Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Saukjina to Jeff (USA)
Letter 1
Hello :))
I am glad to continue my acquaintance :)) Thank you for your answer.
I do not have enough communication, I want to continue contact. You do not mind ?
I am Elena, you can call me Lena :)
I am 40 years old, my date of birth is April 19, 1980.
I dream of meeting a good man for a serious relationship.
I give you my photos and I'm waiting for your answer for me.
In the next letter I will tell you more about myself. Waiting for your answer.
Letter 2
How are you ? I'm fine, I'm glad to continue my acquaintance.
I want to continue contact with you and get to know you better.
Tell me more about you, okay? I will also tell you about me.
I am from Russia, I live in a small town - Chistopol, Republic of Tatarstan.
My height is 175 centimeters, weight - 64 kilograms. My eyes are blue, my hair is fair.
My hobby is sports. I attend a gym and enjoy jogging in the morning in nature.
I also professionally engage in dancing. My profession is a dance choreographer.
I do not smoke or drink alcohol. I lead a healthy lifestyle.
My last relationship will end 9 months ago. I feel lonely and sad.
I have little free time, so I look for a man on the Internet.
I check my mail only in my free time.
I still have knowledge of English from the university, but sometimes I use a translator.
Are you interested in continuing communication?
I will be waiting for your reply. all the best :))
My photo is for you.
Letter 3
Hello :))) How are you? How to spend your day? :))
I am glad to continue communicating with you.
Today is a good day and good mood.
I have wonderful weather today. And what is the weather at you place ?:)
Yes, I know about this kind of sport :) I tried myself in many ways, I like skiing, ice skating, rollerblading, playing banbinton, volleyball, swimming.
Today I have a lot of work, I can not write a lot. But I promise, next time, I will write you more.
I will take the first step and write to you, hoping to make an acquaintance with a person not from Russia. And to receive, pleasant communication :))
I enjoy communicating with you :))
I do not have confidence in Russian men. To betray and deceive me. Unfortunately, meeting a good man in Russia is very difficult.
Are you already chatting with women outside your country?
I first chat with a foreign man. And I think that distance is not a problem. I find romantic - communication at a distance :)))
Do you travel to other countries? I was only in Turkey in 2014. I travel very rarely and have not visited other countries.
My main hobby is spending time with my family and my favorite job. Here is some information about my family.
I have both mom and dad. Mom is Mariya, and dad is Vladimir. I try to spend as much time as possible with my parents.
They live in the village - Aleksandrovka. Not far from my city Chistopol.
I have no brother or sister. But I have a daughter, Anna.
Anna is now 20 years old, she lives in the city of Kazan and study at the university. She lives in a couple with a guy.
They have been living together for 2 years. After university, they want to get married. They are happy and love each other.
I am glad for my daughter that she is doing well. I am happy that she met a worthy guy.
I also have a cat, Musya, and a dog, Baggi. I love animals, especially dogs. Do you have any pets? :)
I want to give you a photo with my family and my pets.
Now I have to finish my mail for you.
I look forward to your reply. Bye bye :)))
Letter 4
I was waiting for your answer to continue our conversation. :)) I want to continue to learn about you, what's new :))
As I wrote earlier, I give my preference to dogs.
I am sorry that this happened to you, it is scary and painful.
I have a similar situation, my husband also cheated on me, not with one woman.
Now he already has a different family, but they see each other with our daughter and communicate well.
I did not scream, and did not raise scandals, so that our daughter would not suffer and not injure the nerves of the child.
I survived everything calmly thanks to my daughter, she give me a lot of strength.
But we will not be about bad, everything is behind.
How do you spend your days usually? What to do on a day off?
I usually work every day except Sunday. From 8:00 to 17:00.
Now I live all alone. I miss a man who will give me affection and care. Support and protect me.
I feel lonely, even though I have many friends and girlfriends.
All my friends are in couples and when I see how happy they are, I feel lonely and suffer from loneliness.
After a divorce from my husband, I was alone for about 4 years, then I tried to build a relationship 2 times.
But unfortunately I was not lucky. I am completely disappointed in Russian men and therefore I am talking to you.
My friend Svetlana, advise me to meet you on the Internet. I want to give you her photo :)) She sends you greetings. :))
I am glad to listen to her, because now I have a conversation with you.
Do you like pictures with me,? I want you to give me your photos :)
I will try to send you my photos, in each of my mail for you!
I would be glad to talk to you more often. I hope you enjoy our communication through letters.
Thanks to our communication, we will be able to get to know each other better. Do you agree with me ?
Evening, I spend at home or take a walk, go in for sports, visit my close friends.
Do you have a lot of friends ? Do you often spend time together?
I want to ask you to continue telling me about you. I am pleased to know more about you.
I will look forward to your other letter. Hug you
Letter 5
Hello my dear. Today I am very tired of my work. Today was a difficult day for me.
But now that I have received your answer, my mood has become better. :))
Because, I am very pleased to continue to know you and talk to you.
I'm sorry you had to go through this. This is scary.
My childhood passed only with scratches and bruises, but without it it’s not :) I grew up in a village where there is no chance to suffer.
I also never had a fracture.
You are very interesting to me, because I see in you a sincere man.
Is my impression of you true?
Most of my time I spend on my work, but also I have enough time to rest.
How do you spend your free time?
If you visit Russia one day, I would be glad to show you beautiful places of Russia, sights and help you learn the culture of Russia.
Usually, my weekend, I spend visiting my daughter and her boyfriend. I like cooking in the kitchen with my daughter, I teach her.
We also love to walk together, laugh and have fun.
What is your favorite hobby?
I like to read books, listen to music, love to cook healthy food, spend an evening watching a movie. But I do not have enough men near me, so I spend the evening alone.
I really want to be in a couple and I want to spend time with my beloved man, take walks and be happy.
Perhaps with you in the future we can accomplish this? :))
What are you dreaming about? :)
I give you a photo with my best friends :)
I will be glad to see photos with your friends :)
I will now finish my mail and I will look forward to your reply.
I kiss you
Letter 6
Hi, how are you? how is your day going
Yesterday we had a vacation with our family in nature, we had a holiday Day of Russia :) We had fun yesterday evening. What are you doing yesterday?
I want to ask you to send me your photos. Is it possible?
Sorry, I notice that you sent me a message on June 12th,
You send me the exact same text on June 9th. Word by word
It's some kind of mistake?
Waiting for your answer.
Letter 7
Hello :)) How are you? I am fine. I am very glad to receive your reply. Have you been waiting for my answer? :))
Great, I would love to sing karaoke with you :)
What do you think about the name for your fish "Jupi"? Do you like :) ?
I love winter because you can ski and celebrate the New Year.
I love summer because you can swim and sunbathe, admire the beautiful flowers, walk in nature, eat fresh vegetables, berries and fruits from your garden :)
I'm not afraid to travel, only all the time I can’t get together. This summer I want to take a vacation. And to go where it does not matter.
I have not been anywhere except Turkey. Is it possible that you could come to Russia? Think we have a good time? :)
Unfortunately, I do not always have the opportunity to write you more. Because my job is to take a lot of time.
I hope you appreciate my efforts to tell you more about me.
I am very grateful to you for telling me about you. I am very pleased to have contact with you :))
Now, I often think of you throughout the day. I stop doubting that you really like me. It makes me smile. :))
After all, for a girl it is very important to feel sympathy from a man.
I find that there is sympathy between us. Do you agree with me ?:))
I see in you an honest and decent man! I am very interested in communicating with you.
I believe that I am very lucky to meet you on the Internet.
I am very pleased and easy to talk to you. I sincerely try to do everything so that our conversation is interesting and open. Do you value it?
I believe that we will meet with you and will be able to talk a lot about different things.
I would be glad to take a walk with you, to see the sunsets hugging the arcs of the arc and hold by the hand :)
After all, this is romantic. Do you agree ?
I like to dream about our joint romantic moments with you :)
I think we have many common interests and we will find a lot in common. Do you think the same?
I'm sorry that because of this distance between us, I cannot see you when talking to you.
I am sad that there is a great distance between us. But thanks to the photo, we can see each other.
I think it takes time and one day we can meet if we want to do this. Do you agree with me?
I will send you a photo from my walk :)
I will also be glad to see your photo :)
I kiss and hug you my dear.
Letter 8
Good afternoon :) I miss you and really wait for your news.
Today is my beautiful day. I feel good. I take that you give me a good mood.
How is your day going? :) My heart is filled with warmth when I see your mail. :))
I feel that we are getting closer to each other. I have a feeling that I have known you for a long time.
I will spend my weekend with my family.
Thank you for sharing with me, it was important for me to get to know you better.
How do you plan to spend your weekend? :)
I want to discuss with you a topic that excites me and worries.
I am a gullible and naive woman! This is my flaw.
I was betrayed and disappointed by people; I consider them friends.
You are a really good man, can I trust you? I want to believe that you are an unselfish person and you do not have bad intentions.
I feel fear, I hear and read many stories when girls from Russia leave for another country to go to a man and disappear.
Girls became victims of fraud, girls took away passports and forced prostitution against the will. Their families will never see them again. Do you hear about it?
I listen to my heart and it tells me that you do not have bad thoughts.
I ask you to forgive me. I do not want to offend you. But it is very important. I want you to dispel my fear. I cherish you and believe you.
After all, my goal is to meet a good man and create a family with him.
What is your main goal in life? :)
I am glad that I can speak frankly with you and without hesitation. And I do not want to stop our conversation.
I will send you a photo :) Will you send me yours?
Letter 9
Hello dear.
I miss you and wait for your answer for me. How are you today? :) I'm fine.
Today I get up early and go for a run. It gives me a lot of energy. Do you like to run? :) We could do it together :)
My desire to see you every day becomes only stronger and stronger. I hope one day we can meet. I think a lot about meeting you.
Now I would like to tell you a little about my character and preferences, you can better represent me :)
I like to give good mood to others, I love laughter and smiles. I always try to help people who need it.
Sometimes, my daughter and I visited the orphanage together. I give my help that is in my power. She, like me, loves children. We give our warmth and love to single children, as they need it like no one else.
They are so small, but they have a big kind heart.
My mother is a caring and gentle woman. And dad is purposeful, calm, but at the same time he has a great sense of humor.
I believe that they were able to convey all the best qualities to me.
I'm also not a jealous girl, I believe that this manifests itself from self-doubt. What is your opinion about me? :) It is important for me to have trust and respect in relationships. And finding harmony.
I really love flowers, especially roses, they have an attractive aroma, and are also a symbol of love. :))
I also love being in nature, walking in the forest, picking berries and mushrooms :) My favorite berry is strawberries, and you?
I am a romantic girl! I love having a romantic dinner and making surprises to my man.
And how do you feel about romance? :) Do you like to surprise your woman? :)
Of all the holidays, my favorite is New Year. I like the New Year's bustle. And he brings us closer to family and friends.
My favorite pastime is decorating a Christmas tree and preparing a lot of delicious dishes.
Perhaps sometime in the future, we will decorate the Christmas tree together :))) Would you like to celebrate this holiday with me? :) I want to know what is your favorite holiday? :)
I open up to you more and more, I tell you everything that comes into my head :) Are you interested in knowing this? :)
I give you a photo with my favorite colors :)) I’m waiting for you to tell me about your character, I will be very interested to know even more.
And now I have to say goodbye to you. I will also miss and wait for your answer.
Kisses. Yours Lena.
Letter 10
Hi :)) I'm glad to see your answer again for me :)
I hope you are doing well? How to spend your day today?
I am good. But my day today is full of work and work.
Therefore, I cannot write you much today. I beg your pardon.
I promise that tomorrow we will begin to communicate more. I will write you more about myself interesting.
It's warm outside today. And what is the weather at you place ?:)
I start to want to put on a swimsuit and go to the beach :))
I love to swim. Do you like to swim or sunbathe? :)
I show you a photo of the beach. True, these photos do last summer in July :) But I hope you like them :)
I say goodbye to you my dear. I wait for your comments and your mail.
Letter 11
Hello. How is your mood today? :) Everything is in order with me.
Today I send you a short letter and get back to work.
Thank you for your kind words, I'm glad that you like my photos.
On the street now, the weather is getting better and better. I want to spend more time outdoors.
I start to dream about vacation. I dream about spending it with you :))
Before falling asleep, I dream and introduce us together as we watch a movie, our evening walks.
It makes my heart beat faster, excite me.
I'm sorry that you cannot see how I smile and how to shine my eyes when writing to you.
It’s hard for me to fall asleep from these thoughts. I wait every new day to write to you.
I open my heart to you and I hope that you value my sincerity and honesty in front of you.
I think I should have told you about this.
My recognition made me feel better. I believe that fate helped us find each other :)
Do you believe in fate?
Now I finish my mail. I give you my photo and wait for your photo for me :)
Goodbye my dear!!! I hug you tightly.
Yours Lena.
Letter 12
Good afternoon, my dear! I am glad to receive your reply.
Today I feel great. I have a great mood, I am very glad to write to you again :))
On Saturday I finish work early and I go to my family.
My parents and I love to pack up and sit in the yard, I think that the weather will be good and we will fry the meat in nature and have a good rest.
My dad loves to cook. And it turns out very tasty.
They also like to remember the funny moments of my childhood and we laugh a lot. I love to see when mom and dad have fun. I want the same love as my mom and dad.
They are happy together and cannot live without each other. I do not see them swear. My dad is a real man and never offend my mom.
Perhaps that’s why I’m still alone, because I want the same man as my dad. I assume that my mother was lucky to meet such a man.
All previous men offend and betray me. Perhaps this is my fate. And this is my life experience that will not happen again.
I see that you are a real man. I believe and feel you. I do not see in you a falsity.
Let this not be love, but perhaps when we meet these feelings will arise between us !!! Do you agree with me? I am sure that when we spend time together, we will not be bored.
We can watch your favorite movies and TV shows, listen to music that you like :) Will you tell me which films and music you like? :)
I prefer classical music. For example, I like to listen and enjoy the music of Ludovico Einaudi.
She let me relax after a hard day.
Of course, I listen not only to classical music. I like to choose very melodic performers.
In their youth, they were Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. Now - David Garrett, Leona Lewis, George Michael. Hardcore for me - noise, no more.
From films, I prefer such a genre as - detective story, science fiction, comedy, drama. Also love movies that are based on real events.
From recent ones such as the 2018 Green Book, 1 + 1, 2018 Bohemian Rhapsody. Do you watch these movies? :)
Of the series, I prefer the historical genre and detective story. For example, such series as - “Versailles” 2015, “Tudors” 2007, “Detective Monk” 2002.
Now you know more about my tastes. And I'm glad to share with you and talk about everything :) It's very exciting to talk to each other. I thank you for giving me time :)
I feel that I am attached to you during this time, and do not want to lose you :)
I will wait for your reply and your comments :) I will give you my photo :)
My kiss for you. Bye.
Letter 13
Hello hello :)))
Your answer is to give me happiness and joy :)) Indeed, I feel happier now :))
How are you today? :) I'm fine. I like the weather today. How is the weather? :)
I will write to you during my lunch. Today I work just as much. Yesterday I arrived home only at 19:00.
I also talk to my daughter and tell her about us. I tell her about the warm feelings for you.
I see that you are a sincere man and I can trust you. I notice in you a lot of very good qualities.
And I believe that a joint, happy future awaits us. I feel that you are kind and gentle to me.
Do not know the reason. But, my desire to see you, every day only grow stronger. Do you feel the same way?
I hope that I can take a vacation. It would be great if we meet this summer, and not in the cold season.
I hope that we will not have a problem with this :) I dream to hug you at a meeting. Do you wish for this?
I give you my photo. I wait for your photo for me :)
Now my break will end and I have to go :) But, I always think about you, even at work :)
Have a nice day my dear. Hug you.
Yours Lena.
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