Scam letter(s) from Irina to Buster (Canada)

Letter 1
Good day.
How are you today? I hope all is well.
I am creating my e-mail and I wish that you arenormal human. It is not myprimaryattemptto find someone in Internet. My previous contactsfared to be married men.
Creating a seriousrelationis my prioritygoal. I decide for this even after all the collapses. I will talk a bit about my life.
My name is Irina. I'm from UA-ukraine, after all I have been thinking more and more about shifting my place.
I'm already thirty five, I understand that it is too much, the time ispassing. Therefore, I don't have the capacity to fiddlefoolish games.
I'm educated and smart, kindperson, as well as a goodhousewife. I work in dentistry. I have no financial troubles.
It is thesummary of my life. If our goalsmatch, you canreply me. Tell about youself!
If we are interested in each other, I assume we haveanability. For now the option is yours.
Please write to me on this mail
I will be looking forward for your e-mail. Irinochka
Letter 2
hi, Jay, I received an letter from you. I claim you are watching for a reply from me.
So I hastened to reply so you recognize, I explored your letter. Actually, nowadays, the vast majority of people pay so little attention to such trivialthing as ordinary etiquette.
You spent exertion to write me an letter, take the first step, it is really important, I'm pleased.
Therefore, as I explored your mail, I would like to at once answer you. Today evening, I'll ponder what to correspond to you in my next letter.
Of course, I'm going to attempt to gratify you. I'll send some more of my pictures. I'll attempt to narrate a bit about myself.
I ask you not to be haywire if my letter does not fit your thoughts, since as in school I'll correspond a sample. I expect that you will not be crude, a married man.
I don't assert that you will like me. I'm only confident that it will be interesting for both of us.
I'll have a demand to you, as soon as you explored this letter, let me be aware of this. I instantly confirmed this, as soon as I saw an letter from you.
Now it's your turn to show regard.. I'm assured that the maximum next day night you can investigated my next letter and receive my pictures.
Therefore, occasionally review your letter, as well as the file with advertising and spam letters! A tiny letter will not hold much. I pledge I'll correspond you soon.
I constantly keep my word and do not provide blank troth! Ira
Letter 3
Hello, Jay, What is your mood today? I expect everything is pretty good. I corresponded you next mail. As assured.
Yesterday, after I explored your mail and repliedit, I pondered for long what to tell you about myself.
In the evening, since I ended work, my friend and I went to a cafe to have a conversation and have a cappuchino. We usually do this after a working shift. I told her that I got the mail from you.
She felt upset, Olga took back me that recent time, I had some perverts written to the mail, who just would like to havecheer corresponded to me in the mail,.
I immediately replied that it is required to give a human a possibility, not entirepeople are the same. Primarily, I don 't owe anything and I don't prayfor anything.
Which indicates I afford to terminate the dialog anytime. I just receive access to my messagebox at cabinet. I don't have a computer at home. I am sorryhuman who depends on gadgets.
I started to get Olga, give me an advice how best to speak about myself, what to tell? My friendbriefly responded me I have tocorrespond the facts. This is the simply way to form a ordinary talk.
She then said that she will serve me make a great picture. So the complete verity is about me. I am already 35 years old, my natal day is 20.08.1984. I was born in Ukraine, in the city Dnepropetrovsk.
It is amanufactured city in focal Ukraine. Here I was born, spent my childhood and certified from medicalacademy. Yeah, I work in local dentistry, I'm a dental surgeon, I make dentalprothesis.
I received global scholarships some bouts, and I learned in Europe, the USA, every possible moment, I chose the country myself, it is allowed by the conditions of the competition. I was everytime interestedin doing science and receiving modern knowledge. As you area ware, I have a interesting life. By Mischance, this has alwaysclashed with my personal life.
Every commonhu man needs a real woman. I understood this recently. It was gravely for me to occur modern person. I don't indict no oneexcept myself. Eventually, science is not a woman's business.
I accept that I need to change my life. It kept to an acquaintanceship in internet. Writingmails is actuallyso romantic. There is an ability to convey your thoughts.
Possibly for today will be fairly. I shortly spoke about myself as a woman. If you explored regardfully, you can probably realize my character.
I'm sorry if there is nothing specific about this mail. I will write about myself in moments gradually. I will expect for your respond.
P.S. I demand you to attempt to respond my mails every day. I accept that this is not simple. You can comment on something about me. At least tell me how your day went. Ira
Letter 4
Hello my dear Jay, Thank you, I really liked your photo. Now I want to meet you even more.
How past your day Jay? I hope everything is good with you? I am very happy to get from you answer. It shows your interest.
May be my last letters is not suits your questions, I just wanted to describe myself to you. I hope you will understand that it is not easy to open yourself to someone new.
Jay today I want to add some details about myself, and my character, so you can understand am I interesting for you or not.
I will try to tell you my attitude about modern world and technology. Let's devote this day for me and you to describe each other's opinion what we like in the world, in the opposite ***.
In this way we can understand what to wait from each other. I hope you don't mind Jay.
I don't know if it will be interesting for you that my height is 170 centimeters, my weight is 58 kg. I love animals but I hesitate to have them at home.
Because all my day I spend at work, and pets needs a lot of time and care about them. I like to read books, mostly classical and scientific literature, in films I love romantic comedies.
My favorite color is green, and of course like every women I like flowers, my beloved flowers are lily.
I don't know my father, he left us when I was small, so said my mom. I don't know why I didn't ask her.
May be he just show his sickness, or he just find another woman who he loves now and with whom he is happy. My mother had been died from cancer several years ago.
It was very hard period of my life. That is why I totally devote myself to my job and to my study and my development.
As you can understand Jay, there is nothing what will hold me in Ukraine.
For a long time I am dreaming to live and work in different country. But I didn't meet a decent man for whom, I could turn my life around, that is why I still live in Ukraine.
Firstly I have negative attitude to all social networks and mobile applications. I think that humanity is degrading from this.
It is so ****** and ****** to write short messages, and get quick answers. Just to ask how are you?? Or what are you doing?? It looks so corny.
There is no sign of interest or attention to the women in it. Another thing when you are getting a real big interesting letter.
Here we can see that your opponent spent his time and showed respect to you. While reading the letter you can admit the intellect of your interlocutor.
You will have all day to articulate your thoughts and wishes. You will have time what to answer. That is why I read all my correspondence at work.
That is why I don't use smart phone not to be like these primitive people. This is my principle position. I will not change it! And I ask you Jay to respect my decision.
And I will not come back to this question again under no pretext. I tell it one time. Next I will just ignore all inquiries. Of course like every women I want to have family and kids.
I understand that relationship is always big work for both! It is constant search for compromises. So what means for me family and relationship???
I am sure that family is happy and strong when there is balance in it. Man is a head of the family, he is support and confidence for others.
When woman is sure in his man, she will always keep the family to the end. She will be faithful and caring, and will do her best, so all members of her family be satisfied.
I don't understand modern society. Men totally stopped achieve women. Where are courtships? Where are feats? Where are some presents and tokens???
Everyone is going to some equality, this is dead end, it will **** all humanity. When I worked in Europe, I saw such a terrible picture, that in café, everyone pays for himself!!!
Men for the most part become weaker than women. Most of them leave woman along with her problems. Don't try even do something!!! Tells decide your problems yourself!
Now is not about the money, but about banal respect and the manifestation of a masculine character. Every woman appreciate, when a man tries to do something, tries all variants!!!
As soon as man just says I can't do it, I will not do it, decide it yourself – THIS IS THE END. From here start all problems. From this happens all treason. This is natural selection.
It's like in wild nature, as soon as male shows his weakness and indifference, directly he loose respect.
The same here, as soon as the woman forgets, that she is wife, mother, mistress and homemaker, directly lose interest in her. And immediately start looking a new one for himself.
I hope Jay you will agree with me! Or you have another point of view about it? I wonder to know about it. I will appreciate if you will write to me every day. I will try to do the same.
I think always we can write to each other how passed our day! Or tell your opinion about some question or situation! It's not so hard to spend 20-30 min per day.
Take your mind off everything and write a letter! Today I made a big letter, I ask to find power in yourself, and read the letter to the end!)))
And also to tell me your opinion about modern world! What means for you relationship??? Also what repel you in woman??? In a word write me how you see a normal family and normal relationships!
I will wait on your answer. Your new friend from Ukraine, Ira
Letter 5
Hello my dear Jay,
How is your mood today??? I hope I didn't offend you with my letter yesterday. There is nothing personal, just my attitude and my point of view to life.
After reading your answer I again made sure in truth of old proverb, many people, many minds. Before people were smarter and kinder, that is why they live longer and with great pleasure.
But I think if I want to change my life in future, I need to be change myself. I respect you, your opinion and your thoughts Jay. Today in the morning I went to gym before the work.
I try to attend it every day, I do cardio all the time, it helps to put my body and thoughts in right way!!!))) I try even use useful food, I don't eat fatty and heavy foods.
It helps to keep my health. Because, I am planning to have a long and happy life!)) I wonder why I didn't meet a man in Ukraine? Here men are the same like all over.
We have and good and lazy and cowardly like everywhere. No, the problem is not in it. The problem is in mentality of the people itself. In Ukraine people try to live one day.
Less of them are planning far away. And it is unreal. I will give an example, to make everything clear, I am thinking a lot to open my own laboratory and do a teeth proteases and implants.
But I do understand how it will be hard because of bureaucracy and collecting the documents and a lot of money to pay for bribes. But this is not the main problem.
The most terrible that it doesn't give any guaranties in future. With time your business can attract some deputy's attention, to some concurrent or to some big businessmen.
They will make everything for you to sale your business for kopeks. There is no chance for safe, because even judges now are depending and manipulating by somebody.
This is really makes scare. The entire problem is in people, in their consciousness. There is no civil position. Everyone is trying to go with the flow and scare to change something!
I don't want to live in such country. I love Ukraine but not like this! For a long time I am dreaming to live and work in different country.
In the country where is democracy and freedom of the word is present, where is the government listens and hears its people.
Frankly speaking, for a long time I am looking for reason, to call to you. I am sure that its important for us both! It will be a new stage in our communication!
Yesterday my friend Olga and I as usual after the work went to the café, to talk and eat something sweet. She asked about us???
I told her, that we are describing to each other our point of view to different questions, in that way it's easy to open our attitude to people and to life.
But we need something new, some integration!!! Olga told me, that I need to take part in the competition, to get a new grant. It will give me opportunity to visit Canada.
It will not have any spending for us!!! In any case it is something new for us. We should take it like a fascinating adventure.))) Here is the reason for call!!
I am sure that it is very respectful reason, and we need to discuss it in the phone, necessarily!! I am sorry but it will push me away from you.
I will be thinking that you just having fun with me. That is why I am waiting your phone number in your next letter!!! I will call you from my working place, it will be for free for both.
I am sure that you will hold my initiative. It will be interesting. I do understand that we have a difference in time, and I will take this into account during the calling to you.
Believe me it is necessary for both. What do you think about it Jay? Tell me what happened new in your life these days??? What plans you have for close future???
I will wait on your answer! Also I am waiting on your phone number!!! Sincerely yours, Ira
Letter 6
Good afternoon my dear Jay, How past your day yesterday???? I wander what were you thinking yesterday??? As for me I woke up early had my breakfast quickly and ran to the work, to check my mail box.
I was waiting on your answer. It was very interesting to me your reaction to my proposal. Do I really interest you??? May be you were scare of such concrete steps?
Frankly speaking I was wary like a small girl, when was opening my mail box.
Thank you, that you understand my request in the right way, accept everything and gave me your phone number. This is a serious male act on your part. I respect this behavior.
In any case everything will become known today or tomorrow. Lately I will try to call you and will know all your answers from you personally. May be you will not be in time to read this message.
For you it will be a surprise. In any case we will have opportunity today to talk by phone. It is very interesting.
I hope today latter you will write me a letter. Will tell me what do you think about my thoughts and dreams. May be you will tell me your point of view in development of relationship.
Jay, in any case write me a letter and describe me your thoughts. Talk by phone it is very good. But keep up conversation is also important.
Also I need to prepare my request for the grant. Remember please that for me is very important to get and read every morning your letter. Your romantic small girl Ira
Letter 7
Hello Jay!!! It's a great pleasure to get an e-mail from you! How are you? How is your day today?
I hope that you are doing well and your mood is on top. Every morning I wake up thinking about you and my mood immediately gets better.
Last night I had a dream about our real first meeting. It was very romantic and unforgettable! We had a picnic by the sea and enjoyed the sunset... Jay I miss you!
I would like to spend as much time as possible with you! You have become a very close person for me, and I hope that we won't stop at this stage of our relations))).
I think that our letters, emotions and feelings that we express in them became our background for something really serious and very important, don't you think so?!
Sometimes I regret that we have not met earlier! Of course I understand that we live in different countries, and it was a problem for us to meet earlier)))
But we finally found each other and I don't want to lose a chance to be with a right person!))
Now I am very grateful to fate and my first letter to you that we have found each other in this big world. I'm sure that we can be happy together! My heart is open to you now.
I hope that you will not break it, cause I trust you and I believe your every word. I hope that our relations will develop and grow into true love.
I promise you to be always sincere and honest in my feelings. I don't want to play games, because I am looking for serious relationships.
I think that I have feelings to you, but so far I can't correctly express my emotions. It seems to me that I behave like a little girl.)
Now I have such feelings, that in my head everything is turned upside down and I am full of bright emotions!))) And all these things happen because of you Jay …
I'm loving to read your letters, and I'm reading them with anticipation what is going to be in the end))). Than I read it again and again several times.
I almost forgot to tell you good news! One of the jury members told me that I presented a perfect presentation so I have very good chances to get this grant. Can you imagine?!
I was in the top five! So I am quite nervous and worry about the results, but thoughts about you keep me from going crazy…
Jay, you settled down in my head, my soul and my heart. Sometimes I can't even believe that it is happening to me!))))
I am just happy now and want to share all my feeling and emotions with you! It is difficult to explain, but it seems to me that a new stage is beginning in my life!) What do you think about it?
Now I need to go home to cook dinner and I guess I'll watch a good and kind movie. I wish you a wonderful sunny day and will be looking forward to get a new letter from you! Your, Ira
Letter 8
Hello my dear Jay! How is your day going??? How's your mood Jay? I hope you're doing well. I'm sorry, I can't do anything today. I'll write you a letter on Monday. Now I wish you a good weekend. Don't be mad at me!
Letter 9
Hi my sweetheart Jay! Can I call you so? How is your day? Do you feel well? Your letter made my day!))) Jay I keep thinking of you no matter what I do))).
I'm very happy and feel that our letters are very important to you too. I want to say thank you for all your attention and serious attitude to me!
Your letters have already become a part of my life and I'm always interested how is you day there, what are you doing, whether you are busy or not today, what people you meet, how is your mood…
I am endless happy that now I have you Jay! The spiritual connection between a man and a woman is very important. A man should treat a woman politely, with love and respect.
He should be next to her in bad and good times and take care of her. A real man should give the woman all the love and care.
He should do everything that his woman can feel herself the happiest woman in the world, am I right?))) And for sure a woman should do the same for her man.
To give him a support, care, love and attention and always be near in all situations that happen in life. And I think that love is a vital thing in relationships!
The family without love will not bring happiness for both… What do you think about my ideas and thoughts? Do you agree with them?
And I've got amazing news! There have been chosen 3 winners who receive a grant to continue practice and work in Canada.
And I am one of them!!!!! According to the rules of this grant all expenses will be paid for. I'm just overwhelmed with emotions!!!
I'm ready to jump from happiness)))))))). Tomorrow I need to give an answer where I want to use this grant. And of course I haven't thought about it too long, because I know where I want to go!)))
I want to live right by you, continue my work and build your relations!!!! I think we are ready for our meeting.
I am also sure that in your country I will be able to receive a decent salary and my job will be paid very well. Sooo what do you think about my idea????
I need to give the final answer about the host country tomorrow. But I decided first of all to discuss this extremely important question with you!
It seems to me that my night will be sleepless because I will wait for your answer. Your decision will be a determining factor for me!
I kindly ask you to think about it and give me an honest answer. Send you kisses and hugs! Yours, Ira
Letter 10
Hello my dear Jay,
Actually I couldn't fall asleep the whole night! I was thinking about your decision and what will you write me in the letter)))
I woke up earlier than usual and did not even have breakfast, hurried up to work to check my mail box. I opened it and yyeeessss)). I've got your letter!
My hands were shaking, the heart beating and I worried and was really afraid to open it! But when I read your letter I realized that I was not mistaken in you!))).
Jay, may I call you My darling? I think you will like it and you deserve it!)) And I think that we can overcome all obstacles with the help of our feelings and understanding.
I always thought, that love doesn't exist at all. But then I met you, and everything had changed in my head. I guess I was waiting for you for all my life! I knew that one day it would happen.
You are that man whom I was looking for a long time. It is like a dream!) You turned into the meaning of my life, you filled my soul with air.
You allowed my wings to open and fly, soar through the sky and don't notice anything except your image. You gave me a dream and a hope for happiness.
And I do not need too much, just to know that you are safe and sound and everything is ok with you! In fact, I would give everything to be always right by you.
Now I need to contact my supervisor and tell him that I have a clear decision about my grant program). My curator will tell me what documents they need.
My dear, I will have a very important request for you.
Could you please find in the internet at least several dental clinics that are situated to as close as possible? I need 2-3 state dental clinics and 2-3 private practices.
It is necessary for me to conclude a contract with the International Medical Association. Jay I'm glad that our life paths met. Let them burn as a bright star of our amazing love))
I will wait for your reply! Yours, Ira
Letter 11
Hello my love, my Jay,
Your new letter made me happy again today)). I was waiting for it impatiently!
Jay, your letters always bring me delight and good mood I'm very glad that we have met. You just have entered to my life and I dream about you every day!
I just came back from the meeting with my curator. He explained me the requirements and gave the list of all necessary documents. Oh, I will have to do a lot!
But I will prepare everything with great pleasure because it is my only way to see you as soon as possible! So, here I give you the list of the document needed: - Visa (my visa is still valid, because last year my director wanted to send me for an internship to your country and I got a visa.)
- Expected work place
- Medical reference
- Diplomas and certificates from all places where I have been trained in recent years.
- Place of residence in your country
- Some accompanying documents and recommendations from my employer. As you understand, the next few days will be very tense and full of worries. I hope you will forgive me that I send you such a short letter.
I hope you Jay understand that I need time do all this. I wish to manage all formalities as soon as possible, because I really want to come and see you!
Today I still need to do my basic work. In the evening I plan to meet Olga. I'm impatient to share such amazing news! I send you my tender kiss and will wait for your letter, Yours, Ira
Letter 12
Hello my dear Jay. The weekend starts tomorrow. Everything will be closed. I won't be able to check my email until Monday. I can answer your letter. This weekend, I want to clean my house again, do grocery shopping at the store. I hope to have a little rest and look forward to the working week! I wish you Jay also a good rest and gain strength!
Letter 13
Greetings my new friend. expect you obtain this message and go through it thoroughly!
This is my final effort to find a partner in the web, as all my earlier trys was in vain.
Serious relationships – is my sole intent. If you desire only *** and ***** pictures, please don’t get in touch with me. I’ll disclose a little about me.
My name is Maria. I’m from Ukraine. Do you know anything about my Motherland? I often consider migratation out of my country. I'm now 35y.o,
I know that I look a strong relationships with loving and wise man.
That’s why do not want to play games. have no intention to prove everybody wrong because I am a literate and a kindhearted person. do not have any problems with cash because my occupation is is a dentist and I am employed at the dental hospital. This is a brief facts about me. If you are interested in my maill letter,
I look forward for your response. Please tell some information about you, about your city of residence.
Some of this days I will check my maill and I will probably find your message. waiting for your mail Maria.
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