Scam letter(s) from Eva Bobrova to Tom (Switzerland)

Letter 1
Hi my Tom,
I want make you the happiest in the world! It's my wish! I always think of you.
I wish to be with you, and have a wonderful walk in the park, perhaps I wish to go to the cinema with you in order to view a romantic film!
I wish to have dinner with you in the candlelight! This is all really wonderful!
W hat do you think about it? Because you will be with me! With you I will feel light!
We will definitely be happy together!
It will be really excellent, spend our free time together!
We can do a lot together! We will wake up in the same bed and fall asleep together.
I am waiting for this day when it will be.
Do you agree with me? I think this is really wonderful! We will make the whole decision together!
We will be the happiest couple in the world! We will be the strongest couple! Our love will live forever!
I am very glad to receive your letter now. Tom, I look forward to meeting you with great impatience.
Are you waiting for our meeting?
I found out all the information for visiting your country, there is no need for a visa, just tickets and a passport. And it is necessary when you visit your country to undergo a medical examination, passing tests and checking a psychologist.
They say that this is a new requirement for citizens of Ukraine and many countries to visit your country to have a law, as they explained to me, this is connected with terrorist attacks in Europe.
Today I paid for a medical examination, I have 150 dollars left, for expenses in Kiev this is a fee and an additional fee for filling out questionnaires in Kiev so that I will be allowed to travel to your country, I must have health insurance, very strictly to health insurance everyone should visit your country.
I need to go to Kiev and also confirm my identity for traveling your country.
I also passed the test for Covid 19, the result is negative, I prepared all the documents for arrival in your country.
I looked at the sale of tickets already started at the beginning of June.
There will be no problems arriving at you in June or the date you set.
Do you have a specific date for the meeting?
I thought I had enough money to arrive without your help, sorry I didn’t want to ask you for money, I asked my mom and sister for help, I also tried to borrow money from my work colleagues and friends.
No one has borrowed money for me.
Tom, I looked at ticket prices 300 dollars. I will need 300 dollars.
Can you help with 300 dollars?
I already saw how it is possible to transfer money: You can transfer to me through Western union or RIA bank.
Here is the information for transferring money through Western union or RIA:
First name: Eva
Last name: Bobrova
Country Ukraine, KIEV 01000.
If you can’t help with the money for the tickets, then I am very sorry since our meeting will not be.
I hope you can help with the ticket money for our meeting.
The feeling of loneliness disappeared from my life, and I am pleased to know that there is a person who thinks about me.
Our meeting with you is a big step in our relationship with you. I listen to my heart, and my heart says that together we will be happy. Please tell me your thoughts.
I'll be waiting for your letter. If you are ready to help with money for tickets, then tomorrow I will go to Kiev.
I will wait for your letter. I send you my hot and passionate kisses. Only yours, Eva
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