Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Belyakova to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
Hello! How are you? I hope you are OK and you will be happy to give your reply my letter. I am very much excited that Iâ?™ve got a chance to to get in contact with you. I am Karina. Probably you have guessed where I come from judging by my name. I am from a large beautiful state Russia. My age is 35. Iâ?™m searching for a man for good aminty and probably for meaningful relations. If you liked me and got interested in me, I will be happy to see your letter. I hope you will not allow the lonely woman to get bored. I will impatiently wait for your message as fast as you can. If you respond me, I will send you more images of me. Thus we will be able to see each other much better and get to know each other more closely. I hope you will also send me your image and tell me about yourself. Iâ?™d be delighted to know more information about you. I wish you an excellent day and cheerful spirit. Interested? Please answer ONLY to my regular mail
Letter 2
Today weather cold here.
The sun very seldom appears between clouds, but your letters for me as bright beams of the sun in this grey world!
Your letter has warmed my heart. Sayed, I am very happy and happy to receive news from you today!
Your letters always force me to feel much better.
I wish to tell to you, that you very fine and are remarkable the man. For me you the unique man with whom I wish to build my destiny.
I love to you more and more with each new your letter. I do not know our future, but I think, that sometimes people do not use possibility which are given to them by destiny.
I think, that all people have possibility to build the future, Our life really is sometimes very unfair, and every day we should that that to choose, that that to lose...
I do not wish to lose you, I wish to be with you as my heart prompts to me, that only with you I on the present will be happy. And you also will be happy with me. I am now really very happy!!!
Yesterday, before to go to a bed, I thought of you when I have undressed, and have laid down in a bed, I thought of you when I have closed eyes, I have seen your person and when I have woken up, I thought of you!!! At me than feeling was never stronger and more passionate than now!!! Every second, and each section of my body I think of you!!! Every day you more and more occupy my thoughts. You have similar sensations? For me I am very important to know how much is expensive to you, and that you feel, when read my letters!!!
I think of you constantly. When I slept, I had again a dream, and you were final the protagonist of my dream!
All night long you were before my eyes. I felt you, touched you. This dream was so real, that even now it seems to me that I sleep, and my dream is there was a real life! I am now very serious, I even having pinched myself some times that "will wake up" and to be again with you.
Now I certainly understand, that it was only a dream!!! I wish to tell to you, that I really feel very strong and serious feeling to you.
And I wish to inform, that we should meet each other. You, also as well as aspire to embrace me! Our meeting will be very important in our lives.
You agree with me? I have insuperable desire to meet you in a real life!!!
I believe, that it can be possible! It is a real thing! To me yesterday there has arrived my mum. I am always happy and very much I rejoice to the moments when I can see mum.
She lives far from a city, and I can sometimes see it when it arrives to me or when I can visit her.
I very much love my mum!
We as usually during long time went on an evening city, I like to go in the evening after work on a city.
We spoke about our friends and the acquaintance very much.
And, naturally, we spoke about me and about my private life.
And as you most the loved one for me though I nevertheless did not meet you, we spoke about you.
I talked to my mum and the daddy about our mutual relations. I have told it that I wish to visit you. I asked them for suggestions, and they have told to me, that it is very good idea to meet you at you!
My mum with small excitement spoke about forthcoming travel, but she very much loves me, and has wished me and you the big good luck.
It is very good when parents bless children, and I am very happy, because you have very much liked my parent.
I have specially made your photo, and this photo to be now at my place, on a table. I look every morning at you!
My mum asked me that I have transferred you its best regards.
I consulted on friends how it is better to travel to other country, but all who travelled speak me that travel very expensive pleasure :(
I very much hope that to i can to save enough money, and to i can to find the cheap ticket as if I will not have not enough money I cannot arrive to you.
My mum very much worried and at first even has refused flatly to release me to you.
But, I know, that is obliged to visit you because I cannot live if I will not meet you and nobody can hold me now here.
Even one day spent with you, will be for me paradise pleasure!
Road Sayed, I very modest and obedient daughter, but sometimes I - am unshakable in decisions.
Possibly this character trait has been transferred me from my father. Also could persuade mum, and it even encourages me now.
I will travel to you soon as I love you, and I cannot remain more in loneliness.
I know, that you the fine man and the best person living on this part of our planet are YOU!!!
And you have won my heart, and now I only yours. In your hands the most expensive and valuable, that I have - my soul!!!
And you have won my heart as I cannot sleep now in general - I think of you constantly.
My soul to aspire to you, it already with you, and only my body here because it is incapable to overcome distance dividing us... In difference from my soul!
I am not capable to understand, that occurs to me now only about you my dreams, and of a meeting in real!
I know, we will be together!!!
Tomorrow, as soon as I will clear up, is final if I can fall asleep, I will go that Tomorrow I will learn more about forthcoming travel, and I will write in more details about it!
I the optimist, and I hope that we can meet you next month. And it is possible even earlier, if I is capable to find enough money!!
I believe, that our meeting will help us to learn us better and much more close!
I am assured, that I wish to meet you Sayed. I feel, that you became more closer to me.
And I wish to tell to you three words of love. But, I can while only to write in the letter I LOVE YOU!!!
I trust that will be very fast day when I can say these words, and to i can to hear your words, looking in your eyes!!!
You should understand, that I wish to tell now! For last two days I set of times represented our first meeting
I really wish to see you, to speak with you, gently to hold your hands and to look in your eyes.
This letter very sincerely is possible, but I hope that you will understand everything, that I wish to tell!
A little it is difficult to me to find replacement of Russian words which I wish to tell to you, but I know that you perfectly understand me, and feel my mood in it an instant while I write these lines! Very perfectly when two loving hearts Become uniform and indestructible!
My soul always is opened also you likely has noticed that I am often very frank, but I cannot differently though me other really to have to pay expensively for my frankness …
I always speak truly and I do not love, when people lie. I hate it! And you like me, because you also are very fair and frank with me! Sayed, I think, that we have real chance to try to be closer!
I think, that we should try to use this chance. Probably it is our destiny!
I will look forward your answer, you should know, that I think only of you now!
I wish to tell to you Sayed, you be my love, I believe, that you and I will speak more frankly about our feelings.
I wish to tell to you about everything, that is in my heart and in my head now.
I do not know, how write it in words, but I try to explain it to you now, and I hope, that you can understand me
Today here - the cold wind, also would not be desirable to leave the house on street at all, and only thoughts on you warm me, I feel, that you - my favourite.
My heart wins faster when I dream of our meeting in the future.
Last night I had dream of us. It was the remarkable dream. We were together and spoke much.
I do not remember, where we were, but it was not important for me.
I was very silent, and I even heard as you breathe! It was the happiest instant in my life, it was so real...
Then we have arrived to the house, we had dinner with candles.
Then we have arrived to a bedroom, but it was the final moment which I remember.
To that-that I have woken up, I was so happy, and my heart knocked very often.
I have understood, that it was only the dream, but it was so real...
I think, that this dream has the important value for me. Probably it is a sign?
I do not know. But I really know, that I love you Sayed all my heart!
I really would like that this dream which I saw, would be real sometime! You would like it Sayed?
My your heart Sayed, I speak it to you, to that-that I love you!!!!!!!
I speak to you about my feelings, and I am assured, that you should know about it!!!
I never could even think of that that I will so is enamoured in you, but I am very very happy that we are familiar with you!!!
I think, that we should meet, I know how to make it. I will think and I will find out about it,
I think of you as about the unique man with whom there is my future. Without you my life … cannot proceed. Only with you!!!
I know, that we should meet and be with each other. I love you Sayed, please do not forget it feel fire of my heart, and I think, that we should use this chance,
If you feel too most as I!!!
I wish to tell to you Sayed, please ask your heart, what it feels? What speaks you your heart?
Also give me the answer. I will look forward your answer.
If you are enamoured also, it is very perfectly!!! I understand, that you can reject me, but I love you anyhow.
You the unique man of whom I can think!!! Yes, I love you Sayed, and force of my love is boundless!
I thank the God, that I have written to you and have found the perfect man,
I searched for you all life Sayed.
I am very raised and boundless is happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always yours Karina !
Letter 3
Hello my love Sayed !!! Thanks for the photo with the parrots! Are they called perokeets? I also want to feed perokeets from my hand !!! I like to feed the birds!
thanks for hi! I said your hello to parents !!!! my parents are very happy !! and also say hello to you!
I am very happy to see your letter today !!!!
My feelings for you are endless, my heart is filled with love for you, and I feel a passion for you!
I love you very much, and I constantly think about you, I love You,
When I walk down the street, I think of you, I imagine that we will walk along these beautiful streets,
I dream of our meeting, and I am ready to do everything to meet you!
Nothing can prevent our meeting, and no one can prevent us from meeting.
I talked to my mom, and she told me that I must meet you,
Our meeting is necessary for us, I love you more than life.
In the last letter I promised you to learn in detail about the journey to you!
I met a beautiful girl with whom I studied at the university and she sincerely decided to help me!
she traveled a lot and knows everything about the rules and documents necessary for travel !!!
I told her about you and that we want to meet!
I talked to her for a very long time, and now I know everything, and I know how to do all the documents correctly and quickly.
I need to make a visa, medical certificate and of course you need to buy a ticket!
I can also make a visa and all my documents in order to travel to you in two weeks or even faster !!! But for me, money is needed now ...
To make a visa and all my documents you need 180 evro or even a
little more, and also 360 evro costs an air ticket.
In general, according to a preliminary calculation, I need 540 evro. Probably for you it is not a very large amount of money, but for me it is a lot of money.
I have some money, but my savings are very small and I am not able to pay for the journey ...
I also have no close friends from whom I could take so much money ...
Now I am a little disappointed, and I have no idea where I can find so much money. I really hope that you will help me.
When I think of you, my heart begins to beat much more often, Only you exist in my heart, only you think at nights.
With a shiver, I wait a moment when I can touch you Sayed, I imagined a thousand times the moment when I could see you for the first time .....
you are standing with flowers and waiting for me ... you are smiling. I run to you, not paying attention to people around me ....
You are coming to me faster and faster, you gently, but tightly hug me, passionately kiss my lips,
and I tell you, without stopping, as I love you Sayed, and you also cannot stop, and also tell me about feelings,
And we walk together in the city together, and we speak without stopping about love, about us ...
And we do not notice how the night comes .. then dawn ....
This is my dream, I represented our meeting differently. How do you imagine our meeting Sayed ???
Do you feel a genuine shiver? When I think about our meeting, I become very very good,
And a pleasant shiver in the base of the abdomen ... and you ??? what do you feel, what feelings do you have when you think about me, about yours?
I differently represent our meeting, but I do not know where and when we will meet,
I want to come to you Sayed. I am only sure that we will meet very soon!
I can't suffer anymore, it is necessary for me to see you, to hear your breath,
I love you very very very much and I want to be with you!
My heart belongs to you and only to you! Your Karina
Letter 4
Thank you very much for your letter, my love for you is extremely strong,
and becomes even stronger with every letter I receive from you!
You make me very happy.
I love you very much and it makes my heart full of joy.
I want to be near you, I want to be with you every minute, every day, every night ...
I really want you to show me Hyde Park and you and I will be walking there! Yes, I want to see these birds and feed them with you !!
Thank you for helping you travel to you !!! Many thanks!!! You are a real gentleman!
This is good news! because I can start to draw up documents !!! Now, to go to the travel agency to collect documents and book airline tickets, you need money! Yes, if you can help with the money now, then I will start making documents! You can now make a money transfer so that I start making documents! thanks Sayed!
Yes, can you help 540 euros?
I give my bank details: my address
first name: KARINA
last name: GAYDAMAKINA
City: Arkhangelsk
street Lenina, house number 8-4.
Russia here is my bank account:
first name: KARINA
last name: GAYDAMAKINA
(Account number) IBAN: 40817978326084008487
Name of Bank: VTB Bank Everything was perfect today. I was also in excellent mood because of you, because I love you very much,
and I was so happy because I am now reading your letter, and it is so wonderful that I love you and you love me!
I miss you very much, I always think about you, I wish that we could be together soon, and so exciting
just as each line of your letter makes me happy, to me, also each of your words is a source, a particle of happiness.
Just like for you, for me the world is becoming much brighter, much kinder,
much cleaner with each of your wonderful and beautiful letters. And I also feel that everything is fine,
I feel so much love for you. Only with you I will be happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My heart is with you, my soul is with you, they were also always with you, but I, like you, I did not know until now.
And now, so amazing that we found each other.
Just like you, I am also happy, and even much more than happy, my life also finally made sense,
I feel it in my heart, in my soul, we are destined for each other I always imagine that I'm close to you! I love you very much, emotions I feel for you.
Just like you, I also feel much better when I feel you near me in my heart, in my soul,
when i think of you !! Only you and I - we are together, it will be fantastic, it will be the best in my life.
My dearest and beloved, I look forward to your very letters, my heart belongs only to you !!!
you are in every part, in every atom of my heart, my soul, I really will be very tender with you,
with your kind heart
and my heart also belongs to you! I want to talk to you, talk to you every day, all week long.
I love you very much, MY LOVE FOR YOU IS EXTREMELY STRONG !!!!
I look forward to your letter with great love. I LOVE YOU FOREVER!
Karina !!!
Letter 5
I perfectly understood you my beloved!
But only you do not know that when you take a selfie in front of a mirror, the image of my record on a piece of paper is turned over!
Try it yourself to take a selfie with my name! and you will see that my name will be written the other way! here! do you know the properties of a mirror?
Therefore, I got such a selfie, your name and I love you the other way (mirror image)! !
I love you!
Letter 6
sorrySayed! Thank you for your letter. Yes, you wrote it right. Life makes you become so ((
Yes, I hurt you. Now I will explain why.
I am writing to you, and sadness is on my face. I do not want to complain about problems. but I cannot keep silent about it.
you yourself know, now there is a big problem because of the Covid 19 virus all over the world. The whole city froze. The situation is not the best in Russia as well.
I do not leave home. and I don’t have the opportunity to make money. Since many organizations do not work, but which work cannot take on new employees.
Only grocery stores, household chemical stores, banks and medical care work.
I spend all the time in my apartment. and I am very worried about my health. I comply with quarantine.
I am very worried because I will soon have no money to buy food. And I can’t make money.
Today I cried all morning and thought what should I do. I am very upset. I am very sorry to have to tell you about this.
Government demands - people sit at home! As we are told, get out as little as possible! but where can I get the money to pay for the apartment? and buy food? Now I am sitting and I can’t hold back my tears.
I am depressed. I'm sorry to tell you this! how I want it to end as soon as possible. My own life has changed right now. I am very depressed !!!!!!!!!
I don’t know how to choose the right words. With tears in my eyes, I will tell you directly and frankly. I really need your help.
This is a small amount of money. to pay for my apartment, as well as buy products to wait for the quarantine to end !!!! please don't think bad of me.
But I don’t know who to turn to for help anymore. forgive me, it is very difficult for me to talk about it !!!
This is a small amount of money. On my rental receipt, I need a payment of 133 euros. And also buy food
I need about 300 euros.
I am very ashamed and uncomfortable in front of you. I know that you are not obliged to solve my problems. I can only hope for your good heart. I am sure that soon the situation will change for the better.
I hope for your understanding. I know that you are a very good and kind person.
I know that you are a real gentleman.
that's the truth.
Yours sincerely, Karina
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