Romance scam letter(s) from Lalisa Sherab Ibrahim to Gideon (Kenya)
Letter 1
My Dear I hope you are in good health? my name is Mrs, Lalisa Sherab, can I please find out about you? because i have an offer for you, i wait your reply,
Letter 2
Thank you for your reply to my massage, it is my pleasure to meet you, sorry if I didn't write the language well because i am still learning the language.let me introduce myself briefly, I am Mrs, Lalisa Sherab Ibrahim, from Indonesia but my husband is an Iraqi from Ramadi in Al Anbar Governorate, and we live here in USA at the state of Ohio, I lost my husband on June 12, 2019. While I was struggling with illness called cancer for a long time and my doctor said that the current situation is not under control that I have a few more months to live before the Coronavirus entered this country i suppose to undergo surgery early this Year but Coronavirus cause many damages in this state, Well my husband is a contractor before his death he secured and complete a contract work with the Africa government's a value of Four Hundred Thousand USD Dollars, but death took him away before the money was deposited with ATM visa card at UBA bank in Africa Country, my husband is a philanthropist, before his death he encouraged me to help the poor because since we got married we were unable to have children, And due to the condition of my health which is deteriorating everyday and I don`t want the bank to share the fund between their selves maybe if i die in this Surgery, so I will like the bank to send the ATM visa card to you so that you will help me to give it to the poor nations and the widows there in your community under the designation of my late husband since we do not have any children to inherit this money, please irrespective of religion, race, ethnicity I want you to handling these projects with ought most sincerity, Try and answer me now for more information, I want you to know that I did this for charity work so that many orphans will joins together and prayers for my recover OK, I believe that God knows why we meet here, Therefore do exactly what I told you to do with the ATM visa card when you receive it, because I would not be happy if the said funds are not shared to the poor / widows and orphans when you get it
the amount at the ATM visa card, my dear the doctor told me that I had to undergo my surgery before next 15th Day's now this Coronavirus is calm and i want you to claim the Funds from the bank before my surgery, please always pray for the success of my surgery and inform your families about me so that then will join you in prayers over my health, I will communicate with you every time i regained my consciousness, also will discuss with the manager of the bank where the funds was deposited to discus with them concerning how the funds will be move to your home,
Please pray for me if it's Will of God I will make it alive waiting your reply if you are Willing to handle the charity work on my behalf, you can speak with me through This Nurse Mr's Patricia Robert Phone when she is around in this Hospital, tell her you want to hear from Mr's Lalisa Sherab,
Her call +1 937-314-4766
Letter 3
DAKAR SENEGAL TEL :+221 764473428
FAX :002213382060202


You are Welcome once Again, After receiving your information's We have confirmed it from Mr's Lalisa Sherab Ibrahim, we have package your ATM Visa Card into a gift Parcel, you can View this attachment is your ATM Visa Card package image, we are hereby to inform you that your package have be sent to the MSC Shipping Company because then are the company that we Deliver your ATM Visa Card to your given Address As soon As them Deliver the parcel to you we will then send you the ATM Visa Card secret pin code through SMS on your phone also send it to you through your Email address,

You have to contact MSC Shipping Company with their below Email contact, as we say in above, all your information's with your package have be sent to MSC Shipping Company, Kindly contact them, then are the shipping company that we Deliver your ATM Visa Card to your Given Address,

MSC Shipping Company Senegal: Regulated by the Financial Services Authority
----------------------------- Conf identiality Note:-------------
The information contained in this message is confidential and/or privileged. This message is intended to be read only by the person named above. The unauthorized use, disclosure, copying or alteration of this message is strictly prohibited. If you are not the addressee, (or responsible for delivery of the message to the addressee) please notify the originator by return message and destroy the original message
Letter 4
Dear You are Welcome once Again, we have directed you on how to send us your shipping fee through western union transfer, send your shipping fee through western union transfer so that we will register your parcel in our system here before your tracking Code will be release and we will send your tracking code to you, so that you will be monitoring your parcel online before we arrive in your country, after two day 's if you did send us your shipping fee we will return back the parcel to the sender avoid missing it to others people's package's in our house here OK, go to western union transfer and send your shipping fee with below receiving information attach the payment slip after the transfer Good Day RECEIVER FIRST NAME / GRAY
CODE/ 00221
Phone : +221703439955
Address: Rte Des Hydrocarbures, Dakar Senegal, Connect us with this Phone : 00221-705082476 $55 Dollars to Kenya Currency is 5900 Kenya shilling, Dear the amount you have to send with your Currency is 5900 Kenya Shilling tomorrow morning, send us the payment slip after you send the money tomorrow OK,
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