Romance scam letter(s) from Irina to Sakari (Spain)
Letter 1
Hello Sakari !!! Thank you for your answer! I'm glad you answered me today. This means that you are interested in a serious relationship, and we can continue !! I sincerely hope that every day our communication will grow and develop. We will write letters to each other and answer each other's questions. This is important because this is the first sign that we are interested in each other, right ?? Facebook ?? No, I do not have a profile on social networks. There are several reasons for this. The first reason I do not have Internet at home, and I use the Internet at work, but working computers block any social network. This is due to the security service of the store. This is to ensure that store employees do not spend working time on their communication on the Internet. Second, I do not like social networks. It became a modern drug. Sometimes it seems to me that the modern world takes more time to social network than what is happening around. This is not good. No social network can replace real, real communication. Do you agree?? I realized that you had a bad experience with a Russian girl, and that she asked you for money. I'm sorry that you had to meet in my life with false girls. I want to ask your forgiveness for them, because I am very ashamed that some people behaved unworthily, and thus spoil the reputation of Russian girls. I swear to you that not all Russian girls are !! Most of us are honest !! And search for family relationships. Sakari , after I wrote you my last letter, I thought for a long time about if my letter interested you ?? Or didn’t you even begin to read my letter and deleted it after you read only half? Perhaps I shouldn’t be so open and write in the first letter about my past relationships right away ?? I really tormented myself with all these questions !! But then I reassured me with the thought that frankness is most important !! If from the very first letter we tell each other what we think and feel, then it will be more correct than we will hide something, right ?? The past is an integral part of our life, and it is impossible to escape from the past. The past cannot be changed !! But we can always find the strength in ourselves to accept our past as part of our life and continue to move forward despite all the failures in the past !!! Unfortunately, for many people, the past becomes a ballast that makes it difficult to build the future. This is not correct. Therefore, I boldly tell you about my past failures. I don’t want to have any secrets from you. Sakari , I want you to understand that I am very serious about our correspondence. I do not have time for games !! I am very limited in my time, because I have to write to you from my work. The fact is that the Internet Service Provider, which won the tender to connect my house to the Internet, suddenly went bankrupt, and at the same time lost all the money that the residents of my house, including myself, collected to connect the Internet to our house. Now legal proceedings are underway if we must again collect money to connect the Internet to our home or the Internet Service Provider must return this money back, and we should already contact another Internet Service Provider. When the court will pronounce the verdict, and when the Internet Service Provider returns the money to us, I don’t know yet, but I will believe that soon. But while I will write to you from work. I will try to do it regularly, but if suddenly I can not answer you right away, then please, do not worry! I will always answer you when I have some free time at work! Sakari , I think that you will not mind if today I devote most of my letter to the story of my work. Of course, I will touch on the topic of my family a little, but I will talk more about this in my subsequent letters. I do not want this letter of mine to be as long as my previous letter. I am afraid that so my letters will quickly bore you, and you will close my letter, as most of my classmates closed Lev Tolstoy’s book “War and Peace” !! By the way, this is my favorite book. But now the story is not about that, but about my work. So, I work in a clothing store. And as I wrote to you in my last letter, I hold the position of an accountant there, but also help sellers on the trading floor. I like my main job as an accountant, but I also like helping other women choose clothes and be beautiful! It’s worth mentioning that when I graduated from the University and received the education of an Accountant, I couldn’t find work in my specialty for a long time. I worked as a hairdresser for several years! I did women makeup and hairstyles, dyed them hair! In general, I did what I do now - I make women more beautiful !!)) Of course, I was sad that after I spent 5 years studying in accounting, I had to work in a hairdresser, but Russia after graduation is always difficult to ty work in my specialty! As a result, only half a year ago I was lucky and I found a job in a clothing store where I work right now! I really like it here, but at the same time I’m constantly busy and I always get home very tired !! The fact is that I work from 9:00 AM to 21:00 PM! According to the schedule, I work 6 days a week and 1 day is my day off, but this is not always on Sunday! I want to note that the store is open 7 days a week! Sometimes I have to replace other sellers, so often I can get a day off on Monday, Tuesday or any other day of the week. This is not convenient, but I'm used to it, especially since I live alone! My mom and sister live in the village. My father left the family when my sister and I were still small! Unfortunately, I don’t have more free time to talk about my family, but will I do this in my next letter, okay ?? Please tell me about your education, about where you had to work. What difficulties in training and work have you encountered ?? It will be interesting. I hope my letter didn’t tire you too much ?? I tried to write a short letter, but I feel like I got a little carried away again. ))) I wish you a nice day and wait for your answer if you are not bored with me.)) Irina P.S. I want to see your photos! This will show your seriousness! So I ask the next letter you send me a your photo!
Letter 2
Good day! How are you? How is your mood? I hope you are all well and you didn't answer me because you were too busy. You seem to me very interesting and good man. Very willing to continue communication with you. Please send me an email and I will answer you. I wish you good mood. Irina
Letter 3
Hi Sakari !!! Thank you for your new letter !!! I am glad that our communication continues, and I can see your letters when I have a break at work !! Thank you so that you show me that you are interested in our communication. I really appreciate that! Sakari, so, in my previous letter I promised you to write more about my family. I only managed to write about the fact that I have a mom and a sister. But this is not entirely true. I still have a nephew and niece. )) These are the children of my older sister! Her son's name is Yuri !! My sister named him after Yuri Gagarin. I think you know the name of the First Cosmonaut ??)) The girl's name is Yulia! This is a real angel! I will send you a photo with my sister and her children today! Yes, I do not have a father, because he left my mother, me and my sister more than 20 years ago. I was then 8 years old, and my sister was 11 years old. Our mother raised us alone. She worked as a milkmaid at the Dairy Farm in our village. She got up at 3:30 AM in the morning, had breakfast and went to milk the cows. She returned at about 7:00 AM in the morning, woke me and my sister to get ready for school. My mother never had free time, but at the same time I always knew that she loves me and my sister. My sister replaced my mother in many ways, because my mother worked hard to bring us up alone. I was very lucky with my sister. Usually, children in the family often argue over toys or some other reason, but my sister never offended me. She always braided my braids when we were going to kindergarten. )) It was so sweet that even now I am writing to you about it and smiling. She still lives with her mother, despite the fact that she is already married! It is a pity, only that she, too, is not very lucky with her husband. Her husband often drinks large quantities of alcohol. He even hit her a couple of times in the past, but my sister did not find the strength to leave him and start a new life. I do not blame her for this. This is her choice, but I can confess that their relationship is one of the reasons why I do not want to build a relationship with a Russian man !! And, of course, the example of my father, when he left my mother with two young children, left an indelible impression on my heart! Is it possible that Russian men lack a special gene that is responsible for family values ?? I don’t know this for sure, but I can say that my mother and sister are wonderful women who appreciate the concept of a family hearth and, of course, they deserve more happiness! It is only a pity that in Russia there are hundreds of thousands of similar examples when men leave their wives and children. Moreover, there are those men who beat not only their wives, but also children !!! This is terrible!!! And the terrible thing is that the laws of my country do not always protect the rights of women who are subjected to violence, which is probably why men here feel too much with impunity. Now some activists are trying to make the law "on domestic violence" finally adopted in my country. This law should protect all family members from violence, but at the moment there are many opponents of this law. And, of course, I can’t understand why my country encourages domestic violence! Personally, I don’t want to suffer from my beloved man. I want a happy relationship when a man and a woman respect and appreciate the arcs of a friend. I want my man and I to please each other in everything. It’s so nice when a man can just give flowers for his beloved woman. And a woman can arrange a romantic dinner without any reason. Do you agree with me?? I think that happiness in trifles. I wake up in the morning and the first thing I go to the window. I open the curtains and let the light into my apartment. I rejoice at that sunny bunny, which, bouncing off my mirror, jumps onto my pillow. Then I go to this very mirror, look at my reflection and smile at myself !! I say out loud to myself: "Good morning, IRINA !!!" No, no, I didn’t get crazy.))) Of course, I live alone in my apartment, and I don’t have enough of a loving man nearby, but I’m not crazy. Sakari, if it’s not difficult for you, then please try to start your morning by wishing you a good day and smiling at your reflection. You will see that your day will be more pleasant than always. This is a very simple secret how to make yourself happier. From my childhood my mother taught me this. As I told you, my mother had no simple life, but she always smiled. She never despaired, and she taught me to look at life positively !! Sakari, now I have to apologize, because unfortunately I can’t continue my story about my family now. My break is over and I have to work! I will continue my story about this in my next letter. I will also try to tell you a little more about my childhood and youth. I wish you a good day. Your Irina
Letter 4
Hi Sakari !!!! It’s very good that you wrote to me again !!! I am gradually starting to get used to our communication, and I am really happy to find your letter on my e-mail !!! It helps brighten up my gray everyday life !! I hope that my letters also bring you no little pleasure and no overwork you too much ?? It is important for me that both of us can feel the joy of reading our letters. Of course, I understand that my letters are a little long, but every time I write you a letter, it's hard for me to stop! For example, do you have friends in reality that you can easily talk to ?? When you don’t have to think about what to say to end an awkward pause? I think everyone knows this !! So, it’s easy for me to write letters to you !! It’s easy for me to read your letters and answer them !! It makes me happy!! This is a good sign! ))) I'm sorry, but I don't have the ability to talk on Skype and WatsApp because my phone not support such programs. I want to talk about the situation with my cell phone. At the moment I have the simple phone Nokia 101. You probably don't even remember how it approximately look like?? I can say that there is no touch screen and absolutely no program. The reason is that two months ago my Iphone was stolen along with my purse. I went to the police but it yielded no results. Thus, I was left without a modern phone. Facebook ?? No, I do not have a profile on social networks. There are several reasons for this. The first reason, I do not have the Internet at home, and I use the Internet at work, but work computers block any social networks. This is a merit of the store’s security service. This is to prevent store employees from wasting time working on their online communication. Second, I do not like social networks. It has become a modern drug. Sometimes it seems to me that the modern world devote more time to social networks than what is happening around. This is not good. No social network can replace real, real communication. Do you agree?? Sakari , in my last letter I didn’t manage to tell you everything I wanted to tell you about my family! I understand that you are wondering why my father left the family if my mother is really so good? There is no secret, but this is a rather sad story! It all started after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when, together with the collapse of the country, almost all agriculture turned out to be left to its own devices! My father worked as a tractor driver, but collective farms quickly fell into disrepair and tractor drivers began to pay little. My father gradually began to drink! I was little, but I well remember how he came home drunk! These are not pleasant memories. Because of his frequent drunkenness, family relationships began to crumble! After some time, he found another woman with whom he often drank and left us! He died a couple of years after that from cirrhosis of the liver ...... I sincerely feel sorry for him, but no, I want to remember this now Sakari , in my last letter I promised to tell you more about my childhood and youth !! So, I have always been an obedient daughter! I studied well, participated in various competitions in mathematics and other school subjects! I went in for sports a lot: skating and skiing, riding a bicycle! In addition, I played volleyball and practiced figure skating! I wrote to you about this, do you remember? I remember once when I was skiing from a mountain and I probably accelerated too much, because suddenly I fell and ended up in a deep snowdrift. But it was not scary. It was scary that I broke both skis! No, I wasn’t afraid that my mother might scold me for it. My mother was always kind, but now I needed to buy new skis. Of course, skis not were too expensive, but even this amount was too much for my mom! I knew that my mother would buy me these skis even if she was starving herself, but I couldn’t allow this! I agreed with some of my neighbors that I'll come and clean the snow in their yard for money! I got up at 5 in the morning and cleaned the snow, then I went to school and after school I cleaned the snow again !! I did it for almost 2 weeks!! I was then 11 years old, and then I began to earn my first money! I remember how my mother was proud of me !!)) Yes, my childhood was not easy, but I love my childhood! I love mom's rice and meat pies! I love the potato pancakes she baked by the oven !! My mother knows how to cook well and loves to do it. She passed me this love! I also love to cook!
Letter 5
Darling, it's me again! I accidentally pressed the wrong button and sent you my unfinished letter! I wrote to you about what I like to cook. I hope you read the first part of my letter ?? If not, please find and read this, okay ?? Sakari , My mother told me many recipes for her dishes. And I did the same thing hundreds of times as my mother did, but I didn’t succeed. And this happened until my mother revealed her main secret !!! In order to cook deliciously, there is no need to be a Chef Michelin Restaurant !! To do this, it is enough to love the people for whom you are cooking !!)) This is a very simple signature recipe from my mother, right ??)) Yes, my mother is a wonderful woman !! I sincerely love her. Ohh, what a big mistake on my part !!! I tell you about my mom, but I haven’t even told you her name. My mom's name is Lubov! If you translate her name from the Russian language, it will mean "Love." Maybe that's why there is so much love in her heart ?? Sakari , can I ask you to tell me about your childhood memories ?? Do you have any dishes that you especially loved as a child ?? Maybe some family traditions ?? By the way, there is one such tradition in my family, but I’d better tell you about it in my next letter. Now I will have to finish my letter and continue to work! But first, I'll attach a photo of me in school uniform for you. This photo was taken in high school! I told you about my childhood, and I got nostalgia for those times! Another photo was taken when I was engaged in boxing for some time! By the way, I forgot to write to you that I was engaged in boxing a couple of years, but you should not be afraid !! I do not like to fight! )) And of course, today I will attach a photo of my beloved mother for you. I think we are very similar to her ?? Write me! I will look forward to your reply!)) Your Irina
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