Scam letter(s) from Maria Ibrahim to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my beloved Friend,
How are you today?, l hope you are fine, I am Maria, 26 years old, fair in complexion, loving, caring, honest and faithful in life, i like singing, socialism and making funny jokes to make a happy life, I like to meet some one who I can confide on, faithful and trusted friend indeed and I believe our communication will end up successfully with joy of celebration, I can't wait to unveil my life predicaments to you so that you come in for quick assistance for life's sake, i am bored since I found myself in this bad environment, it is very painful in my soul to tell you that i am an orphan, i don't no my biological parents but Mr Ibrahim Jean Emeneya known as 'King Kester' from Congo republic adopted me from motherless babies home to give me parental guide and kept me in their community home in Congo to take care of his domestic things while he lived in France until death took him away on February 20, 2019 after brief illness, then I began to wander without any helper till today, truly, the life has been so miserable and difficult to me after his death because of the hatred from their family. Meanwhile, according to Mr Ibrahim Jean Emeneya's 'will' red by his family lawyer after his funeral, he deposited ( $6.7 Million Dollars) at one of the international banks in Europe, immediately this fund was mentioned in my name with the certificates given to me by the lawyer,their family became angry as a result of I being a partaker of his inheritance, and later they conspired together to **** me so that they will possess the fund hence I have no body that will ask for my life but God said No that i will be alive till today, then I considered the misfortune, the life's risk pressure on my neck by the family and the often crisis of rebel's attack and daily killing of people in Congo and rapping young beautiful ladies every where in Congo without restriction, therefore i decided to run way with the documents to take asylum here in a church of Red Cross Center under United Nations Refugee Authority as a refugee where I am writing to you with the Reverend Pastor Ruben's church office computer because i have no body else again in this world except now that I want you to be my every thing in life . Truly, my life has been so ridiculous, there is no food to eat, no good water to drink,the oxygen we are breathing is polluted because of bad environment,but now I have made the Bank to be aware of Ibrahim Jean Emeneya's death and my plans to recover the inheritance, but the bank refused because of my refugee statues saying that it is against their bank law to deal business transaction with a refugee but the bank advised me to find a free person, husband or business partner that will stand as my trustee with them in other for them to first transfer the money into the person's account after then I will possess and secure my inheritance easily from the person, base on the above explanations, I would want you to stand on my behalf as my trustee at the bank to enable the bank transfer my inherited fund into your account so that you can withdraw some money from it and send to me to pay my refugee freedom dues and pay for processing of my traveling documents to come and meet you over there to live for the rest of my life, my dear,it is my solemn pleasure to tell you all these secrete because I know that our relationship is a divine connection as God may want to exercise his miraculous hand upon our lives and prove my adversaries that he is merciful, please consider the bad condition I am in despite the inheritance involve and help me with all your heart,i gave you this offer out of faith and trust from the deep of my heart hoping that you will not betray me, I have in mind that upon my arrival after the fund has being transferred into your account you will help me to invest in a movable business,buy a good stock market, and establish a production company to employ people to help reduce the rates of jobless people in your country and to build a charity organization home to help the poor masses in your county while I have decided to map out 35% out of the total amount for your well done work immediate the fund is recovered into your account, therefore , make sure that you keep this secrete to yourself only ,i don't want to loss my life and the money because this place i am living with my documents is not safe, i will like you to call me through the phone number ( +221706130779 ) for me to hear your voice and tell you more things you need to know, you are free also to contact the pastor Johnson at his email address if you want to ask him about me ( )
Finally,With the assurance given after going through this mail, then reply me with sending your photo, your phone number, your address for me use them to nominate you to the bank and also I will give you the Bank account details and contact of the finance bank where the fund is deposited for you to contact them directly in regard of the transfer .I will stop here for now, take good care of yourself while waiting to hear from you soon.
With all my love,
Your Maria.
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