Scam Letter(s) from Elena Yelyanova to Daryl (USA)

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Letter 1

Greetings my lovely Daryl!

How are you today? I missed you very much! I reread your letters, I understand yours English well enough. Today I tried to recollect, why I have written to you. I do not know... It was as a whiff of wind, as movement of energy invisible to us. I should say I trust my feelings very much!

I write only to you, I like to write very much to you!! And do you write to other women? Please tell to me how you like to spend time? I have a small apartment, cosy and I like to have friends in and to sit in the kitchen!! It is very cheerful, when all of us gather and we drink tea. We joke, we recollect different stories, I am a cheerful person. Yesterday I told my friends that I got acquainted with you. Friends understand me and say, that if we are born for one another there should not be any doubts about our choice. Is it true that in the USA you are all sport fans and you frequently go to see sporting competitions? In Russia it is dangerous to go on sports competitions, there are a lot of fans and they drink much beer and get drunk, and then they start to shout, swear, and sometimes fights begin.

My former husband from the start was tender and kind, but he started to drink alcohol and bring home drunk friends. I worried very much and spoke to him, that it is not necessary to drink alcohol, but he did not listen, but only shouted and beat me. Then he started to use drugs, I could not sustain it and left him. I am afraid of men from Russia, they drink much and sometimes beat women.

I cannot imagine my life without sport, I visit swimming pool 3 times a week. I was professionally engaged in badminton, I was engaged in it since early childhood, but I play it only with my friends now, after that I together with my friends go to the sauna (it sounds "banya" in Russia), it is our tradition, it is so funny! We do it every weekend.

I got a letter today, it was from my school friend Masha. Buy the way, she have met a foreign man, he was from England. She moved to him, and they got married! I did not believe, that 2 people can meet each other, and fall in love, begin relations, and create a perfect family! But they have done it! She is happy now, and we keep corresponding regularly. She helped me to make my first step, you know, this step is the most difficult, so I decided to search for my best half in the Internet:) I think, that it was a perfect idea, because we began our conversation, and it means a beginning of strong relations, and may be, new feeling between us. What do you think?

Yours Natalia

Letter 2

My dearest Daryl!

How are you today? I'm fine, and everything is alright in my life. I hope, that you are alright too. I feel very, very attached to you! I decided to write this letter about more serious matters which is necessary to help us to understand each other better. I want to tell to you, that my only wish is to build a strong foundation for a long everlasting relations. My wish is to have with you a balanced relation based on mutual respect and love. I think, no, I know, I can learn from you. My heart and mind is open for all you have to offer. I can't deny, that I am very attached to you, because I think you are a very nice man. I dream about having you in my arms, being able to kiss you. Forgive me for being so open! Simply, my intentions are very serious.

Oh, this is a good news that you don't drink and don't use drugs, this is really good!
I did not get a chance to watch Super Bowl unfortunately, because our tv don't show it... But I hope that one day I could see it. So, as I can understand you saw it? Yes? It was exciting?
You ask me about fate, I think that it is possible that I and you are destined to each other.

My dear, i have some bad news about your request to talk. To put a phone to a flat need 3-4 months. I Has risen in turn on installation of the phone only one month ago.. I am so sorry for that we cannot talk online on the phone(((( But i will try to do something with this. I really want to hear your voice!

I talked with my mother, she came to visit me yesterday. She is very glad, that I started relations with you. By the way, I did not tell you about my family. I lived with my mother all my childhood, I want to ask you, not to ask me about my father, because this topic is very unpleasant for me. I have no sisters or brothers, I am the one child in family. I had ordinary, but at the same time very good and happy childhood, my mother treated me with all her care and tenderness. I love her very much, and she is my best friend, I have no secrets from her. I'm always open for her opinion, I trust her, and she told me, that she is happy, that I want to connect my life with man from another country, because I won't make her mistake in this case.

I want to say to you, that feelings, that slept in me for a long time, are waking up now. I think about you constantly: at work, in the morning, in the evening, before I go to sleep. It is so amazing! I wait for your letters, I miss you and your letters. I don't send you new pictures of me, if you want to see more, just ask me.

Your Natalia

Letter 3

My dearest Daryl!

You make me happy! Your letters are like a present to me. I close my eyes, and I feel you in my arms, I would like to spend all my days with you, and I hope, that one day, I'll spend all of them with you. This night, I couldn't sleep. You've come in my dream, in my thoughts. You've come in my mind, in my night, and I dreamed to hold you in my arms, I dreamed that you're by me, taking my hand. I feel my heart is missing without you, without your presence the light appears black, and I feel an emptiness in my life, in my skin, in my spirit. I dream about you, and I don't sleep. I wait for our meeting like for the end of a tunnel, the tunnel of my life, and on this end, I can see a bright gleam. This gleam is you. Your image gleams like a possible hope, a fairy story, a fairy dream. I'm seeing this bright gleam, and I want to run in its direction. I don't want you to stay only an idle fancy, I want you to become real, my reality. I want to share my life with you, to share my laugh and my tears, to share all my emotions and my feelings, my joys and my pains, my hopes and my despairs. And of course, I want, that you share everything with me, your thoughts, yours desires, everything. Would you like to share your life with me, would you like to give me the right to love you all your life?
Honey my adress is:
Geroya Popova st. 35/1 apt. 62
My full name us Natalia Nozdrina
What about international phone cards , today I ask about this and people told me that this cards will not work here...
My city is 450 km from Moskow.
I want a man to be respective towards his family and wife. I want him to help her in household. I do not say that he has to do everything about the house since it is wife who has to do it. Just sometimes she also needs help. I want to have some time to ourselves with the man I love when we have children. At least, once a month when there are only us.
I don't like it when men wear same shoes at home that they wear outside. I don't like them to throw their socks all over the house and things like that.
Dear Daryl please, give me permission to love you, to kiss you, to caress you, to give you all my tenderness and my heart. I read your letters, I close my eyes, and I give free vent to my imagination, and I see you flying to me, taking my hand, and you come back with me in your arms. You and me, flying under the stars, through the continents, around the world, around our world, in love, only in love. You are invading my heart and my mind. You're so great, so... I don't find the good word, I don't find enough words. With impatience I wait for your answer.

I dream of you day and night, yours forever, Natalia.

Letter 4

My love Daryl!

Now I absolutely have no doubts, that my intentions are very serious. Thank you for taking the time to write me, If you only knew how happy your letters make me. Thank you for being so sweet. Every day I find myself, spending more time thinking of you. Every day, before go sleep, I imagine our first meeting. How I come from airport, and I see you at the first time. I really can't imagine how many emotions I'll feel, because even thinking about it, my heart beating is becoming faster and faster. It seems to me, that I did not want anything in my life, as to meet you. My dear Prince, your letters are pure inspiration to me. I want to see you, and tell you, that I miss you more and more as the days pass. I want you to be my happiness for ever. A lot of time has passed, I feel nervous, because I think that love has finally found me, can this be Love? Yes. My inner feelings never lie.

I think of the future, many years from now and I see you and me, together, married, our family, I know it may sound a kind of silly, but it is my dream, you are my dream, a life by your side. My dear Daryl, I wonder how will it feel to have you in my arms, to kiss you, to love you. It makes me crazy, no, YOU make me crazy!

I can stay with you 6 months, then if I won't want to come back (or if we'll be married), I'll be able to stay with you, and do everything for new visa or something else from USA. I already got a passport, so I have it, and I need only to buy ticket and visa. I need 350 $ for visa, and exams for getting it. And I need about 1200 - 1400 $ for tickets, it depends on a date of my arrival. I think, that we have to divide charges, because my mother saved some money (600 $), and she told me, that she wants to give me a present: to help me to come to you, because she knows, how much I want it. My dear, so, I need 950 $ now, may be I have to pay more, but for getting visa, I have to pre-pay for tickets 1200 $. I hope, that it'll be a good news for you, as for me, because nothing can prevent us to be together.

Forever yours Natalia

Letter 5

My loved Daryl, how are you today? I hope that you are well. I am fine, except that i miss you so very, very much. I thank you ever so much for writing me such a lovely letter again. I love the way you say each and every word. You really know how to make me feel so much hotter inside, which makes me want you even more still. Please do not stop! I want you to please continue writing me this way! My heart is just burning with the love and the extreme passion that i have for you! You are the one i have been searching for all my life! Loved, you definitely bring forth new meaning to the word LOVE! I really, and truely am so madly in love with you right now, that i am just burning red hot inside with all my love and passion that i am feeling inside for you! You give life new meaning for sure! You are the one that i want to share the rest of my life with! I want to share everything with you! I want us to grow old together! You are my Prince for all of eternity. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART! I mean it very much. I promise to love, honor, and to cherish you from this day forward until death do us part.
All my pictures was taken by my friend (her name is Luba).I'm not a model, and I have never been her :)
I have a birthday 15 January. And now I'm 29 years old.
Honey I shall call you next week , ok?
By the way honey.... what about my previous letter to you? What do you think about all things what I told you?? Will you help me? You mean that much to me and more! I just thought you should know! Well, that is about it for now my loved. Until next time, please stay well. I will see you in my dreams. I will be thinking about you. Lots of hugs and kisses always, love Natalia!

Letter 6

My lovely Daryl!

I love you honey, like a bee I am drawn to your nectar, like an insect trapped in your web, like a pearl in the oyster, like the moon in the sky, My every waking thought is of you. Every dream is of you. I want to walk with you and hold your hand, my arm around your waist. I want the world to want to have a love like mine; every woman will be jealous and want a man like you. But too bad for them because you are with me, I am the proudest woman in the world because I have you. I could endure immeasurable pain and suffering for you. But I want have to because just thinking of you puts me on a plane above everyone else. I cannot wait till we are together…. I Love You! I love your picture; it help me know that there is a real person on the other end of this computer. But of course also because there is a beautiful person inside and out on the other end that I have fallen madly in love with. You know I fantasize about making love with you, but I also think sometimes of just holding you and watching TV, or walking in the park with you hand in hand. Falling asleep with you in my arms and waking up to see your beautiful face in the morning. All these things I wait for because I know they will happen, I love you and am missing you also. More than words can say. I will honor and cherish you forever.

Forever yours Natalia

Letter 7

My lovely Daryl, i think that you did't understand the mail thing in our tradition! I have to come to your HOME FIRST, and only then we can come to my home. If you don't like this tradition, and you don't respect it, then i am sorry, but we will need to wait till our meet come true, becausei will save the money, what i need to make my arrival to you in reality! I know, that to make this happen i will need may be one year, may be longer, but if you don't trust me to send the money, then i hope, you will start to trusting to me, when i come to your house, and kiss you!!!
I love you my prince, and letter from you is always pleasure for me! I am wait it with impatience!
Forever yours Natalia

PS I can call you... I find a one way for this.

Letter 8

So honey? I don't understand you.... will you allow our tradition or no? If yes, so, when we will meet? Please answer to this questions...

With love, forever yours Natalia



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