Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Danny (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend Daniel!
I'm so happy to Start communicating with you. I think you are a very romantic, careful & sensitive person as I am. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm 28 years old. I live in St.petersburg I have graduated St.Petersburg State University & have a diploma of psychologist. But this is not a very popular profession in Russia.
This way I work as a manager in supermarket. This is a hard work. I have a uncle he lives in India coz he works in a company which has a business in India. He promised me to help to travel to your country. I think this is a great idea. That is why I started to search friends in your country. I have many friends here but I have no my soul mate. I hope to find not only friend... I really want to find a man who will love & take care of me. This is my dream & I'll be the happiest woman in the world if I'll find my soulmate. I'd be happy if you will be...
This is very cold in Russia coz we have winter. The middle temperature is about -15C. That is why I want to travel as soon as possible. I'm going to stay there about 3 months. Let me also tell you about my hobbies. I like disco, I like dancing with my friends. I like different kinds of music. All depends on my mood. I also like to visit theatres & cinema. Last film I have seen was King Kong. This is a very interesting film. Have you seen it? I like different styles of clothers from classical to sportive. I like to cook. My favorite food is Italian. Honey, If you have more questions please ask me. I'll try to answer all of them. I'm finishing my letter & will be waiting for your reply.
Letter 2

Hi Daniel.
I was happy to get your letters. Thank you.
I really happy to start communicating with you. As I told you earlier I'm very interesting in finding new friends in your country. I think this way It will be more comfortable for me to travel. I hope you can be a good guide for me. Is it possible for you to take some free time and do sightsing with me? I think this can help us to know each other better and if we suits each other we can be soulmates. I hope. Do you agree that people can know each other better when they see each other face to face instead of writing letters in the internet. I really like you and want to know you better. You know my soul is empty and this is very important for me to find a man who will understand, care and love me. I think this is the most important thing for everyone. Do you agree? My heart is full of love so I want to find the object. I do not know what place to arrive in. If you can spend some time with me and meet me in the airport I can arrive to your city. If you agree please tell me the nearest international airport to you. As I told you my uncle helps me to pay for my travel. I think this is a great idea.
I think next week I'll go to the travel agency and start making all documents I need for my travel. I guess I need international passport,
visa, medical documents, etc. This way I hope start my travel in the The the end of March. Tell me what do you think about this. I'm waiting for your reply.
Have a nice day! Nastia
Letter 3

Hi honey Daniel.
I'm fine! Thank you for your letter! I'm happy to get it. You know after our short correspondence I understand that you are the right person. I'm happy that I know you. I have moral satisfaction reading your letters. Dear I have no friends in States, you which unique person I know in States, I hope that you can meet me and we with you shall carry out a lot of time together. I saw your picture, very much it was pleasant to me. You have asked what at thinking religion, me religion the peasant, and at you? I not so high woman, my growth of 170 centimeters. My weight 53 kg. My day a birth on April, 20. Tell to me what growth at you? I had the man in Russia, but I have left him because he of saws a lot of alcohol. I was very much disappointed after that case in the Russian men. I'll be happy to meet your in real life. I respect you and trust you coz I have understood that you are a very serious person and do not play games. I'm sure that we'll be good friends and may be soul mates. Thank you for understanding. As I promised you I'll go to the travel agency soon and try to get all information about my travel. I'll tell you about this as soon as I get it. Yesterday My uncle phoned me. I told him about you. He is happy that I have found real friend and I'll not be alone during my travel.
I told him that the process is going well and I'll go to the travel agency soon. He quite agree with me that I should go to your town at first. This way he will not be worry that I'll be alone. I think we'll have no dull time together. I hope top have much fun. Tell me what you like to do to have fun. Please tell me a little bit about sights in your city. Do you have Disney Land? I'd love to visit it. I'm sending you one more my picture and wait for your reply!
P.S. Dear Daniel big for that that you have thought up thanks you,
these are very good dreams. I am sure that we soon shall together and we shall have fine time together. I shall register the visa of the tourist, this visa will operate 3 months.
Hugs & kisses. Nastia
Letter 4

Hello my dear Daniel!
I am very glad to receive your new letter. I now understand that I require your letters, you became me very the close person. I am going to go soon to travel agency and to do all necessary documents. I shall be very glad to arrive to your country and to spend with you a lot of time. I very much want that you have shown me beautiful places of your city and sight. I am so happy that I have the good friend in States.
Dear Daniel I think that when I arrive to your city I shall require in booking the hotel. I shall be very grateful to you if you learn cost of hotel. Still I think that I shall require the car if you can that please learn will cost how many cost of renting car. Daniel I hope that you can learn about it. I with impatience awake to wait for your information. I should finish letter. I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you.
P.S. Thanks you big for that that you informed me the airport of your city, now I know the airport of your city.
Letter 5

Hi darling Daniel! Thank you for your letter. I'm happy to get each your letter. Now I know that I have found the real friend & the right person so I'll be happy to meet you soon. I still didn't know what cities I'll visit but I’m sure that your city will be the first. As I told you I was looking for good friends & I should tell you that 3 more men is trying to write me letters. But I have understood that you are my best choice. I told them that I have found the man who I'll meet first of all. I don't know if I'll want to meet with them. I'm sure that I'll be happy to meet you first of all & we'll have much fun. I think we'll not regret.
I also don't know if I'll want to visit other cities after meeting with you. May be I'll stay with you all my travel because I'm starting feeling something interesting. It seems like I'm falling in love. ..
This is very strange for me coz I'm a little bit afraid I don't want to be hurt… well the time will show what kind of relationships we will have. Do you agree? I think the main for us is to meet. I don't want to hurry up in relationships. I'm sorry if this letter will be a little bit unexpected & strange for you but I'm a very open minded person. I hope you understand. But now I'm sure that I really will love to meet you. I'm working about getting all necessary documents for my travel. I was told I'll have interview to get visa soon. I'm a little bit worry about this.
I'm waiting for your reply. Nastia
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