Scam letter(s) from Irina Shemyakina to Steven (UK)

Letter 1
Hi my cosmic man Steve, I am glad to hear from you, although I certainly looked forward to your reply. But I understand that you are a serious man and you can be busy. It is only important to take a few deep breaths and exhalations for me, then wait. Thank you for sharing what you consider to be your shortcomings. I appreciate it. As for intimate gymnastics, this is a system of exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles and ligaments of the pelvic floor, the whole body. To improve blood supply and working internal organs of the small pelvis. Gymnastics of intimate muscles is recognized as official medicine. Unfortunately, ****** problems due to a sedentary lifestyle in the modern world are very acute, so I try to take care of this aspect of my life. Why a cosmic man? It seems to me that these men do not exist. You are a mirage, and I was still asleep, but my dream special length. Hey, somebody, me need to pinch !!! In another, I can not describe in words our closeness with you. Yes, distance, yes, the letter, yes, spiritual closeness. Perhaps many years later, we learned to appreciate exactly the qualities that really need to appreciate. In 20 years, I have looked at the appearance of men, and now for me it is not playing a major role. I admit, you're charming and handsome man. But if I only looked at it, then maybe I would have suffered the fate of my first marriage. Let not the same degree, but nevertheless. The problem with many men and women in only one - not the ability to choose the right partner. Many amenable just the first feelings. Perhaps ****** desire or some other superficial feelings. Many people think that this is the right choice, and in fact the person you are not fully complies. If you walk up the street to different people and ask them the question: «Is it possible to find the right person for the family through letters?». I think that 95 said that it is impossible. But this is wrong. It is in the letters, we can turn off the superficial sense and look through the soul.Through letters even possible to judge the beauty of a person, in addition to the photos. Lifestyle, way of thinking, all this puts an imprint on person. This kind of impression, which reveals a person fully. This is the advantage of our communication.
Today I again lyrical mood, and then you get a dose of similar thoughts. I'm throwing in the heat and cold. Sometimes I am brave and determined woman, and at times I lyrical and air. This is probably my secret of female attraction. Male hunter in life and it is impossible to deny, and the woman is more monogamous. To maintain interest, we women must use all the weapons of transformation. So I have to capture your heart and hang in there a great combination lock that I'll know just me :-))) While you were silent, I managed to visit a travel agency that was recommended by my boss and got the detailed information of my trip to England and find out the cost of potential spending if we decide to meet. Today I was in travel agency . It was very interesting and informative to know. I would love to tell you all the information for you. I hope that this will help us make the right decision and have the long-awaited meeting. Okay, let's start. I've never been outside of Russia, so I need to get an international passport. The cost of this 100 pounds. For my first entry to England I need to use a tourist visa. If different variations in time and price. 80 pounds - visa up to 6 months of stay in the UK.
278 pounds - visa up to 2 years stay in UK.
511 pounds - visa up to 5 years stay in UK.
737 pound - visa to 10 years of stay in the UK. Travel agent said if our plans for a serious future, according to the agent, it is better to take at least 2 years. The other options are at our discretion. This will depend on your financial possibilities and desires. Every year is tougher getting a visa, so better to take care of the future. There are official data that the visa is issued from 15 to 60 days. According to the agent on average, it takes no more than 3-4 weeks. In this case, there is a good formal option. For 100 pounds visa application is considered within 3 working days. But this is not necessary in our case. Since I never got visa to UK, I'll have to go to the British Embassy in Moscow to submit biometric data (a fingerprint), which will be stored in the Embassy to 10 years. For that I need to fly to Moscow from Ulyanovsk and back. The cost of flight in both directions 145 pounds. Also need 1 day in the hotel, including meals. It is approximately 80 pounds. A travel agent will fully comply with all the bureaucratic details and will prepare all documents. The cost of the Commission for their full support of 70 pounds. What we have in the end? Passport - 100 pounds.
Visa - 80, 278, 511, 737 pounds (your choice).
Making a visa in 3 working days - 100 pounds (I think not necessarily).
Biometrics at the British Embassy in Moscow (tickets, hotel with meals) - 225 pounds.
Commission for travel agency - 70 pounds. It all costs to obtain the visa. We need to choose the appropriate option. Happy to hear your opinion. Next we need to decide. For me, of course, this is not an uplifting amount of money at the moment, so I can count only on you. The cost of tickets and other expenses will depend on dates of arrival and time of stay in England. But in any case, we should start with registration of the visa. At this point I will finish my letter. Frankly, I was extremely pleased to write you a letter. Where did all this taken in my head? I did not notice following me, so that I can speak and write. I guess I'm somewhat ill! :))) I'm looking forward to meeting you. Your Irina
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