Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Olegovna Kalinina to Buster (Canada)
Letter 1
Jim how are you, my friend?
Thank you for your answer.
I receive your E-mail address on the service dating.
Probably I cant remember name.
I am 30+ years and i stay in the small Russian city.
My profession is cook and pastry chef.
I like your photo.
See you later.
Letter 2
Jim I am really highly motivated.
Today is not a very busy day so I can tell you more about myself.
I am Natalya, I was born and live in the town of Kineshma.
I live in Russia and hope that a huge distance between us is not a problem for you.
I definitely do not see this as a problem, and I want to know you better, to exchange the photos and to find out more about each other.
Thank you! I like your photo! Yes I like canoe ride.
I work in a small café, I am a cook.
I prefer light food and try not to eat fat and fried dishes.
I am not into alcohol or smoking, I try to follow an active healthy lifestyle.
This may sound very commonplace, but I believe health is the most valuable thing I have.
My colleagues make jokes at me and tell me I am the thinnest cook in the world.
I am looking for serious relations and don't like games and lie.
I don't want to have close relations with someone here in Russia, once I had a very unpleasant experience and I don't want to make the same mistake.
I have never been married and I have no children.
Jim please tell me more about yourself.
And what would you like to know about me?
My priorities are tolerance and honesty, otherwise the relationships can't be successful.
Being open is important to me, is it the same for you?
It's the 21th century and it would be of interest to find out more about you via the emails.
Don't you think so? I will be eagerly waiting for your answer.
Letter 3
Jim I am glad to receive your answer.
I want to continue our contact, it's very exciting to see what is going to happen next.
I like your beautiful photo.
My favorite food is lasagna, I like drinking coffee.
If you've ever been deceived by a woman, does it mean that now 100% of all women are doing the same thing and will trick you again? Do you have a bad stereotype?
I'm not gonna ask for money.
News about the corona virus is not optimistic and scary me.
I am lucky that I live in a small town and there is no panic.
But many public places, restaurants and shops are closed.
Many companies went bankrupt and people lost their jobs.
The Internet company that provided Internet connection here in the library also stopped working and went bankrupt.
I was informed in library that they will choose a different provider of communication services and am waiting for a replacement cable.
I hope that the problem will be solved soon and I can write to you every day.
I am really sad that this is a difficult time all over the world.
I do not want to lose contact with you. But we must be patient.
I'm not sure that Easter will be celebrated here in Russia on April 19th.
Everything is closed because of the coronavirus.
I have no family. My mother died many years ago from cancer, and I don't remember my father. He left us when I was a little girl, and I remember nothing about him. I have no brothers or sisters, my only relatives are uncles and aunts who live far away in the other part of Russia, and I rarely speak with them. I would be glad to find a person to talk to here.
Why don't we do that via the web? I don't think language is going to be a problem.
I can write and speak English very well with no translator.
May be it's not perfect, sorry.
I can make mistakes from time to time, so just don't get discouraged by that.
I work in a café, I am a cook. I have several close friends, I rent a flat with one of them. Nothing's special, I have a usual bio, and I am not a superwoman who can stop the alien invasion.
I live rather modestly, not in luxurious settings.
Moral principles and values are by far more important to me than a new car, a glamorous fur coat or the latest smart phone. I don't like vulgar and rude people.
I would describe myself as both a romantic and skeptic person.
Earlier I dated one guy from my city, but that didn't work.
I had serious relationships several years ago, and it ended in a bad way, he cheated and was unfaithful to me.
So I decided not to have any serious relationships with anyone from Russia.
Our planet is huge, and I am sure there are a lot of more interesting and open people.
Jim I hope you are not tired of my long letter. My relatives told me that my granny was a writer, but I am not sure. I wish you a good day and hope you will write to me soon.
Letter 4
Hello Jim, how are you?
Despite the weather, I still went to the library to check my emails and to write a letter to you.
I am glad to see your photo.
I hope the corona virus will end soon.
I'm tired of talking about it and watching the news.
I want to think about something else more pleasant.
My cafe is still working because I live in a small town and there is no virus.
I am far from the main focus of the disease.
My boss reported that our kitchen receive an order from the government.
Probably need to make food for the hospital.
But I do not know what will happen next.
Maybe the cafe will be closed. I share an apartment with my girlfriend Elena.
Please tell me more about your interests and hobbies. What do you like doing the most?
What do you usually do with your friends and acquaintances?
As for me, I am fond of walking in the park.
I love reading books, science fiction and adventures, listening to jazz and classic music.
I am calm by temper and don't like noisy parties with many drunken people.
I like swimming and playing volleyball with my friends.
Many years ago, when I studied at the University, I had more opportunities to play volleyball and to swim, but now I do it rarely, but I watch it on TV. Unfortunately, here I can't go to a tennis-court , but I am dreaming to take a tennis racket one day. May be you can be my partner in this game?
My favorite player is Maria Sharapova.
I live not far from the river called Volga. I love swimming in this river in summer, I am a good swimmer.
I am sending you a photo of my town and the river Volga.
Jim I will be glad to see the photos of your living place.
I have never been to your country. And I am really interested to find out more about your routine life and about your surroundings.
I bet it is surely more comfortable and more beautiful than in my Russian town.
I think this is a good start. We have some understanding about each other.
I wish you a good day and will be eagerly waiting for your next letter!
Letter 5
Hello Jim!
As usual I went to the library and am really happy to receive your letter.
How are you? Fine? Do you know any proverbs or jokes in your country?
I like your photo, thanks.
I believe that a vaccine against the corona virus will be invented soon and this nightmare will end.
I am interested in your culture and want to know more.
We can be compared with 2 mountain climbers in the mountains, we will move to each other through high passovers and glaciers.
I think we will meet one day. I want to come to you and see the way you live.
Will you be glad if I come to you in the future and we'll meet?
I am constantly thinking about us, our communication, letters and getting to know each other.
I love writing letters to you and describing my life.
I want to see your country and to see it with my own eyes.
I am happy that we have found each other and hope that we will continue our contact.
I am getting used to your letters.
I love working as a cook, I want to cook traditional Russian dishes for you.
I like talking to you, and I hope to meet you in the future.
My life becomes better since I met you, even my friend noticed that.
Jim has anything changed in your life when you start communicating with me?
You can ask me whatever you like.
Please don't be shy. I try to answer all your questions.
I took several English dictionaries form the library not to make any mistakes.
Jim I hope that you have a good day and you will write to me soon, I will be waiting for your letter!
Letter 6
Jim I am glad that you wrote to me and made my day.
I am very positive today, I smile and enjoy life when I am writing this letter to you.
I like your photo and song.
I feel we are getting closer and even more than just friends, I like that!
I come to the library and check my emails
I am always glad to get a reply from you.
I am a bit embarrassed that I couldn't write to you that often, but hope you understand and are not angry with me.
In any case, our contact is very positive and pleasant.
I am feeling very well recently and I hope the same is about you.
I know that when we meet, we will still need more time to find out more about each other.
That is why I mentioned in my previous letters that I want to see you face to face.
I am patient and am ready to follow this track on the way to you.
I am blowing a kiss to you and will be patiently waiting for your reply.
Jim please write to me!
Letter 7
Hello my dear Jim!
Have you ever had an idea that somewhere in this world, there is a woman who would be happy to know more about you?
Yes! It's me! This is one more positive secret.
I like your photo!
Today I woke up because the sunlight woke me up through the curtains, here in Russia we call it plashes of sunlight.
And what about your country? When I woke up I recalled one old legend.
Once all people were stars and lived in the sky, they met and loved each other.
But sometimes it happened so that one star burnt out and died because of heartbreak.
This is a very old legend, I don't recall a name for it.
This is a good and morality tale.
I want to say that I don't want my heart to be broken again.
I don't want to burn out like a star, I want you to charge me with your positive energy.
I am thinking about you and our life.
Jim what about you? Today I want to tell you some important words.
I am really glad that I have found you, my life has become better.
It is important for me to hear your opinion, what you think about me.
Jim please don't be shy and share your thoughts with me.
I will be glad to see that you are honest and open!
I feel the connection between us, you bring bright light in my life as a morning sun which woke me up today.
I love your letter and am glad that I met you.
I am sending a photo of my cat, she lives with me in the flat.
I found a stray cat many years ago.
She was very ill and helpless, we found her together with my girlfriend and took her to our place. We treated the cat and took care about her, her name is Anita.
I don't know her age, she is about 7-8.
I really believe that the world became better when I decided to take care about this cat.
I hope you like my letter and will reply to me soon.
Jim i wish you a good day and am blowing a kiss to you!
See you soon!
Letter 8
Hello my Jim!
I feel that your letters bring more joy to my life, I feel the connection between us and believe that you understand what I am talking about.
I am glad that you have written a letter to me!
Jim what are you doing today? How was your day?
Thanks! I love your pics!
I have a cell phone with no internet access and local calls only, it is designed for Russia with no international calls.
It's an old phone, not a smartphone.
Do you also feel the connection between us?
I really have warm feelings towards you, I read your letters and believe that you are a good man.
I want to say that I really would like to meet you, you are an interesting guy and I think that it will work. We should develop our relationships.
I hope that you don't consider me to be impatient.
I just wanted to say that you are important to me and I am glad to have a contact with you.
I am in no hurry, I am just honest and open and I tell you what I am feeling.
I promise that I will always be open and honest with you and tell you about my feelings.
I baked a very delicious cake, I'll send you a photo.
Jim please tell me, do you like it?
I named it “Jim”. I hope you are not against it.
This cake is really delicious, I can cook it for you if you like.
This is cheese, spices and vegetables.
It looks like pizza but it's not pizza.
My girlfriend makes a bet with me because she thinks it's pizza.
I am really looking for serious relationships and I have positive intentions.
I love cooking different dishes, I want you to try my food and say your opinion whether it is delicious or not.
I am thinking a lot about us recently, I am thinking before going to bed, and even when I wake up, you are the first thing that comes to my mind, and I think that I should go to the library to check my emails.
I love reading your letters, I want you to tell me what you feel and what you think about us.
Please don't be shy, tell me what you want, honesty and frankness are important to me, I will be glad to hear your opinion.
Jim I hope that you really like reading my letters and the things which are going on between us.
I am blowing my kisses to you and warm hugs and eagerly waiting for you letter!
Letter 9
Jim My Love I am really glad to receive the letter from you today, I miss you so much. I want to develop our relationships and to move forward.
I want to say that I have a soft spot for you!
I am closer to you and feel the connection between us, I am reading your letters, I find out more and more about you and feel that I want to continue our relationships in the right direction.
I am really very happy to receive a photo from you.
This weekend in Russia the holiday and everything is closed.
I will write you the next letter on Monday.
I studied English at the University. I can speak well, I don't use a translation app.
I think you are the one I was looking for, I hope you agree with me and you are glad that I am honest and frank with you.
Jim what would you like us to do together?
Have you already thought about that?
I am already imagining the days when we meet, when we are together.
For example, we enjoy each other somewhere in a secret place or we can walk in the park and admire the beautiful nature.
I really want this. I want us to be together, you are holding my hand and telling me about everything.
Jim I have a dream - I want to hold your hand and to walk in the park, I want to hear your words, to look at you and to be happy.
Do you like my dream? I really hope that very soon we can meet and the dream will come true.
Do you know how to massage?
I would like to be massaged by you and to do the same to you.
I think that it would be great to feel your strong hands massaging me, and I want this so much! Here in Russia we have a saying that if you cook with positive thoughts, then your dish will be more delicious than usual.
I want to say I care about you and I am thinking about you.
I impatiently wait for the moment when I can write a letter to you, you become a part of my life and I am really glad about it.
I want to see you near me, want me to be a part of your life and want us to be together.
I hope you like my positive thoughts.
I want to blow you my kisses with this letter.
Jim I wish you a good day and good mood.
Letter 10
Hello My love Jim!
Today I have a lot to do, but still I find the time to write a letter to you.
I am waiting for your letters every day, and this makes me happy.
The sun shines brighter, I look in the mirror and see the smile on my lips and happiness in my eyes.
I have been thinking a lot about the things between us and about our future, I don't want to wait any longer, now I am sure that you are the one whom I need and who can make me happy.
I like your photo.
I want to wear red high heel shoes and black stockings when I come to you.
I want make role-play with you! You will be my boss and I am your secretary.
I like sexual passion and tenderness, I don't like rudeness.
I do not have sex 2.5 years, I do not want a man here in Russia.
I masturbate sometimes so as not to go crazy.
I want to plan a meeting with you, I want to come to you and really hope that our meetings will change my life for the better.
Jim I have imagined our first meeting many times.
This will be wonderful, we'll meet and can see each other, hold each other by the hands and see into each other's eyes.
The most important thing is that we can feel each other.
I am in a good mood when I am thinking about our future meeting, I close my eyes and smile when I image how you come to me and say the first words.
What would your first words be?
Perhaps “Hello” or “Hello, My love”?
Anyway, I will be glad to see you, I am eagerly waiting for this!
I hope you like my positive thoughts and plans.
Now I am sure that I want to come to you and to make you happy.
When two people come together along this life road, they must be happy, do you agree with me?
You are the one whom I need and I am sure that I will be happy when I come to you.
I think that when we meet, your first words will be the welcoming words, I will be a bit nervous, but I really want this.
I am sure that when two people want the same thing, then their wish will definitely come true.
I want our meeting come true! I am blowing huge sweet kisses and my warm hugs, I am eagerly waiting for your letter.
Jim I wish you a nice day and all the best!
I send you photo, I hope you will not be shocked.
Here in Russia is a tradition to swim in cold water in January.
I do this every year and never get sick. My personal best record is 3 minutes.
And I feel good after this swim!
I love you!
Letter 11
Jim My Love I am glad to receive your letter,
I am missing you and waiting for the time to write to you.
How was your day? What are you doing?
I thank you for your beautiful photo.
I sleep in my pajamas and do not write letters to other men.
I have been thinking a lot recently about the things between us.
I am full of warm feelings and emotions, I am happy that I get to know you and I really want to come to you.
I want to see you near me, to hold your hand and to speak with you, I am thinking about you all the time and I am missing you!
I want to feel that you are near me.
I want to make you happy, I want us to meet and to be happy together, I intend to develop our relationships. Do you remember a proverb about two mountain climbers?
I want to say that we are already close to each other and now we must move one more step to meet.
Jim I think out relationships are more than just friendship and I am really glad about it.
And you? We should have no secrets, please write to you what you think about this, I will be glad to hear any comments from you.
If it's not difficult for you, please write to me about your feelings to me.
I really respect your feelings and thoughts, I want to be closer to you, to be with you, to be happy. It is very important to know that we have no secrets, because honesty and frankness are the grounds for solid and happy relations.
You probably already noticed that I write a lot about sincerity.
I just want so you understand my character.
Once my heart was broken and I do not want to do it again.
I'm starting to get used to you and don't want to break our connection.
I am blowing you my kisses, light as feather, sweet as a peach, soft as silk.
You can see a country house in the photo.
Nobody lives there, but sometimes we come there with my girlfriend in the summer.
This house is very old and belongs to my girlfriend.
Jim I love you and will be waiting for your next letter!
Letter 12
Hello My Love Jim! How are you?
I hope that you had a good day and are glad to see my letter.
Thanks for the nice pics.
I missed you and waited for the time to write to you!
I have been thinking about our relationships and I need to tell you about this.
Every person can meet someone special who will very attractive like a magnet even not suspecting so.
And this person may not even guess how he is precious for someone and can't even think that someone is going to bed with him on his mind and wakes up with the wish to see him again.
This person may not notice that she considers the smile of this person as the sun.
I like that you write to me.
Jim I am thinking about you more and more day after day.
I really don't understand when it all started, but you are stuck in my head, I get interested in you as a good person and as a man who can make me happy.
I feel like I am a little girl who was been lifted above the crowd to see the world.
I want to feel the warmth of the winter sun, to hear the waking up of the nature in the early spring, to see the bright beauty of the summer and to breathe the nature aromas of the autumn.
I am like a little bird which did its first flight.
I am like an escapee who was freed and who didn't know where to go.
I am happy that it is you who is holding my hand and helping to make my first flight, protecting me with the warmth and care.
I am happy that you came to my life and I honestly hope that you will take me as I am, will understand and respect my feelings.
You know my feelings to you, I am ready and open, I want to be with you. If you are smiling while reading my letters, and your heart is beating, then this is very pleasant for me.
Jim I love you and blowing you my sweet kisses.
I will live and will be thinking about you, I will be waiting for your next letter.
Letter 13
Jim my eyes are shining with joy, and I am smiling because I am reading your letter.
I do not like perfume. Nice photo, thanks.
I have really serious intentions to come to you.
I want to meet you, I understand everything about us and understand my feelings.
I am sure to say that I want to meet you and to be with you.
I want to fall asleep in your arms and to wake up from your warmth breath.
I want to pull up my legs and to observe you telling me sweet words.
I want to watch a film with my chin on your breast.
I want to inhale your fresh and warmth smell by bearing my nose in your neck.
I want to take your hand when walking on the street.
I want to fall asleep with my head on your knees and to feel your fingertips on my back.
I want to go along the street by holding the hands, sometimes you can press my fingers to make them warm.
I want to be like a cat and dig the claws into your palms and not to scratch you.
And to examine your smile while you are sleeping.
I want to come to you and to hug you, to feel how you kiss my hair.
I want to stand by you and to feel how you squeeze up against me because you are tired.
We can overcome all difficulties together easier.
I want to press my cheek against your cheek.
I want to feed you with an orange. I want to hear your breath in my ear.
To blow at you so you turn to me and kiss me.
To lie under your hand not being able to breathe but not dare to move not to wake you up.
To wake up from your tender and warm kiss.
To recall you and to feel the cold of your fingertips.
To die from tenderness and to fall into your hugs.
Jim My Love I hope you like my dreams and wishes, I want to make them a reality!
I want to know what I should do to come to you, I want to start preparing for my long trip.
I am planning to look for all information.
Just thinking that we will be together makes me the happiest woman on this planet.
I miss you, I am blowing my tender kisses and warm hugs.
I'll write to you very soon about everything I'll manage to find out so that I can come to you.
We will be happy very soon!
Letter 14
I`m fake
Letter 15
Please don't write to me anymore that you don't trust me.
If you do this again, we will have to interrupt our contact.
I'm not a whore or internet mafia, I don't need your money.
Letter 16
How can we meet if you don't trust me and my little salary doesn't allow me to come to you?
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