Scam letter(s) from Marina Victorovna Demicheva to Wim (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Dear mine Wim,
Today I went in travel agency and have learned, that it to be necessary for me for arrival in your country. People have convinced me of travel agency, that we can be together. I am in good mood. I wondered how much it would cost for me to make visa. They said that only the examination of application for visa will cost me 30 usd. This money won't be returned even if the application is rejected. To gat visa I must go to Moscow where is the embassy. I'll to visit a lot of agencies, offices and organization in Divnogorsk in Moscow. This is the usual way to get visa, it may take me many months. I said to them that I could wait for a long time. And they offered me to solve the problem and it will take me less time if I use Full Package of Service (FPS). FPS includes additional payments for a category of the visa, consular services, preparation for interview with commission. FPS costs 360. usd, but the visas agency remove all the problems and thus increases the chance of getting a visa without excessive delays (I can get a visa in a week or two). I thought for a long time and came to the conclusion that this variant is the only right for me. Whether I do not know correctly has made, having paid such money. Probably I needed to consult to you all over again. But I have thought that other exit is not present. For a cheap payment documents are very for a long time made. We do not have time to wait. I agreed and registered my application for visa, hoping that you'll be glad to meet me. Can you imagine that we'll spend some weeks together or even can all life. It is not important for me where to live if I shall be sure in your feelings for 100 percent my loved and native I without any meditations shall stay to live in a place with you. For the sake of happiness and family I am ready on many things. I very much would dream that you all life were only near to me. I'm immensely happy when I'm thinking about the opportunity. I'll be everything myself? May be you think I try to do too quickly, probably you suppose it's too earty everything us to meet each other. But I can't wait for ages, I'm happy now at present time. Necessary to begin moving to howe something in your life, it's important to go ahead, to overcome difficulties to take aim. Very soon I'll leave the work and I'll be able to spend my vacation with you. I have never been abroad. But now I have a chance to meet you. It's a dream. You are my friend, and friend sometimes meet each other. I think it will be great, wonderful, fantastic. I hope you don't think that I'm too impudent. I just want to met you and to spend some time with you. I suppose you haven't changed your attitude towards me after this letter. I'm looking forward to seeing to calm down my heart. Please tell me you be able to meet me? Will you be happy to face me? I hope you!! Your Polina.
Letter 2
Dear Wim, thanks you for your letter. I am glad to that you have written to me. I shall hope that in the future, we shall be very good friends, and can and more. I do not know what to tell in my first letter because I never got acquainted through the Internet before. It - something new and unusual to me. But I shall try, write good letters to you. Please not be too strict to My mistakes in words, the English language - not my native language. But I Assume, that I know it well. I am very glad to receive your photo. For me so it is pleasant to see it, that you understand, that I very much wish to see your person as it is possible is more often. I very much want that you sent me your photos more often, because at you such courageous features. You such beautiful man you are not similar to one of men which I know here in Russia. You very beautiful man and for me it is a little strange, why you remained till now one and are compelled to search to yourself for the girlfriend on the Internet, I think, women in your city are blind that do not notice you. I think, if you lived in my city I think I would not pass by you when would meet you in the street. Your person instal in me confidence, that you can protect any woman from any danger. I would like, that near to me there was such person. Well, my name - Polina, as you to know. You can name me as you like. I shall not be disappointed. To me of 31 years. My birthday - on 28 –th of May 1989. My height - 169 see. My weight 52 kg. You can see my photo, it is pleasant to you? I live in city Divnogorsk. Divnogorsk known city of Russia. Divnogorsk - very much beutive city. I have finished medical university. My formation will consist of 3 levels: school, college, university. You know something about this city? It is a small city, here lives almost 30 000. Approximately 4176 kilometres from capital of Russia. You know the city of Moscow? Tell to me what your full name? Where you were born and in what city live? When your birthday? Who you on a zodiac sign? I studied within 18 years. All 18 years I have studied the English language also. I have finished university in age 25. How to me gave with a medal for excellent results during my studying. Than I worked as the second surgeon in small clinic within 4 years. It was very much intresting and in the same Time responsable. I was happy to give health of people, to help them. Many things depend on me during actions. I think in The future I will be capable the surgeon to become independent. You think, what it - good dream? Probably that I’m Doctor, I shall work in Clinic, as the children's therapist. I treat children. You can see my photo, it is pleasant to you? I have no man now, and I am completely lonely and free for relations. In searches on the Internet I was resulted by that I was disappointed in men of our city. Here a little good people, all of them rigid also are not able to love. I have the small house with a small garden. I live one for this reason I am not capable to Work in a garden it is constant. But however my garden is very beautiful and pleasant. I like to raise flowers because they the most beautiful which have been created by the nature. I live one, I have no neither children, nor the boyfriend.
Sometimes I feel like very lonely in my house. Perhaps, for this reason I have decided to get acquainted with you. To me already 30, also I take a life philosophically. I have the house, work, friends, but I cannot tell that I am happy. I have was not present many who I can my best half. I have written to you all over again, it means, that I can divide my ideas and feelings with you. I hope, that you will not be laughter. And we shall write many letters to each other. I am very pleased and grateful, that you have answered my letter, because I Decided to try to get acquainted through the Internet only once. I never get acquainted before in such a way. I cannot Understand completely as it works because I have no computer. I only beginner in work of the Internet. But I hope, that I shall be capable to write to you constantly. I hope, that you are interested in our dialogue, as I. You can tell to me about all of you, that you want. I shall be pleased to know all about your life. It only female curiosity. I understand that tastes differ, but I hope, that my image will be pleasant for you. But I should tell that I cannot receive the big files. I shall have trouble. As I use a computer on work. I hope, that your letters will not be Will be more than 5,5 mbytes, at us very expensive Internet. If not I shall understand and I shall not be angry. I will wait your letters with your photos. Necessarily send to me some the photos, I wish to have a little that it is better to present you. I hope, that you will write to me soon. I thank you Beforehand. With the best regards. P.S. As I will wait your photos!!! I very much wish to see you on a photo because I consider it to see important each other on a photo!!! Polina
Letter 3
Hi, my Wim,
Now I am writing to your letter and I am happy. It is very pleasant that I have such the close person as you are. It is a pity that you are far from me. However, I will hope that we will meet one day. I think we will be glad to see each other when we know each other better. Marina ask me about you every day. I say to her that I am constantly thinking about you. Yes, you understood me correctly! I like reading letters from you! Oh yes, this expression is very familiar to me! (Smile) It sounds like “I got up on the wrong foot” (haha) I looked at the site that you send me! However, I think that I will need to consider the vacancies on this site only when I could come to you! I would not want to do this in advance! (ha ha) why do you think that this will not get away with me, hmm? (smile) Yes, yesterday I thought for a long time about what I wrote about my trip to your country! I still decided to take a little time with her! Because it is a very big risk, and for me it is a very big trip! Moreover, I had never travelled outside Russia before! I am also afraid to make a quick decision about my trip! I am afraid to make a mistake, especially with regard to your attitude! For such a large-scale trip for me, I must once again think correctly! I hope you understand me! Earlier I did not manage to find the carpenter. However, today I have seen him in the morning and I asked him to repair the door in the Nina house. In the afternoon, he came and said that he had done everything and changed the lock. I thanked him but he said: "Never mind" because he is always ready to help old people. My neighbour came a little bit later and told me about the carpenter. It turned out that he refused to take money for his work. Nina tried to give him some money but he said that he would be offended if she did not stop doing it. Nina said: "He has gone with nothing". By the way, he and his college will repair my water pipes in the house. You know many people in Russia help other people and do not take money for it, if they know that the people have to money. I think it is the only good feature of character of the Russian people, which roots go to the old far USSR. It is a pity that many Russian men became alcoholics. I remember that many-many years ago my mum and I had to make a fence around our house. However, what could we do? Mum and I? When my mother came to a shop to buy nails, three men asked her what for she needed nails. She told them and they began laughing, when learnt that a young woman and her little daughter wanted to do. They came to our house together with my mom and everything was ready in the evening. They reposed to take money. The only thing we could do for them just to feed them with pancakes after their work. By the way, since that time it is my favourite food. One of the man asked if they had something to paint the fence. My mum answered that she would buy paint a little bit later. Bu the next day in the morning the two men came and they brought their own paint and painted the fence. We wanted to pay them for it some money, but they refused. They said that the paint was left after the painting of their fence.
Yesterday in the evening I was thinking of my about career and increase on a post in the clinic. I am happy that I can get my favourite job in any country. I should not study, because I have the diploma of doctor, medical business of the European standard. I do not know how to spend this month; I do not want to waste my time useless. I must think it over. Of course, I will write letters to you. However, it will take only the part of my day. What to do in the rest? I must find a decision. I hope, you are not sick and tired of my letter. However, I want to tell you much. I think you are not against of it, because I suppose you are my closest the man of my heart do not forget to write letters to me. You are Polina
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