Scam letter(s) from Alina Rana Hamssa to Fir (Slovenija)

Letter 1
My dear I appreciate your mail to me how are you and your health which is very important to me I hope fine inch Allah, My dear I know that this mail will be a surprise to you and I am sure that you would hardly expect such mail from me since we are just new friends but I'm doing it because of my situation at hand and i decided to let you know every thing about me because I believe it is mashaAllah(that Which Allah wills)which makes me know you after some prayers with fasting to almighty Allah, I am also ready to be with you if you accept me with all your heart. My name is Miss Alisha Amina Shadi I was born on Sunday 15th June 1995 in the ancients(city)of bam within Kerman province in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the only daughter of late Dr Shadi Sindbad Ahmed of the Blessed Memory who was one time guest speaker in Iranian embassies Senegal, United kingdom, Angola and Canada respectively born into a Muslim family that cherish the principle of comfort of a family but all the same Allah knows the best, I lost my mother two days to my 16th birthday on Friday 16th June 2011 in a **** incident when she got killed trying to save a **** victim it was after the death of my mother that my father resigned his appointment as he realize that Iran is undemocratic and not free for girls of which he decided that I will continue my education in Senegal. Tears will not let me go back to the events that took my fathers life when I least expected and expose me to life of competition for survival but for what i'm and not for my beauty or family background, I have learn to accept and face challenges I am alive writing you today as it was by Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem( in the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful)which kept me in Senegal as I did not come back for vacation during the time of the land breaking (Earthquake) and bomb blast which took place in bam citadel on the early hours of Monday 10th October 20011 that causes the instant death of my younger and only brother with other relatives and gave my father multiple serious injuries. After the incident my father was able to send for me through his lawyer of which I arrived Iran and met him lying under critical condition in a hospital he was flown to with other senior citizen victims he was able to tell me some important things and he instructed his lawyer to hand over some certain documents to me which the lawyer did he also release some huge substantial amount of money to his lawyer to be passing it to me gradually when the needs Arise for my Education, On Friday 14th October four days after the earthquake and the bomb blast, my father gave up the gost and after his burial according to Islamic rites, I took some money from the lawyer and traveled back to Senegal. When it was time to pay my school fees I tried to reach the lawyer but could not, after some fruitless effort it was certain to me that I don’t have any other choice but to seek asylum in Senegal which I did was taken to the camp of united nations high commission for refugee(UNHCR) in grand Thias Dakar Senegal from where I am writing you now but I say Alhamdoulilah(all praise be to Allah) for keeping me alive till date. Among the documents given to me there was a saved treasure box certificate with the box saved number 364862 my father saved a treasure box containing 3.500.000.00 dollars with some peices of row gold in a security company in London on 11th of July 2003 which has my name as the next of kin due to My fathers wish during the time of saved treasure, the bond indicate that the next of kin can only come for the box in the demise(death) of the depositor when she reaches the prime age of 25 of which I have attended now I was searching for a reliable capable and trustworthy person that can assist me for the claim to receive and save keep this box in his or her custody and relocate me to join him to start a new life as the security company said they can not deal with me directly due to my refugee statue and because I have no residence.That was why I contacted you to seek for your assistance after going through your profile and my spirit accepted you whole heatedly.Please tell me if you are ready to help me so that I will give you the information about this fund but send me your full information like 1. Full Name,
2 Your Country,
3 Your Address
4 Your phone number for easy communication and also assured me that you will not betray me when you receive the the box from the security company, My dear you can contact me through this number +221709723343 please try and call me and also i will send you the security company information for you to contact them and ask them on how they can deliver the saved box to you inyour country in my next mail.Please i really need your seriousness on this so that we can join hands and make it together.I will be waiting to hear from you.Kisses and hugs
Letter 2
My dearest one.
I am happy to hear from you today knowing that you are there for me.below here are the security company contact information,Please contact the security company ask them about this deposited saved box and the possibility of delivering the saved box to your country, I will like you to understands more that here in Senegal is like one staying inside prison,Please help me am Suffering Here In the Camp I don't want to continue like this we hardly see food or water to eat or drink and people die here almost everyday please help me is ALLAH's wish that we both will meet and for that, once the security company gives the date of the delivery day I will start up too for my arrangement to meet you face to face in your country and once you receive the box from the fund in it you will send me some money to start coming or you can locate me once you receive the fund box . My intention is to have a good future,good living, and I here-by promised that I will give you all the respect that I could afford to give as a human Inch Allah,So please try and contact the security company okay less hear from them.I will never disappoint you when I come over to your place inch Allah, I believe in my heart that your help to me will bring something good to you and your family I assure you that if Allah will use you to help me out of this critical situation, I will never forget you in my life and with what you have wrote to me in your mail, I now have the confidence to go ahead with you do not be afraid of the security company okay.

Mr. Steven Altkinson..Foreign Operation/Dept.
No. 1 4B Basinghall Avenue London, EC2V 5DD United Kingdom.SW1Y 6WL, UK.
Tel Nos: Tel:- +44 7035912252
Fax:- +44-8704959626 EMAIL/ Information about my late father & the deposit saved box code are as follows:

Name of depositor: Dr Shadi Sindbad Ahmed
Nationality: Iran
Box RGUK Numbers: SCB745608902546/QB/91/A
Beneficiary : Miss Alisha Amina Shadi
Type of Save : As family valid Box
Year of Deposit : 11th of July 2003
Purpose of Deposit : Safe keeping
Country of Deposit : London
Box weight; 16.53KG
Saved Box code; 364862 Looking forward to hear your response from the security company. God will continue to bless you, Please write and call the company through there email and contact number so that they will know that we are really serious about this matter, My dear when you get them online tell them that you are calling On behalf of the box saved fund of Miss Alisha Amina Shadi. who is the only survival daughter of Late Dr Shadi Sindbad Ahmed, from Iran that you are representing me as my foreign partner as well as the receiver to the box saved fund OK, and ask them the possibility of delivering the box to your position in your country.Please do your best to make sure that you make contact with the company, i will advice you to send an email to them and at the same time you can call them on phone for them to know our seriousness, what ever you discuss with them get back to me so that I will be knowing what is happening, my prayers is for almighty Allah to grant us our pursuance and by the grace of Allah he will surely see us through Billy. Please once again keep this only for yourself, for my safety and security purposes until they deliver the box to you in your country.The most important thing is to make sure that you make contact with the SERGEANT SECURITY COMPANY PLC Go ahead and contact them. Expecting to hear from you concerning the respond from the company soonest. Please take good care of your self and always put me in your daily prayers, I love you and i can't wait to meet you face to face, Please inform me as soon as you contact them My the peace of Allah be with you and your family as I will be waiting for your mail soonest . big hug & many Kisses
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