Scam letter(s) from Elena Yelyanova to Greg (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Alec. It's me Nadejda. I very glad you found time for the write to me. I wanted search the friend to me or even more. Therefore I used internet for search. I saw advertising in internet and went to this site. It is my first contact through internet. I am not able to use a computer very well. I use the program-translator for translate the letter. But I can read and speak English very well. I studied English in institute. If you have a problem that I from the Russia, inform me about it. I will understand all. Well, I begin the story about myself. My growth of 167 cm (5.5 feet). My weight of 53 kg (118 pounds). I知 28 years old. I send you my picture I hope you like it. If you want send me the picture too. I will be glad receive it. I am sorry my words are confused this my first letter through internet therefore I very worry. Inform me if you understood my letter, then I know that has do all correctly. I very much hope our friendship will continue. I want to know about you as much as possible. Also I will be glad to answer your questions. I wait your next letter. I wait your next letter. Nadejda
Letter 2

Hi my friend Greg. I so glad receive your letter again. Yes I very animals much love. But I have no pets in a house. Thank you very much you answered me. I cannot believe I could get acquainted with man on such big distance. I overflow good emotions. I never wrote to other men through internet earlier. You first man to which I write letters. Therefore your letters are very important for me. You probably want to know about me as much as possible? Well, I try to tell you about myself. I live in city Perm. I like my city. You can see my city on this site: Probably you will have difficulty with understanding this site, because it is in Russian. But you can use program-translator. I was born in this city and I live here all my life. I never visit the USA. Also I have no any relatives in the USA. I work in firm on release of furniture. My work consists to development of design of furniture. Therefore I can draw very well. My hobby is drawing. I like to draw very much, therefore I chose such work. I have ended institute of painting, and I have higher education. I like my work. It is not so difficult for me, therefore I enjoy my work. I work on this work 7 years. And what you do for work? It is very interesting to me to know about you as much as possible too. My working day begins in 8 a.m. and to end in 5 p.m. I work 5 days in week. My work is near to my house. Therefore I go to my work on foot. My work does not pay me much money, but I have enough for life. I want to know your birthday. Mine - on January, 27, 1977. Birthday - my most favorite holiday in year. Also I like celebrate Christmas. And have you like celebrate your birthday? During free time from work I like to communicate with my friends. My friends are very good. And have you friends? I like very much to communicate with you. I wait your questions and answer on it with pleasure. Your new friend from Russia Nadejda.
Letter 3

Hi my best friend Greg. To me delivers great pleasure dialogue with you. I continue to tell you about myself. I live with my mum. Unfortunately I have no father. He has died several years ago. I so loved him. I have only good memoirs on my father. My parents loved each other very strongly. We spent a lot of time together and had a lot of fun. When I was small, we with my father went on fishing. It very much was pleasant to me. Sitting on small river I liked to look at a rising sun how to leave night and all wakes up. And how you spent your childhood? My mum now does not work, she on pension. Now I have no any boyfriend. I had bad experience 5 years ago. He did not care of me and deceived. In life I most of all hate lie. After that I had no any boyfriend. Therefore I till now was not married and I have no children. But I want to have children very much. I want to have two children boy and girl. In free time I like visit theatres and cinemas. In our city we have many theatres and cinemas. What about move. I like fantasy, adventures, melodrama and comedies. I like American move and actors. What about music. I like listen various music. I do not give preference to special kinds of music. Quality of music is important for me. Sometimes, when to me is sad - I listen classical music. When to me is cheerful - I listen POP. Also I like to listen American singers. I like Madonna. My favorite color is violet, it is color of fantasy. Sometimes I like to dream. In my dreams I present myself a bird. I like visit clubs with my friends for fun. I like: when do compliments, will give signs of attention, speak the truth, understand me. I to not want war because all this is not correct and severe. One wise person, only I do not remember who, have told: Make love, instead of wars. This person of the rights, can always win love, and break all barrier on the way, be it walls or distance. I have no any relatives in the USA. I never visited the USA earlier. But I very much want to visit the USA once. It would be very interesting to meet you face to face. I very much like to travel, but I never was outside my country. And have you such inclination? Tell me about it. I very much want to know about you as much as possible!!! I so glad I have got acquainted with you!!! Your friend Nadejda.
Letter 4

Hello dear Greg!!! My favorite flower is red roses. I know that mean colors of roses. I like to get know more and more about you. I want to know about you as much as possible. It makes me closer to you. I am sure our meeting will take place once when we shall be ready to this. I still did not tell my mum about you. Today I shall tell her about you. I think my mum will be glad to hear about you. Because I already a long time dream to meet good man. Dear, how do you usually rest? What do you do? What is your most favorite thing? As for me, most of I like an active rest somewhere on the nature. In summer we often go out of city. My favorite season is summer, when all green. We have very beautiful nature and it is such a pleasure early in the morning to go to the forest, to breathe the fresh air, to hear sound of wind. I like to spend time with my friends. I have only few of them, they are true friends and we always support each other in everything. And what about your friends? We have different kinds of sport too like football, hockey. But you have soccer (American football) and in Russia we have English football which is very popular in Europe. I wrote you before a little about city. It is really very nice. There is a central park here where I like to walk. Also the architecture of it is very interesting. There is a Drama Theatre which impresses me with its power. I like to go there when there is a new season. Also you can find lots of memorials there. And my city is very green and clean, there are many trees here and people care about them. So you can enjoy the beauty when you walk through it. And what about you, are there any interesting places in your city? Can you tell me about it? I just interested in everything connected with you. Miss your letters. Nadejda. P.S. I will send a new picture soon.
Letter 5

Hi Greg, my dear. I have told my mum about you. My mum is very glad, that I communicate with you. She transfers you "HI". As I already spoke, I had no relation during 5 years. But sooner or later such lonely life bothers. Sometimes I dream, that near to me the man to which can tell all most secret dreams. When to you it is sad, it would be desirable to nestle on him. In the favorite person I see courageous, kind, sympathetic and not the avaricious person who would understand me and respected as woman. But unfortunately near to me there is no man. Perhaps therefore, I have written to you the first letter. Probably destiny smile to us and I can sometime tell to you the most secret dreams, sitting in one room and looking each other in eyes. In fact the destiny cannot be foreseen. And we never know what for us waits in the future. I cannot sometimes hold the ideas inside and it to be pulled out outside. I already trust you and on this have told about the ideas. With you so it is good and easy. You have brightened up my loneliness. I for a long time dreamed about such man like you. Your letters help me live. You have probably understood, I the romantic girl. Now it probably a rarity, because at all in ideas only money, career and the rich husband. And I like simple things, for example: happy family, children and loving husband. In fact it is difficult to buy all for money. You agree with me? I shall wait your next letter with impatience. Sincerely yours Nadejda.
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