Scam Letter(s) from Elena Yelyanova to Don (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my new friend . Me call Maria, and name Mashenka this diminutively caressing name from my name. You may name as you it is pleasant more. I only recently have mastered the computer and almost I am not able to use him if at me was not present a number of the textbook. It is my first experience as with work on the computer, and acquaintance through a E-Mail. I to hear much, that people get acquainted through the Internet and I to want to try. I am happy that you have answered me my letter for you. Whether I was not sure you me will write back whether or not. But when I have seen your letter for me I was happy. I am very glad that at me it has turned out. This important event in my life. I to hope, that we shall write each other. I to want to tell it is a little about myself. Well? You agree? I to live to Kazan. This city is well-known for that that it cold and here many any deposits, but stocks remained all on some 1000 years. To be exact at us to extract petroleum and gas. I was born in 1977 and now to me of 27 years. But Day of my Birth on March, 14. My growth of 169 centimeters, and weight of 57 kg. My family consists from mum and the sister who is more younger than me. I very much love them. I always to listen to opinion mum because she many to test and learn. My mum always to help me morally and physically when I to require. My sister still small, she to be born very much late and with its birth at mine mum to be problems. But all is safe. Mine the sister now to go to school. I to finish Pedagogical institute where studied at faculty of preschool education. Now I to teach children from the first on the third class. In my class which I to learn to be 20 children. All children about 6-8 years age. I also 3 times per one week to spend rates on sports aerobics for all comers. When I to study at university, I also in parallel 2 years to study on employment on studying sports aerobics. And now I also to teach these employment itself. With the great pleasure children to attend these employment. I very much to love children, and you? I to work in group of the prolonged day. It means that after lessons children of 1-3 classes to not leave home and to remain at school to be engaged and play with me. They to play, prepare for the domestic task to read to draw and so on. Sometimes we to go to theatre, in a museum, at cinema. I very much to love the work, it is very interesting. And you to love the work? Where are do you work? To tell to me. I to be sorry, I likely to tire you the story.Today February, 14 Den' Sacred Valentine - a holiday of All In love. I to know that in USA have begun to mark this holiday since 1977, and at us in Russia sacred Valentine's Day have begun to celebrate with the beginning of 1990. I to congratulate you from Dnem Sacred Valentine. I to continue later, in the following letter. Up to a meeting. I shall look forward to hearing from you with impatience. Maria. P. S. I to be sorry for my English language I not so it is good to know it, but I study and to hope you to me to help in it. Ok ? -- maria_kazimir

Letter 2

Hi my friend, Don !!!

Thank for a fine photo of you. You very attractive the man!!! You very strongly like me. Thank you for fine letter from you. I all day very much to worry. I think that you would like to correspond with me. I with impatience to wait from you the letter.Please write to me the letter. I shall wait very urgently from you for messages. But I want to inform you little bit more on me directly. As you to know from my last letter I to live together with mum and the sister. I am glad that you to write me such letter, I actually to worry therefore That I was not sure write you to me whether or not. As to my father. It To take place very tragical history. When to me was 18 years, and my small To the sister was only 7 years, my father tragically was lost. He to work on one From deposits of coal on mine. They frequently were lowered downwards under the ground that to work and once there was that that there happened not so seldom. To take place explosion metane and them has filled up... It is very sad, I then understood that there was also I heart was broken off on a part thinking about that that my father is not present more. I to not want It is a lot of about it to recollect because to me becomes so sadly though I any more small also has passed a lot of time after this tragedy. It is very hurt to lose the close person. It is a pity that such happened with our father. I also to want to tell about the hobbies. I very much to love sports, and to you sports are pleasant? I very much to like to be engaged in aerobics. I to not want to become full the girl, therefore I and to go in for sports aerobics and run.I already in the first letter wrote to you that except for that what to work as the teacher of initial classes, I also 3 times per one week to carry out rates on sports aerobics for all comers. To me to like to be engaged in aerobics, from for it I always to have a beautiful figure and a fine constitution. I to have a beautiful figure and all my pupils want to look as I look. All With the great pleasure children to visit these employment on aerobics. I to support healthy way of life. I like to be engaged in sports meets, and to me to like to with a floating point. It is very pleasant, when water, warm and it, as though tenderness your body. And you like to bathe? When I have enough free time, I look films, and I listen to music. My majority of films of love, I hope, that you looked them it: Carried away by a wind, Lord of rings. My executors of love it - Alla Pugacheva, Alsu, Madonna. Inform me about a hobby. I would like to know. My majority of a dish of love smoked the hen. And yours? I was probable to tire you and shall try to finish to write. I the christian and I to entrust to the god, I to entrust to Jesus Christ. I constant on free days to go in church and to pray to the god. I to entrust, that it is destiny, has reduced us, that we were together, And the god has made so that us to meet each other with assistance Internet. I am more detailed to write about my belief in the god in the following Letters. Already late and me time has come to stay idle. See. You it is fast In letters. I wait from you the answer Maria.





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