Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Ushka to Alex (USA)

Letter 1
Though we are we do not know, I am have already positive presentiment that u the normal boys.
And at us there will be an dating. This will arise equal insight and equal respect.
I can tell about myself that I am a free woman. Also I wish will get acquainted with the loose human is more mature me.
At 37 years aged, I am did not try yet at a long binding.
Maybe I am too naive for my age?
Perhaps lowly? If I am don't meet human on the street.
Apparently I am an old parent and I want live the fate of our grandmother. After all she found her love by correspondence. And she lived long and happy matrimonial life.
Probably I am lucky and I not mistaken that I writing to you!
I am attach your new photo.
I hope I for you will like this picture.
Waiting for your news, and I am ask you to send your real picture. Anastasiya
I wrote from work mail
Write to my personal address:
Letter 2
Today I was at work and now I came home. And I decided to check my mail.
When I arrived, I decided to check my mail.
How nice of you, Alex, that you wrote me so fast! I am happy to write you Alex this letter from my computer.
I want to introduce myself, my name is Anastasiya and I am a single woman.
I was born in June 1982. Sorry, tell me about your age. I live in Russia. And you are Alex.
I have never been to the United States, especially in New York. I am very interested to see you Alex in the photo, please send me your photo on which I can see you. I send you my pictures Alex. Am I cute to you Alex? This photo was taken last summer. Now I’m going to the grocery store, I’ll try to write to you soon.
Have a nice day! Anastasiya
Letter 3
I am so excited about our acquaintance! I am so pleased to talk with you Alex! Alex please send me your picture. You have an original name, I didn’t know such a name before, until I met you Alex. I'm sorry! I was in a hurry to work and had to be on time.
Today I came home after a long work. She ate quickly and put herself in order.
By the way, I work in a very interesting place. My work takes place on a champignon farm.
Alex, I work a lot to feed myself and pay my dad's expenses.
My dad lives with my older sister in Belarus. And I lived with my mother in Russia until she passed away.
This happened 8 months ago. Alex, now I want to take care of my personal life.
In Russia, I live completely alone and have not had a relationship with a man for 7 years.
All 7 years I took care of my sick mother and could not afford to live with a man.
I am so glad that the marriage agency helped me to meet you Alex!
Alex, I like you! I hope that we will continue to communicate.
I am really glad that a man appeared in my life whom I so wanted to meet.
Alex, I live in the village of Asino, the population is 24,000 people, so it’s very difficult to find a man here.
Alex, I decided that I would try to find my man not from my village, but on our planet.
I believe that I will be a happy woman next to a man whom I will love and will complement him in everything.
I want to live for my beloved man and help him in everything.
I want to cook for a man, wash clothes, iron clothes, keep joint housing clean and tidy.
So my grandmother raised me, who taught me to respect a man and do everything as he requires.
Alex, I wish to be needed and desired for a single man.
In the photo, I am with my girlfriend. We have been friends with her for a long time. I wish you good night! Anastasiya.
Letter 4
Good evening nice man Alex!
How glad I am to read your words that you write to me.
I also prefer dogs. But I love horses.
Today I worked a lot again and came home late. :thinking:
Alex, after work, I went to feed my cute horses.
I like to help animals, because without a person it is difficult to live as a herbivore pet.
I dream of feeling masculine attention to myself.
I am so grateful to the marriage agency that I was able to meet such a nice man like you Alex
One man was too rude with me and wanted *** from me.
And I didn’t like the second one and I asked him not to write anymore.
Yes, I am pleased that three men answered me, but I can’t do this and I made my choice.
Alex, I decided that only with you I will keep acquaintance! I like you like a man! Alex, you are interesting to me as an interlocutor.
You are pleasant to me, but tell me more about yourself! I want to know you better. I hope that we will continue to learn about each other and will get closer!
I want to send you Alex, my photo from my garden. :-o :shock: :-o
I wish you happiness! I will write you Alex as soon as I get rid of work.
Your Anastasiya.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Alex!
I was very happy when I saw a letter from you Alex!
Now I will send you photos.
Nothing like this has ever happened in my life.
As usual, I have a lot of work, everything needs to be done on time.
Today I’ve been thinking about you Alex all day. I imagined what Alex you are in life.
I think you are a cheerful and friendly man. I'm right?
And sometimes you are thoughtful and calm. This is true?
I like to think of you Alex. Thinking about how I accidentally met such a decent man from another country.
I really want you to come to Russia and we have the opportunity to be together.
I am surrounded by very good nature and clean air.
There are very good places for walking and relaxing.
Dear Alex, it is especially interesting to spend time together when it is so quiet and calm around.
I dream of being next to a man in private, to conduct emotional conversations behind the fireplace.
Make a bed and invite the man to retire. Give your tenderness and affection!
My dear Alex, I'm so tired of being a single woman!
I am no longer young, but still do not know masculine warmth and love.
I'm sorry if I am sad in this letter.
I want to live for a man and give him my love, in this I see the meaning of my life.
While I am alone, I live my meaningless life.
Dear Alex, I want to change everything that is ordinary for me. I don’t want to be alone anymore!
I hope you understand my feelings and my emotional state.
I respect your opinion and completely trust you Alex.
Please write me, I need you! Anastasiya.
Letter 6
Hello my dear man Alex!
Today I am so calm and relaxed because I am resting.
Maybe we will be more than friends?
Recently, I had a lot of work and I practically did not rest.
Dear Alex, even while working and many things, I constantly thought about you!
It so happened that today is my day off and I can take up my personal life. I can completely devote today to myself and do something for you my dear Alex.
So I can show my warm attitude to you Alex.
I think of you Alex! My feelings, like a rainbow, appeared after many years of waiting for my man!
You inspire me! You give me hope for female happiness! I am located to you Alex!
If you only knew how I want intimacy with you Alex.
Feel the touch of your Alex warm and strong male hands.
Get many kisses all over your body from you Alex.
Excited from your caresses and open before you Alex.
To succumb to your temperament and fulfill all your fantasies in bed.
My dear Alex with respect and love to give pleasure in our intimate life.
What do you think of us? Will we be a love couple? Partners in life and ***?
I look forward to your frank words about our relationship.
Your woman is Anastasiya.
Letter 7
Good afternoon my dearest man Alex!
Your letters have filled all my space and I can only think of you my dear Alex!
I think about you constantly! I am striving home to get closer to you Alex!
When I see your letter, I reread it several times and feel like Alex is next to you. I will also love you all my life. I increasingly imagine myself next to you. Trying to understand your world and my presence in it.
My dear Alex, I close my eyes and smell your masculine scent, the smell of my man.
At this moment, my heart rate rises, a sharp rush of blood to my female organs.
Dear Alex, my skin is getting softer and my body wants love so much. Your love Alex!
In my life for so long there was no ****** intimacy with a man.
But now I feel that my body craves our ****** intimacy.
My dear Alex, I think that my body has been at rest for so long because I have been waiting for your appearance in my life.
Now all my intimate fantasies are connected with you Alex!
You are my ideal man and partner, whom I dreamed of from a young age!
Can I write to you about my thoughts and desires that I have in our relations?
Can I find out about your fantasies connected with me and our ****** intimacy?
Dear Alex, what would you like to get from me in *** life when we are around?
I am very interested to understand your desires, to be open to you my man Alex.
I'm waiting for your frank letter. Also send me your photos.
Your woman is Anastasiya.
Letter 8
Hello my one and dear Alex!
Alex, you are a real man! I am pleased with our relationship!
I have heard little words from men, but your words are so gentle and romantic.
I understand that you are serious with me and our relationship is developing.
My dear Alex, I value our union and believe in our strong sympathy for each other. But all my dreams are about a long relationship with you Alex, and about living together.
I am ready to take a serious step for the sake of our relations and a joint future!
But I have never seen you. I don’t even know what you look like in your photograph. I firmly understood that you have become the most coveted man for me!
Dear Alex, I get excited by all your words!
Beautiful Alex, I am fascinated by your attractive appearance!
Courageous Alex, I want to follow you around the world and live a life with you!
I believe your every word and admire you Alex!
You have become very dear to me and dear to my heart!
Now I will prepare for bed, because I get up very early.
I wrote this letter, with the desire to open my soul and tell about all my feelings for you my dear Alex.
I wish you a good evening and good night!
I send you my gentle kiss! Anastasiya.
Letter 9
Hello my beautiful and dear Alex!
My thrill is increasing! My feelings grow for you Alex!
I think more and more about you, my thoughts are only about you Alex!
I am filled with love for you Alex! Maybe I'm too naive, but this is happening to me for the first time.
My dear Alex, for several days now I have been feeling very energetic.
Everything is given to me so easily and naturally. At work, I became less tired and all the chores around the house, I do faster.
A tremendous surge of strength gives me my feelings for you Alex.
So this love appeared to you Alex. I understand that I fell in love with you! I guess I fell in love with you at first sight, at the moment when I saw you Alex in the photo. One way or another, I am experiencing those moments when my heart regained the opportunity to love a man.
I want to write to you Alex that love for you is so pure and beautiful!
Thank! Thank! I say thank you to my dear Alex!
For being on earth! I was able to meet you among people and love you!
I am so grateful to you Alex for all that you do for me!
You give me your love and sincerity. I am so happy in our relationship!
I am infinitely happy! And all this you do and only you, my dear Alex!
Now I will need you Alex! You have become so dear to me and needed!
I will live with thoughts of you Alex, I want to give you all my love!
I am ready to become only your woman and live life just for you Alex! Please answer me! I need you! Anastasiya woman who loves you Alex!
Letter 10
My dear Alex, now I am sitting at home at the computer and feel like a happy woman.
Our relationship has captured all my heart and soul! I love you Alex!
All my joy and love is only your Alex!
During our acquaintance, I managed to fall in love with you Alex!
I truly believe that we will become a loving and discreet couple!
Now I have so many desires and fantasies in my head. All dreams are only about you and me my love Alex!
My dear Alex, I think more and more of our meeting.
And if I leave work for a month or two and come to you Alex in July
I'm interested in your opinion, my love, Alex.
What do you think about if I pack up and come to you in July?
Is it possible for us to spend a lot of time together enjoying a life together?
If I come to the US, will I live in your house, with you Alex?
Lie down together in your bed and wake up in the morning in a warm hug!
Or will I have to check into a hotel? Or do you have any other ideas?
But I really want to be a couple in love not only during the day, but also at night!
When we meet, will you Alex show me the beautiful places of your Illinois city?
I really want to visit Alex with you in such places - Brookfield Zoo, Grant Park, John Hancock Observatory.
And I also dream of visiting the European cafe and cinema.
My love Alex, please let's go at least once to a restaurant!
I would love to walk with you Alex, the romantic place of your city Alex.
I am so inspired by our feelings that I am ready to follow you Alex!
I think I can overcome such a great distance between us, my love Alex.
Please tell me everything you want. I await your opinion with trepidation!
I wish you all the best to you my dear Alex!
Gently kiss and hug you tight Alex!
Your woman in love Anastasiya!
Letter 11
Hello my love, Alex!
This is so awesome! I admire you Alex and your masculine behavior!
You completely convinced me that I will be a happy woman in a relationship with you Alex!
I believe you Alex, I will definitely come to your house!
I really want to be with you Alex! I love you!
You will hold my hand and show your house.
I will listen carefully to you, studying everything that you show me and tell about your life in the US.
I can’t wait to be with you Alex and give my love, only to you dear!
I so much want our meeting! I feel that we are made for each other!
When I find myself in your house, our loneliness will remain beyond the threshold.
We will become the happiest couple! I love you Alex!
My love is Alex, do you have a big bed? I will massage you every day!
I will ask you my love Alex to give me a gentle and pleasant massage.
Will you caress me with your warm and gentle male hands?
We are worthy of each other! We will love, respect and understand!
I love you Alex! Your Anastasiya.
Letter 12
Hello my love Alex!
Now I have come home after work. Today I'm so tired.
I decided to have dinner at the computer and turned on my computer.
My dear, you and I have known each other for so long, but I still haven’t seen how you look!
Please send me your photo and video!
Every time I make sure that you are such a beautiful and courageous person!
Alex, you are beautiful as dawn! You are so seductive, like a sunset!
You are my sun! I love you Alex! You are my perfect man!
I really like reading your sincere letters that caress me and give me your care.
I constantly think that we will soon have the opportunity to meet and be together.
My love Alex, I really want to hug you and not let you go.
Living together and accepting each other as we are. As we are.
I introduce you to Alex as a creation of nature and accept with all my heart!
I believe that between us there is both a spiritual and a physical connection.
My soul is pure and submissive to you Alex! And my body craves intimacy with your body my dear Alex!
But I am afraid of one. Will I be able to part with you Alex, after our long romantic days?
If I’m staying with you Alex for a month or two, we will have high feelings, then how can I leave you alone?
How can I myself live Alex without you in my homeland in Russia?
I will suffer without you and your love at such a great distance!
My love, Alex, now I think that I have a great desire to start a life together with you!
I suggest such an option. In July, I come to you in the US.
We live together and create a serious relationship. If we manage to live in love, respect and understanding!
Then I return to Russia and sell all of my land property and completely move to live with you in the US.
Dear my Alex, I have a very large piece of land, next to the Tosmka region.
I own 13 Hectares of land that have financial value.
In May of this year, entrepreneurs from China came to me and offered to buy my land.
My love Alex, then I refused, because I wanted to stay in Asino for life.
But now I understand that after our meeting with you Alex, I can’t be left in Russia alone without you.
I will be ready to sell all my lands, for the sake of a new life in Europe, my love Alex with you.
I told you Alex my thoughts and about my possibilities, which I have.
Please tell me what you think about our life together!
I love you! I love you Alex! Kiss! Loving Anastasiya.
Letter 13
Hello my gentle and passionate man Alex!
Oh! Oh! I miss you so much Alex! Oh! I love you!
Oh! Your photos! You are so handsome! I love you Alex!
Please write to me more and more about your desires and fantasies!
I am so pleased to realize that you want *** with me!
I love you Alex! I want *** with you Alex!
You are my ideal man and future ****** partner.
I hope that we learn so much in *** together.
Although I’m not at all experienced and modest, Alex’s love for you reveals me and my secret desires for our passion.
I want so much to touch your body and snuggle up to you Alex!
My hands want to touch your man’s chest and shoulders! I want you Alex!
My lips require your kisses! My chest is now filled with desire!
I crave our intimacy and sweet nights together!
But now I have to caress myself, alone.
I'll be waiting for our meeting! I think only of you my man Alex! And what is the United States is not Europe? I love you Alex! I kiss you wherever you want my dear Alex!
The most romantic man from the most in love woman Anastasiya.
Letter 14
Hello my dear! Hello my love Alex!
How much I missed you! How long have I been waiting for the opportunity to write you Alex!
In April, I spent a lot of time at work and almost never came home.
The last few days I was just breaking up at work. My partner left for continuing education.
My dear Alex, so I write so rarely.
But you are constantly in my heart! I love you Alex!
From the moment we met all my thoughts about you Alex, I love you!
In the coming days my colleague will come, my partner, and I will be able to work less and begin to deal with paperwork for traveling to the US.
I promise you my dear Alex that I will do everything so that we can meet in July!
I am your faithful and loving woman who decided to come to Europe with her man Alex!
So far, I don’t know exactly how long it will take for me to meet.
But I know for sure that our meeting will give an opportunity to confess to me my feelings for you my man Alex!
I love you! I hope that we will create a happy married couple!
And our intimate life will be constant and diverse, like a paradise for two!
My love Alex, I want to know with you all the ****** charms of life!
I want you to be so affectionate with me that I feel like a satisfied woman with my beloved man!
I ask you Alex, please teach me to have *** with you so that you are pleased with me!
Our intimate life is just around the corner and very soon we will plunge into the pleasures and pleasures of living together!
I will become a woman guest in your house, and we will do f... where we want!
I love you Alex! I want beautiful and passionate days and nights with you my dear Alex!
Your woman Anastasiya, who asks for fire from her man.
Letter 15
Thank you for your letter!
Alex in the last letter I told you about my plans.
And I expected from you some kind of commentary or other actions.
But it seems to me that you are never going to meet with me!
It feels like you just use mona for the time being!
And when Alex comes that time, we will meet with you or I need your help, you just say that you are not outside!
I wrote to you that I want a married couple and that I do not know at what time it is to come to you.
And you never answered me!
You said I have blue eyes!
Don't you notice that this is not so! Did you even see my photos?
I have brown eyes! If you still communicate with other women, then do not write to me anymore.
I do not want to have a relationship with a man who enjoys multi-way!
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