Romance scam letter(s) from Zoe Valako to Eddy (USA)
Letter 1
Was thinking how to start my letter to make it brighter today…))))
Last days our lives don’t bright anything now and we like living period of one scientific fiction movie…
Even in the past I really had thoughts “what will be if it will come?”Such scenario of fiction movie in reality, but after I was thinking it will not because it was just a movie… I thought that our world is way more organized and modernized now and we will get such experiences of the past pandemics. But unfortunately it is not and we are experiencing now, like one not good scenario of the fiction that nobody can predict the result!!!
So what to do? Nothing else, as to accept everything and to move on together with this changed world!
I never had such thoughts in my head before and now I am like a philosopher trying to build the future picture, connected to the past! But in my head the picture is different from the yesterday past. The world is changing and together with it is changing everything…Maybe whatever we studied yesterday will not work as a tool for us tomorrow…
Do you know what I am afraid? I am afraid for myself that I will not find that tool that will help to survive in the future… I just believe that professions we got in the past will not be anymore demanded… Maybe it is too much, maybe sitting at home alone too much affects me…I do not know…
Eddy you know that I live in the occupied zone of Ukraine, and before what were we dreaming about, just to be back in the life that we had 6 years ago. And now I cannot understand yet if such chance still existing? i am really lost and cannot understand anything yet…
Ok, let’s finish about such sad philosophy…it is possible to go crazy with it… I want only to be positive- to laugh, to dance, to kiss my beloved, to make hugs….
By the way last night I was backing first time pizza in my life … Of course I did pizza before , but I never did pizza dough by my own…ahahahaha))) I believe I failed!!! I need to do more training to become more professional….
What are you doing today?
How is the weather there for you?
Here it is improving and I so much want to go out…but not yet, we cannot to go out from our houses without having reason for it!!!
So I enjoy the sun threw my window only… do you go out dear Eddy?
Kiss you my dear Eddy
I hope that soon we will meet us .I really want it.
Yours Zoe
Letter 2
Hello my dear Eddy!!!!
I am sorry that it took me some time to send you my answer
But again we had an electricity blackout here and after it was restored then appeared the problem with internet provider…Always here they have problems with everything!!! Water supplying, electricity, internet, telephone connections…all is working very bad way!!!
But today I see it is going back to normal and straight I ‘m writing the letter to you!
And I wanted to tell you that I missed you very much
You became already like inseparable part of me and I am happy)))) my heart already is singing the light melody of love!!!
Doesn’t exist a time that I wouldn’t think of you and my thoughts are always bring me to our future … Future where we will be together!!!
I have learned some news today about quarantine here and I feel more hopeful. Ukraine has opened the border from Poland to Ukraine for those who are travelling with the cars! So what it means? Means that soon they will open airports and will renew connection!!! Of course for me it means a lot, it means that pandemic is going down, the world is fighting it seriously, and that we didn’t get sick with that infection and the most important we can also soon meet us!!!
What do you think? It is small, but improvement that gives a lot of hopes!!!
I think of you all the time…Only the thoughts about you and our future meeting are giving to me all the power to pass this horrible time of pandemic, loneness …
Kisses Yours Zoe
Letter 3
Dear Eddy!!!
please can you give me your phone number.
I want to give you a call!!! Zoe
Letter 4
Dear Eddy!!!
i didn't ask you about the trip and how hard time is!!!
i just asked you to give me your phone number...
that is all
why you do not want to give it to me?
Letter 5
i do not know what is happening to my skype on my computer...
it is just not opening
that is why i am asking you about the phone number
Letter 6
No Eddy!!!
i have asked telephone number
you are like gaming with me
sorry is better we will stop
i am not interested anymore
Letter 7
Hello Eddy!!!
why do you really care how much will cost me the telephone call?
i just asked your number and you do mystic from it
is it something wrong?
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