Scam letter(s) from Olga Skrypnyk to Michael (Finland)

Letter 1
it is Olya!I am looking for my special man here!
maybe it is you??
i am very positive girl with kind but lonely heart!
i have nice smile and very deep eyes)
give me your email address please i will write you more!
Letter 2
Hello! it is Olya!
we met on dating site
hope you remember me))
I am very optimistic woman and love to smile
I am willing to open my heart and soul for One good Man!!
maybe it will be You?))
would be very happy to got to know you better!see more of your pics
and listen your story
Letter 3
Hello Thank you for your reply to me! So as you know My Name is Olya!full name is Olga which means Love in My language)))
I am 33 years old my birthday is 18 of december and i have never been married and have no children!! I am very positive girl!love spend time different!
also i am very optimistic and try never be upset!
because i think that it is not right to spend your life for bad emotions!!!hope you agree with me! I live in small countryside called Makarovka .
It is situated in the East of Ukraine and far from our capital, which is Kiev I work in boiler room or steamshop. sorry maybe i call it not right in English i look for boilers wich made central heating in district of my town it is hard work for me because sometime i need to duty at night i dont do anything special just look for boilers and if there will be any problem i should ask for mechanic unfortunately i dont have high degree as it is very exensive to go to university and for me as a girl from countryside it is very difficult!
but of course it is my dream to learn something interesting to have speciality I know English so it is not a problem to write you!
my neibourh were a English teacher good old women and she taught me a little!
so thank her i know English a little) i would like to meet good man as i am tired to be alone!
of course i had men here but it is not happy story i will tellyou if you ask i dont afraid to change my life and i believe in fourtune!!
i believe that i can meet good man and finally be happy with him!!
help him in any sittuation!
be great wife!good friend and perfect lover for him!
now i think i am in those age where woman 100% ready for this! I would like to know you better so can you answer for several question special for me:
1)What is your dream?
2)Are you optimistic person?
3)can you imagine have a relationship with girl from abroad? What about me my dream is to find good man here!
I am very optimistic person!always try to believe in better!
i 100000% can imagine to have foreign man as a my boyfriend!
i am not scare about it!as i dont like our men So now i finish my letter today!
hope to hear from you soon!
Letter 4
Hello Dear I very thankful to you for your reply!!!!
i was worry if you will answer my letter!
and i was waiting for your reply with big interest!! so how are you?
how was your day?? My day become really great after reading your letter! It is great that we have a chance to know each other!!
maybe it is a beggining of something very special??
who knows) i found that people wonder why i am single but i dont see anything strange in this! i live in a small countryside here is not many people and my chance to meet good polite man is too small! i had a boyfriend for 1,5 years but he like a majority of men in ukraine liked drink too much
i tried to stop him to ask hom find a job and be just normal man but i think our men love alcohol more than women! it is hard to tell you this but he beated me!
hope you can understand what influence this made to my mind
i coudnt see how my mom crying because she saw bruses on my face
i coudnt live with this anymore! one time after he beat me i got to the hospital with a concussion of the brain!!! also i saw many sad examples of behavior like this in another couples so i decided that i dont want to have it anymore!
i want to meet good, polite, tender, interesting man!who will be my friend!my lover and my husband!
who i can be great wife! that is why i am here!
of course it was not a simple decidion to start looking for man here but i am brave girl and
i believe for better!!! as nothing ventured nothing gained!!
do you agree?? oh,i forgot to tell you one more fact about my family as it is important i have small family only my mom!
who growed me by herself as we had "fun" story with my father!
after my mom bring me to home from maternity hospital
he said oh i will go out for a minute!after this nor mom neither me have never see him anymore) i veryhope that my letter didnt make you boring!!!
just wanted to tell you more about me! i will be happy if you can tell me your story!
about your past and present!! And dont forget to send me your pics!! send you kiss!!!
Letter 5
Dear I was really happy reading your letter!! The smile wasnt leave me!! Today I am a little bit tired because of the work but when I read your letter I dont feel any fatigue!!
although the more you tell me about yourself the more I feel that I needs more and more..
It begins to be addictive for me!! be carefull!!))) I feel that I want to be closer to you.. I would like to share with you all good emotions! And one of the things that makes me happy is my little dog.
His name is Bublik! in English it means Bagel!because he is a little ***)))and he likes sweets))
he is very funny and cute!!(I send you a photo me with him)I hope you will like them!!
my Bublik snoring like a real bear!I am seriously))))he can sleep in another room and I will hear his snoring!!
I am thiking about to find the female friend for him! because I think he is a little bit boring((
How do you think?I wuld like to know your opinion!) Honey, You are very interesting and smart man....oh..
It seems like crawling under my skin!! and I am not kidding! what is your secret? maybe it is just energetic of kind and opend and at the same time enigmatic person??!
Everytime When I writting letter for you I thinking what photo send with my letter to makes you smile and happy)))
It takes a lot of my time))I choose and thinking If you would like them..and worring everytimes))))Maybe I am crazy)))) Time is going and with every day I feel that I need to know more and more about you!!what are you doing?
what are you thinking about...Please, tell me everything that you want!)) When I get home I will make the cup of hot chocolate for me..
I will take my warm plaid..I will be sitting,drinking chocolate...and......thinking about you!)))
I will imagine how you reading my letter and smiling))So, Forgive me if you will be hiccuping)))))))))))))(Just kidding)) Huggs and warm kiss from Olya...
Letter 6
Hello my Dear thank you for your letter today!
i am so happy to see news from you!!!! i must tell you that i am thinking about you a lot!
you make all my thoughts about only one object!
and it is you!! I admit that now i am very clumsy))and it is fun) anyway i Like this feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it is gret!!
i want to say it very very loud!!i want to cry it!!
THAT IT IS SO SUPER FEELING!!!! Honey today i woke up..and felt very lonley..
i imagine how it could be great to wake up i went to have shower the hot little drops on my skin..
i dont know why i feel so **** in shower)and why i thought about.... i will not tell yoU!!!no!!!))
ok..i thought about you standing behind me..
holding me from back and your hands..i feel it over my body we together in shower..wet and hot!
just couldnt stop our desire to be closer and closer..
Oh,Dear i am crazy))i will delete this as you will think that i am crazy!!!!
where is this BackSpace button????))) after shower i make a makeup and starting to wear but i dont know what stop me i decided to make little present for you!
to make couple photo!!
so you can see it attached!
two photoes after my shower If only i could be near you right now!!
so i was so inspiered to make you photo that i didnt watch the time and late for work!!
also i forgot to feed Bublik!!!
and he was very angry!!! i will buy him sweets today so he will apologise me)) Have a nice day dear kisskisskisss your crazy Olya P.S. I defenetely should find this Back space button ..(Kidding)))
maybe i will make for you little surprise next time!!!hope you will like it!
Letter 7
Hi, honey! What are you doing today?
What were you doing before you read my letter?
I'm curious, because I want to imagine you there, what are you doing, what are you going to do...
I noticed that I think about you all the time, I think about you the whole day.
If you were here with me I would just invite you to my place and surprise you with the great dinner, everything will be really sweet. I will switch off the light and put little candles all around the flat and it's light will be or orange color, they will be be giving the warmth and light, but I want to get the real warmth of one special person... Can you guess whom I am talking about? :)
Try to... Some romantic music will be playing, I have heard some great song, it is «Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You», I don't know who is singing and can't understand the lyrics, it is hard for me to recognize anything in English text, I just found the name of it.
So, you can imagine all this, honey.
I have different thoughts about the continuation of the evening, but would love to hear yours :)
You see, I have been lonely for a long time and I hope you don't mind me hurrying and thinking about you in this way, my darling one? I don't want to scare you, I just want to open my feelings and thoughts to you.
I want to be sincere with you, because sincerity and trust are really important for the communication.
I hope that you also have some thoughts of this type about me, and I will be really happy to hear them. I wish you were here to make the massage for me because all my muscles are swollen and I need some rest.
I want to be with the special person and connect my future with him, and maybe it is you.
We need to meet each other to get to know about this.... I really dont want to finish my letter because i dont want to be without you..
and only when i witting or read letters from you i feel better!
i feel that you are near me...and i like this feeling!!! Dear, i would like to ask you some questions:
1)how do you think will you be protect your woman?
can you be for her strong wall?? or you think that woman should be enough strong to do all by herself? 2)how do you think what is the most important thing in relationship?? as for me i think that honesty it is the most important thing and of course trust each other it is very important!! 3)Do you have some mistakes in your past that you will never do again?? As for me..i had bad experience with man..
and i will never be with man who doesnt love me and only use me.. here i finish my letter today, I want you to know that i miss you very very much...and i am waiting for you quick reply to me!!! Honey i made a surprise for you!!!i made a special picture in my new underwear!))
i hope that you dont think that i am too naughty??)
very very hopr that you will love my present)) so i must finish untill my boss havent seen that i am writting to you at work)) kiss
Letter 8
thank you so much for warm words to me
i can say the same about you!!
i feel so good with you and i dont want this to finish!
honestly i was not believe that i can meet man like you here and have such a great connection i want us to grow and want to meet you
also i will be glad to be a real couple with you be your friend your lover your support ...
if you feel the same?
Letter 9
hello my dear!!! thank you for your letter today! you cant imagine what a pleasure for me is having news from you! You are the most important Person! and i am waiting nes from you everyday!
i wish i could be closer to you!! Honey you know you made me dreaming about you all the time!
i am wonder how much i have changed since i met you!!!!! it is just a magic!i am sure that this fact that we met each other is something special!very important!
because you feel this when you met right person! i dont know if you feel the same!
but my feeling are that i have known you long long time!!!! maybe in our previous life???
who knows!!! Dear yesterday i saw my Bag and start thinking...i was like in astral and the thoughts was like river and i only caught myself when i was thinking about if i will be able to put myself in this bag and be sent to you like a present??)) I am not kidding!!!i really was thinking about this!!!!!!!
because you know the trip is very expensive and i just became dreaming how i can make it))))))))
it is crazy)))))really!!! Dear i hope you dont think that i am crazy)) Honey i was writting you a letter now and went to the toilet but when i return my boss was standing near computer! She saw my letter and understood everythign!
she started to shouting at me and told that internet at work not for private needs!
and that she is very angry!
she told that i dont work and only use internet here!!
it was so sad for me because i always try to write you a letter quick and than go back to work!
but she didnt want to listen anything!!! I am so sad dear!!why i am so unluck! at the end she told me that she will block internet and if she will catch me again i
will be fired! honey what to do???
how i can communicate with you without internet??
internet cafe is very expensive!4-5usd per one time!
and my salary is only 190 usd per month!!!
it is impossible to use it asi cant pay for it! i am so sad dear! waiting for your reply!
your Olya
Letter 10
Hello Dear I am happy to receive letter from you! It was very important for me! My Dear, I should say that i am very happy met you here in Internet and i even couldn't imagine that i really can meet so nice man here.
you know that i was totally disappointed in our Ukrainian men and now i see that i still have chance to be happy!!
but i am very sad today because of news at my work Do you remember in my last letter i told you that we will not be able to use Internet at work in our private needs.
So today this information was is so sad..
that means that in couple of days we I will not be able to write you and read your letter from work...
and you know that at home i dont have computer and internet((
i even went to Internet cafe but it is so far from my work and my home and very expensive about 3 usd per hour.
considering that my salary like majority of states workers is small only about 190 usd per month.
I hope you understand that i cant spend everyday 3usd of my salary.
because this way i will not be able to pay for food, flat and etc.. This news made me so sad..i am just broken and lost..
today i am all day very sad. because i understood that i can lose you. I was thinking about this problem a lot maybe we can buy cheap computer or tablet for me?
i saw nice tablets for 250 usd! Dear you know that to make it by myself
is impossible.and if you really like me and dont want to lose our connection i will be very happy if you can help me with it!! I think it can be good way from this situation and if you can somehow help me i will be very happy that you also dont want to lose me!!!!! Dear, i am waiting for your reply!and i really hope that you want to continue our communication as much as i want!! i miss you very much and very afraid to lose you!!!
Million kisses from your Olya!!!
Letter 11
i cant write you from my work computer anymore internet cafe is very expensive for me i have explained for you all this before...
what you want me to do now?
you angry that my letter is short?
i would love to write you more and talk with you more but how i can do this without own tablet?
sorry if you need rich girls who can buy herself all gadget than you should look for another not me(
Letter 12
i am not going to arguing with you
i am not conflict person at all sorry if i didnt understand your letter correct!
English is not my native language as i understood you wrote that you dont see any sense in buying a tablet and i didnt see where you suggest me your help..
if you changed your mind and you want to buy a tablet maybe we cna buy second hand tablet because it is cheaper and we can communicate easy!!!
i really dont want to lose you and i am serious about you
i am sorry if i made you angry i didnt want this
i do much want our relationship grow!
Letter 13
thank you for letter
yes you are right it is always better to buy new..
i was looking the prices are around 350-390 usd
let me know if it is ok for you?
and how can i receive your help?
ikiss Olya
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