Scam letter(s) from Elena Klimovich to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
Good evening Im Elena and my relatives call me Elen. I am thirty. It's a wonderful day and I am in a rush to have a dialogue with you in nearest days! I am woman with out a half of my dreams. I really believe in a wonderful life with a happy futurelife for me and maybe you. I dream to be near with a caring good man.I'm a nice girl, but I'm feeling solitariness is swallowing me sometimes. I am want to find for my wonderful half who can give me happiness care and love. If you're interested in share with me happy moments and I see your answer as soon as you can. If you are interested in me Please write ONLY to my regular Best regards, Elenushulenka!
Letter 2
Hello Sol. I got your letter. Thanks. I see now that the marriage agency is doing the work (I gave my profile to the marriage agency to find a man). I like to make new friends. I believe that a good friendship between a man and a woman can develop to love. Friendship is an excellent ground for future true love (I heard such an expression and I agree with him)! I am glad that you liked my photos and you became interested in me. I will tell a little about me. My height is 165 cm, weight 55 kg. I was born in Belarus (country of tractors with the name of the country "Belarus", a lifelong president and almost no tourists) on May 14, 1989 (zodiac sign Taurus). Do you believe in astrology? I live and work in Prague for about 1 year now.
I work as a nanny in a Belorussian-Czech family. I have a higher pedagogical education (primary school teacher). I have a family in Belarus. My family is my mother and younger sister (age 17). I love them very much. I like reading books, watching melodramas and historical films, dancing, doing fitness, swimming. I like to spend time with children, but I do not have my own children. I love animals and wildflowers. My favorite flowers are daisies. Cats are my weakness! Do you have a cat? I appreciate in people loyalty, kindness, decency, sincerity, a sense of humor. I hate lies, betrayal, punctuality, cowardice, greed, bad manners in people. I am afraid of insects (spiders, cockroaches). The biggest evil in the world is terrorism! And most of all in my life I am afraid of wars. In the memory of my people and my family, World War II remained. I dream that people will become more civilized and not start a war. I dream to parachute. I'm tired of being alone. Therefore, I use the Internet to find the right man. I am looking for a kind and interesting man for a serious relationship. In men, I value determination, caring, industriousness, cheerfulness, firmness and chivalry. Tell us about your life and work in the next letter. I am interested in everything!
I want to study you better and I will wait for your new letter and photo. I am sending some of my photos for you. And I will waiting your photos for me!
Your new friend Elena
Letter 3
Hello, Sol! How are you? I ask you to forgive me for my rare letters. I work here a lot. I work as a nanny in a Belorussian-Czech family in Prague. This family has a three years old daughter. This three-year-old daughter is my job! I have to work with this girl from 8 AM to 6 PM on Monday - Saturday (Sunday is my only day off). And sometime I can have more work when my employers come back to home later.. And I like to go to Fitness Center from 7 PM to 9 PM on Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday. Do you like fitness too? My duties as a nanny are the following: have to feed, dress, walks, play development games, teach Belorussian. I hope that you understand the duties of a nanny?! Therefore, I will not talk about this in detail. You should know one thing. I'm waiting for your new letter with impatience always. I remember my childhood. I was waiting for a birthday present.
I remember this feeling of expecting a gift. Do you remember your childhood? Do you miss your childhood? It was a carefree time. I miss my childhood very much. My family cared a lot about me. And I had no problems and worries during my childhood. I dream of being loved and protected of my BELOVED MAN. I hope that you understand what I want to explain to you? Every woman wants to be a little weak next to her beloved man. I believe in sincere love. I think that all people around the world can find it.
I'm a romantic girl and I often dream. I will tell you about one of my dreams. Sea ... Wild beach ... A light breeze flutter my hair. The sun goes beyond the horizon. I am lying on this beach with my man. We drink dry red wine and look at this beautiful scarlet sunset. And at this moment we understand that this is real happiness! We cuddle ...;)
Do you dream of such things? I am interested in you. I like some of your character traits: kindness, responsibility (your letters show it), gallantry, care. Please do not waste this qualities on empty women! Remember this! I'm looking for a man who fulfills promises and does not say empty words. This man will always support and understand me. And he must love ***. :) Do you like ***? *** is good ONLY when partners are in love with each other! *** is a very important part of the relationship between lovers. My dear friend, I want to ask some questions. If you have the opportunity to have dinner with any person in the world, who will it be? Do you like kids? Are you a religious person? Describe the ideal woman for you. Do you like singing? When was the last time you sing? Do you like sports? I hope that you will love my new letter. I think about you often. I am waiting for your new letter with a photo. With my best wishes.
Your friend Elena
Letter 4
Hello my dear Sol. I am glad to see your new letter. Thank you for your understanding. This is important to me. I tried to explain to you in the last letter the following. My family and friends remember me and care about me always. But they can't replace the love of my man to me. I am trying to change it and I hope to find my true love very soon. A MAN who will wake me up with kisses and sweet words. A MAN who will give me flowers for no reason and buy croissants in the mornings if he woke up earlier! A MAN who will love and respect me. And I promise that our feelings will be mutual if this MAN is acting like that. I want to share one secret with you. I think that this MAN is you! I like our communication. I like to write to you and receive gentle letters. I thank you that you make me wanted and important. I like your character, appearance, thoughts. Do I scare you with this confession? Do not get me wrong, I want to be honest with you.
Therefore I ask you to be honest with me too. Honest correspondence is a guarantee of the future success of our possible relations in reality! I thought earlier that virtual communication is not a serious matter. But I see now that our relationship is growing, and something good can happen in the future between us. Love is a very powerful feeling! And this can happen suddenly and everywhere. So now I think that love can happen on the Internet. I think that we should develop our relations now and do not stop it. And I hope that we will have success at the end! What do you think about my confession? What thoughts do you have about our possible relationship in the future?
I trust you more after each of your new letters. I want to tell something. I wrote to you earlier that I am a lonely girl. Therefore I did not have a relationship with the man for long time. The reasons for this are the following... I had a serious relations with the man from Brno about 4 years ago. His name is Marek. We met with the help of my friend Anastasia. Me and Anastasia studied at the same university before. It happened this way: Marek was a friend of Vaclav.
Marek came to Belarus (together with Anastasia and Vaclav) so that he could see Belarus (as the tourist). Anastasia invited me to a restaurant when they all came to Belarus. There I saw Marek for the first time. We liked each other at once. Our relations developed quickly. We fell in love with each other. Marek flew to Brno after he spent a month in Belarus. He came back to Belarus to see me 3 more times that year. We planned to live and create a family together in Czech Republic. We thought that our happiness would be eternal, but fate did something terrible. Marek went on a business trip to Ukraine 4 years ago. He worked as a private reporter. And the tragedy happened there. He did a video report about the riots in Kiev and has got pneumonia there. Ukrainian doctors couldn't provide him with good medical care at the right time. His health state got worse when he came back to Brno. Marek died due to pneumonia complications. It happened on January 8. It was a big nervous shock for me… I was able to overcome this loss, but it was hard for me. 8 months later I met Belorussian man after this accident. I tried to come back to a normal life. This Belorussian man told me that he loved me. But all that was just a lie - He cheated me with other women. I broke up with him when I found out the truth. I met another Belorussian man in 7 months after that. And he was also a liar. So I made up my mind - I DON'T WANT to meet any Belorussian men anymore. All I got from them was frivolity and lies only. I DON'T WANT to feel this pain again. It hurts very much when the heart and soul are aching! Have you ever felt this? I have not had a relationship with men for a year and a half. I miss a male care and affection. So I'm in a search now.
My friend Anastasia phoned me in Belarus one year ago. She offered a nanny job for her little daughter. And I thought then that Prague is a good place to find my happiness. And I can earn good money for my family at same time. And I remembered Marek, he was the only man who did not lie to me. Only this Czech man gave happiness to me.
Therefore, I think now that Czech men are better than Belorussian men (my experience). Czech men are decent, responsible and very romantic.
This is the main reason for my interest in Czech men. I hope that you will understand me. Did my stories about the other men offend you? I told you about it, because I trust you. I think that sharing by our past experiences will make us more closer to each other. I want to talk to you by phone. I give you my number +420296183011. The best time for a phone call for you is from 8 pm to 10 pm I will call you in this time and I gave you my phone number and I hope you will answer for me when I will call you. We have reached a new stage in our relations. So I want to have a talk with you on the phone. Let us do it! I finish my letter now and I am waiting for the answer from you.
Your friend Elena.
P.S. Can you give me your phone number? I can call you. And tell me the best time to call you
Letter 5
Hello my dear Sol. I'm so sorry for my long silence for you all these days. I told you I was in the hospital with Luiza and I was so scare this fact and this situation. When we came back to home I needed a couple days for keep calm. And I had a lot of house work. Luiza's parents came from a business trip 2 days ago. And everything is getting better now. I had very hard weeks before. I had to think about US. Our last phone call does not leave my head. More precisely, my heart and soul. I liked your kind male voice. Your sound is so sweet, so gentle. I felt protection and care. Our sympathies are growing every day. It is obvious! So I wanted to test my feelings. I did not have the opportunity to write or call you. A short separation helps to understand the feelings of partners better. Who are you to me?! This was a difficult thing for me! I missed you.
When we start our communication. This incident made me hurt. I want to share this with you now. I attended fitness training. Runner in the gym. This man wanted to meet and get my phone number. I refused to meet this man. And he answered me rudely: “Russian **********! It offended me very much. Gym because I had to calm down. I visited a cafe. I do not understand what this man’s sudden anger is. Why does he think badly about Russian and Belarusian girls ?! I was angry with myself more. I have been living for 30 years. A man who can support and protect me in a difficult time. This hard truth in my life! An adult woman (about 65 years old) came and sat down at my table. Her name is Agatha. She told me everything. Agatha supported me and said: “Fools surround us everywhere! Therefore, do not be offended or upset!
She asked the question: “Do I have a boyfriend or husband?” Tears streamed down my face harder then. I explained that I am a lonely girl. I meant that I had meetings in reality. I feel something gentle for this man. I can not understand these feelings completely now.
Agatha gave good advice to me after: “A short separation will reveal your true feelings for each other. Love finds all people. I could not understand her words at that moment. I realized that these are good advice to a wise adult woman. I can lose you. A man who likes me. I looked at your photos. I tingled everything. Our communication fills my loneliness and emptiness. It is very important to me! I am afraid that you have long been a long time. You are trying to help me when I think about it. I realized that you need every day of my life! I love you, Sol! What should I do with these feelings for you? I don’t know ... Help me!
Please answer me! These are important questions for me at this moment.
Do you have love for me? Could you get love for me if you don't have it now? What do you think about this? Please do not laugh! This is a declaration of love. I hope you can understand my feelings. PS: I want to meet with you in reality. We must do it! Can i visit you? When I was able to visit you. Please write about this in the next letter. What do you think about our meeting in reality! What is the plan?
Letter 6
Hello, I send a big and sweet kiss for you, my lover Sol! We found each other in this world. I believe that this is a great success for us! Our relationship is growing, and I do not believe it sometimes. It looks like a beautiful colorful dream. I will open my eyes and this beautiful dream will end. I feel like a little girl now (naive and ******). But this love makes me feel like that. I think sometimes that I can fly up with the help of those wings that our love has given me.
Have you ever felt it before? :) Having received these wings behind, I began to imagine many fantasies about us now. I thought about it when I went to bed yesterday. Just imagine, my dear. We are sitting on the stairs in front of our cozy house. Warm summer evening. The divine silence is around us. Stars twinkle in the sky. You show me different constellations and stars. Only the sounds of crickets and our quiet conversation interrupt this silence. We tenderly embrace each other.
You sit comfortably looking straight into my eyes. And you start saying something. I know what you wanted to tell me. And I stop your speech with my warm, gentle kiss. And I say to you: "I love you too, Sol" You hold me to your chest again. And we continue to enjoy this wonderful moment of our happy life together. Just you and me! There are great peace and tranquility inside us. Do you like to think about this? I believe that such things will happen to us soon.
I am happy that we will meet soon. I think about it a lot. I want to make you happy now. I bought plane tickets to fly to you. I hope that you can meet me at the airport. These are the details of my tickets to London, Heathrow (LHR) 9:55 pm, June 12. Flight BA857, Airbus A320-100/200. I booked a room in the hotel "London Elizabeth Hotel" from Friday to Monday. Please help me to choose the best dress for our first date. I send you some photos of my dresses. I am very excited.
:) I want to be completely prepared for our meeting ;) Please tell me will you glad to see me in this dress in our first meeting?
I'm finishing my new letter for you. Please, remember this promise, which I give to you now. I promise that I will be honest with you in everything always! I will not lie to you! I will answer to any of your questions honestly. So you can ask me any questions as well. You are my beloved man! Therefore, I want give such promises to you. I think that trust and honesty are important things between loving partners!
Can you give such a promise to me? I took a photo especially for you today. I love you and I don't forget about it!
Only yours, Elena I miss very much.
Letter 7
Hello my Boo. How are you? What's news do you have? Thank you for your promises. You are a knight! And you actually keep your promises for the woman of your heart! I believe that these promises, given to each other, will keep our love for a long-long time. Love brings happiness to partners when lovers trust each other completely. Forgive me once again having doubts about you in my previous letter. My last relationship with men cause such thoughts. I thank you for reassurances. I love you, my Boo! I love you with all my heart and soul!
I spoke by phone with my sister today. She said that the day before yesterday the "First Aid" took my mom for an operation! Mom has kidney problems. She did not mention about this before, because my mother didn’t want to make me upset. My sister told me that our mother's health is stable now. But in spite of this I worry very much...
Therefore, I must fly to Belarus urgently. We must postpone our meeting for a different date. I canceled all the reservations for our meeting. I booked tickets already and I will fly to Belarus tonight.
Our meeting is not canceled, but our meeting is postponed for another date! Please do not worry! I will come back to Czech Republic as soon as I can (I booked a return ticket to Prague with an open date). My employers will not be able to give much time for my trip to Belarus.
Please forgive me, but I have to be there for my family! As soon as I land in Belarus I will e-mail you. Forgive me for these bad news again! I love you and miss you very much.
I end my letter for now, honey. I hope you understand me in a right way, I am sure at the same situation you would definitely do same, am I right? I could not do any other way. Many kisses for you. Yours,
Sweetie Pie!
Letter 8
Hello my beloved Boo! How are you today? Interesting fact! The distance has increased between us, and my love has increased for you as well. Perhaps destiny delayed our meeting so that we could get a "huge appetite" for our meeting and "eat" each other (metaphor). ;)
What is the weather like now? How are your health in this bad situation? I worry about you a lot and I'm praying the heavens we are don't feel COVID ever. Love is a great feeling! And this feeling makes us crazy people a bit. I miss you very much! This feeling intensifies more when the evening comes. So I want to offer you a small game. Look at the moon every night at 10 pm your time! I'll look at the moon every night, too, at this time. My longing for you will be less if our views are close (we will look at the moon at the same time). Do you understand me? It will be romantic. I will feel your care and promises better then.
I had many important things in these days. We (my family) are re-registering my family's apartment for my name. Therefore, the notary came to the hospital yesterday, so that my mother signed some documents. I collected the necessary documents for all this and spent a lot of time in the establishment for registering the property of the real estate. The bureaucracy takes a lot of money and moral strength!
But I did everything to register the apartment, so that my mother doesn’t have to worry anymore. So I could not write a letter for you yesterday. Today I visited my mother in the hospital again. Mom's health is good now. And I can plan a return and our meeting. Please think about the dates of our meeting! I can come to you on June 26 for one week. I want to spend more time in your city. We must understand and learn about each other a lot. I want come to you an I want to know can we meet each other on June 26. Let's have a convenient date for our meeting, if the June 26 date is uncomfortable for you! Required!
Mom says "Hello" for you. She said you have kind eyes. I showed her your photo. Mom wants to make a gift for you. My mom's hobby is knitting. She wants to knit a sweater with your name on it. So Mom asks your sweater size (S, M, L and etc)? You will love her gift.
I'm finishing my letter. And I forgot to say something. What did you do tonight? ;) I'm asking this question because you came to my dreams last night. It was a hot and passionate dream. This separation makes my body crazy. ;) We should meet sooner, because my fantasies and dreams drive me crazy. I love you. My air kisses fly to you with this letter. Yours, Sweetie Pie
Letter 9
Hello my beloved Boo! I had a crazy day today. I spent a lot of mental strength. It all happened this way! I arrived at the airport and checked in for the flight when the airline manager reported bad news for me. I can not cross the border of Belarus, because I have a cash debt in Belarus, which is more than 1300 belarusian rubles. It surprised me very much. The airline employee understood my situation and did not use my open date ticket. The customs service explained to me where I can find out about my money debt (Belarussian bailiff service). I visited it after the airport right away. A bailiff officer showed me that I have a cash debt because unpaid utility bills (water, gas, electricity...). I received these cash debts automatically when I received the apartment in my property (my mother re-registered her apartment for me). The situation is this: mom did not pay for this bills for a year and a half and saved it all up. Belarussian customs service will not allow to leave the border of Belarus until the moment when the amount of my money debt will be less than 1300 belarusian rubles. Such a customs law in Belarus for monetary debtors. Big frustrated feelings overwhelm my body now. I gave my mother a lot of questions today. Why she did not tell about such a large monetary debt? Why didn't she pay utility bills for this period of tim? Mom gave explanations for me. It's simple! She did not know that these cash debts would give me such big problems. Mom thought to start pay for all this bills after my departure from Belarus. A difficult operation for the kidneys, a younger sister’s studies, a way of life - all this helped her forget about the debt. Mom spent a lot of money for medicines and could not pay all the bills because of this. Most moms love their children. Therefore, they cherish the calm and good sleep of their children. I think you understand that. Please forgive me for all this. This not happened meeting today is a big hurt for my heart and soul. I love you and it means that I will use all the opportunities so that we can meet really soon.
Please cross your fingers for me! I have to find this money, because I want to live, not to exist. Life without love is not life! This is a heavy burden of loneliness. People are like two magnets that love each other. Therefore, such people will meet necessarily. I love you, I love you, I love you. I remember it always! Hugs and billions kisses.
Only Yours, Elena
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