Scam letter(s) from Anna Ivanova to Sam (USA)

Letter 1
Hi how are you? I want to become acquainted, please write me ( Anna.ann501 @ ) if you are ready to continue acquaintance with me. I will be glad!
Letter 2
hello :))
Hi how are you? I want to become acquainted, please write me if you are ready to continue acquaintance with me. I will be glad!
Hi, a good day right?
Could I meet you, do you mind?
I will wait for your answer to (
Letter 3
Good afternoon, I am so pleased to meet you.
I am pleased that you do not mind continuing contact.
Why do you write very little about yourself? I ask you to write more about yourself so that I can get to know you better.
Shortly about myself:
The name is Anna. Age 36 years old. Date of birth - October 13, 1983. I can tell you a little more about myself: my height is 167 centimeters, my weight is 56 kg, my hair color is light, my eyes are gray-blue.
I live in the city - Kirov, region - Vladimir region, Russia.
Now I work as a manicurist in a beauty salon. Do you understand what my job is?
My goal is to meet an interesting, cultured man for a serious relationship.
My dream is to create a happy family.
What are you doing? Are you also looking for a serious relationship?
I am sending a few photos for you. I'm waiting for some of your photos for me.
You can ask me everything that interests you, I will be glad to answer all your questions.
Next post I will tell more about me.
Letter 4
I am pleased to see your answer today, good afternoon!
Your profile immediately seemed pretty interesting to me, I would like to know more about you.
No problem, let's ask any questions, if you don’t trust our contact, I’m ready to report to you and prove that I’m not going to waste my time at all. :-o :shock: :disagree: :mad:
You see, it’s really important for me to get to know the right person, I’m already tired of lying and I want a happy, long relationship.
I would like to see your photo, can you send it to me?
At the moment, I devote a lot of time to my work, but I understand that sometimes it becomes very lonely and I would like to meet a cultured person.
As I already told you, the city in which I live is called - "Sobinka", there is a river nearby - "Kliazma" is a partly old city, as well as the first British construction.
The city is quite small, the population of the city is about 18 thousand people, the distance from Moscow is 160 km.
Maybe you visited Russia someday?
You know, I even find it interesting to know people at a distance, are you afraid of the distance between us?
I began to think about the future and therefore decided to meet a man on the Internet, and there is absolutely no time to get to know each other live.
Now I live alone, except perhaps my loneliness can be separated by my dachshund named "Aphelia" and the cat "Gata". How do you feel about pets, do you have animals at home?
I have some hobbies, I like to paint pictures and cook unusual dishes.
I will send you a photo with my pets, I think that you laugh and get positive emotions :))
Now my lunch is ending, I will write you more in the next letter.
I will look forward to your reply.
Letter 5
How are you today, what were you doing?
Yes, of course, I know what American football is, you need to be a strong and impressive person for the game.
No, not at all, I'm sorry if this sounded like a provocation, just a lot of unscrupulous people write to me, but I think that you are not like that and our communication will be without lies and can lead to serious relationships once.
I would like to see your photo, can you send it to me?
How are you doing today ? Everything is still fine with me! I deal with my work, many happy girls were at work yesterday, after I worked on my nails.
I like talking with you, you are an interesting conversationalist for me. Tell me about your past relationship?
Of course I had a relationship with a man, but to create a family did not work. The former man was a military man and most of the time he spent in the service.
Our feelings for each other finish and we part. I always lacked his attention. It hurt for me, for a long time I feel very alone.
My relatives: my father, unfortunately, is no longer alive, and my mother Larisa lives in the neighboring city of Ryazan, we do not see each other so often, but we call each other on the phone.
I also have a sister Tatyana, we are very similar to her, I will attach a photo with my sister and mother in this letter.
I think that our communication can lead to something more than just friendship, I will be glad to continue to recognize you.
I like to visit various interesting places with beautiful nature, to see the sights.
In summer, I like to go hiking in lakes and rivers, which are enough in my area.
What do you like in your free time? I'm interested in your hobby?
Have a nice day, waiting for your reply.
Letter 6
Thank you for your letter. I was waiting for your answer and now I am glad to read it!
How to spend your day today? How is your build?
I have an amazing mood today, I think the day should be bright and go well.
Of course I like large animals more, I would gladly have brought a tiger at home, but I can only get small cats and dogs :)) Since it is inconvenient to keep large animals in the apartment, I think you understand me.
Tell me more about your life.
I'm at work now, I have time to answer you. I can’t answer you more often, a large flow of customers, but I can check my mail at lunchtime, I think you do not mind?
I don’t have lunch at certain hours, but usually lunch starts after 12 noon.
I’ll tell you a little about my work: My profession is a manicurist. I am a qualified specialist and studied this professionally.
I am engaged in decorating and modeling nails for women in a beauty salon, we have a good team, I work with pleasure in our beauty salon.
Of course, starting and learning was not easy, but now there is a large client base and my experience has been more than 4 years in this field.
Can you tell me about your work? What does it consist of? I know how important it is for a man, his work.
Do you love your job?
I also finished art courses, I was able to draw well from childhood, I am a creative person and decided to express my ideas in the profession of manicurists.
I do not stand still and like to learn something new and develop in many directions. But I do not have enough time to meet men.
Many of my friends met decent men on the Internet, so I decided to look for my happiness on the Internet. Have you been looking for an online partner for a long time?
I am completely new to online dating and did not believe that here you can meet and find your love. But the experience of friends shows this is quite real and I can find my love and be happy.
Now I finish my mail and I am waiting for your reply for me.
I will give you a photo from my work and colleagues, my kiss is for you :))
Letter 7
Good afternoon. It's incredibly nice to start the day by reading your letters. :))
How are you today? How do you feel? You cheer me up and now I have it, wonderful :))
I would like to see your photo, can you send it to me?
You know, communicating with you, I understand that you are a kind and helpful person. I think we are on the right track and our acquaintance will certainly lead not only to friendship.
Do you think dating on the Internet can lead to a serious relationship? Would you like that? :)
How do you spend your free time?
In my free time, I like to visit the equestrian club and ride a horse. I really like horses, they are amazing!
Horseback riding calms me; walking is very romantic. Especially if you do it in a couple, do you agree? :))
What could be more romantic than a horse ride in the fresh air under an unhurried clatter of hooves and a gentle breeze :)) Are you a romantic?
I also do aerobics twice a week, I have enough of this to maintain my shape, as well as provide my muscles with good tone.
I also really like to cook. I delved into the study of Italian cuisine, I'm quite interested, well, of course I can cook our Russian food, various soups and borscht. I like the variety of dishes new to me. I practice, I think that I succeed, maybe I will cook for you one day.
What is your favorite cuisine? What is your favorite food? :)) I want to try to cook it! I will treat them to my friends.
I am sending you photos from horseback riding, as well as our group from aerobics training.
I will try to answer your letters as early as possible if I have time.
Have a nice day, I need to work now, I will be bored! Anna.
Letter 8
hello. Good day today, how is your mood?
Everything is in order, everything is just as good at work. I spend the evening in shops to buy new clothes and shoes. I also buy products for my little surprise.
How do you spend your evening?
In the evening, I cooked lasagna at home and brought my colleagues to work to pamper me. I’m interested in knowing how I manage to master the preparation of new dishes for me.
My friends were happy to receive my surprise and give me the highest marks :))))
I understand that you are a good person, but how about you that you don’t have your photos at all, can you still send me some of your pictures?
It is so interesting for me to recognize you, I want our communication to be easy and relaxed. You can ask me any questions, I will be happy to answer, okay?
How do you feel about a woman, I'm interested in knowing your character traits? Are you a strict person?
I only have a good opinion about you, it’s easy for me to talk to you. I am glad that it is with you that I continue my acquaintance.
It seems to me that sympathy has arisen between us, what do you think? :))
I’ll tell you a little about your character. I am a rather gentle person, but at the same time a demanding person.
I like to live by certain rules. Everything should be in order, do you agree? And of course, very important, respect for each other. Only then can a stable and happy relationship be built.
I think, a rather creative and resourceful person, I try not to put things off until later, but to immediately solve or find a non-standard solution to the problem.
I try to write everything to you, as it really is. I do not like lying people, so I’ll hear from you any criticism to me.
My loved ones appreciate such qualities in me and we get along pretty well, I'm not a conflict person.
Sometimes with friends we can just sit and talk on various topics. I listen with great pleasure, I will give practical advice. Do you have friends, do you often see each other?
Of course, many of my friends have their other half, and now we are less likely to see them. I am not an envious person. I am sincerely happy for my friends, it is nice to see happy people.
I believe and feel that I will definitely find my half and be happy!
I pass on my photos with friends and how we spend time in summer and winter :))
My kisses are for you, I will look forward to hearing from you.
Letter 9
Have a nice day my best friend! How are you ?
Today I just have a great mood, it is your answer for me to fill my day with pleasant emotions :))
Thank you for continuing to answer me, I'm starting to get used to your letters. My day is passing, in a good mood, when I see your answer.
I completely agree with you, I said absolutely right about building relationships, I don’t have to rush at all, I agree to be friends for a start, thank you very nice gesture.
The very strange thing is that you can’t take a photo for me, how can it be?
I, considering our communication, as one of the options to meet a good man. I think you can be him. Are you a really good man and can I trust you? What qualities would you highlight in a woman of your dreams?
I believe that the most important thing in life is family and love, in other words, I believe that there can be no real and strong family without love and trust.
Not very decent men come across on the Internet, I don’t understand why they ask for photos of an intimate nature and add them to the black list.
But from the moment when I start our contact, I finish communication with a man. Now I have contact, only with you. Do you have contact with other women?
Of course, I understand that you are a decent man and well-brought up, you will never let me do bad things, right, I think about you?
Of course, I did not have much experience in dating, and besides, I am a gullible person. I think this is my fault. I have too much trust in people.
It's easy for you to meet people, how quickly do you open up to people and start trusting them?
I'm glad I'm talking to you. I don’t know, maybe I'm in a hurry? But I believe that if we continue our conversation, then we really have sympathy for each other. What do you think?
Some of my photos in this letter are for you, I need to work now, we will continue our contact another time.
I hope that you are not angry with me for the short letter, my hugs for you :))
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