Scam letter(s) from Aida Ada to Jack (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, my friend.I'm 30 years old. I went to a marriage Agency. I said I didn't want to build relationships with Russian men. And the Agency advised you to start searching in your country. That's how I met you.I really like talking to you. I'm sorry I can't answer you right away. I work hard. And I get home very late. When I have time at work, I write you letters. I'm glad we're getting to know each other better.
I work as an accountant for a small construction company. Where do you work? I have a best friend. You can see in the photo I sent you . We spent our childhood with her. She's like a sister to me. And it helps me to take their photos. Works as a professional photographer. We always communicate with her, and she supports me in life.
My height is 168 cm, Weight 51 kg. it's Nice to realize that for a man, the main thing is love. I think that love needs feelings and actions that we do.
I appreciate the honesty in men, and courage. My man must be wise and passionate. I am a strong girl, but my man with whom I can be a soft and gentle woman. What do you value in women?
Tell me.
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend Jack. I think we both like our communication. Isn't it?
I want to tell you why I chose you. I hope you have read my letters carefully. I said I was from Russia. I'm not attracted to Russian men because they drink a lot of alcohol. And they are disgusting towards girls. And they lie all the time. That's why I went to a marriage Agency and started searching the Internet. But to my surprise, there are also many people on the Internet who are trying to cheat. And impersonating other people. I can't stand lies. Some people I met just asked me for obscene photos. That's not why I'm here.And I want to ask you to do the same for me. I ask you to treat me with understanding. I just want to make sure that you are who you say you are. Thank you in advance.
As I promised, I attach along with this email a video from the training session and my photos with my coach.
Your Lilya.
Letter 3
Hello my friend. In my last email, I sent you a short video of my workout. And I asked you to make a little video for me, too. This doesn't mean that I'm asking you to go to the gym and record me a video of your workout. I'm asking you to make any video that you can make for me. Only not intimate content, I do not welcome this.
Letter 4
Hello my sweet Jack. I am very pleased to receive Your letter. You make me feel better with your messages.
Nothing can replace communication in real life, I would like to dream and hope you don't mind? Just imagine that you and I are walking in the Park. You and I go to the movies for any interesting movie. Or when we have dinner at a restaurant or just at home and do household chores. Just imagine. Do you have any favorite movies? What kind of music do you prefer? I like all kinds of music, especially Rihanna. Sometimes I like to listen to the classics, but it's very soothing. I don't prefer certain specific movies. I can watch science fiction, horror, if my friend is nearby, Comedy, melodrama. But I really like the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean". This is a film about love and adventure. This makes sense. Did you watch it? I love cooking. I can always make a delicious dinner. I will always be a good person who lifts my mood. Have you tried a Dish that I love, called borscht. This is a soup that is made from meat and vegetables. This is a very flavorful dish. What a pity that the person who gives me a smile and a good mood is so far away from me. Do you want to have dinner with me? Can you share your opinion with me? Kiss Lilya P.S I hope that you will send me your photos in the next email
Letter 5
jack why didn't you write to me for so long? it's been a month.
Letter 6
Hi,honey.I woke up in the morning in a very good mood. I was pleased with your letter and the weather outside. My life changes every day we meet for the better. I can't stop thinking about our meeting. I didn't think I'd be so happy to talk to you. Share your thoughts and tell us about your life. I was wrong. I often think about our first meeting with you. After all, this step can change our lives.
What do you think about it? Share with me how your day went, what do you do? This is all very interesting for me . I am very interested to hear about moments in your life. I'm not a young girl and I always say what's in my heart. I think you're more than a friend. I have very strong feelings for you. I think about you all the time... Kiss you Jack
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