Scam letter(s) from Charlotte Ranson to Charles (USA)

Letter 1
Dearest Beloved, Thank you very much for your kind reply again and your willingness to see that my last wish is accomplished. Your response to me, gives me more relief and hope to live again, to God be the glory.

I want to let you know that I have forwarded your personal details to the BANK with Authorization Letter, letting the First Citizens Bank of AMERICA know about you as the person i want my money to be released to, as my new beneficiary before anything happens to me, so that they can officially proceed by attending to you for the immediate release of this money to you.

I have to be honest to tell you that i have never in my life trusted anyone like this before as i have trusted in you and in my spirit, i can feel it that i can trust you very well to be my beneficiary and receive this my husband money for this charity work for God before i will die.

I want you to always remember the reason why i am doing this is because of my present health condition and i am afraid as the doctor has advised me that i am not going to leave long from now on. So my beloved, in everything i am directing you to do now, do it for me as a family because you are now all i have at this time and i will not like to be disappointed or failed by you.

I want you to contact the Bank immediately and find out what will be the procedure and to get the fund transfer to your account before anything happens to me.

Below is the Bank's contact, contact them with this deposit documents so that they will know that am the one that send you ok:
Here is the email address of the bank:
Chairman of the Board:- Anthony Isidore Smart
Email - (
Bank's telephone No :- +12139082727.

All you need to do is to contact the Bank and follow there instructions to enable them commence the transfer immediately and forward this deposit slip to the bank as proof and follow everything they will direct you to do.

Always update me about the transfer so that i can know when the money will be transferred into your account. Immediately After the transfer of the fund to your account, if i am still alive, i will invite you to come and visit me, so that we can see each other face to face before i will die.

Please all you have to do for me now is to make sure that you get this money as fast as possible before anything will happen to me because my condition is getting critical more and more everyday. I am now confident so much in you with all my heart and i want you to handle everything for me as i am directing you.

Please always pray for me and keep me updated as soon as you contact the Bank for the fund transfer. May God be with you and your family.

Your's Beloved Sister,
Mrs. Charlotte Ranson.
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