Scam letter(s) from Marni Moller to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello Hello:):) You remember me, I'm Marni Moller Are you okay?
Now everyone is worried about this terrible coronavirus. Many people are infected. Unfortunately, many people have died because of the virus. I hope you're all right ?
How are you doing?
please tell me how your family is doing. I hope they're all right, too."
I send you photos if you forget what I look like Warm hugs and lots of kisses Marni from United Kingdom
Letter 2
This is Marni, and I am very sorry that I do not have much time for writing, but I saw that you wrote to me and I want to thank you for your answer. Thank!
Thanks a lot for photos. You very beautiful man. I really like your photos. You probably have a lot of women
Yes. This turned out to be a difficult situation))) I guess I have the wrong email address.
I spelled the email address incorrectly. And my letter went to you. But I'm glad it happened. I love new friends. I hope you too))
I am very sorry that I could not immediately answer your letter.
If you answered me, then we have an interest in each other. I am very happy about that. Of course, I will write to you about me, I can write a lot about my life, but not now.
I am in a hurry since I have a scheduled day today.
Now I need to finish my household chores and start doing my work. Today I need to finish the documents for my client and it will take a lot of time. I hope that you understand me and will not be offended by me. Tomorrow I will have a free day from my work and I will definitely tell you more about me. I hope you will be interested to know me. And I will really wait for your letter to learn more about you.
Because speaking of ourselves, we can get to know each other better.
You agree with me?
So please, let's write each other more about yourself.
And I hope to see some photos from you.
Please do not ask me for ***** photos. I will never send ***** photos over the Internet.
I wish you a very good mood and, of course, a good day. I am sending you some pictures. I hope you enjoy them. Kiss Marni from united kingdom
Letter 3
Hello. This again your English friend, Marni.
Please excuse me for my past short message. I was very glad to see your letter. I was really glad to know more about you.. Thanks a lot for photos. You very beautiful man
My dear, please forgive me for not being able to answer you right away. I had a lot of work. I work in real estate. Many people now want to sell their apartments in London. And move to live in the countryside. People now want to leave large cities. This is all because of the coronavirus. I will tell you more about my work in the next letter.
I hurry to write you my first story about myself, I not very well versed in such communication through letters, so do not be angry if my letter will not be nice for you.
I understand your name Richard? I think, you have pretty name. I like your name.
My name is Marni Moller. By the way, Moller is a very popular surname in England. I am 32 years old. My date of birth October, 1, 1987 I live in England, Region East of England, city Norwich. You know my city?
My city is famous for locks, parks and other cultural facilities. I think that my city a good place to travel.
I not married, have no children and currently not even find myself in a relationship. Generally speaking I am a lonely woman who is looking for second half.
I like sports, I like cooking and of course I love my job. Almost all the time I put the work at first stage and probably because of it I still not married. If you would like to know about my work, I write to you about this in my next letter.
My favorite color is blue (I love blue sky). Favorite season of the year for me - summer. I like the beaches, like the sea and bright sun.
I like to travel and in my 32 years I have traveled almost all over Europe. It was in Milan, Oslo, Amsterdam, Riga, Berlin and many other cities. I often travel and mostly at work.
I like pets. I have cat at home - very nice. I would like to show it you. I send you photo with my cat. Do you like it?
So, I think that for the first time is enough. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask them. I happy to answer any your questions.
I very much hope that you will soon write me a long letter. And tell me more about yourself!
I look forward to your reply letter. I send you photos from the gym. And also I send a photo from birthday of my friend yesterday. Do you like my dress? Kisses
Marni Moller
from Norwich, UK
Letter 4
Hello Richard,
It again wrote your English friend Marni.
Richard for the beginning of course I want to thank you for your good letter
Thanks so much for your photos. you are a very very handsome man. In the photo you looked like an actor from a historical film.
Thank you, thank you for your story about yourself, although it would be great if you have more and more to write about how you live, what you do in life, and of course about your interests. For me, it is now important to know more about you. By the way, what are your expectations for the future about our acquaintance? It is important to know you are serious about me or you simply want to correspond with me via email? This is important, so I ask you reply. With regard to your future questions, I will always respond to them, just my answers will be in my letters. Approximately 6 years ago my parents died and I was completely alone. I have no brothers or sisters and even my uncle died last year. Generally speaking, I was completely alone now and I do not even relatives. On the one hand very sad because of the death of my parents, but on the other hand it is the death of parents has made me an adult. Of course I miss them. I miss them every day and their photos I always keep with me. But if I had not tried, life is not eternal. People are dying and we need only believe in what people close to us now in a better world. Personally, I try to believe in it and me on these thoughts become much easier.
Sorry. I did not want to raise a sad subject, it goes like something happened. So now more about me. Richard in my last letter I wrote to you was that in the next letter I will write to you more about my job. Richard I work as real estate agent. I am a specialist who deals with buying, selling, exchanging and renting real estate. I solve clients problems, select the necessary object, and study the demand and supply in the labor market. I also look for buyers or sellers of real estate and conclude contracts. I am a real estate agent and my wages depend only on me and on the number of contracts that I conclude this month. Richard perhaps it would not be culturally from my side, but I would like to report my wages. My wages by the piece and I get an average of 3500 - 5000 euro's per month. You can do not tell me about it, if you are not comfortable sharing it. I think that a letters can be much better to know people and even you can understand his inner world. I know you understand me.
So, I stop now. Perhaps you are tired to read my letter. Sorry for the long letter. :)
I just have to wait for your answer and I hope that you will answer me soon I send some photos for you. Do you like? kisses
Sincerely, Marni.
Letter 5
Hello my friend Richard. This is Marni again.
I finished work with business documents and before I went to rest, I decided to write you this letter.
So Richard, how are you there? How is your life, what is your weather like there, mood? - Everything is fine?
I have prepared a photo for you with my friend, or I would even say more - it's like my family. This is my best friend:
In this photo we are sitting in a cafe. She has dark hair and dark eyes, she is 35 years old.
I hope you enjoy my picture?
Please forgive me for not being able to answer you for several days. I was on a business trip in London. I had a lot of work. Now realtors have a lot of work. Because of Coronavirus, a lot of people want to sell their homes in big cities. And they want to move to the countryside. Away from the city. Therefore, I had busy days. But now I have more time. Now my work is only with documents. And I can write to you every day. Richard my last letter to you was not very happy for you. Sorry, I wrote to you about the death of my parents, and to be honest, it was just a little difficult for me to write about it. But I wanted to tell you about the beginning of my new life and could not help but say so. Do not worry about me, my parents died more than 6 years ago, and I myself have already come to terms with this. So I'm fine.
In the last letter I wrote a lot to you about my work, about my interests, about what I like and dislike. But I have not yet written to you about my hobby. So I will continue, my story begins with this.
Richard may seem strange to you, but my hobby is horseback riding. I really like horses. They are very smart animals and understand all the emotions and experiences of people. Have you ever ridden a horse? In my free time I try to visit my friend. I need to go to him long enough, so I rarely visit him. His name is "Storm". I want to send you some of my photos with my friend "Storm"
Darling, I hope you don't think that I was riding a horse in a dress :) It was just a photo session. And that day I did not go to the Storm. Also sometimes I like to sing. Some people think I have a beautiful voice. Since childhood, I love music and often listen to music in my free time, and of course the genre of songs almost always depends on my mood. For example, my favorite song: Let it be - The Beatles. I also like
Yesterday - The Beatles, Imagine - John Lennon, Come together - The Beatles, Time - Pink Floyd, The show must go on - Queen, Stairway to heaven - Led Zeppelin, Bohemian rhapsody - Queen, Shine on you crazy diamond - Pink Floyd.
Richard I can say a lot about music, but I'm afraid this letter will be too long. So I finish the music, and I hope you know what kind of music I listen to most.
About what I love and what I don't like in this life, I just can't write you much.
Like all women, I love flowers. My favorite flowers are roses (this is probably the similarity for all women who live in the United Kingdom). I already told you that I like to cook. Spending time in the kitchen, experimenting with recipes. I want to find a recipe for a dish that is not yet known to mankind. I have a dish that I invented myself. I called this dish "love and hate." "It was very tasty. And I can someday make this dish for you. Sorry, but now I can't tell you the recipe for this dish. This is my secret. And it will be a surprise for you. In addition to the fact that I love in this life, I can simply add that I love socializing, like meeting new people, traveling and learning about other cultures.
I don't like when people don't finish things, don't like mess in the house, don't like drinking ****, don't like smoking, don't like winter, don't like bullying, don't like lying and certainly don't like secrecy in a person.
In this letter, I also wanted to tell you a little about the man I want to see next to me.
I like calm, kind, serious, honest, fair and faithful men. A man I can love. A man who will love me with all his heart. A man to whom I can give my heart and my love. A man who will appreciate me as a woman. So my letter was very long. I hope I will not stop you from reading my letter. Of course, I expect such an answer from you and ask you to write to me about your search for a woman. What should it be, what qualities are most important for you in it? This is important for me and, of course, important for our relations, if we are going to build them.
I am waiting for your letter and waiting for your photographs.
Letter 6
Hi my Richard. How are you doing today? How's your day? I'm doing fine and I feel great!
Thanks so much for the pictures my dear. I really like that you are romantic. I am very pleased
In my last letter, I told you about the qualities that I seek in a man. And I also wanted to add about my character and what I am in real life. But my last letter was already big. I decided that I would tell you about it now. I hope you find this interesting. I am an optimistic girl. My friends say I'm witty.
I am very purposeful. I used to rely only on me in this life. I used to get everything myself. It helps me a lot in my work. I am not afraid of difficulties and I am used to solving all my problems alone. This is probably due to the fact that my parents died and I have no one else to rely on. (Sorry, I promised not to raise this sad topic anymore). I believe that it is very good when you are not afraid of anything and overcome all difficulties alone, but at the same time I am still a woman ... And sometimes I just want someone (my man) to support me, although would be moral. But to be honest, I'm tired of being alone ... Despite all my "strong" qualities in my character, at heart I am very sensitive. I like originality and originality in everything. Thanks to my kindness, I can be a good friend and adviser. It's always interesting to talk with me. (I hope this is so :)) I often think about understanding "good" and "evil" in the world. After all, there are so few sincerely kind and open people left. Necessary
do good to people and then good will return to you. Do you agree with me? I have some photos for you. Do you like my dress? And also this morning, I made a short video for you.
I will look forward to your letter. And waiting for your photos.

Your Marni: *
Kisses from the United Kingdom.
Letter 7
My Richard, hello!
Please forgive me for not being able to answer your letter right away. I had a lot of work. This ****** coronavirus brought realtors a lot of work. Now everyone wants to leave the big cities. And buy yourself a small house in the village. So I had to leave for London for a few days.
Richard, I'm sitting at my computer and somehow involuntarily thinking about you. At first I thought about my work, today I had to prepare documents for my client, but instead of work, the thought came to you about you. I myself do not understand how this happened, or maybe I just felt that I received a letter from you? I don't know, but I still decided to check my mail right away. I opened my email and now I see your letter. So my feelings didn't deceive me? Or, more likely, I was just waiting for your letter and therefore thought of you. In any case, I am very glad to see your letter. Richard, I really like to write, I like to talk about life, especially for you, I always feel like it. I don't know why, but when I write you a letter, I always feel calm.
This state sometimes relaxes me and I am ready to dream of events and even love. That is, even now I am in a great mood to write to you a lot, but today I have important work that I have to finish and therefore I do not have much time for writing. I hope that very soon I will have a new good contract. I hope so. Just don't be offended by me, okay? Richard, you know, these days I thought a lot about you and I have a
proposal for you. Maybe we could meet on my free days soon? I mean, maybe when the coronavirus infection (Covid-19) ends. Richard, what do you think of this? I think this offer is a great option for our meeting, and, of course, this is a good time to get to know each other. Richard do you agree? No, I do not rush you with the answer. You can think of my proposal on this subject, because there is still time ahead, because it is not clear exactly when the coronavirus infection will end. For housing, don't worry, I can meet with you at my place. There is enough space in my house, so you can spend your whole trip with me. And living in the same house together, we can get to know each other as well as possible.
So, I did not expect, but the letter turned out to be quite long. I lost a little time, so I need to finish and do my job.
Richard will be waiting for your reply and, as always, I hope you write to me soon. I have some photos for you. I hope you enjoy my photos. Kisses
Your Marni from United Kingdom
Letter 8
My dear Richard! I am very glad to see your letter. What is your mood today? How is your day going? I have some news for you.
You know that with my work I travel a lot and 9 June I will need to fly to Canada to see the house for my client. I will also need to check the technical plan, see all the documents, take photos of the room and a few more working moments. And if I do this job successfully, then a very good percentage of the transaction will be designed for me. I can make good money. I need to prepare well to do my job perfectly. Much depends on me for this. I understand that now is not the best time to fly to another country because of the coronovirus (Sovid-19), but I will take all the protective equipment with me. Now I don't have time to pull with this deal. Because my client wants to buy this house in Canada soon. He said that if I did not go there, he would find another real estate agent. And I agreed. I am sure that my trip to Canada on my work will go well. 9 June I fly to Canada, I will work there for several days. After that, I planned to go back home to Norwinh. But today I thought that I could visit you after my work in Canada. Will I have free time to be with you if you don't mind? This will be a great opportunity to get to know you better. After all, no letters can replace a meeting and a conversation face to face.
What do you think about it? If you don't mind meeting me at your place, then I will need to know the nearest airport and the full address, okay? It is very important. If we can meet with you, then send me this information as soon as possible. Because I will fly to you by plane from Canada and fly to the nearest international airport, which will be open. And where can I buy a ticket. And I would be very happy if you could meet me at the airport. But now there is a problem due to coronavirus (Sovid-19). And if it will be difficult for you to meet me at the airport, then I can get to your home on my own. I hope that you will not forget to write me the address in the next letter, if you agree to see me at your place.
I want to write you my details: My address:
88 Adelaide street, Norwix, Untited Kingdom, NR2 4JD I took some photos after the shower. I hope you enjoy my photos. Many kisses,
Marni from United Kingdom.
Letter 9
Hello my dear Richard I am very happy to receive your letter again. Thank.
My dear, please forgive me for not being able to write to you for several days. I was in London. And she was preparing several real estate objects to give to the UK registration chamber. But I finally did it. And now my days will be more free. Last night I arrived home in Norwich. Today I will have a day off. I will need to prepare for the trip. Tomorrow I'll fly to Canada. I had to postpone my flight for several days. How I would like to meet with you after my business trip. And take a break from the hustle and bustle with you. Therefore, I hope that my trip to Canada will be quick. And we will meet soon. My dear Richard, I already think it's time for us to start talking on Whatsapp. I think that you and I are already familiar enough to chat on Whatsapp via video chat.
You know, I want to tell you that I am very glad that I met you. I want to confess to you that I think about you often. I am pleased that our relations are developing smoothly and beautifully, and this brings me more and more emotions. Thoughts about you cheer me up and help me cope with stress. When I think of you, everything inside me turns upside down. You give me joy and make me happy. I think that these feelings are not just friendship or sympathy, but something more. What do you think this is? Richard, I want to look into your eyes. I want to wake up from your kiss. I think it will be a very sweet and passionate kiss. I can feel your tenderness.
I don't know why, but after meeting you I feel good. I have a lot of strength. Constant desire to do something. I'm just happy ... You look special and different from other men.
I can talk to you about anything. After we met, I changed. I feel that there is a person next to me who complements me. It is unfortunate that our relationship is still virtual. But I think that we are already close to a real relationship. This is only the next stage of our relationship. Now I am preparing some things for my trip to Canada tomorrow. I am a little worried because I am afraid to forget something important. I am checking things on the list for the second time. most importantly, I put protection against coronavirus (gloves, masks, hand sanitizer and so on). I am sure that everything will be fine with me on my trip. Yesterday I recorded a video for you and decided to send it to you now. I also have some photos for you. Many kisses. : *
your Marni from United Kingdom.
Letter 10
Hello my dear Richard! I am very glad to receive your letter. I am always very warm to read your letters. They cheer me up. thank.
Now I don't have much time to write, because I am on the way to the airport. Today I am flying to Canada. I drove to the airport by car and decided to take a photo for you. I am sure that I will be fine on my trip. I prepared all my things and took personal protective equipment against coronavirus.
Do not lose me today. I think I won't be able to write you more today because I'll be on the plane. I will write you a letter tomorrow when I arrive in Canada. everything will be fine with me, because I think of you my Richard.
My dear, please write me your phone number on which you use the Whatsapp application. When I fly to Canada I will call you.
Many kisses. Only your Marni from United Kingdom.
Letter 11
Hello my love Richard. May I call you that?
I am reading your letter now and my heart begins to beat harder.
My dear, can you try installing Whatsapp on your mobile phone? This is a very good and convenient application. In this Whatsapp application we can talk to each other via video chat. And send photos to each other. And it is completely free. I would really really like to talk to you before the meeting via video link.
I want to say that today, as always, I thought about you ... My heart was beating very hard and I felt warm. I think this is really love. I fell in love with your soul, in your inner world. Today I decided to confess to you my dear. I arrived in Canada. My flight was successful. The landing was soft. On the plane, all people were wearing masks and gloves. All the people on the plane talked about coronavirus. To be honest, I'm already tired of this virus. Upon arrival at the airport, they checked me with a thermal imager and measured my body temperature. My coronavirus symptoms have not been confirmed. I was very happy about this, because now many people are sick. And I'm so sorry. A few hours ago I arrived at the hotel. I took apart my luggage and am getting ready for my work here. I have an appointment for tomorrow. Today I will have time to relax a bit after the flight, because I'm a little tired. I do not like to fly a plane, because it is very inconvenient for me there. I want to sleep a little, but at first I decided to write you a letter, my dear Richard. Did you miss me? I missed you, and wanted to open my mail as soon as possible to see a letter from you. I remember the day we met. You didn't get out of my head, but I was embarrassed to tell you about it. You have become the dearest person to me. I understand that there are no accidents in life. Fate introduced us. Do you believe in destiny? You have become the man of my heart. I want you to be only mine. And I am only yours. I love you, my dear Richard! I tell you all the words sincerely. Every day I wake up with thoughts of you and I want us to be with you. You are my bright ray of sunshine that warms me and gives me affection. I hope that my feelings for you are mutual. As soon as I finish my work in Canada, I will start to look at air tickets at Oslo. I will try to find a more convenient route. I will inform you of my flight, as soon as I have this information. Good? I want to kiss you on the lips and gently hug you. I want to feel your breath in the morning. I need you like air. You are a part of me ... And I am you. We complement each other and together we are one. I have some hot photos just for you. Now I need to go to rest. Kiss you. I will look forward to your letter. Only your Marni ;**
Letter 12
Hi my love Richard! I am very glad to receive your letter again. Today I am in a good mood because I was able to relax and gain strength. I am completely ready for my work! It's just a little unusual for me to go out in a medical mask and medical gloves, but I can't do anything about it. How's your day? What is your mood today?
My dear Richard, please forgive me for not being able to write you yesterday. I had a lot of work. I was very tired and quickly fell asleep. Now in Canada 17:00. Already evening. I am in a hotel. And I can write you a letter. My dear, I would really like you to find me on Whatsapp. I hope you were able to install Whatsapp on your mobile phone. I will write you my phone number. My Whatsapp +44 7742 175729
I hope you can call me. I miss you so much. I had a slight shock when I checked into the hotel. The fact is that when I chose the hotel in which I will stay here in Canada, in the photographs my room looked much better than in reality. I was a little surprised when I entered the room. I asked, is this exactly my number? They answered me yes. This is certainly not what I expected, but I do not have time to change the hotel. I specifically chose a simple and not very expensive number. But next time, if I need to fly my work to Canada, I'd better pay a little more, but I'll take a decent apartment. :) My love, I want to dream a little. this morning, I missed something next to me ... I missed you next, my love. I would really like for you and I to wake up together in the same bed. So you stroked my hair and kissed me on the lips. I would melt into your love embrace and just melt ... What do you think could happen next? And so that you can continue my dream correctly, I am sending you several of my photos. I hope you enjoy my photos and you can correctly come up with a continuation of my story. :) I also did my work today. I arrived at a house that my client from England liked. The house matches the photos. This is very good, because it happens that in the photographs you see one thing, but in real life is completely different. It can even be a completely different house. I took all the documents from the owner of the house and made copies. Now at the hotel using a computer I will understand them. I will look for possible restrictions on the sale of homes and so on. I sent new photos of the house that I myself took to my client by e-mail. But so far he has not answered me. He must be very busy. But I'm sure he will answer soon. If now I do not find restrictions on home sales, then very soon my work in Canada will be completed. And tomorrow I can already buy a ticket at Oslo.
I can finish my work with this house when I fly to England. I will need to prepare the documents of my client from England and the landlord in Canada. It will take a long time, but it will be when I come to England. Richard, I do not want to talk much about my work. I'm sorry if you're not interested. I just decided to tell you how my day goes. My letter was great big. I just thought about you and didn't calculate the size of the letter.
It is unfortunate that we are not here yet. But we just have to wait a bit and I hope that our meeting will take place soon. I really look forward to it, my love. I very love you! And I'm waiting for the continuation of my dreams with you. I am sure it will be exciting. Your Marni.
Letter 13
Hi my love Richard! How do you feel today? I hope you are doing well. I am very glad to receive your letter today, it as always raises my mood. Do you have some new? My mood is very good today! I introduced you next to me. Recently, I very often introduce us together. Imagine how we walk together, chat in a cafe, have fun, cook dinner together and of course spend hot time together in bed. Mmm .... This is a separate topic for discussion. I have news about my work here. I checked my home documents with my computer. I checked all the technical plans, other documents, made inquiries about a possible debt for real estate and inquiries about a possible ban on the sale of this house. Everything turned out great! This house is fully ready for sale and fully meets the wishes of my customer. My customer saw photos of this house that I took yesterday. He liked everything. We talked with him for a long time about a future deal. He asked my opinion about this house. asked me if everything was okay with the documents for this house and so on. I told him that this is a very good choice for exactly the amount of money that my client was counting on. The landlord agreed to make a small discount on this house. My client was very satisfied. My dear, that means my work here in Canada is drawing to a close. Now I need to take some copies of documents, extracts, a technical plan and other copies and scans of documents from the owner of the house in Canada. today I will send these documents to my client in England so that he shows these documents to his lawyer. If legally there are no problems, then my client will conduct a transaction and buy this house. And I will receive a substantial sum for the work done. I really hope that the verification of documents and the transaction does not take much time. My love, I'm sorry that I write a lot about my work here. I'm pretty sure you're not interested in reading this. My love is Richard, now I want to talk about a more interesting topic. I bought a ticket in Oslo. My departure date is 30 June, My dear, planes do not fly very well now. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights to you. I have to fly to you with transfers. But this is not a problem for me.. I will arrive in Oslo, 1 Jule. 18:10. Will you be comfortable? I hope so. Upon arrival at your airport, they will again do an express coronavirus test and measure my body temperature. If all is well, then I can go through customs. I am sure that everything will be fine, my love. when I bought a ticket, they told me to go to the Canadian Migration Service tomorrow. They did not explain why this was necessary, but said that I should appear there. I do not know where it is, but I will find a way. My ticket is in my hands. I decided to take a photo. So that you can look at it with all the information about my flight to you. I really hope that soon we will be able to meet with you, my love. Now this is my main dream. I can no longer wait to meet with you and feel us as one. I really love you my dear Richard! Also in this photo is my passport and my driver's license. So you know exactly my details. I trust you, my love. Also I want to ask you all the information again. I'm a little worried. Because I have to be sure of the correctness of your data. -What's your full name?
What is your full home address? I have to finish my letter because it turned out long. I look forward to our meeting, and I present to you next to me. And now this is what I want more than anything. I very love you!
Many kisses. Your Marni. P.S: And of course I send some photos for you my love. do you like my underwear
Letter 14
Hello my love Richard! I have very important and urgent news. My dear Richard, now in Canada at 18:00. I just came to the Hotel. First, I want to say that I was happy to see you through video communication. You are a great fellow that was able to install Whatsapp on your phone. Now I want to come to you and kiss you even more. I told you that I will need to go to the migration service Canada. I found the address of this organization on the Internet and for a very long time I got there. Because now public transport is not working well because of the coronavirus. And even more so, I do not know the city. But I still got there. I went to the migration service and for some time I had to wait for someone to call me to the office. I waited about 20 minutes. When I went there, they asked for my documents. They took my passport from me and started checking something on the computer. A few minutes later, a service worker told me that I had to register with the migration service within 3 days of my arrival in Canada. I said that I did not know that I needed to do this within 3 days. The service worker looked at me seriously and said that it didn't matter. Because, by law, a person who does not have Canadian citizenship must be registered within 3 days. I was confused. I had nothing to answer. I just said again that I did not know about it. And I thought there was no need to register. A service worker read me my rights. She explained in words that a violation of this law would be punished by a fine in favor of the state of Canada in the amount of 1,500 Canadian dollars. I was shocked. After all, they did not tell me upon arrival at the airport that I must undergo mandatory registration here in Canada. After all, usually I arrived at my work abroad for about 1-2 days. And I never registered in other countries upon arrival. For me it's just a shock!
An employee of the service wrote me a document and a receipt on payment of my fine in my name. Now I have 14 days to pay this fine. But the worst thing is that until I pay this fine, I can't leave Canada !!! Then after a while I came to my senses and asked the service worker what to do. She told me that I just need to pay this fine. And then, I can leave Canada on the same day. She also told me what would happen if I did not pay this fine within 14 days. She explained to me that interest would be imposed on my fine if I did not pay it on time. And also for non-payment of the fine I will have a court. I may be deprived of my license to conduct real estate activities and I may be left without work. I will not be able to work without a license in any country in Europe. And then I can lose everything. I left there in complete shock !!! My love, I don't know what to do now. I don't have enough money with me to pay my full fine. I bought a ticket and spent a significant part of my money. I have 617 euros left in my bank account, which is about 945 Canadian dollars. But of this money I will need to extend the payment of my hostel and leave money for food. Thus, according to my calculations, 440 euros will remain on my bank account to pay the fine. Thus, I do not have enough for a full payment of my fine of about 550-560 euros. My love, what should I do now? How do I find the remaining amount? My dear, now I do not know who else to turn for help except you. I really don't know what to do. I need about 550-560 euros to pay my fine in full. I will refund you this money. For me, this amount is a mere trifle. But now I just don't have such funds with me. I have savings at home and I can return this small amount to you without any problems. Can you help me, my Richard? I need help as soon as possible, because my plane flies out very soon and before that day I need to pay a fine and take a document confirming the payment of the fine. My love, now I am very excited. But I think about you and thoughts about you help me calm down. But I'm still scared ... I want you to be by my side now and support me. I love you very much and am waiting for your quick reply! My letter was very large, but I wanted to completely tell you what happened to me. I'm sorry if I inconvenience you with my problem ... I hope I told you everything I need. I'm just really worried now. Your Marni
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