us, but we left that place and gone from there... Nice evening after hard working day.... But it is in the past. So, how is our parkway, what you think about it? Do you like it?
So, I also wished to say you, that if it is interesting for you, I have dinner between 12 and 13:30 hours. Sometimes I don't go on dinner, because I am trying to keep my figure in normal. I am afraid to be very ***, I think that girl must be small... What you think?!
For me, it is not important what can be your figure. Or big or small. It is more important for me that your character would be nice and a little mutual to mine... And similar thoughts, and just beautiful and honest heart with similar soul... :-)
I don't have any problems with corresponding with you, our correspondence very interesting for me, I like it. And I am glad that I found such person as you... :-)
Oh no... Dear friend, my time is ending and it is time to go home! I hope you like all my photos which I send you. :-) Besides all, I think we should to talk on phone! We should to arrange it! ) What you think?!
Ok, see you tomorrow. Ok?!
Best regards
Your Elena
Letter 11
Hello my friend! ! !
I am sorry I couldn't write you yesterday, it was a very busy day... But I am glad to have a minute to write you again!!!! And I wish you to know I am very happy to see your letter!!!
You asked me
> What has your country invented that is tasty, other than cold and snow? :-)))))))))))
I don't know really what was invented here in Russia... ))) I don't know anything about inventions from Russia... May be ice cream )))
> How did Olga meet her husband?
They seems know each other from school, and I think they are a nice together ) May be she dreamed about something better, but who can think about something other, if they already have kid )
I saw you want to see photos me and their child. Ok, I think I will get something from this way for you. I will try to arrange it ;-) …
> Has my box of chocolates arrived yet?!?
No I still didn't get it... May be on this week it will arrive here?! I warned about package from you my landlady, from whom I rent this flat.
Hm, so, anyway, what about me and my day today?! . . . All day sun tried to open it eyes... But clouds tried to protect us from it... (((
Anyway, day has ended!!! ))) And it is evening, and I have some time before to go home. So, today was hard day, and we had a lot of works there. But nothing what could be important. Just some additional works for me for half day.
One worker, I told you about she, it is boss daughter. she prepared papers about sold goods for past month. But total sum which we got as cash, it didn't was same as it was on papers. And what I can say you about it... It was my additional work for me for next part of the day... I was angry very much, because I could to leave work today earlier as I planned and as I wished. Anyway, I shared works with this worker, and I showed her all mistakes which she have made. But it left some problems, which as I plan we will decide later.
I hope it is interesting for you that I tell you about my days. So, I also wish to tell you a little about my plans for today! ) For a long time I wished to cook something tasty! And I wished to try new recipe of cake! And I will have it today! So, therefore, I wish to invite you to try it today! It will be great supper! If you will come I will buy most best wine for our meeting! And besides all you will try my dishes! )
Name of this cake is Sharlot! Other reason why I plan to cook it, because my mother must to come to me tomorrow. She usual visit me once from month to month. And it is time when she should to come. I can to meet you, I think she would be glad to meet you )
So, ok, my friend, I don't have enough time to write you more today and I must to prepare this letter and send it to you. And I am sorry but I don't have anything what I can to share with you today, I mean photos.
See you later my friend
Best regards
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