Scam letter(s) from Kristina Usip to Muhid (England)

Letter 1
Thanks for your nice hello)) I`m just relax at home now)) So... lets know each other more)) I hope that you remember my profile on the site, but if you "mixed" all the profiles and the girls in head, then I'll remind you with my radost basic stories of the kogen)))
I am cheerful, cheerful, playful, but at the same time female. I do not get tired of myself, I'm always moving)) Tage loves to learn something new. I have a flower shop, I like to pleasure people,selecting and composing the most beautiful and suitable bouquets for their joyful events. I believe that people, like flowers, when properly positioned in a pair, they open in the best way. Every day is a new challenge, I appreciate it chovsem.
You know, I was curious, but why did you rusil to look for a ******* the Internet, and not in a obisno life?
I want to tell you that I had a lot of povstrealch on dating site for the time of the cantor ... I know that there are men and women who just do it - that they are begging money from each other in acquaintances ... I also encountered with this - I was asked for money for courier delivery of parcels with important sogas, as well as for getting rid of the police... These all terrible and sad stories haunted me from men in dating.
For me, love, a strong family of koga, is important, not money and atko material. Love, respect, harmony and care for the kogeno family and my future husband.
I write this at the beginning of our acquaintance, so that we began to trust each other and not to take the forest with confidence and not to downplay it.
Dear, I would hotehla just told you right away that then there were no surprises and kazeys. I speak Russian.I use Google translator to write you...
If you think that this is an insuperable roc koga, then I can not make you fly... but if you think that this is not a mountain of kogeno problems and we will cope with the ice, then I'm glad that we began to approach each other!
I would be very glad to slelat that! I feel that this is something that our acquaintances can lead us to something more serious.
Now I will stop, so not lergat a letter too long)) I wish you a positive mood and I shall wait for your answer.
Sincerely, Khrystuna
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