Scam letter(s) from Alina Burkova to Steve (England)

Letter 1
Hey,it's Jul.
It was cool to converse with you on the dating site. I'm not often there, that's why you were right to give to each other our e-mails, perhaps it'll help to make up our communication more useful. I 'd like to clear up a few items: your residency? actual age? Are you divorced? One more request, do you have few fresh pictures to share with me? Just to recall: I'm 35 years old, lonely, have no kids, dwell in russia. I'm looking for serious relationship.
Bye for now
Letter 2
Hello, Serge. Thank you for your answer, I am glad that you haven't forgotten about me.
Unfortunately I don't remember the name of dating site, I have been registered at several and forgot from which one I have saved your email address. If I will remember I will let you know.
I am very interested to learn something new about you, correspondence- is an exciting thing!
It's not easy to make a right impression online, in correspondence, which will prove to be true, not a poor judgment by meeting in a real life.
Before I ask something new about you, I will tell you a little about me, though I'm dying to know more about you.
As you already know, I live in Russia, in neither big nor little city called Bryansk.
It's more than 1000 years old, it's rich in history, someday I will tell you about it in details, but for now I'll do it shortly. The population of the city is about 400.000 people, it's located 379 kilometers (235 mi) southwest of Moscow. In general, Bryansk- is considered to be an industrial city, but it accredits much of its success to the past, not todays, as all the industrial enterprises and factories had been inherited from the former Soviet Union times, now they stopped developing but "live out" their days.
There are lots of secondary schools in the city, which I am very pleased with, as by my calling and profession - I am a teacher. I will tell you more about my profession later.
To tell you the truth, the authorities of our country started to consider the change of education from traditional to the distance learning.
I don't approve this decision, as I know the education from inside, it will definitely make its quality worse. Also, I may lose my job, if the number of necessary teachers in a modern education system will be reduced.
What situation with education system do you have there?
I would love to learn something about your area.
Can you describe shortly a few things?
As I've already told you by my education and calling (I will allow myself such indiscretion)
I am a teacher. I have been educating kids in primary school for 10 years already, I teach them natural science, reading, writing, arithmetics. I love my work, I think, it's a noble speciality, moreover, I like to work with kids.
When I have a spare time I like to be outside, go to the forest, water.
I like to visit art exhibitions, walk along the old city streets.
Now I will ask you a few questions and will hope to get a letter from you tomorrow.
What are your education and profession?
Do you like pets?
I will be definitely glad to continue our correspondence, here's some pictures for you. Don't forget to send me yours too.
I like your pic!
Best regards, Yuliya
Letter 3
My dear Serge, thank you for your nice letters and phone numbers, I did not get your phone calls, maybe you can't make International calls? Can you check that and try to call me again?
you know, sometimes I feel very lonely. Of course my mum cares of me much we talk about everything.
But nobody can replace my soulmate, who will protect me, make little surprises in the mornings, smile only for me, and love me. I hope so much it is you :)
I won't hide my growing sympathy to you.
I know that the exchange of photos and letters it's a prelude to getting to know each other and next step is a direct meeting in real life. Our correspondence is necessary and very romantic, and my aspiration to meet you grows up with each new day. I agree with you that men should be romantic otherwise woman lose interest in them, but woman also need to be romantic.
Do you know my first thoughts in the morning? I think about my only one, who - could make to me a cup of tea with sandwiches and tenderly to call me "my darling". And for next morning will be my turn to make a breakfast :)
Dear, you came on my mind first in the morning, and what about you? May be you saw me in your dreams already?
You know, you have switched a light of hope in my heart. I see that you are seriously interested in our relationships.
Who knows, how our relations will grow but one I know for sure, now I feel very comfortable talk with you.
What sort of clothes do you feel comfortable in?
I like when my clothes in harmony with my mind and my body.
If we are going to be pair we have to dress so that our clothes were in harmony too do you agree with me?
It's great feeling, I am not alone now, because I know that there is a person who thinks about me.
Last night I had a wonderful dream:
dim light, soft music and the two of us.. You.. gently.. take.. my.. hand in yours.. and... we slowly...
dance :) I look in to your eyes, they are so thoughtful. You stare in mine, they are full of emotions.
I feel soft lips so close to mine.. I want to kiss them.. Oh, it's like a magic..
We love each other from a minute to eternity.. We sat at the table and eat tasty dinner.
You told me about your passing day.. those minutes I felt absolutely happy!!!
After we watched a nice movie together. We sit on a sofa, sweetly embracing.. Weekend..
I want to tell you something new about me.
I want to be a best friend, a lover and the special beloved also. I am a woman who can laugh and cry, embrace and kiss. I like to go out or to stay at home and make a dinner together, to take foamy bath or watch TV together with my beloved man, shopping together, clothes and the foodstuffs, or things for home.
I like to laugh and I do not like argue. I'm very sensitive I think... also love lingerie!
Oh, I already become aroused thinking of all the pleasant things we can do together :)
I think, that life consists not only from beautiful days, but it becomes unimportant when you have a loved one, which will be a close to you in a difficult minute.
Dear, do you like take bathtub with foam?
Today I spoke with my mum about us, and our correspondence. She was glad for me.
Dear, if you are sincere and fair with me - I will treat you the same way. Always tell me the truth no matter how it's hard, ok?
I have another question, what would you like to change about yourself? I can not wait to find out about that :)
I am far from being perfect myself too.. But about this I will tell you in my next letter :)
Today I cooked a lasagna, I include cooking pictures, I hope you will like it.
Talk to you soon my dear,
your Yuliya
Letter 4
Hello my darling Serge, thank you for your nice letter. I am glad that you enjoyed your reunion with old friends and had a nice time. I am glad that now you are able to call me on my number, I was filled with joy when I was speaking to you.
I was thinking about our meeting and wanted to say how much I am looking forward to this!
I can hardly wait through the excitement and great expectation I have!!! But, it is worth saying while it is so important we meet there should be a practical state of mind.I want you to fall in love with me after we meet so all your hopes will not be dashed and you will delight in the flesh. Should this not happen then not to worry.
I fully understand there is a possibility you will not find me very inspiring and after a time,would wish just remain as friends. If so then I understand and would revel in the short time we had together. Put another way, we meet, we get to know each other, we decide on our future. I think that's the best way to proceed, don't you, my adored Serge?
Be assured of this and I am excited at the immediate developments!
I know you will tell me what they are. I agree with your reasoning, we are speaking very easily and frankly and it makes our communication very good.
You stand alone in my love and deep affection and your importance is totally assured.
I will never waver in my thoughts of you. I am counting down the days and minutes already and when the time nears I will probably start to have sleepless nights...
I can't wait to see you and after the initial nervousness we will look back at it and laugh and wonder what all the fuss was about.
My heart does beat to the sound of drums as in this Wind I search, for such is the breadth of love
That I wait as this soul doth joust and feel its pain The distance like a chasm that dwells beneath our love.
Yet I would conquer and I would war against all that would oppose this love
That it would kindle its flame twist the hearts that melt in its place.
As tears run streams and life lingers long this love does dwell deep within
It shuns all that cross its path and yields long to the distance that separates the beating within.
A heart heavy and laden with the fruits of love does dwell here
Does count the steps that drive the distance to our love.
O heavy laden heart that I crave much from that which lies across the miles
That time will tether our love and bind our souls,
Tears my love that stream like silver drops across chest glistening tides through the gateway of love,
That I would know this place that I would feel this beating
this longing that so plagues the passion my soul my desire.
To come to you, to be near, to take your nakedness upon my heart and hold you tender bathed by the pale sallow moon.
That I would bath in your light and wade in the warmth of the sun, caress that which is most dear.
My heart, I covert all that you have I would breath your air and taste the sweetness of your breath, lips warm
Loving, that takes me to the golden orb that glowing place that beckons across the miles.
My love be near, be close, let us touch this wind, let our bodies be free to taste the sweet scents that fire our senses, let us fly free and all our nakedness be the soul, the flesh, the driver that delivers this love this ache, this heart, that yells across the distance.
My heart my love my truth you live in my dreams and dance twist the words in my mind, you live, you are warm, you are giving, you are my one soul, my heart divided, my sweet, my untouchable, my scent of the air, the warmth and giving of all that I know.
My darling the days will be numbered and our hearts will collide as our souls will know that our boundaries are crossed and we meet body to body soul to soul heart to heart.
Sweetheart, I'm on my vocation right now, I thought it would be wonderful to spend it together. For example I would visit you with great pleasure in coming days. What do you think about that my darling? Let me know your thoughts please.
I can't wait to be with you, miss you so much.
your Yuliya
Letter 5
As usual I am very glad and to get and read lovely words from you.I miss you when I read your letters.
In this quite time my love I have entered your secret garden I have ventured into that sanctum that I hold true and waited as a child in a corridor for your permission to go forward. Here in this place I have found truth and love, then we have found us, with this depth then we can come together with passion with feeling with power.
I am trying my best to make our meeting happen as soon as possible. Because of the Covid 19 the second and the third waves of this virus is being expected, so I think we need to use this opportunity to meet now. It makes our meeting now more desired and necessary.
If not now, then when my darling, Serge?
I will do everything what's in my power, to be with you, you filled my life with happiness, love and completeness. And I hope, that I've done the same to your life. It's very pleasant for me to know that you are waiting for me somewhere on the other part of the Earth, that your thoughts are occupied by me when you wake up in the morning and go to bed in the darkness of the night, as well as me...
We are creating our future together, with every new day, with every new moment we are getting closer to each other, and I believe that it's a destiny, and we are destined to be together.
Our soonest meeting, as we agreed proves that, we are moving in the right direction, and if we don't stop, so be it, we let the destiny to carry our ship under the prideful and lonely sail through the life ocean.
My dear, I have found out what documents I need to get, what I need to do for that, how much time it will take, what tickets I need to buy, I have prepared everything. It's only left to make applications.
I need to make an application to renew my International ID, to book tickets to you and make an application for my visa registration. And all the documents will be ready nearly in 1 week or a bit longer.
My dear,can you imagine that in 7-10 days we can be together?
I am very excited with this prospect, and you? Indeed, we are worthy of such a happiness to be together.
To get all the documents will not take that long as I thought, 7-10 days not that long for us to wait, do you agree? My dear, I don't know how to say, I feel very uncomfortable to speak about that.
Can you support me? My trip to you I mean. I would be very grateful to you for that.
Forgive me for asking you an uncomfortable question. I was counting on my good friend's support who promised to help me, but she refused in the last minute. In any case, I love you and will understand you if you refuse me in this situation.
Now my love I wait as the child does wait, looks at the clock it moves a minute, it moves a day it moves many days, I sit fixated against the hours knowing that our time is close and not wanting to miss one second of this journey which we are on, the end of which will result in a kiss and our time. My love I crave the time when we will be close when we will undo the shackles that have bound us when we will be free to love, when we can taste the sweetness of passion and feel the love that will spill between us.
I would lie with you ***** and at peace, watching your body kissing you, finding you close, my love I would love you for hours not missing any part of your body and catching those butterflies that would escape. My darling to study you with passion that is all I desire !!!! But I wait .. in my mind we have made love I have taken you to a greater place and I have loved you intensely and kissed you long and hard.
Darling this passion waits as the child waits as time waits as our love knows no boundaries it waits. My love will endure now and always it will never falter it will never fade, as age must take us it will grow strong it will be measured by what we achieve and I will be duly happy.
your Yuliya
Letter 6
My darling, I want to meet with you in a real life very much, it will definitely help us to develop our relationship further.
I'm also very happy that you waiting for me, and can't wait to meet me in real life.
Thank you so much for you call today, I was very happy to hear your voice!
Darling, we are getting closer to each other, and I am anticipating the time we will spend together.
We should move forward with our relationship, and I want that all things work between us.
Regarding my trip to you, I will have expenses for air tickets and visa, if you are able to support me with them, I would be very grateful to you. I need to make an application and documents for the visa registration and book ticket for the flight.
I have counted expenses for my trip to you: air tickets (as I am travelling to your country as a tourist I need to have my return ticket booked in advance) 290 GBP, medical insurance 130 GBP, visa costs around 300 GBP, also I need to extend my International ID, that will cost around 150 GBP.
That's all the expenses I need for my trip to you.
I don't know whether this is a big expenses for you and if you are ready for this kind of support for me, but I appreciate your care about my trip to you it means a lot for me! I wait for our meeting with a big excitement, and hope that it will be meaningful and happy for both of us.Have a nice day, I am sending you my sweet kiss.
your Yuliya.
Letter 7
My dear Serge, thank you for your nice letter, I have learnt how you can make a transfer to me, there is transferring system of a quick bank transfers called Contact, you can check it over the Internet and find the closest locations to you, also look for what you need from me to make a transfer, I will check what details I need from you as well in the morning, we will discuss the details on the phone, and choose a time.
Sadly, I have little savings and I will need them for my trip to Moscow for my visa registration, also I need some extra money for urgent cases (maybe I have to spend a few days in Moscow while I have to register my visa)
It would be good if you are able to support me with the whole expenses for my trip.
Oh my dear sweet Serge, I do have so much love in my heart and I would like to give it all to you and only for you. You fill me with wonder and you are so special and precious and you are so kind and caring. I miss you more than i can say in words. I could happily spend the rest of my life giving you kisses and loving you each day. You have the best of qualities a person can have. I still think that maybe you really are an angel and the creator has sent you to me to show me that there is still much goodness and kindness on this green earth.Thank you for all that you are.
Here are some soft kisses for you.
Your, Yuliy
Letter 8
Dear, the system which I told you is RIA money transfer system, I've messed up, I am sorry.
(You need to choose the system with which I receive the transfer, choose "CONTACT", as for the bank you can choose any bank you like)
dear here are my details:
First name: YULIYA
Last (second, surname) name: POPOVA
Middle name (we use it in Russia, don't know will be it necessary, anyway ): BORISOVNA
Country: RUSSIA
Romashina street, house number 29
Postal code: 241050
The reason for the transfer is a (family support).
If you have any questions, give me a call.
yours, Yuliya.
Letter 9
What does it mean? How have they used my photos for this social and ***** sites? I don't understand what is going on? Oh, I, probably, understood what has happened.
A few years ago I have lost access to my social network account, and scammers used it for this, ***.
I trusted you my personal documents made the pic which you asked me for, what is going on?
You trust some strange sites, who stolen my pics, and now you blackmailing me?
what apologies do you demand from me? Serge, what is going on?
Letter 10
Serge, I'm not going to give you any excuses. Because somebody use my pics?
I'm Yuliya Popova and not Darya Bondurenko, why do you write me this?!
I looked at the links which you gave me, and it's very strange sites, maybe it's some kind of scam. did you fill your email address on this sites? it's not safe to visit this kind of strange sites, I even can't get an access to them, the system tells me that the connection is not safe: "Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead detected a potential security threat and did not continue to
If you visit this site, attackers could try to steal information like your passwords, emails, or credit card details". Serge do you believe this kind of strange sites or me, I've sent you my passport, my selfie with your name.
What is going on? If you don't believe me I understood it, but why do you call me with other names?! And what does your pic with money mean?!
Serge, I don't understand
are you playing with me?
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