Romance scam letter(s) from Evgenia Horoshkova to Jacques (Luxembourg)
Letter 1
Hi Jacques. Glad to receive a letter from you.
Thank you for warm words. Thanks also for your photos. You are a very handsome man.
I work as a designer. I design furniture installations in an apartment. I like my job very much. I live in Omsk. I was born and raised here. Born on November 9, 1986.
I go to the gym, weigh 55. I try to keep myself in shape. This is important to me. My height is 159.
And what height and weight do you have? It is very interesting to me:)
I did not have a husband, but I had a relationship for 5 years. I was very disappointed in this man.
I am looking for a serious man, for an equally serious relationship, I need one who is ready to start a family, responsible, a man with serious intentions.
I want open communication from the very beginning. After all, I believe that trust is the main thing in a relationship. Evgeniya
Letter 2
Good afternoon, Jacques.
I am very glad that you answered. Thank you for taking the time for me. I hope that we will continue to maintain pleasant communication. And learn something new about each other.
Your height and weight suits me. I do not like it when a man is much taller than me. And I like your options. The age difference is not important to me. I think these are just numbers. What do you think? Man must choose with his heart. If my heart told me to choose you, then I will do so.
I am very pleased that you are ready to create a serious relationship with me. This is important news for me. I hope you never change your mind.
And unfortunately I do not have Whatsapp and other applications. At work, I cannot use this. But I can call you on the phone. If you want us to hear each other's voices.
I'm at work today. I work seven days a week this time. Today there were quite a few draft orders. But this is not scary. After all, in this free time I can tell you something about me.
As soon as I got a job and I got my first salary, I started renting a room from an elderly woman. I had some money to temporarily afford this room. And now I live alone in an apartment I recently took on a mortgage. I plan to have a cat. I like Maine Coon cats. But in my city I can not find such a breed. In Russia, it is now quarantined in some cities and mine too. People stay at home for a very long time and they decide to change the design of their apartment. Usually orders to change the interior of the kitchen are received. That's exactly what I earn my living from. What else to say? I work quite a lot of hours per day. We are working as usual and the epidemic has not affected this in any way. If
there are many customers, you have to linger a bit in the office.
Jacques, I wrote what came to mind. I think this is where I will end my letter. I hope that we will gradually get to know each other better. I hope to see your answer soon. I will look forward to your next letter. I hope you say something else about you. How do you? How's your day? I hope you are doing well. I wish you a pleasant day. Evgeniya.
Letter 3
Good afternoon, my dear Jacques.
I understand your eagerness to hear my voice. We can talk to you after Monday by phone. I'm really very busy. I hope you can wait for my dear Jacques.
Thanks for your letter. I am very glad to see your letter, as always :) I am very glad that we continue to communicate. And we got closer to each other. You know, I'm attached to your letters. And to you. And I always read your letters with great interest. I always wonder what you write. And you talk about you. It is always very interesting. You are a very interesting person. And I am very glad that we have such a pleasant dialogue with you. I am sure that we will continue to communicate kindly.
My intentions are serious. The purpose of my life is to find a beloved man. I am very glad that you appeared in my life. I can trust you.
If I could see you in real life, it would be a great happiness. That would be very enjoyable for me.
I will wait for this wonderful day. We need to know more about each other. You trust me?
I think that everything depends on us! I will be frank with you. I really like reading your letters. You always answer my questions in detail. I feel your interest in me. And I feel that you are a very good person.
You have qualities that I would like to see in my beloved.
I am thinking about us. And I hope that everything will be beautiful between us!
My dear Jacques. How are you today? Are you all right? I hope you are doing well. How's your day? What are your plans for the evening? I am finishing my letter to you. I look forward to your letter. I wish you a good day and good mood for the whole day.
My kisses for you! :)
Letter 4
Thanks for your letter. As always, I was very happy to read your letter. I am very glad that we continue to communicate. Your letters always bring me joy.
I went to a travel agency today and found out everything about a trip to your country. Tickets cost: 516 dollars. You also need a Schengen visa (its price is $ 40). International passport: 50 dollars. Health insurance: $ 45.
Total trip to your country cost: 651 dollars.
Thank you for telling me what happened to you when you thought about me)))
I really want to see your city with you, I think it will be just amazing !!!
We have discussed many things. We discussed a lot of topics. I have a feeling that I know you very well. I want you to know that you are a very close person to me. I think of you when I go to sleep. I think of you when I can’t fall asleep. And I wake up thinking of you. You gave me wonderful communication. And I am very grateful to you for that. Now you're not just a pen pal for me. I totally trust you. I have feelings for you. Deep feelings. And this is more than friendship. I want something more with you.
Today I walked in the forest. The weather is fine now. And I'm always happy to spend time on the street. And watch the beautiful scenery. Who knows, maybe we can walk this together once? ? My mood was great. I walked and flowers bloomed in my soul. And of course, I was thinking about you!
I do not know what to tell you in this letter. I just wanted to say that I have deep feelings for you. I am ready to talk about it again and again. You know, I want you to dream about me. I want to be with you at least in a dream. You are very dear to my heart. I always read your letters with trepidation in my heart. They sit very deep in the soul. I am very glad that there is such a wonderful man in my life. Your letters always cheer me up. I am very glad that we continue to communicate. You warm my heart. Now in my soul is summer. And this is thanks to you. It is bad that you are so far away. I want to meet you very much, and, together to fulfill some unforgettable moments. That would be great.
I can’t help but think about you. It is very easy and comfortable for me to communicate with you. I write letters for you in one go. When I write to you, I imagine that you are next to me. And it’s like I’m telling you all this while looking in the eyes. Of course, in a letter it is much easier to talk about my feelings.))))))) I think that if we met, I would be shy. And in the letter I feel free. And I can freely write about my feelings for you.
I will tell you honestly. I have not experienced such feelings towards a man. You are more than just a friend to me. Thoughts about you warm me at night. I feel very happy now. It seems to me that if we meet, then I would jump to the moon with happiness !! :)))) Ha ha ha))) I hope that one day it will happen.
My dear Jacques, how are you now? How is your day going? I hope you are well. I wish you a nice day, as always !!!!! I hope the best person on earth has the best day !!!!!!! I give you a million passionate kisses and cuddles. Thinking of you.
Your Evgeniya
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