Name: Ekaterina
Age: 34
Name: Ludmila Sobolewscaya
Age: 27
Name: Lorraine Edwards
Age: 25
Name: Galina
Age: 30
Name: Anastasia Shari
Age: 28
Name: Amber Pearl Parenti
Age: 36
Name: Olga Afanasieva
Age: 29
Name: Natalia
Age: 25
Name: Pearl Mimi
Age: 24
Name: Kathryn Keating
Age: 30
Name: Anna Sukhova
Age: 24
Name: Nadezhda
Age: 26
Name: Maria Permyakova
Age: 24
Name: Elena Sabitova
Age: 27
Name: Natalia Islamova
Age: 32

Scam letter(s) from Inna Smyshlyaeva to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello Richard,

tell me biite, who are you, what are you doing and where you live. And send me your current photos. Send me your photo again.

I come from the beautiful place. But I live alone. In my free time I do sports, play tennis, swim, etc.
I like being photographed outside

Your friend Liliya
Letter 2
Good evening my dear. How are you?I am good.i hope you are also as me.i see your mail inbox i read your mail you today so i reply you sametime.if you want to join close relationship plz send me your mobile number, so we can talk first. I just want a reliable partner with whom you can break bridges, but also build towers. Someone with whom you can explore new worlds. Open, honest, free and fresh every day. Confident, bold and curious.
I've been living in beautiful city for a long time,
there are hardly any team players here among men. Let's start.
Just answer my answer as soon as you see that
Your friend Liliya
Letter 3
Hello my sweet Richard
Thank you for your message, it was a surprise for me to get an answer from you.
I'm sorry you had to wait a long time for my answer
But since my internet was broken, I couldn't answer you immediately.
Sometimes your internet may be broken and you know how difficult it is to stay offline???
It turned out that there were strong gusts of wind.
The wind tore off all the wires that led to my house.
After the wires were repaired,
The internet connection has been restored
Then, I went to my email and saw that you answered me. Now everything is fine and I am writing to you.
I'm looking for the other half on the Internet.
I decided to try your luck and write to your email and ask you personally.
Where do you live? What is your town called?
I live in Kazakhstan.
I live in the city of Kostanay.
I am a Kazakh nationality.
I am a woman from Kazakhstan.
I also give my good photos and my video. You - Richard
Am I spelling your name correctly?
If I write your name your name not right, correct me.
My full name is Liliya.
I am 33 years old. How old are you?
I understand English and can therefore understand everything you write to me.
How tall are you? I am only 170 cm tall.
I hope that's not a problem for you.
What do you work with? I work as a massage therapist
My work is a lot of fun.
Where exactly are you from?
What are your hobbies?
I like to ski. Alpine skiing.
Today I will send you 2 videos of how I went skiing in February this year. I also like to swim, run on a forest tree (forest park).
I have a lot of videos about how I run in a forest park and do exercises in the morning.
If you want to see it, I can send you a video of me.
I have a video for you. How my hair falls during music.
Video titled: VideoFile_01
Maximize your sound to hear all the sounds in the video.
I am shooting this video for a personal archive so that I can see this wonderful moment again later in pictures and videos.
Second (VideoFile_02) and third videos (VideoFile_03) I made a video of myself skiing in February 2020. I couldn't attach the video to the email
The video file was too large
So I had to upload the video to a special site.
I wish you a wonderful day.
Kisses and hugs you, your friend Liliya from Kostanay
Letter 4
Hello Richard!
Thank you for answering me.
You are interested in knowing me. I am also interested in knowing you.
So that you know me better, I'll tell you something about me.
I am a simple girl from Kazakhstan. I've never been abroad.
I was only once at sea and that was it. I have never had a husband.
I have never been married and do not know what it is when there is a husband.
But if I had a husband in the future. I would give all my warmth and affection with all my heart. If I ever loved someone who was offered to live in a civil marriage.
I would definitely agree.
Because in the morning I want to wake my husband up with a kiss and then cook him breakfast.
But there is no man. And I can only dream of that in the future. I go to work every day. I have my favorite job.
I work as a massage therapist. And I took part in training courses for this profession.
I do different types of massages. I try very hard for my work.
That everyone who takes part in a massage would be satisfied.
It is not enough to be satisfied, it is necessary that the massage has a therapeutic effect. I am often asked at work. Why did I choose this job?
That's all because I like to do good to people and make the world a little friendlier. I don't smoke and I don't like alcohol.
I have a healthy lifestyle.
You can see for yourself the fact that I have a healthy lifestyle when you watch my video.
I'll send you a video of me so you can see me alive.
I shot this video during a walk in the forest in the fresh air in February this year. I couldn't post my video here
You can see it on a special page.
I hope you enjoy the music and my dance. now you can see that i am a living woman.
Do you have your photos and live video with you ???
Send me pictures and live video of you Richard. Do you like going for a walk outdoors?
How do you spend your free time?
I hope you are not against an exchange of letters.
Tell me something about yourself and your family if you have one.
It is very interesting for me.
I hope to see your answer tonight.
I hope that in the next letter you will tell more about yourself than I said.
Kisses and hugs you, your friend Liliya from Kostanay
Letter 5
Hello Richard, I'm glad I want to share this joy with you.
This day started a long time ago and I would like to know what you did first thing this morning.
I personally made coffee with milk this morning and went to work. Now I am at work and I am writing to you from my computer during my work.
I have already written to you that I am a massage therapist. I'm doing a massage.
Therapeutic massage. Cosmetic. Relaxing. ****** massage
I learned to be a massage specialist because I like this job.
But in the future I will study as a furniture designer.
I have been dreaming a lot about design lately
inspiration comes by itself
Sometimes I even have the fact that I want to read poems by ear.
Incidentally, I would like to send you a video today in which you can hear with your own ears how I like to tell a beautiful poem.
I am probably a creative woman. What do you think? I think after watching the video with me.
You want to represent me better in real life.
You will understand what I look like when you watch my video with me now.
I couldn't send the video in a letter.
Because the video size was too big.
and again I had to upload the video to the video sharing site.
You can see the video by opening it here: Can you make me a little video of you in which i can hear your voice ???
That would be good!
At the beginning of the letter I said I want to share my joy with you! Joy - This is my video titled (VideoFile_05) for you Richard!
The poem says: The girl sang in the church choir
I hope you like it!
Do you also have a video in which you read a beautiful poem? I have thoughts, with these thoughts I will share with you
that's how you can imagine my life
I think it will be right for you. I have a rare eye color. Because my eyes are brown with a green tint.
You already know that I am 33 years old.
I live in Kazakhstan in the city of Kostanay. I was born in this city.
I don't smoke and I don't drink alcohol, I have a sober lifestyle.
I work a lot and I don't have time to drink alcohol. And I don't have time to smoke! I am alone, have never had a family and am looking forward to a serious relationship for living together.
I have no kids. I was not divorced. I do not know what that is. I am looking for a man to live.
What would be waking up together in the morning
and enjoy life together. Tell me, have you ever dreamed of waking up with a girl?
Not an easy girl. On the contrary, with your beloved wife.
Who loves you and never betrays you? Did you dream of it
I always dream of a man who will love me and who will never betray me. I want a man who doesn't trade me for another woman. I even get sick when I think about these thoughts. I often feel sad and lonely because I am still alone and have no serious relationship.
Everything I like in life.
This is my job as a masseuse. And read beautiful poems.
Sometimes I listen to music and dance. Music gives me inspiration and a good mood for the whole day.
And do you sometimes feel that listening to music increases your mood? I want to tell you something else.
It often seems to me that I will never meet and find my soul mate.
It is the soul mate that I want to fully understand.
And it is precisely because of these thoughts that I am so afraid.
Please if you can calm me down.
Tell me, is that so? Or do I drive myself and scare myself?
Maybe you think that about yourself too? Recently thoughts have haunted me when I smile
that nobody sees my smile.
But to be honest.
But I want to smile a lot and I dream of loving my husband.
If I ever have a husband!
Then I'll give him all my love and affection --- But now I'm alone and I don't have a husband !! I only have my salary. I buy everything I can for a salary.
I have no additional source of income.
For my salary, I can only buy everything I need.
I do not need much
For example: buy a gym subscription.
Buy groceries for every day.
Buy clothing. And some household items
That's how I live! Tell me about your work.
What are you doing to make money?
Maybe an interesting case at work?
Where do you work and what do you do? I can speak and write English. I had to learn English twice in my life.
I can write and read in Kazakh.
You already know that I am a Kazakh.
What languages do you know? I want to start a conversation with you Richard,
where we can get to know each other better.
What is the name of the city you live in?
For example: I live in the city of Kostanay.
You can find out about my city on the official website
if you read a little on wikipedia: https: //
Only 214,916 people live in my city. Tell me more about you? and tell me what you do every day
and send me more photos of you with your reply email. and videoclip of how you read poetry aloud. I would also like to send you photos
The first two photos. Created during my vacation.
I was at sea. I really enjoy being at sea.
There I started reading poems after waking up with inspiration.
The third photo. This is after I did MAKEUP.
Do you know what MAKEUP is? This is when a makeup specialist paints face to be beautiful.
How do you like my makeup? I am writing my letter today on 22 July (22.07.2020)..
Hug and kiss you Richard.
I look forward to hearing from you
Your Liliya
Letter 6
Hello Richard With a good start to the day
How well we know each other now.
With this happy thought, I want to tell you important things.
I am very glad that I met you. And I hope you don't disappoint me!
How long do you have now if you write to me?
I have Thursday on 23 July and my time is 15:53.
I think the difference between our cities is only 2 hours. I'm going to ask you a few questions. And then I'll answer it myself.
I would also like to receive answers from you.
How many relatives do you have ???
I have no relatives. I am alone now.
I have no children, I have no brother and I have no sister.
How is it by you? How much do you drink alcohol? I do not drink alcohol.
then what kind of alcohol do you drink?
I don't like the smell of alcohol at all.
I don't drink anything. I only tried red wine once in my life, but after trying the wine after myself, after 5 minutes I got a headache and tasted nothing more!
Do you have bad habits? I don't have bad habits.
Do you smoke cigarettes? I don't smoke and I don't like smoking. Sometimes when I'm sitting alone at home, I often think about it.
That everything is created around us to destroy humanity faster.
How terrible it all is.
Here in Where I live in Kazakhstan, there are many places where you can buy cigarettes and alcohol.
In my city Kostanay everyone can buy cigarettes.
And there are dozens of pharmacies near liquor and cigarette stores.
Pharmacies where you can use medicines to treat your intestines or
Can buy tablets to treat the liver.
First, a person buys a cigarette and a bottle of alcohol.
Then he immediately goes to the pharmacy and buys pills to heal himself. I have lived my whole life here in my city Kostanay.
But I never met this soul mate
which would make it so easy for me in life.
Because I had men who only drank alcohol
and sometimes they even raised a hand after me. And sometimes they hit me on the back on the face. And I do not want that. And I can't live like that.
I want happiness and love. from who I will live with.
I will never betray you for money and I will not change sexually.
I have to have *** with only 1 man.
And this man should be the most beloved and most sought after.
I just want to get an ****** with someone who really respects and appreciates me as a woman and will never hit me fist on the back and face.
If I never have bruises on my face and back.
I will cook soup for my beloved husband all my life.
I will cook porridge, stews, zucchini and so on.
Everything that life has taught me, I will give my husband all the best.
But I don't have a loved one. This is all because I still do not meet such a man with whom I will be really good.
Maybe you can even become a loved one. The time will show.
If you could love me And if you could protect me from all evil
then I could cook soups and various porridge for you. But I repeat again. The time will show. Enough of my tears. That is my sore point.
Stay alone all my life. Or give it a try. via Internet. Take a step forward and find out what's going to happen.
I will tell you directly that I will take this step forward to meet you.
To try to be happy.
Suddenly you and I will be together and we are made for each other.
I don't want to miss this chance. I will try to be happy with you. If you don't push me away
But if you push me away, I'll cry again.
I will cry because you pushed me away. I have pictures. What I did last year when I was at sea.
And I want to share these photos with you.
I am sorry that my photos seem too open to you. I'm not *****, I'm wearing clothes. more specifically in a swimsuit.
And I am a normal woman and will never send photos of me without clothes.
Do you also have photos in which you are wearing swimming trunks?
Send them to me. I would also like to look at you in your underpants. ))) Today I have a surprise for you.
Would you like to dance? Do you dance often?
I said that I would answer you. And with that I answer you.
Today I am sending you my live video clip in which you can see my live dance with your own eyes.
just please don't laugh at me
I dance as I can.
I suffered only a long time when I tried to send you this video file in a letter.
Nothing happened to me. I could only attach a video file to a special video sharing site.
Open my dance here: I want to please you and I want to make another surprise for you.
I still have some live video clips
where I'm skiing in February this year
I will ask you a question:
Would you like to see how I'm dressed in winter ??? and how do I ski ???
Maybe tomorrow I will send you my live video clips and you will appreciate how I spend time in winter ???
You can see again that I am alone. and I didn't have anyone last winter either. I'm alone on the video all the time. I look forward to your next letter.
And I'm waiting for you to send me your underpants.
or maybe your dance? On video
or show me what you're doing tonight
Tell me about your relatives.
If possible, show me your relatives.
I am waiting for your reply letter
Kiss and hug Richard
Your Liliy
Letter 7
Hello my Dear Richard and a good start to the day
What's new happened to you that day?
Did you look at the sun today? Does the sun shine bright and high?
I also have the sun still high and shines brightly.
And I think with this joyful thought. I want to tell you the good news!
I want you to be as happy as I am!
I have a big event in my life.
I am tired of working every day. And I really want a weekend.
I get vacation at work and can fly to you.
And on my vacation I come to you Richard.
My vacation starts on Monday, 27 July.
I will come to you in the passenger plane on 31 July.
I will fly from Kazakhstan to meet you.
I really want to be with you Richard!
I will fly to your country, to your airport, on 31 July.
Timetable in numbers 31.07.2020 - 14.08.2020
And on 14 August I'll fly back to Kazakhstan!
You and me! We'll be together for 14 nights!
Just you Richard and I'm Liliya.
What do you think about this ???
I know you enjoyed my videos. And I want to please you again with my videos.
I want to show you what I do when it's hot outside.
Even though the video was cold weather that day.
But I still found the courage to go on the waves in a swimsuit.
If it were hot now, we could go swimming together.
Do you have a video with you, where are you next to the pond?
I kiss you Richard.
Your Liliya
Letter 8
Hello Richard
The night is over. And now I'm writing you the latest news about me.
I flew from Kazakhstan to Moscow airport this morning.
Now I'm writing to you from Internet Cafe at Moscow Airport.
I am writing this letter to you so that you can be happy for me.
The fact that I am alive and that everything is fine with me.
And now I'm waiting for a flight to your country. to your airport My departure will be by plane from Moscow on 31 July.
My flight will be with 1 change fly. There are no direct flights now.
And it is possible to fly to you only with transfers at other airports in the world.
Different airlines.
And I will arrive at your airport on 31 July. I rather run to write to you. And I will tell you the details of my flight to you.
I bought a ticket in your airport.
And now I can fly to your airport on 31 July.
I can't fly to your airport until 31 July.
There are no airport tickets on other days.
And on 31 July we will meet with our eyes.
I landed at your airport on 31 July.
The truth is that is great news ?? ))
And I already bought a return flight ticket. I do this in advance.
My return trip To home will take place on 14 August.
We will have many wonderful days.
Specifically 14 days. Together.
And we'll have a lot of happy videos together
only you Richard and me Liliya I couldn't find and buy a direct flight to your airport.
And the only possible flight to you was via Moscow.
That's why I'm flying to you through Moscow.
First I fly to Moscow Airport, then I fly to your airport. And this morning I flew from Astana airport
and just fly to Moscow airport.
I even have flight data from Astana to Moscow. Astana TSE → Moscow Sheremetyevo SVO
The airline - Aeroflot
Airplane: Airbus A321 (Sharklets)
Departing Monday, 31 July, 2020, 07:25 (local time)
Plant Monday, 31 July, 2020, 08:20 (local time)
Flight SU-1957
Tour duration 3h 40m Transplant in Moscow yesterday I completely forgot to ask you. I have a lot of light clothes with me.
I want to wear all these clothes and then we can go for a walk together.
What do you say?
I'm so waiting for you to wait for me with open arms and after seeing each other's eyes
You take my hand and hug me.
What do you say? i like is reading poems.
Today I want to show you how much I love reading poems!
You can see me reading a verse
You just have to open my video Videofile_16 See how I prepare to meet you. I will make beauty on my face
I even make a video for you so that you can see me with your own eyes before applying makeup
and after the make-up Videofile_17 How do you like me more?
Do I have to put on makeup? or is it better to stay without makeup?
How do you want to see me at the airport on 31 July?
Without make up? or with makeup on your face?
You can see me if you open here: I want to take photos with you and shoot general video clips with you.
I'm waiting for the day when we can dance and have fun together
and shoot live video clips of you and me.
What do you say? I don't need gifts from you.
I don't want you to think I need a gift from you.
No. I don't have to buy anything.
Now I just want to be near you. And then we could find some kind of distinction for each other and go out into the street or into the forest park together.
To walk down the street and hold each other's hands.
I want that most.
I expect you to give me feelings and emotions that I haven't had in so long.
And I'm waiting for you to say a lot of nice words and you'll kiss and smile at me.
After all, your smile and kind words will be the best gift for me. There are so many funny and bright moments ahead of us. and of course I expect that we will be positive and not argue with each other.
I really hope you don't put your hands on me and don't insult me.
I will not be with the one who will hit me.
I want a better life. And I think I deserve a happy life.
I really hope that when we are together, you and I will form a wonderful union.
I look forward to finding out if we're made for each other in real life or if we're not getting closer.
Our meeting will show all feelings for each other. and we'll also see what emotions you and I have when we're together. Now I'm going to wait for a flight to your country.
I wish you the best of luck!
Be patient..See you soon
Your Liliya
Letter 9
Hello Richard,
I flew here to Moscow airport this morning.
I flew from Astana TSE to Moscow SVO airport today.
Today I have already returned from migration control here in Moscow.
Today after checking my documents for entry into your country (travel documents).
It turned out that I did not fill out the migration card correctly.
I fill it out in Kazakhstan and now I'm in RUSSIA.
And according to Russian law, I didn't create a migration card correctly.
And now I'm being punished for illegally crossing the border of the Russian Federation.
They wanted to confiscate my documents. All.
But I promised to pay a fine. And that's why my travel documents stayed with me.
And they'll take my documents off me if I don't pay the shraf in time.
And now my journey is on the verge of collapse.
My eyes are full of tears.
My arms and legs shake with excitement.
I feel like crying all the time.
The worst thing is that I'm in a foreign country.
I did not expect additional costs.
I only have some money
With this money, I can only pay one hour entry to the internet café here at the airport,
because I have to keep in touch with you I have no mother and no father, I am a single woman.
I have no brother and no sister.
I just have no other way to borrow 350 dollars. So I ask you to help me.
Please help me.
I am very lonely in this life.
And I'm going to you so I'm not alone
I want to be with you I ask you for this 350 dollars borrowed (in debt).
And I will refund your money next month.
I swear and I promise.
I give you a word of honor.
I really hope that you will help me today. Until I pay this penalty (don't pay back).
I cannot leave Russia.
I can not come to you.
And I'm not coming home.
You understand the drama of the situation.
This situation is reminiscent of a bad joke, but is a reality.
Please enter my situation and show sympathy for me.
If you feel sorry for me and help me, I can only be sure that we will meet with you.
I'm really bad now.
I really want to be with you.
I'm stuck halfway.
And the only way out is your help for me.
In other words, I need your help to pay the fine, which is 350 dollars. I didn't think I would have to tell you that.
But apparently must!
I ask you to help me. I know asking for money is not nice, but I have no choice.
Please if there are offices in your area.
Go there and try to give me 350 dollars today.
give me money by transfer to Moscow
to Moscow on my first name and last name.
I write you my full first name and last name: LILIYA SUBHANGULOVA
350 dollars Remember that I am a woman from Kazakhstan.
I am not russian
And now I hate Russian laws.
But due to the fact that I am here in Russia now
that's why you have to send help to moscow here.
This is the address where I can get your help.
Send money to this address: LILIYA SUBHANGULOVA
Sheremetyevo Airport,
Moscow region, 141425
Mon-Sun 09:00-20:00 local time
Because I'm now in Russia in Moscow And that you would believe my words.
I will send you a copy of my passport to confirm my words.
I don't want any misunderstanding between us. I ask you to send money online today
via the official website.
I will give you a link to the official website: But I can get your help if you send me through RIA and CONTACT
then the partner of these banks in Russia is Zolotaya Korona.
Make a transfer via RIA and CONTACT
I can receive here at Zolotaya Korona Try to find an office near RIA through the official website and opening CONTACT: When I am here at the airport, I see that there are three money transfer offices.
These are Ria, CONTACT and Western Union.
If there is a Ria, CONTACT and Western Union office near you, send me money here at Moscow Airport sum 350 dollars. Please help me. I am very lonely in this life.
And I have no one but you
That's very sad.
I want to be with you.
I am waiting for you to hug me personally at a meeting.
Please help.
I have to pay a fine.
Together we can do it and I come to you. Promise me you won't leave me now
Give me the opportunity to fly to you and take a photo with you.
and shoot a live video clip with you.
I want us to be on vacation together.
I want to spend all the days with you that we have.
Take cash in hand and go to the office now.
I'm waiting for information from you about transferring money to me.
Kiss! Hug you! See you soon!
Your Liliya
Letter 10
Hello my dear Richard,
I just opened your letter.
And I realized that you didn't send me anything.
I'm very angry.
My teeth were clenched immediately!
How can you do nothing for me ??
I have left my Kazakhstan! I fly to you!
Despite everything, I'm flying to you for a meeting!
But you didn't appreciate all of this? How can this be done at all? Because I do everything for our meeting.
And you don't do anything for our meeting. I ask you to help me with 350 dollars
You probably think I'm going to spend your money?
No!!! I will not spend your money. I ask you to help me
to prove migration control
that I have cash and can pay a fine. and at the 31 July meeting, I'll give you your money back.
Because I only have to show cash that I can pay a fine.
That's why I don't spend money.
I need your money to show it in cash. and all!
When meeting the money back to you.
And that means I will return your money to you on 31 July. I'm flying to you from airport Astana TSE. I am a real woman from Kazakhstan!
Now that I have this problem.
I can confidently say that I hate Russians.
I hate Russia
because the idiots' laws are made up here. Remember that I am a woman from Kazakhstan.
I am not a Russian woman.
And I've never been to Russia. This is my first time.
I am not a Russian. I am Kazakh
And I have nothing to do with the Russians.
I also like that you hate the Russian people. I have problems now because of Russia.
Let us tackle this problem together.
And as soon as we solve this problem together, then
I will fly to you and we will be together. Now please! You take in hand 350 dollars
and go to your RIA or CONTACT or WesternUnion office
Make a transfer via RIA and CONTACT
I can receive here at Zolotaya Korona and send help to me to Sheremetyevo airport.
Because here at the airport there are all offices.
And for that I can easily get your help here without leaving the airport. Please find one of the offices near you at the moment
and send me help with money 350 dollars,
on my name and surname: LILIYA SUBHANGULOVA
In this office I can get your help, this is Western Union's address:
Sheremetyevo Terminal 2
Sheremetyevo Airport,
Moscow region, 141425
Mon-Sun local time 09:00-20:00
350 dollars Remember! I can get your help if you send me through RIA and CONTACT
then the partner of these banks in Russia is Zolotaya Korona.
Try to find an office nearest RIA through the official website and opening CONTACT: When I am here at the airport, I see that there are three money transfer offices.
These are Ria, CONTACT and Western Union.
If there is a Ria, CONTACT and Western Union office near you,
send me money here at Moscow Airport sum 350 dollars. And please keep that in mind!
I'm not going to spend your 350 dollars here.
I just have to show them all here.
Immediately upon arrival to you,
I will give you your money back!
You don't have to lose anything. Because I just to prove that I have money and can pay a fine. And on arrival 31 July, I will immediately refund you in your hand, your money 350 dollars.
I am waiting for your help with money today
Your Liliya
Letter 11
Hello Richard,
You probably still think I'm a Russian.
No! That's not true! I am not a Russian girl.
I am a girl from Kazakhstan! I've never been to Russia! On the contrary, I only hate Russians because of the country Russia,
because of which I can't meet with you
I will do everything for this meeting.
And because of Russia, it has become more difficult for me to come to you.
All due to the fact that I did not fill out the migration card correctly.
Now I have to show 350 dollars
and prove that I can pay a fine. For illegal border crossing. Try to send money today after work through an office near you where Ria, CONTACT or Western Union is located Why only these offices? I ask to send help with money to me only through Ria, CONTACT or Western Union,
All of these offices are now open here at the airport.
And I can get your help here
without leaving the airport building. You can try sending money to me through Ria.
You have to go to the nearest Bureau RIA. close to you
..and open this address: and you see the office close to you
Take the money and go there right now. Or search your nearest westernunion office.
Enter city, or zip code or online via the official website: If you are already go in office, you have to send money to me on my name and last name.
And I write you the address of the office where I can get your help:
Sheremetyevo Airport,
Moscow region, 141425
Mon-Sun local time 09:00-20:00
Because I'm now in Russia in Moscow
350 dollars Go to the office! After you send me money, send me a photocopy of Ria, CONTACT or Western Union document.
Right now, I am along with this letter I am sending you my kiss
and as soon as you open the letter
then you will immediately feel my kiss on your lips
Your Liliya
Letter 12
Good morning Arthur Whether this morning can be described as good
I'm in tears and snot now.
Because I just opened your letter.
And I didn't find a letter from you with information.
You didn't send the money to me.
Apparently you won't meet me.
It was a sign that you don't need me.
Because you don't love me! You don't appreciate anything.
I have so much to do for our meeting.
And you couldn't even see it and praise me.
Is it so hard to praise me and say how good I am? What is so difficult that we can just meet?
I want this meeting with you because I want you and me to be happy.
Why are you forcing me not to meet me?
Why are you leaving me alone here at the airport? I am very *****. I want to wash myself. Give me the opportunity to fly to you and go to your bathroom to wash your body.
My armpits smell of sweat. My whole body is sweating.
I really need a shower and a warm bed every now and then to sleep well. I stay here at Sheremetyevo airport.
I sleep on a bench in the airport lounge.
My whole body hurts from sleeping in an uncomfortable position. Stop torturing me. Give me a chance to come to you. Send me financial aid
Use an office near you
This is an office near you RIA, CONTACT or Western Union money transfer
and when you are inside send on my name and surname: LILIYA SUBHANGULOVA
This is Western Union's address
In this office I can get your help:
Sheremetyevo airport
Moscow region 141425
Russian Federation
The total amount of 350 dollars. And then as soon as you have the opportunity
Take the receipt in your hand
and make a copy of the document for me
and send me this copy of the document
I want to see with my own eyes that you sent me money.
I need a high quality photocopy in which I can read every word.
Did you understand me I want to see every word.
And only after that will I go to the office.
Don't waste time, take money and go to the office right away!
Your Liliya
Letter 13
Hello my dear Arthur,
Please forgive me for always asking you to send me money.
I just have no choice.
For this reason alone, I keep asking you to help me.
Please don't be angry with me and my situation.
Because you too can be hostage to this situation - just like me.
Thank God you weren't in that situation. Write it in your head. I never don't want to do anything wrong for you!
But on the contrary!
I want to be happy with you!
happy - together with you!
Together. You Arthur and I'm Liliya.
Don't ruin our plan to meet on 31 July It seems to you that I'm not being honest with you. No! It's not like that!
I want you to be convinced that all my words are true!
There! As proof of my words!
A copy of my Visa.
Try to keep your eyes open.
Open your eyes as often as possible!
What can you see my Visa as proof that I am telling the truth!
And you will see that I am telling you the truth!
Our meeting took place on 31 July! In your airport! I know there are people who cheat. But I'm not like that.
I personally hate lies. I am for the truth!
I can't stand someone lying for the truth!
I don't understand when someone is trying to fool me.
I don't want to immediately communicate with someone who tried to deceive me.
I will not lie!
And that's why I don't want you to be deceived.
Because I don't like lies myself. I am a respectable woman. And if you meet me
You can be sure of it personally. And I will wait for your help of 350 dollars
on my name and surname: LILIYA SUBHANGULOVA
through any office
Which is near you
It is the RIA, CONTACT or Western Union money transfer
Make a translation as soon as possible
I'm waiting
Your Liliya
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