Scam letter(s) from Natalia Nikitenko to John (USA)

Letter 1
hello John !
i am fine and you?
i am happy,that you write me!thank you for you wonderful letter! and your photo!you very beaurtiful and nice man!
about me:
i am from Russia.and live in Novosibirsk!it is Sebiria!i hope you know this city.
I'm 176 cm tall and my weight is 54KG,my eyes are green and my hair bloond!
i live with my mother and 17 years family poor,but i am hope it is will not spoil to you.
i am dream vizit diffrent beaurtiful country!
i am study at the university in last courses.i am study economics and mathematics.i am play on the proffesional volleyball in university team!
also i like sweaminng,ski and many other!i am merry and kind girl!
i want,that my man supported and helped me!i want,that you understand that i find serious relations and i want big and wonderful love...
i will be wait your latter!
i send to you else my photo and i am hope,that you like it.
if you want you may send me message for my telephone number and ring me!
i like you and i want meet with you in nearest time...
sorry for my mistake!:)
Letter 2
good evening John! thank you for your ansver!you really very beaurtiful man!i like you...
i find there man be couse in Russia very hard find kind and seriuos man i want find big and romantik love!and in future have a wonderful family and fun kids!:) you right-Novosibirsk 3rd largest city in Russia!
i am study 4 years and this years last.
may be you may come to me in the guests?it will be syper and i will be happy!
+79139546646 it is my telephone number.if you want you may call me and
send me message!
i will be wait you ansver!
kiss you...
Letter 3
good morning my dear!
i am happy that you may come to me in Novosibirsk!
i am very wait you!
you will have a fantastik holidays! i promice to you...
you may come 10 November?or may be later?
you may call me when you have free time.when you wake up!
now i go to the university!
kiss you...
your Natali!
Letter 4
good evening dear John!
i am happy,that you call me!but i am sorry for my english and mistakes.
i want to know english good and i am hope you help me learn it!
and if you want i may help you learn russian!
i am happy,that you may come to me in this month!it is really very super!
and i am very wait you...
and wait for you good news about your vizit!
now i go to sleep.
have a good day!
kiss you...
your Natali!!!
Letter 5
good evening my dear John!
thank you for your ansver!:)
now i begin go to sleep.
ofcourse i meet you in the problems.
if you want i may teach you play to the volleyball!i begin play to the volleyball when study at the school and play 8 years!it is my favorite game.
at the university not good,have a problems.
in free time am cooking dinner today.
in 4 Novomber there will be holiday!
and what the planes you have on this weekend?
may i ask you,whom you work?
have a good day!
i go to sleep!
kiss you...
Letter 6
hi my dear John!
how are you?
i was get your message.
thank you.
+17777777777 it is your telephone number?
write me please your number?
i am always think about you...
Letter 7
hi my dear John!
i am get your message,but not may ansver to i know your telephon number and may send to you message!:) i know this holiday-thanks given day,but in Russia this holiday not celebrate.i dont know why.
in Russia 4 November it is the day of unite.and in main square of Lenina will be a salute.i will go on the salute with my mother tell to you regards!:) say me please,you have a news about your arrive to me?
i am veru wait you and always thinking about you!
have a good day!
kiss you my dear!
if you want,send me message on my number!
i send to you photo from my volleyball competishaions 2 years ago!
Letter 8
no,i am not smoke and never was smoked.
and in my family nobody smoked!
when you will arrive to me,you may stay at the is not problem for you?or you want stay to me?
i live near the hotel on 15 minites.
i want,that yiu will come in nearest time!
i am very wait you...
i send to you message on your number,but is not get to you.i dont know why.
please send me message from you telephon number?
i want,that my man love me,help me and care about with me in hurd time.
and you?what the girl you find?
Letter 9
hi my dear!why you not ansver to me?
i was send to you message yestarday,but it is not send to you. :( i am thinking about you and wait from you news...
kiss you...
have a good day!
i am with you!!!
Letter 10
ok my dear,i will be wait you letter.
if i not sleep i will ansver to you.
and please,send me message on my telephone number.becouse my message not send to you. i dont know why.
kiss you my wonderfull man!
and very want be with you...
Letter 11
good morning John!
how are you?
thank you for you message!
my dear,say me me please you want come to me in first part of november or in second?and how many days you want be there?i am wait you there in nearest time!i want be your angel...
no problems,of course i meet you in aeroport and we choose a sim card for your mobile phone!
my dear,i am sure,that we will be love each other and have a good family in future!
may i ask you,you communicate with another girls by email?or only me?
i told only with you,another man not interested me.
and i want be only with you...
have a good day...
kiss you my love...
i am always thinking about you...
i send to you photo with my gierlfriend.
Letter 12
good morning my dear John!
i am really very very happy!
12 November it is very good time and i very wait you!
and how many days you want be there?
my dear,i am really love you and i too write only you!
you my wonderful man!
i am happy and i wait from you good news!!
i thaink,that you sleep now.and i am hope i am on your dreams...
kiss you...
Letter 13
hi my dear John!
i am very happy!it is syper!!!
14 November we will be together!!i am happy!
you will arrive 05:30 it is a Moscow time or Novosibirsk time?
if it is a Moscow time,there will be 08:30 morning.we have 3 hours differences with Moscow!
how many days you want will be there?
when you fly to the Moscow?
my dear,i have for you one request?
i am really very very happy my wonderful man!
kiss you many many...
thinking our meet!!!
send to you photo with my nieces!
Letter 14
hello my dear John!
i write to you this information on icq and write there again.
i know about is depends if you want take apartamens on
day(24 hours) or month.if day it will be cost 900 roubles on 24 hours-it is 40 dollars.if you want on month it cost 550 dollars.i think if you will be take on month and live all month with me!
in this apartamens has one room, a telephone,furniture and refrigerations.
i will be wait your opinion about it!
kiss you...
Letter 15
good evening dear John!
how are you today?
i ansver on you questions:
yes,my tall 176,and for me it is not problem and i hope for you too is not problem!:) i am sure we will be look togetter wonderful!
my education cost 30000 is 1200 dollars.i am hope it is not very much for you.
i finish my study in summer 2008.i will have exams in June,get diploma and may begin find a work! but i will be with you and we may come to you in Canada! of course if you want!
and what the planes you have on this day?you has collected already warm things?today the weather cold and fall snow!
now i go to eat!
have a good day!
say your parents regard for me and my family!
kiss you...
Letter 16
good day my dear John!
i am sure too,that we will be wonderful couple!
my family say to you hello!:)
you will be arrive in Moscow 13 november,if you may you may call me from Moscow!
i am very very wait you...
have a good day!
kiss you...
always thinking about you...
Letter 17
hi my dear John!
today you will fly to me!it is syper!i am really very very happy!
i am sure your flight will be good!
i am very wait you.and tomorrow wait you call!
i am happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kiss you my dear!i am with you...
Letter 18
good morning my love!
if you may you may call me today!in there now evening!i want tolk with you before you flight to me!:) kiss you...
Letter 19
my dear!i am really much happy girl all over the world becouse after one day we will be together!
i am wait you...
kiss you...
Letter 19
hi my dear John!
you at the Moscow now?
how are you?
tomorrow we will be together!
kiss you!
Letter 20
good evening my dear John!
how was the your day in Moscow?
what the weather in Moscow?
in Novosibirsk cold.
my dear,i have not good news.i have problems with mother.she at the hospital. and i not may meet you in aeroport in 5:30 morning.
sorry,please. tomorrow i will say you what the happend with my mother.
i am hope you will may call me tomorrow.
i want,that we will meet with you tomorrow on 10:00 oclork morning near circus.
you must take a taxi and will come to the circus on 10:00.
i will be wait you near the main entry.if you will may,call me.
i will be dressed on white long jacket.
i find to you house on the first 24 hours!
kiss you...
soon we will be together!
Letter 21
no my dear,it is you stuped man!and else you greedy!and it is your problem!you 38 old and have not wife!!ha-ha,women not like you,becouse you greedy man!
and me 20 years and i have a wonderful husbend!and i very love his!
i send to you photo from my wedding!
it was 7 september! and now i very happy!!!
you like my husbend?
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