Scam letter(s) from Lilia Faizulina to Dan (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello my most beloved man Dan!
My dear Dan. I even want to say, my dear and beloved Dan.
You really became my family and friends during this time.
but now the moment has come. When you need to listen to your heart and soul. Your intuition.
Because Dan, we really have to decide.
I understand that you can write another 1000 letters of different and recognize us.
but nothing changes one meeting.
And now this year I really want to decide about my future. And I hope for our joint future life.
And of course we must see us.
But this sad moment in your head ... really bothers me .. it spoils my mood .. I feel this energy of sadness ...
you understand, I can really feel people, even through the distance I can feel you. your mood, your emotions!
All this I feel deeply. and some points make barriers for me unfortunately.
It is so important for me that my loved one be with me. Was soul with my family.
do you understand that you can become forever near and dear to my family? These are very important points.
I love you very much and I look forward to our meeting! My dear,
I really want to be with you as soon as possible!
My dear, if you can’t visit Russia now, then it will probably be better if I come to you? What do you think?
As soon as the problems with the virus are resolved, then I can come to you! What do you think?
I will finish my letter and look forward to your reply!
Forever your Anastasiya
Letter 2
Hello my angel Dan. I love madly, with all my essence, with my whole being and with my whole soul, with every cell of my body, with every atom of my brain. I adore you. I idolize you. With your appearance, my life was filled with meaning, and I was able to feel how necessary it is for me to realize that you are on this Earth, and how important it is for me to live for you. And how divinely beautiful, delightfully beautiful, to hear your words of love, it is so nice to read your letters full of love and happiness when you say my name so affectionately and so excitingly. I really love you and want to be forever only yours. I want to live with you for the rest of my life. My dream is to give you my love and care every day. As soon as I close my eyes, I feel you close, very close. I hear your breath, your stupefying smell, I feel the warmth of your skin, the tenderness of your hands and the passion of your lips. Without you, I live in a different dimension, somewhere there, beyond the clouds, where I could rise on the wings of your love. For me there is no longer gravity and the laws of this world are no longer dominant over me. Do you believe, dear, but I do not want to remember anything that was before you in my life. I do not crave anything in this life, except your love, you are for me like a sip of cold water in the desert. There is only you and what is connected with you. I am now outside the world, I am completely lost in your essence, in you. I want to be happy with you when everything is fine with you, to be sad when something does not work out. I want to be in your blood, in your soul, in your heart, I want you to possess me. Your letters, your words intoxicate me more than the most intoxicated wine. I'm waiting for you. I look forward to that highest hour when we meet with you. And then there will be a merger of two souls, two hearts. I can’t wait any longer and want to snuggle up to you soon. I really need you. I need your touch and care. You are the kindest person on this whole Earth, the cutest and most desirable, the most delightful and unique and unlike anything! You know so well that I have you! You so suddenly appeared in my life, That now I can not imagine it without you. I am extremely grateful to fate - that I have you. Thanks for what you do for me. I can not imagine my life without you and your letters. I really want to be near you soon. Your Anastasiya
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