Scam Letter(s) from Elena Yelyanova to Martin (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello, Martin!!!
I am glad that you have written me such remarkable letter. Than you now are engaged? You know, I today to visit the Computer exhibition and to see a lot of interesting. To all visitors have shown one experience. They have taken the computer and have placed it in a glass box. Then in it all over again to begin to raise temperature and then to lower. They have told that this computer may work in the severe constraints. You know that there are such computers? I, about today to not know about it and for me it was news. Still to us to show the newest computers, at them the monitor is built - in the system block. It looks funny.
I still to go to a department of computer novelties and to see the prices or computers. There is this rather expensive pleasure. As though I to want to have the wn computer, but I need to dream of it only. Modern good computers cost very dearly and to me to have to dream of such computer only. It is not a pity to me that I can have the computer as at me small wages and I itself was not capable to buy to myself the computer. Probably each person dreams to have the computer of a house. I think that through some ten years each family will have houses the computer as well as now many have houses the TV set. You love poetry? I very much love her and when I have a free time I try to read various authors.It cheers up me. I recently to read one poem and it very much was pleasant to me.I to want to share with you. It:
Both mind, and heart, and memory ruining,
I not without reason so hot kiss you:
I kiss you and for before whom
I concealed my passions - was shy also it,
And for that me to burn without fire,
Also laughed, and long tormented me,
And for what love would be embroidered,
Yes, killed, sleeps under a sepulchral cross.
Everything, that in heart mine lighted up for them, Burning down, let dies away in embraces of yours.
It was writting in 1964 year.
How it to like you? I am not absolutely sure for translation, but I hope that it not too has suffered. I to want to inform you pleasant news. I today to speak with mum and she to tell, that if I to want to be with you and to fly to you, she not against it. She to tell, that I not so small and can solve the destiny itself and that that she to hear from me about you she to decide that you the good person and she does not think that you are going to subject me to troubles. Now I should know, whether I can expect for your help. I can not in be far from you any more. I to want to arrive to you and to be near to you in your embrace. But I itself was not capable to pay cost of trip to you as at me small wages. Money will be necessary for trip to you for me, but I to not have such money. Therefore I should know,that I can lean against you. I can learn for some days that to me to be necessary to do and we together we shall decide to be farther as us. My cousine works in one of the Moscow travel companies and shall try to learn from it, that it is necessary for me to do both what documents and information are necessary for making out that I could arrive to you. You to want to see me and to meet me very soon? I hope for your fast reply my love. Loving you Maria.





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