Scam letter(s) from Caroline Kelven to Nick (USA)

Letter 1
How are you doing today? How is Your Day Been so Far? Well I really do not know where to begin, I am a spiritual Christian, I am in no way close to being perfect but I do work at striving to be the best I can be. I will attempt to give you some insight as to whom I am and into my character. I do not have time for games, just wanting to be loved and give my love. I am a good Lady. Let me describe what I am talking about. " A Good Lady " is proud of who she is. her respects herself & others. I am aware of who I am. I neither seeks definition from the man I am with, nor do I expect are to read my mind. I am quite capable of articulating my needs.. I am strong enough to make my dreams reality. I know love, therefore I give love. I realize that my love has great value & should be reciprocated. If my love is taken for granted, it soon will fade away. Am a good woman knows God. I understands my past, present and future. I know that with God all is possible, however without God I will just be played.. I do not live in fear of the future because of my past, instead, I understand that my life experiences are merely lessons, meant to bring me closer to God, self awareness, & unconditional love.While not exhaustive, the following fundamental qualities is what I seek in a relationship.Are you committed? The core of the word committed means "binder" or "pledge" therefore, you we should be capable of living up to it's meaning. We should demonstrate a lifestyle of FIDELITY in words, actions,and deeds. Simply stated, your words should be backed by your actions. Are we compatible? Compatibility isn't necessarily about having identical personalities, as differences can compliment each other. However it is more about the importance of establishing the essentials. Initially, do we share similar core values? A common thread should be our spiritual belief system. Next, do we have similar lifestyles? Do we have a common balance when it comes to God, friends, finances, and social interest?Are you trustworthy? Honoring promises is high on my list of requirements in being a person of integrity. If you are trustworthy, you will seek to respect your words and actions, and live thru them. The foundation of any good relationship begins with trust. If you honor your words, you are a priceless asset.Are you faithful? A person who possesses this quality will demonstrate an allegiance towards God, and each other. In any environment, whether private or social, your standards remain stable and consistent. This character quality is a necessity towards building a solid relationship. It is not an option, but mandatory.Are you giving? This quality is not about giving material gifts, but about selfless behavior. You should be centered on giving of yourself and putting others first. You should demonstrate sensitivity towards others and have the ability to act upon it. Most notably, we should promote opportunities for growth and support of each other. We should relish in the fact of watching each other grow. I hope this gives you a little insight as to the person I am. Kids, I love kids, as you Know i have 2 and kids love me. They are our future!! as My son is One of my Precious Future, Tell me about you. Much love, respect and blessings. So please get back to me and tell me more about yourself too if you like what you have just read about me
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