Scam letter(s) from Natalia Aleksandrovna Busyreva to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Hi Richard, my name is Natalya, we exchanged letters and met.
I would not want to talk about money, because they are of little interest to me. we can calmly communicate, make friends, but why should I ask you for money. I do not understand.
I am sincerely pleased to receive an answer, because I am glad to meet you. Sorry I didn’t answer right away. Work takes a lot of free time.
I had a business trip on work issues. I will send some photos. It will be nice to exchange not only letters but also photos. so we can get to know each other closer.
What do you do and how do you spend your free time? Most often on weekends I meet friends, colleagues. I live in Russia, the city of Tomsk.
It’s probably a big surprise for you to find out what is from Russia? The Internet is the most popular way of communication today.
It doesn’t matter what distance separates us. We can communicate remotely and become friends. Of course, communication in reality would be better, but,
nevertheless, acquaintance on the Internet also has its value. I hope that now you have a smile on your face and you are in a good mood. You may be surprised to receive a letter from another part of the world. I consider it important to say why I decided to write to you. I was always sure that the men of Scandinavia are very attentive to the woman. They have a lot of passion in their heart, always gallant and courteous. I was interested to find a friend in your country.
Do you want to know more about me? I have never been married and I have no children. My last serious relationship with a man ended a couple of years ago.
Now I am alone, and sometimes there is a feeling of sadness because of this. Many of my friends already have a family. I also dream of a serious relationship.
Well, I hope you were interested. Write me as soon as you can, I will wait for a message, Natalya
Letter 2
Hi Richard, how are you doing today? I was waiting for your letter. I had confidence that you would write. Indeed I feel great joy at your attention.
From the very beginning of our acquaintance, I had a feeling of happiness and joy. What do you usually do on weekends? At the end of the week I most often do household chores,
because during the week the work schedule does not allow me to devote much time to cleaning and cleaning the apartment. But sometimes I like to walk, meet friends, and just have a good time with my family. Today I am at work, I spend at work every day except Sunday, sometimes, when my work schedule allows, I also have a day off on Saturday. Thank you for the detailed story about yourself. I am pleased that you know many languages. Where did you learn them? I prefer English because it is more suitable for me. As for the difference in age, for me it is just the difference in the numbers in the passport. I do not want to give her any meaning.
I want you to know that I am not looking for money, and do not play on feelings. And I don’t want to offend or injure anyone. I want to be sincere and build something important in a couple on respect and love. I hope you are looking for the same thing? It is very nice to see new photos, I liked them, thank you very much.
I work in a medical clinic, and by my education I am Dr. Endocrinologist. Do you work by profession?
I am friendly and kind, and appreciate my professional qualities, sociability, responsibility and diligence are the traits of my character. If I take up something,
I always try to bring it to the end. My work taught me to clearly prioritize, never rush and make the right decisions in life. What else can I tell you about myself?
There are many means of communication in the world, skype facebook and other social networks. I use some of them, for example, Skype for chatting with friends.
Unfortunately, I do not use facebook, because the social network is not popular in Russia. I hope in the future when it will be a convenient time, we will certainly use instant messengers for close and personal contact.
I completely forgot to tell you my details. I am 37 years old and my birthday is May 8, 1982. My height is 178 centimeters and my weight is 58 kilograms.
I hope now you better represent me.
Richard, you were wondering why am I writing to you? My heart probably suggested that we could become good friends.
Probably a man from a country with a cold climate, has a warm heart. I hope that you are sensual and attentive.
I am used to trusting my heart and want to ask you for sincerity. It is important for me that our communication with you is based on trust.
Now we know little of each other. But I believe that trust, as well as respect, will appear between us over time. I want us to have a mutual interest in each other.
I am interested to tell you about my life, history, culture. In my opinion, it is very exciting to have a friend for many thousands of kilometers.
Feel free to ask questions. I will be happy to answer everyone. Have a nice day, Natalya
Letter 3
Hello dear Richard, today in Tomsk it is sunny and there is pleasant spring weather. I like spring, nature wakes up. My favorite color is green, and in summer it is especially plentiful around. I love the clear and sunny sky, birdsong and the smell of flowers. I love life and want to enjoy every day.
But still, my favorite season is summer, and I like to spend time on the beach on a day off. If we lived next to each other, then without hesitation I would invite you to the beach. Tell me, would you agree to be my companion?
Richard, when I write you a letter, I want to tell about myself. I want you to know better than me. Please be attentive to my letters,
maybe sometimes the letter may get lost or accidentally get into the Spam folder. I do not want to be left without your answer, so write to me whenever you have free time.
Of course, there are different ways to communicate. For example, WhatsApp phone chat. For your sake, I promise to create my accounts so that we are more often in contact. Good?
please give me some time and I will do everything.
Do you like sport? I really like to play sports. I like jogging in the park, cycling, tennis and volleyball. In my opinion, sport is very useful not only physically,
but it also teaches discipline and responsibility. Sport tempers the spirit and makes us more enduring in life. All that I can come in handy in everyday life, I try to get from physical education classes. Sport helps me stay fit. What is the weather like in your city today?
I want to tell you that besides English I do not know other languages. but it was always interesting to learn 3 languages.
Learning with language very well develops our mind and brain. Teaches a new thinking strategy. I understand this when I read literature in English.
If you see any errors, then do not pay attention to them. Perhaps somewhere I may misinterpret the sentence, and you will not be able to understand the meaning of my words.
Therefore, I will be glad to any question, and I will be glad if you sometimes give me lessons in correctness. Good? I have a hobby to read historical books,
I'm curious about the authors' view of the past. I like the historical look through modern reality.
I like cooking and I am committed to a healthy diet. Perhaps I will find you amusing in this aspect. But believe me, nothing in a person’s life is as valuable as his health.
I do not smoke cigarettes and do not drink alcohol. Health is given to us by parents once and for life. The correct distribution of our vital resources will help us to preserve ourselves for many years. My dear, be sure that I will always answer your letter. Sometimes there is a lot of work, and I can skip a timely response, but I will write a letter. I like chatting with you. By the way, today I don’t have time to talk about my family, and in the next letter I promise to introduce you to my family members. I wish you a good mood, Natalya.
Letter 4
Hi Richard, how are you? I sincerely apologize for not writing a letter for several days. A state of emergency has been declared in Russia.
Airports are closed, the situation is very critical. Soon all railway stations will be closed. Canceled the whole event where the gathering of people more than 50 people.
This is a real pandemic. I could not write for several days. Due to the fact that quarantine was announced in my clinic.
All medical staff members are transferred to the round-the-clock operation. And what is the situation in your country? many sick and what measures does the state take?
In Russia there is a panic among the population. Shelves and windows were empty. People buy everything they can. They act like a hamster.
In addition to pharmacies, shops, and gas stations, nothing works. In other words, this whole situation that exists reminds me of the scenario of a Hollywood movie from the Apocalypse genre. But I sincerely believe that soon the vaccine will be invented and the virus will recede.
I hope for the best. Of course, only persons aged are susceptible to the virus, young people can transfer the disease in a milder form.
Nevertheless, the fear of contracting and getting sick is present. However! I do not want to talk about the bad, I am always pleased to talk about the good.
However, my duty to the Doctor was to talk about the situation in my country and my attitude to the corona virus.
Write me what is the situation in your country? what measures are you taking I recommend limiting contact with people at a distance of 1.5-2 meters. It is safe!
wash your hands often, treat them with a septic tank, and wear gauze masks to protect your respiratory system. These are the simplest and most basic precautions.
Please try to follow them as far as possible.
Honey, I’m very glad and really appreciate our acquaintance with you. It is especially expensive for me. And so I wish you good health.
And I wish the world was healthy and everyone on earth was happy. I hug you sincerely and send you my arms.
Letter 5
Hi Richard, every new day brings me joy, and that is because I have the good fortune to see your letter. Every day I am curious to learn something new about you.
We get to know each other better, and I like it. Richard, before we began to exchange letters, it was difficult for me to imagine how people communicate on the Internet.
You and I speak different languages in everyday life. Your country and mine have completely different cultures and our mentality is also different.
But even in spite of such differences, I find much in common in our destinies. We are successful in our work and profession, but, unfortunately, personal life did not bring joy. I am sincerely happy that we met, I want to maintain our friendship. I want to develop it and make it our great asset.
I want to tell you that I am very interested in recognizing you. If you want, you can always tell me about your problems or joys.
I will never remain indifferent, if I can support you with good advice or a word, I will be very glad. I will be pleased to always share a common joy.
Your letters help me better represent your life. How are you today?!
I want to admit why I wrote you a letter. Why did this far beyond Russia.
Here I lost hope of meeting a man for a relationship. Because I do not receive reciprocity, and sincerity from men in my environment.
Because all men in Russia do not know how to value feelings, do not have the value of family and marriage. And so I wrote to you. The choice was completely random,
now I understand more and more that it was the right one. I liked you, and now I'm sure that you have a big and kind heart.
And of course, deep down, I dream that from our acquaintance something more than simple friendship will grow. Perhaps we will have a serious relationship, for life?
I really thought about that. Who knows what fate God has prepared for us ?! Speaking of religion, I am an Orthodox Christian.
I want to tell you about my life, I hope it will be interesting. Now I live alone in my own apartment. My apartment has 2 rooms, for me it is cozy, because the most important thing is coziness and comfort around. Since I spend most of the time in the clinic, I am writing to you from the office.
I promised to talk about the family. They also live in Tomsk. I have a very good relationship with my family based on trust, respect and love.
I have a younger sister. We are very close and get along well. My mother's name is Angelina, the name of Pope Vladimir. We have a very friendly family, we love to get together, spending time at dinner or lunch. I am a big fan of Mediterranean dishes, I like to eat them and of course cook. Tell us about your eating habits.
What kind of food do you like? what is the favorite in your country? I'm curious and very interesting.
My parents are very kind and wise people. They devoted their whole life to raising children, and I can easily say that I am very proud of my family.
I am grateful to my parents for the upbringing they gave me. please excuse me that sometimes letters are very long. But I want you to know me and my life better.
Richard, I believe that our life depends on the love that your parents invested in you. I have never been a spoiled girl. Now I'm an adult and lead an independent life,
this is a great merit of my parents. Well, I hope that you were interested, now I have to return to work, please write to me, I look forward to your lines, Natalya
Letter 6
Hi Richard, when I read your letters, I get a good mood. Do you feel like reading my letter? My question is, do you like surprises?
in the next letter I want to make a pleasant surprise for you. At least I hope you appreciate my idea.
Richard I have long wanted to say that you have a very beautiful name. It is romantic and tender. For example, my name is very popular here in Russia.
Although Natalya is common in all corners of the world.
Unfortunately, the pandemic situation is becoming truly critical. But the authorities are taking all measures to contain. all that remains is to hope that the measures will be effective and useful. How is the situation in your country today? Here in Russia the next week is declared a day off with the preservation of wages. But something tells me that this is only the beginning of quarantine measures. And a few more weeks the whole country will live in the most severe quarantine.
In the morning I always like to have a cup of coffee, but I don’t drink it much and often. Maximum 2 cups per day. Most often, during the day I prefer tea.
My breakfast is almost always stable. This is an omelet of two eggs, and a little oatmeal with a little fruit. It can be a banana, an orange or a pear.
As a rule, it all depends on taste preferences.
Do you like music and what style do you like? I like to listen to various music. It depends a lot on my mood. Now you rarely see a collection of discs.
And music storage has acquired electronic character. Nevertheless, in my house there is a small collection of discs and vinyl records.
The collection is important and valuable to me. I like to listen to classical instrumental music. Quite often I listen to modern European DJs.
My favorite band is Linkin Park, Bon Jovi, Queen.
Tell me, did you watch a biopic about Freddie Mercury "Bohemian Rhapsody"? This film made a big impression on me. I will definitely recommend it for viewing.
I like to spend free time being carried away by culture and cinema. You may find this boring, but believe me there is something special and useful.
For example, I often listen to artistic Autobiographies of people, only through them you can learn the life and customs of the past.
I love movies and my favorite genre is drama and thriller. You never know how this or that film will end; the end is always unpredictable.
Unfortunately, in everyday life we have a lot of work and various responsibilities. Therefore, it is not always possible to find enough time to have fun.
Do you agree with me? We are adults and we have serious concerns. However, I always try to devote Saturday or Sunday to rest and restoration of strength.
I wanted to tell you about myself from different angles. In my opinion, it is wonderful when a person strives to keep pace with the times.
I hope you are bored and you do not find my letter tiring.
On this cold day, all thoughts of the sun and the beach. I will send you a photo from one of my past trips. Here I am on the beach of Vietnam, surrounded by compatriots.
Please, if you want to know something about me, then feel free to ask and ask questions, ok? I really like you and I really like our acquaintance.
I have a friend over thousands of kilometers, and am very happy. Richard, I want to wish you a great mood and a better day. Natalya
Letter 7
Hello my dear Richard. How are you? how do you feel and health now? Thank you for your letter and attention. I especially appreciate the fact that you write, answer my letters and give news. In the current situation of particular tension due to the corona virus, I am very glad that there is a person for many miles and he always remembers you. How is the situation in the country now? Sorry if I ask too often. But in modern conditions, everything is changing very quickly, the situation can change in a matter of hours. This is the big minus of the Corona virus.
Here in Russia was already the second appeal of the president. Strict measures are being taken; there is total quarantine. There is a restriction of movement around. And quarantine measures were officially extended until April 30. But something tells me that all these methods are just the beginning.
And then they will be rolled over again. I do not want to go into the statistics of numbers, and I will only say that there are many sick people.
The number is growing, they are trying to hide it, because the crown virus is a secret behind 7 locks. I am in the clinic every day, I work seven days a week.
Because I am obligated and should take care of all patients in the conditions of the epidemiological crisis. I try to keep myself safe.
We wear a special suit, eye protection, nose and respiratory protection. The costume changes every hour. These are the measures approved by our Ministry of Health.
We have a restriction in the use of a cell phone, we rent phones with a safe. There is a strict ban on photos, and doctors can’t take pictures or shoot videos.
I think you understand all the seriousness. I beg you not to be angry if I write rarely. However, I remember you, and always think. As soon as there is a minute of free time, I will immediately write and give all the news.
Let's talk a little about other topics. Honey, tell me about which woman you want to see next to you? let's talk a little about it?
I see a man next to me who will be attentive to me. I do not ask the prince on a white horse, with a rich house, and with a large bank account.
It's not important for me. The main thing is for the man to be gentle, attentive and caring. The main thing is that he be himself and then I will always answer him in return. A man must be gentle and loyal. And this is the most important thing for me, because it is precisely on these qualities that I want to reciprocate. I am not a supporter of conservative education. And I clearly understand that the connection between a man and a woman should be supported by passion and ***. *** is a chemistry that strengthens marriage and the union of men and women. Do you agree? mutual love, passion and *** is the foundation of everything on which the relationship in a couple is built. I truly believe in this.
Tell me your opinion about everything? what do you think? so you want to add or fix in my view.
Ok dear, I will wait for your letter with impatience. And please take care of yourself and take care of your health.
Letter 8
Hi dear Richard, how are you doing today? In Tomsk, the weather is great, it is getting warm. The sun is there every day, and warm rays raise my spirits.
How is it in your city? I will send you a short video so you can enjoy me. I made it in the shuttle on the way to work. I never sent a video to a man.
And this is my first experience. I hope your face will have a happy smile.
Thank you very much for answering my questions. It is very important to know your opinion, because through questions we always get to know each other better.
They help to find understanding, and now it seems to me that you and I look at many questions almost identically. And this fact is very valuable to me.
Summer is my favorite time of the year. I love trekking in the summer, walking in the fresh air. There are so many routes in my area. In winter you can ski here.
I practice this sport a little, but I always dreamed to ride often. Maybe I don’t have a couple and therefore not a lot of practice.
Dear, I want to make surprises for you often, because I respect our acquaintance with respect. It’s not difficult for me to make nice gifts because they are the key to mutual sympathy for each other. Relationships in a pair I always see through the prism of gifts and surprises, even if they are not significant.
But their presence shows how important a man and woman are for each other. What do you think of my opinion? Relationships in a couple are trust and understanding, this is passion and respect. I may repeat myself, but they are the most important qualities of any person.
You know I am very curious and interesting to understand where our acquaintance will lead us?! Does he have a sequel ?! I hope someday you and I will definitely meet face to face. This is the best I dream of. I want a serious relationship between us because I feel we have mutual sympathy and dedication.
Richard I have listened to several autobiographies in the last few weeks. For example, about Donald Trump and Warren Buffett. I am far from politics, but these people have gone down in history and are part of the time in which we live. The history of these people impressed and aroused interest.
Also this year I listened to Dostoevsky’s novels. Some of them are really cool, it's a classic. They have a parallel of the protagonist and the author himself.
In my opinion, you can devote several free minutes to reading or listening to fiction. This technique helps relieve the mind and relax.
For example, such moments act fruitfully on me and give a charge of vivacity and strength. It is enough to simply start, open a book,
immerse yourself in it and it is already impossible to come off. I experienced it myself.
Well, I don't want to bore you for long. I send you my kisses. And although the distance between us is significant, but the sincerity with which I send kisses will help to overcome any kilometers. My kisses are the most sincere and pure, like the waters of a mountain spring. My kisses for you with all the love and respect for our friendship. Good Richard, today’s working day is a bit stressful and I’ll get back to my duties, hugs and kiss Natalya
Letter 9
Hello my dear. I am fine and my family also feels great. I am sincerely glad that you liked my surprise. Nice to get compliments. tell me how you felt when you saw me?
How are you today? I am sincerely very pleased when I get your attention. Thank you for the letter and your words.
Yesterday was Easter. Today I hasten to congratulate you. I had a fantastic idea to spend this day with you. Despite the quarantine, isolation and all prohibitions that are relevant in the whole world.
Richard, how is the Easter holiday in your country? I know this is Catholic Easter. And probably it is no different from the Orthodox Easter. Easter week has already begun in Russia.
We will be celebrating Easter next Sunday. I still don’t know where I will be on this day. Perhaps I will not violate quarantine and spend Easter alone at home.
Last year, we gathered as a family in the parents' house. But now the situation is very tense and I do not want to endanger my family. I hope you support?
A feature of Easter in Russia is a table with salads and products, there is a mandatory attribute is a fish cake and eggs, as well as a rabbit.
But boiled and colored eggs have a special status on this day they are on the festive table of every house. Here in Russia there are also a lot of believers in churches.
But this year, all temple visits are strictly limited, and there will be no mass worship. This is strictly prohibited due to the danger of the corona virus.
But people believe that in the second half of April everything will end and be left behind.
Yes, the situation in 2020 dictates its own rules. And it is a pity that many families cannot unite on this Easter holiday. However, I believe that patience will help to be all together in the future.
My dear, I want life to give me the opportunity to meet in person one day. This would be the most significant and great event for me. I caught myself thinking that after quarantine I would be very interested to discuss the issue of meeting each other. Now in the spring of 2020, in this most difficult time for the entire population of the planet, you are in my heart, and I sincerely thank you for your support and your presence.
For me it is valuable and very important. Sorry for the minutes of revelation, but I wanted to share these thoughts with you.
Richard, I want to tell you today that I really miss you. I am sad and want you to know, I always think of you, throughout the day and night you are in my thoughts. I am sending you a new picture and I hope you love it.
I sincerely ask you to be safe and monitor your health. hug you gently.
Letter 10
Hi Richard, i wish you a good mood. How did your morning start? This year I will not visit my parents for Easter, because in the conditions of the crown it is not safe.
I will spend Easter at home, Easter eggs, Easter cake and a little Easter bunny will brighten up my evening.
My morning always starts at 6 a.m. I wake up and drink a glass of warm water, then I put myself in order and have breakfast. For breakfast, I usually eat 2 egg omelettes, rice porridge and toast with cheese.
What do you like to eat for breakfast? Around 7:30 I leave the house and my path lies at work. More often I get by public transport, because sometimes there are difficulties with a parking space near the clinic. The working day starts at 8.30. On some warm and sunny days, I return home on foot. Because I like to walk and breathe fresh air. The road to the house passes through the park, and in this I find the advantage of hiking.
What is your daily routine? Of course, now it can differ a lot in connection with the pandemic and quarantine measures.
Always in my free time I remember and think about you. I am visited by a desire to tell you about a lot, about my country, about myself, about hobbies, fears and much more.
I want you to know me better. I feel that there is attention and trust between us. Do you have similar feelings?
And when I sit down at the computer and want to write to you, I feel very happy. Undoubtedly, communication with you is given to me with ease.
I see that we understand each other, we have common interests. We always have something to talk about and something to discuss.
Is this not happiness in a couple’s relationship !?
In the last weeks of work every day a lot. But I try to help and be with patients. The fact is that all doctors now have a high responsibility.
Many clinics and diagnostic centers are crowded and converted into infectious diseases departments. There are very few specialists, and for this reason there is a lot of work. I sincerely believe that soon the peak will pass and life will slowly return to its normal rhythm.
I hope the details of my work do not tire you. Richard, I hug you and kiss you tightly. Write me as soon as you can and of course ask any questions, Natalya
Letter 11
Hello my dear. How is your day and how is your mood? Yesterday in Russia was a bright Easter holiday. All Orthodox Russians celebrated Easter.
However, our metropolitan banned attending churches, and made a ban for mass worship. For security reasons, everyone should also stay at home.
Due to security measures, I also did not visit my parents. They are at risk, and it was right to stay home.
For the first time Easter passed like a normal day; it did not at all look like a holiday. Although I dyed the eggs yesterday, and made an Easter cake.
Richard, I would really like to treat you, it is a pity that you are not next to me. My dear, I'm a little sad because of loneliness.
But I try to hold on and stay calm. I understand that the whole world is now living in difficult times. I understand that I am not alone in suffering, and therefore I find strength in myself. The most important thing for me is that everyone around us be healthy and happy, this is more important.
I also work, the clinics have introduced strict quarantine. Everything becomes very strict and the number of cases increases every day.
But I believe that soon there will be light at the end of the tunnel. I have a good mood and faith in a bright future.
Tell me how you live and how you spend time? Do you often go to the sauna? I would like to go to the sauna one day with you.
I honestly always really liked bathing procedures. and devoting 1 day a week to renewing the body and spirit is a wonderful activity.
Today on Monday there is also a lot of work, and I will return to it now. Gently hug you and kiss you. Please take care of yourself, and write me a letter as soon as you can. My kisses to your tender lips. Natalya
Letter 12
Hi Richard, how are you? In my opinion, these are manners of good upbringing when you are interested in mood, well-being and just the life of your close friends.
I suppose you agree with me. The fact is that we from different cultures have different upbringing. That is why what is considered normal in your country, in Russia, may have a different meaning. And vice versa. I want to say that honesty and sincerity for me is the most important and basic thing in a couple’s relationship.
I do not tolerate lies, games and deceit. My mood is great today. I always remember you because you have become an important part of my life.
I got used to you and feel the joy of receiving a letter. When I write you the answer, I do it in a peculiar way.
For example, I write everything that comes to my mind, maybe sometimes I can miss an important question or comment. But do not be angry about this.
you can repeat your question if it is important and I will certainly answer.
Is your sister's birthday tomorrow? I want to congratulate her. And of course convey the warmest wishes for your mother. It is a great happiness to live 90 years.
Write me how the party will be and what dinner will be like.
Richard, what is your ideal vacation? What do you prefer mountains or the sea? Perhaps sightseeing tours or walks in the city?
I like to combine all types of recreation together. Of course I love the sea, because its noise is a game of peace for the heart. I also love mountains.
Because at the height you understand how insignificant are those problems and life from below the summit. There is a philosophy in this, right !?
I also like to walk around the city and watch architecture, buildings and beautiful sights. The more often we travel, the more wisdom we gain.
I understood this from my own experience. I have a dream to visit Africa. Kenya or Tanzania, yes yes. Safari is what I dream about.
Nature in its pristine and pristine pure form is what attracts me. The great migration, the big five animals of Africa is what causes interest.
But while this item remains a dream, I hope that someday it will come true. What places would you like to visit?
Traveling for me is always an additional motivation to work. I have visited several countries. All of them gave me a vision of the world. I can’t single out the favorite, because each trip left me with positive emotions and pleasant memories.
Now at this moment I thought how wonderful it would be to get new emotions from a joint trip. In my opinion, this is an amazing idea! I would like to visit your country, so that you show me the beautiful places of the city and the countryside, this could be a memorable event for me.
I would love to come to your country, first of all, because you are in my life. Happiness for me is to get to know you personally and to develop acquaintance.
Ok my dear, I wish you a wonderful mood and many smiles on this day, Natalya
Letter 13
Hello my Richard. How is your day and how is your mood? The best part of my day is the moment I read your letter. The best part of my day is when I write you my answer.
When I am in contact with you and you are in my thoughts. Throughout the day, I often think about you, I miss you and I want to give you a hug and a kiss.
I wonder how your day goes, your morning or your evening. I admit honestly, mentally I try to imagine your life and feel the closeness between us.
I'm doing fine, I work in the same daily mode. There was 1 day off at work on Sunday. I spent it at home, doing cleaning, reading. I also slept a lot and for a long time.
I wanted to get enough sleep and regain strength. I visited a supermarket and purchased products for the current week. Nothing outstanding, ordinary routine.
It is so sweet and wonderful that you invite me to Norway. To have a cruise with each other would be a magical vacation for me. What is the cost of a cruise in norway?
You sent me a site, I promise to study it gradually. But tell me about where the ship goes, what beautiful places passengers look at. I'm curious and curious.
Now I have the feeling that wings have grown behind me from your invitation to the cruise.
Richard, I'm sorry that I am writing to you about these household activities. But I want you to be aware of my life and my every day.
On Sunday evening I went for a walk, and took a walk breathing fresh air. Of course I followed safety measures and I was wearing a mask.
Now this is a strict requirement that every citizen must fulfill. Here in Russia there is still quarantine, but measures are gradually weakening.
Allowed to work beauty salons and hairdressers. This is good news and probably after the first half of May measures will be reduced.
I am very concerned about the issue of restricting and closing borders. I would really like to dream of our meeting and personal acquaintance.
But because of quarantine measures, I can’t imagine when there will be air traffic and when will the borders be opened? probably the flight program will be different now.
I heard that borders within the euro zone will open gradually and it may take up to several months for the border to be open to all countries. Is that really true?
or still I'm sleeping, but definitely I want to wake up from this nightmare. However, it is believed that everyone who arrives in the country should be vaccinated against the crown virus. There may still be many changes in the provisions and requirements, but now it is clear that the changes can affect each of us.
Richard I want to thank you again for your existence. I want to express my thanks to you for being in my life. You really fill it with colors and happy moments.
Thanks to you, my days go better and happier. You are always in my thoughts. say you think of me often? what thoughts do you have every day? I sincerely send you kisses and hugs, always yours Natalya
Letter 14
Hello my dear Richard. How are you and how are your days going now? Thank you for inviting me to visit the cruise with you. You know, going on a cruise has always been my dream. This is happiness and pleasure. I thank you for the invitation. But now I have to pray that the quarantine measures will be completed sooner and I could come to you. everything is fine with me and I am very happy about the beautiful spring sun. In recent days, the temperature is very happy, because the degree rises. I love and enjoy the sun every day. Tell me in your country celebrate the holiday of May 1?
Here in Russia since the days of the USSR, the holiday of May 1 has become a real family day. This month is always associated with outdoor barbecue.
Happy afternoon when the whole family gets together and spends a wonderful weekend. In early May, many families go out to garden areas and plant vegetables.
This culture is passed down from generation to generation. Is it always tastier to eat vegetables from your garden?
But this year this did not happen, because quarantine measures forbid people to leave their homes and gather in large numbers of people in one place.
Sometimes it seems to me that the world will no longer be the same. The world will not be like this when thousands of people gather at concerts or stadiums.
This fear comes to me sometimes, and thoughts haunt me. However, I am optimistic in my character and I believe that soon everything will return to its former familiar days.
Tell me are you an optimist or a pessimist? I always see a glass half full of water, and enjoy this glass. Life is an interesting gift and I want to rejoice that I live in this world. I am glad that you are in my life.
How did you spend your last days? Today on Sunday I have a day off from work. and of course I hasten to write to you and give my news.
There was a lot of work in the last days, but I did not stop thinking about you. My dear, with the advent of you, my life has changed and believe me, I will never tire of saying and repeating this to you.
there is an opinion that quarantine measures will already be weakened in 10 days. I look forward to this event as a Christmas present.
For example, I want to visit a hairdresser, I dream of going to a beauty salon to do manicures or pedicures. These simple and insignificant things make me happy.
Because there is nothing more pleasant for a woman than to feel beautiful. Do you agree?
Honey Richard, I wish you a better and wonderful mood. Sending my hugs and kisses
Letter 15
Hello dear Richard. I'm really missing you. I'm fine, and I still think a lot about you and miss you. Today, the work schedule is very busy.
And I have to work hard, conduct tests and track analyzes. The number of patients has stabilized somewhat, but still remains at a fairly high level.
Almost every 30 minutes I have a new patient, and this lasts throughout the working day. How is your day?
Honey, I really love to write you a letter. You know, scientists have found that a person needs about 21 days to form a habit.
Our acquaintance is already quite a few weeks long, I am close to you because you are an integral part of my life. Communication with you becomes important to me.
I want you to be sure that our mutual correspondence is the best that has happened to me in recent years. Receiving your letter is like a Christmas present (laughs).
What could be better than receiving a gift for Christmas and New Year? By the way, what is your most memorable gift?
On the street today it is very comfortable and sunny, the warm spring weather came. It is nice to have a walk, but unfortunately due to restrictive measures it is not possible to move freely around the city.
Richard I want to ask you, please send me your correct phone number in the next letter. And try to indicate the country and region codes correctly.
I had never called outside Russia before and I want everything to be successful on the first try. The fact is that it is most convenient to make a call from a communication agency, it is more accessible and more profitable because of the cost of a minute of conversation. Calling from a cell phone is very expensive, mobile operators in Russia charge a high fee for both incoming calls and outgoing international calls. That’s why it’s most reasonable to call using the call center in my city.
I plan to call you one day after quarantine ends. Undoubtedly, I will warn you in advance so that you are ready and not missed. Good?
I'm dying to hear your **** voice in real time. How did you spend your day yesterday? In the evening after work, I returned home on foot.
The journey to my home from my work takes 25 minutes of an unhurried step. I often return home on foot, it is especially nice to take a walk in the fresh air at the end of a hard day. This technique helps to relax, rest and relieve stress from exhausting work in the clinic. Do you often walk outdoors?
I love dark nights, with a starry sky, a walk in such beautiful weather takes on a truly romantic motive.
I hope that in the future we will have the joy of walking together when we hold hands. I'm dreaming about that!
Sending a sweet kiss, let it bring joy and good mood, sincerely Natalya
Letter 16
Hi Richard, how are you and your mood today? what news is there about the crown? here in Russia the situation has not changed in any way in recent days.
The number of infected continues to remain at a fairly high level. The regions were recommended to extend quarantine measures until the end of May.
But this is not official information, and today there will be a new appeal from the government. My opinion is that measures will be extended for at least 3 weeks.
In our city, many clinics are crowded, and those medical institutions that have a different area of medical support have retrained wards for the treatment of Crown infections.
There are not enough free places and the Ministry of Health is trying to find more and more new places for infected people. Thus, there is indeed a lot of work, and all doctors are forbidden to meet with friends, relatives and parents. There are measures when medical staff stays in hotels located nearby.
This is so as not to infect family members and minimize proliferation risks. I tried to tell you a little about the situation around my life.
Sorry that I often talk about this, but I think it will be interesting for you to find out about the situation.
In Russia, on the eve was a celebration of victory. Day May 9 victory day over fascism. It is always widely celebrated in our country.
Here in Russia there is no family that would not suffer from the war of 1941-1945. Every year at this time there was always a victory parade, with military equipment, with concerts and commemorative events. Mandatory element of the end of the holiday was a salute in honor of the victory. But this year nothing was close.
Only on television did they show a lot of historical information, films and reports. The world has changed beyond recognition.
Yesterday was Mother's Day. I read that in Russia every year it is the second day after March 8 when the sale of flowers remains at a high level.
There is an opinion that this is the most important and most valuable holiday in the life of each of us. Everyone has mothers, and they gave us life.
This is true when there is Mother's Day and it gives the opportunity to thank their mothers. Everyone considers it his duty to congratulate her mother, and give her attention, a bouquet of flowers and a kiss. This tradition has been in Russia for many years, but today, because of the crown, I cannot congratulate my mother on this holiday. I am not recommended to visit a family and meet with them. Tell me about the holiday in your country.
Richard I really miss you. Do you feel it? When I do not write to you, this does not mean that I forgot about you.
The fact is that I simply can not write and do not have such an opportunity. This is the reason, work duties, rest.
My usual schedule changes quickly, but thoughts belong to you. Thank you for being in my life. Because it would be very difficult and difficult for me if you were not there. I would like to believe that soon all measures will be removed and it will be possible to easily think about a personal acquaintance and a possible meeting. These thoughts always give warmth and warm my heart. I sincerely hope for reciprocity in this matter. Gently hug you and send kisses, Natalya
Letter 17
Hi Richard. How are you? how are you and your day today? I'm fine and I'm fine. My family is healthy, and this is the most important thing now.
I will tell a little about the crown in my country. Here the situation is more or less stabilized. Russia is a large country,
and we did not close the borders in Moscow at the right time, and from there the virus spread to the regions, the number of infected remains still high.
Although on May 12, authorities officially gave permission to work for all sectors in the economy. The economy should return to previous levels.
It is very felt. Officially, you can work on trading floors up to 400 meters, you can walk on the street and play sports outdoors. But the distance should still be kept safe.
Wearing masks and gloves must take place, these are mandatory conditions for being outdoors. Measures gradually began to weaken, and I hope that everything will be better.
I look forward to when the borders are open, I wait and hope so. And believe me, I really want to believe and hopes that they will be open in June.
In the summer, we can think about a meeting and maybe plan something. I'd love this. Because meeting me remains a big and beautiful dream for me.
Tell me how the situation in your country? How is your job?
At work, the situation has not improved in any way. Because there is a high need for new beds for patients. I spend a lot of time at work.
At the beginning of the week we were given new protective suits. I could never imagine that I would have to work in a diaper. Can you imagine?
We wear diapers because the costume is of the highest degree of protection. The face is also covered with special masks. In fact, everything is very serious.
If at first it was hard for me to get used to this, now I have already reconciled and understand that safety is above all.
I am really very worried about you, and I hope that you are in perfect order. That people close to you and relatives are also safe.
Once again I want to thank you and express my appreciation for the letter and attention. For me it is very valuable to feel the warmth that you give.
I sincerely hug and send a kiss, Natalya
Letter 18
Hello my dear Richard, how is your day? You ask if I will be your loved one in the future? Yes, of course I want this, and I really like it when you ask about it. Like what you think about serious things in the future. Because these same thoughts visit me often.
Thank you for your letter, and I am very happy and glad to receive attention. Everything in Russia is still here, and I do not like this constancy. I do not see any changes day by day. The amount of work and patient control is not reduced. Sometimes I get the impression that the Covid-19 is a bloated soap bubble. What kind of games are these behind the scenes, but when I see patients in the clinic I see and hear complaints, I catch myself on conflicting thoughts. The lungs of patients are very affected, and the damage to the pulmonary organs occurs quickly, almost instantly.
And you can only learn about lung damage using computed tomography. sometimes the percentage of defeat can reach 80 percent. But experts are doing everything possible and we are fighting for the life of each patient. Equipment in the medical field is at a high level, shock doses of drugs, antibiotics and necessary drugs are in excess. It pleases me, and I know that I am doing my work for the good. I would like to believe that in a couple of weeks the measures will be substantially facilitated. for example, today the statistics of infected people is much lower. And the dynamics are slowly declining. Now a mandatory and strict rule is to wear safety masks and disinfection gloves.
I really hope that soon all borders will be open and life will return to normal. Perhaps the borders of the EU countries will be open to their fellow citizens.
However, the opening of Russia's borders may be postponed. But I have a pleasant feeling. I will tell, the fact is that this year we did not hold a victory parade.
This year, in April, a referendum was to be held on amendments to the constitution. A referendum allowing the authorities to prolong their powers.
And there is one thought. if borders are closed, people will be evil; they will not be happy. And probably the referendum will not take place or will bring a negative result.
The authorities are interested in a better vote and will do everything to make ordinary citizens satisfied. Therefore, I have a good feeling about the imminent opening of the borders of Russia. Somehow, I'm not strong in politics. Only sometimes I draw conclusions a bit based on the internal political situation.
Politics is a complex aspect and difficult to understand. This is an eternal topic of discussion. What is your attitude to politics? If you do not like this question, then you can not answer.
My dear Richard, I am infinitely glad of your appearance in my life. Because you give only joy, a smile and a feeling of happiness.
I hope for reciprocity, and I want you to be a mirror image of me. Now my work shift is beginning, I will return to work. I am sending you the most sincere hugs and kisses, Natalya
Letter 19
My dear Richard hello, how is your day and how is your mood today? dear, I liked your letter so much. It was sensual. And I especially appreciated the phrase that you are not the best but will be the best for me. Darling, I'm not looking for a better man in this world. I do not need an ideal, I am looking for a man who will complement me, and whom I will motivate every day. This is much more valuable and important to me. And believe with our acquaintance, there is a feeling that I found exactly the man whom I was looking for for many years. Everything is fine with me, my family and I am healthy and it’s a joy.
I pray to God every day that everything will be fine with relatives who are dear to me and my heart. I pray every day that you and your loved ones are safe.
The growth of infected Covid 19 for several days remains at the same level. There is no growth, and there is a slight decrease. Experts say that with the advent of summer and hot days, there will be no trace of a pandemic. But yesterday our government announced that in the fall we should be ready for a new quarantine and challenge to the disease. Everything is not very optimistic, but I believe that they will come up with a vaccine and a miracle will happen.
Richard today I want to tell you a little about myself. You know, the most important decision in a person’s life is the choice of a spouse. Partner is selected once.
You cannot always get married and always get divorced. So you have to analyze it very well so that everyone can live on it for a while, not to mention how everyone does it.
Otherwise, the results are very complex and painful. is not it? Do you agree with this idea? I think my musical taste and my understanding of life is the same as yours.
I hope we get along well with you. The only problem now is the epidemic and the barriers to the path. I hope this epidemic ends as soon as possible.
In the meantime, we need to get to know each other better and learn more from each other. I learned to be virtuous, to be happy with little things.
But I know how to keep feelings and love, passion and desire. I want to wear beautiful clothes for my man, beautiful perfumes and I want to spend a quiet evening only with you,
because if a man has problems during the day, the woman removes his fatigue and relaxes. The moral and strength of a woman is because every successful man has a woman who is more successful than him. For every lover, happy and great man, there is a wiser woman. I sincerely hope that you will share my thoughts and always reciprocate.
Of course in your letters there is a lot of warmth and pleasant words to me. I am very touched by every line, and always re-read letters several times.
Thank you for being romantic and gentle, thank you for loving me. I really appreciate it and cherish you every moment, every day and every second.
Today my working day is over, he was quite stressful. But in general, the situation has stabilized and there are many rumors about a decrease in quarantine measures.
But despite the high labor activity, wages remain at the same level. The thing is that I stopped taking practice in a private clinic. And I fully work in a government agency.
In the money I lost. But that is not a reason for frustration. because all private clinics have been converted to Covid 19 infectious disease wards.
You are close to my heart and you are more than just a friend. I will never tire of repeating that I take you seriously, respect you and want to develop our acquaintance and feelings. Therefore, I want to be frank with you. Kiss, I would love to be with you now. Natalya
Letter 20
Hello my Richard, how are you and how are you today? I have everything still. Today the weather is cloudy and not sunny. You can already say calendar summer in the yard, but there is still no sun and heat. Forecasters promise us a very hot June. I wish they were right, I really love the sun and warmth. I dream to keep warm and get a significant portion of vitamin D. Now, recently, after removing some restrictions, I began to observe how many people are on the streets. Someone riding a bicycle, someone has a family walk. All fitness centers in the city are still closed, but the population is actively involved in outdoor sports.
Someone practices in special sports fields. But most still prefer cardio workouts, hiking and jogging. I am sincerely sure and as a physician I declare that cardio loads have a fruitful effect on the cardiovascular system. They cherish the heart and temper it, so I never worked with weights and always preferred to jog or have a long walk. Sport is always the key to longevity and health. Bike also has its advantages. Because the bicycle minimizes damage to the knees, the load does not fall on them, as we assume in the run. The coast phase is very harmful to the knee joints. I would very much like to have such walks with you after a hard week.
In the evening, prepare a delicious dinner and sit near a fireplace or TV watching a romantic movie. Quarantine and pandemic have given a lot to the population.
Many have redefined the values of life. People began to value their time and are attentive to their health. They began to devote more time to personal growth, sports and leisure. if before work took a lot of time, now is the time to think about self-education. For example, I also read a lot of different material in recent weeks.
I am always interested to learn something about history or geography, or medicine. I always liked geography. In recent days, I have come across material about Africa and its tribes. This is something! For example, the Mundari tribe in Africa lives by breeding cows, and all members of the tribe wash their ***** from childhood to scare away mosquitoes. Sometimes they do things that do not always fit into the framework of common sense. They do hard work daily, especially for women.
Because men are held in high esteem and they work less, all the work and life is always on the woman’s shoulders. Amazingly true? I read a little language literature, improve my skills in learning a foreign language.
Richard How are your days and weekends? Tell us more about yourself and your routine.
The work is still responsible and there are many. We were given new protective suits, they are Chinese-made. And terribly not comfortable and not comfortable, suits do not breathe and have poor ventilation. After a few hours, the whole body becomes wet and cannot tolerate it. Before, the protective suits were of Russian manufacture. I liked them more.
It’s still hard for me to overcome the pain of being alone. The pain of not being together. I would really like that. But if soon in the coming months.
Suppose messages are resumed in July or August, I hope we will see the first plane. I will believe and hope so. Maybe I can fly to you through a third country.
In any case, as soon as the measures are weakened, as soon as measures are taken for the opening, we will make our plan and I will come to you and I will never leave you again.
Write to me as soon as you can, to receive your letter is the best part of my day.
Letter 21
Hi Richard. thank you for the letter, thank you for your attention. Summer is coming and it is my favorite season too.
Thank you for this wonderful poem that you sent. Nobody has ever written poetry for me, and I sincerely thank you for your romance.
I read a few facts about your country, I would really like to come to you in the future and see the sights. Mountains and lakes, parks and hiking trails. I really like all this and I equally admire the city buildings and nature. My eyes are like the eyes of a bee looking everywhere for flowering plants. Do you understand the analogy? I especially like the idea that you will be my personal guide.
Do you like this wonderful idea? I would like to spend a lot of time with you, chatting, dancing, dinner and lunch.
Spend every free minute together and it's better to get to know each other. You are kind, very attentive and I appreciate these qualities.
In fact, they are the foundation in the character of a man. I am deeply convinced that kindness and good breeding are the most important traits in character. There is also a healthy sense of humor. And if these fundamental feelings prevail, then a man will never put anyone in an uncomfortable and not deft position. Would you agree with my judgment? or do you have a different look ?!
Now, due to the Covid-19 virus, many establishments are closed, and many stores suffer losses. But there is still hope that from week to week the flow of people will be restored, and the doors will open again. At the end of last week, I handed over winter things for dry cleaning, and they had to be picked up just yesterday. I visited the dry cleaning office, it is located in a shopping center.
The fact that I saw there struck me. A very large shopping center was literally empty and dead. Like in an Armageddon movie.
There is goods, there is raw materials, there is everything, but there are no people. They did not turn on the light, and many tenants took their goods and closed stores. Many stores do an inventory. This is happening now in every country and in all areas of the economy.
But I am sure that as soon as the quarantine measures are somewhat relaxed, everything will return to normal. And I’m sure that the flow of people will return to their usual and favorite shops. Now in Russia weakening is felt, but it is not significant.
Parks are open, but you can not accumulate a large number of people. In general, in Russia everything is the same as in the rest of the world.
The number of infected slowly falls and it pleases.
I also miss you very much, but I believe that soon we will meet and be happy with each other. I sincerely believe in this and I know that happiness will definitely knock on our doors. I wish you a wonderful mood and send my gentle hugs. Natalya
Letter 22
Hello my dear Richard. How are you doing today? I am in a hurry to inform you that I am in perfect order. Everything is good and I learned to see positive moments in everything. I want to be happy every day, I want to smile and give my joy to the people around me.
In my opinion, this is the best rule in life. I would really like to give you my smile in reality, I would like to hug you and kiss you.
There is a big dream in this. There are some concessions in Russia, but due to their insignificance, the general background of quarantine remains at the same level. In Russia, they announced the celebration of the Victory Parade on June 24. On this day in 1945 was the main Victory Parade on fascism in Red Square.
Apparently, the authorities decided to recall history and tradition, so the Parade is scheduled for the same date as 75 years ago. It was announced that the restrictive measures will be lifted for official invited persons and all invited guests will arrive without any problems. I hope that after the victory parade, Russia will open its borders so that we can dream and fulfill the dream of meeting in reality.
It was also announced that on July 1 there will be a vote on amendments to the Constitution of Russia. This has been talked about since the beginning of 2020, and now in mid-summer the plan will come true. All these important state issues will be gradually implemented, and they will be the starting point in the removal of quarantine and the opening of borders. What else can you tell us about the news? What questions do you have, always feel free to ask them and ask about everything that interests you. Good? How are you and how did you spend your days off? As always, I spent them at home and did household chores.
I worked at the hospital on weekends. The number of patients is steadily declining, but quarantine is still strict. No changes. Maybe you have something better?
tell me about it, I will be glad to know.
Thank you for the wonderful words, I sincerely hope that your dreams will remain not only words. I believe that we will certainly bring them all to life and will develop our relations with each other.
Richard I will never tire of thanking you for being in my life. I am happy about it and enjoy every day. You have taken an important place in my life and this makes my thoughts better every day.
Honey have you ever heard of a statue of monkeys? "no evil monkeys". Probably you should know? if not, read the details on the Internet,
a lot of interesting things are said about this statue. Their meaning is not to see evil, not to hear evil, and never to do or speak evil.
This is a very philosophical meaning. And I always wanted to be kind to people and to my loved ones. Perhaps that is why she chose the profession of medicine.
I also want to give kindness and happiness to you. I hope you learned something new about me today. And you like this new every day. Gently kiss and hug you.
Write as soon as possible.
Letter 23
Hello my dear Richard. I hope you are in perfect order. I'm fine, today is a day off from work. I plan to do household and household chores, then I need to visit a supermarket and buy groceries in the coming days. Relax, cook dinner and watch some movie, that's how I see the upcoming day.
Sometimes I write a lot to you about the situation in Russia, about work. I am writing about citizens, politics or something else. Are you tired of hearing all this?
be honest, say tired? Today I want to write a letter that will only be about me, my thoughts, inner character. My upbringing and understanding of the relationship between man and woman. Perhaps you will look at me from a different angle and understand my soul. In Russia they say that every person has his own soul, and having understood it we understand a person.
To begin with, I do not consider myself arrogant. I look at all the circumstances of life thoughtfully and carefully. I try to be a simple woman who does not make demands on a man. Because I work a lot with patients and people. All people are different and I try to treat everyone who comes in contact with me with understanding.
I was never interested in knowing how much money one person has and how much money another person has. Value is different. The most important is the value of education, mind and inner peace. This is what I value in every man and every woman. I am kind and I love kindness in people, I think it is felt in a special way.
I am sensual and it seems to me that I know the recipe for happiness in pair. He is primarily in attention to each other. Understanding shared values or concerns.
In unity, in a conversation at the negotiating table and in the search for consensus in all aspects. A man loves the woman who surrounds him to give attention only to him.
The man also loves compliments. A woman should behave so that her man falls in love with her every day again and again.
The house, comfort and good atmosphere in the house is always the key to happiness and wonderful romantic evenings. I am not a fan of parties or discos.
All this remained in the past, in young student years. Now I would prefer a quiet tasty dinner, a romantic atmosphere with my man.
No matter what, I would never have exchanged the chance to spend one of these evenings with you. And spend the best time with each other.
In fact, the happiness of the couple is around, and it is very important to understand and see it. This is attention, loyalty, support of each other.
Everything is very simple, and I am sure that I can give happiness to my man. Exactly the happiness that he expects and wants.
Of course, one cannot exclude the intimate side of the issue. *** for me is chemistry in pairs. This is the glue that will connect the two bodies and give the taste and aroma of passion. I am not conservative and therefore I think that *** is very important. They need and can be practiced 7 times a day. But not once every 7 days.
The second option is disastrous for the couple. Would you agree? In general, I believe that I have enough wisdom to build a happy union in the future.
Which man should be next to me? how do i see him? you know, the answer to your own question is not very simple. You can’t come up with your ideal and look for it from year to year. There is a great risk that the search will last forever. Therefore, I know the best answer. I want a man who will always be himself.
Caring for a woman is always felt, warmth and love are also always visible. And so I love a man who will always remain himself. It doesn’t matter to me if he has a bank account, and what brand of car in the garage, how many floors in his house. Irrelevant! I have never looked at a man from a material point of view.
Materiality has never interfered with the feelings of the soul and heart.
I hope you recognize me a little better today. And I sincerely believe that you have your own view. Because it could not be otherwise, we are all unique and unique in nature.
But the value is that each couple also becomes unique, because a man and a woman cannot be together just like that. They exclusively complement each other.
I would really like to be your complement, and I want you to become your source of inspiration, motivation and warm feelings.
Letter 24
Hello my dearest Richard, I'm fine. Sorry I'm writing just now. How did you spend your weekend? Here the weekend was hot and warm, there are permissions to walk in the parks, and I enjoyed a warm evening. I took a stop and my walk totaled 13 thousand steps.
Of course I will help you with cleaning the apartment. You are right to do things together, this is one of the most important features of relationships in a couple.
Be a partner, feel, collaborate. You made the right accents. You have a wonderful script for the beginning of every day, and believe me it sounds like music to my ears.
A smile, kisses and harmony is exactly what I am looking for and what I want most.
What changes do you have in your country? We are gradually promised relief, and the opening of cinemas, sports halls and cafes with summer verandas.
Frankly, I already forgot how long I was in the cinema. Now I would really like to visit the cinema, I would like to watch a novelty, a romantic melodrama with you.
Do you like to visit the cinema? I dream that you once invited me? How much is a movie ticket in your country? here in Russia the average cost is about 4-6 euros per ticket.
There are cheaper prices, of course, it all depends on the start time of the session. We still do not have any significant changes in lowering the quarantine level.
But they are in Moscow, the access control regime was officially canceled there today. Previously, moving around the city was possible only if there were passes that were issued in advance. Thus, today, June 9, there are concessions in Moscow and the Moscow region. I hope that in a few weeks they will come to our region.
Relaxations in Moscow are already clearly planned for the next 2 weeks, literally by June 23rd there is the last stage when all fitness centers and all public events will be open.
Of course, there is no talk of a large crowd of people, probably this item will be discussed last.
Richard I am waiting for a message to be resumed with countries. Yesterday they also said that in the coming days air flights will open for citizens whose relatives live abroad, also for people who need medical help, or are studying in other countries. As soon as the consulate and visa centers are open, I want to find out what documents are needed for our meeting. And what will be the procedure for applying for permission to arrive. Today I have a great mood, and a great feeling about it. We gradually began to leave the protracted quarantine, and everything slowly returns to the previous rhythm of life.
Perhaps you heard something about the resumption of flights? are there any conversations for the better. I read that Lufthansa has restored some flights?
it’s wonderful, I’m very glad that with slow steps, life gradually acquires the usual plot. To be honest and frank, the entire economy of Russia and the World is experiencing some problems. Any industry, light and heavy, automotive and agricultural, they all experience problems. But as soon as the world copes with Covid 19, we will all expect growth and economic recovery. I truly believe in this and hope that I am not mistaken. Well my dear Richard I wish you a sincerely wonderful mood.
And let the day turn out well. Gently hug you and send sweet kisses to your lips, Natalya
Letter 25
Hello the only Man in the world !!! I sincerely hope that my words will never shock you. Because I speak them with heart and warmth.
Now really all the men around have disappeared and there is only you. Thoughts, dreams of meeting, ideas of joint evenings or romantic walks, they all have a connection only with you Richard.
How are you? How is the mood and situation in the country? Today is June 12th holiday in Russia. It is celebrated throughout the country, and is called the Day of Russia.
In fact, this is an official day off, but all events have been canceled due to the virus. There are still very strict rules and it is not allowed to gather a large crowd of people in one place. But I'm glad that there are 2 days off ahead, because on Sunday I have a work shift. I will spend these days in silence, read, walk and maybe ride a bike. Summer is a wonderful time, it is short in our part of the country and therefore I want to enjoy every day of it.
Yesterday evening I watched the movie "Night in Paris". This is a modern film, it is 2011. The plot is taking shape in Paris, a young writer has arrived in this beautiful city.
He wants to get inspiration, find his muse, to write a beautiful short story. Every day at midnight he falls into the past, in the golden age of 20 years.
When lived Hemenguey, Scotfigerald, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso. He does not believe that this is possible, every day his mind fights it.
The film was very interesting, it could not do without love. The writer realized that next to him is not the girl he would like. She does not understand him, and they look at the same things from different angles. I would never want us to be like that. My dear Richard, love is when lovers do not look at each other, but look in one direction. I dream that we have also. Paris is an amazing city, it is amazingly beautiful. I also think this is a great place for a couple in love.
It’s better not to find a place to spend a honeymoon in the whole world. I once read that all dreams are materialistic. If you dream about something, it will come true.
I will dream that one day, at a wonderful time in our lives, we will visit Paris with you. What do you think about it?
But of course dreams are the engine of progress and life. It is dreams that spin the globe. Do you agree. I don’t always dream and not a frivolous girl at all, but I know that sometimes it’s very nice to get off the ground and imagine a life scenario and helps to find inspiration in every day. Now my inspiration is you, and I'm glad between us there are warm feelings that we support. I wish you a wonderful day and a good mood. Spend a wonderful weekend and write to me as soon as you can,
your Natalya
Letter 26
My Richard, how is your day today? I missed you and really I missed your attention and your gentle words. I hope you are well? there is less work every day.
This is not significant, but the number of infected people is falling and steadily decreasing. Measures are weakening, but there are still no open borders.
If they had been opened and given recommendations for the flight. The first thing I did was take steps to meet each other.
This year my vacation was delayed due to the Covid virus. Now, either at the end of summer or autumn, I can take a vacation again. How does your law regulate vacation?
here in Russia we have the right to leave in the amount of 30 days or more annually. Holidays are always paid by the employer.
In the past, I always divided my vacation into 2 parts, I took it 2 times a year for 2 weeks. It is very comfortable.
As a rule, I spent my holidays in countries where a tour package has a low cost. I like to relax, because vacation is always a charge of emotions and gaining new strength.
Richard you gave me such emotions and inspiration that I could not have achieved without you. So far, I am glad and happy that we met and continue to learn about each other.
Still a big dream is the desire to meet and spend some time together. Of course I want quarantine to end. If it ends then we'll see you right away. right!
I want to be happy next to you to get your attention. I want to learn, not only see the good, but also keep it in my mind. I want to learn not to be afraid of my love, which means I don’t get offended. I want to learn; Do not be scared, but be surprised and rejoice, including - to you! I feel for you the most real and pure feelings.
You are all that is in my heart, Natalya
Letter 27
Richard hi sorry I'm writing a letter on Monday and missed it at the end of the week. I always remember you, and as soon as I see a computer or I have free time, I hasten to give you news. You are always in my thoughts. I want to thank you for these wonderful feelings.
I am doing well, in fact, as before, and there are no changes for me to talk about them. Life goes in the same rhythm and one scenario.
The most important thing is that everyone close is healthy, it is important now. Russia is a large country; there are 85 regions.
And each region is gradually repealing quarantine measures. Somewhere there is a transition from 4 stages to 3. Somewhere the quarantine has been completely canceled.
But you can visit such regions only if you have help and ready-made analyzes for Covid-19. The validity of such certificates is about 3 days.
But nevertheless, Russia is gradually and step by step moving towards improving the healthcare situation. How is your country? What situation?
This week, Wednesday has been declared a day off. In the cities of Russia there will be a victory parade in the 1941-1945 war. Moscow will have the most impressive parade.
Many country leaders will come to attend the event. I have not heard anything about your country, but maybe someone from a senior position will visit him.
For example, today they announced that the representatives of Germany would not come. All because of quarantine measures. In my life I have never been to a parade in Moscow.
People say that it is very impressive. And Russia shows a military arsenal. Probably everyone on the planet against war, I am also a supporter of world peace.
But having weapons always entails military action sooner or later. God grant us that there will never be a case of war and everyone will be happy on this planet.
Richard I'm proud of you. I really appreciate our feelings with you and treat them with deep respect. You and I went through a difficult quarantine time.
We talked and went from difficult to good. It is very valuable to me. We kept in touch and feelings and gave them a new impetus and impulse to the future.
I am sure that this is a great experience in our further relations with you. I pray every day so that we can build some kind of happy future with you.
There were many restrictions, but now they are fading into the past gradually. And I hope that we will meet soon. I am sure that the border will open in July and am waiting for the offensive to take a flight to you. I want and dream of being near you. It will be my happiness to give you support every day.
Discuss with you current affairs, think about a joint weekend, or discuss what we will cook for dinner.
I sincerely want our everyday life so that we get to know each other better. After all, this is a real miracle when we have each other and that true love lives in our hearts.
Write me as soon as you can. Gently kiss you and send you my arms
Letter 28
Hello my dear Richard. How is your day and how was your week? Maybe you planned something for the weekend. The weather in Siberia is very pleasing.
She is hot and has a lot of sun. As a rule, June is always hot in our region. But already in the second half of July, the thermometer gradually falls.
Thus, summer is very short, which is really sad and frustrating.
Today I will not bore you with news about the virus and the situation. She is still as stable. The news wrote that some countries will resume flights to Russia and will also be able to take flights from Russia. But while the list of countries is not large, however, the ice has broken and it remains to wait for a weakening. At the end of June, many visa centers also begin work on accepting applications and obtaining entry permits.
The list includes several countries of Western Europe, the countries of Scandinavia. This is good news. For example, Turkey expressed a desire to start accepting flights from Russia from July 15, but Russia still has not responded to the request. Every week in Russia begins with some good news.
Although this news is not significant today, it still brings some joy.
My vacation this year is still open date. And of course I want to have a good rest. if you imagine for a moment that the borders are open, and I can take a vacation.
That first thought is of course to meet with you. I am glad that you are in my life and in my every day. Sometimes I think that God did not in vain give me the opportunity to meet you. Because quarantine takes place in our close and constant contact and it is joy and pleasure for me.
Well my dear Richard, I kiss you and hug you tenderly. Your Natalya
Letter 29
Hello my Richard on this beautiful and sunny day, I hasten to wish you a wonderful day and a good mood. I have a great mood today.
Probably because I can finally read your letter and write a long-awaited answer. And also because in the city today the sun shines warmly and brightly caressing us with its rays. I love summer without measure and I love the sun. The sun gives us strength and warms the heart, warmth allows us to enjoy nature, and rain shows how strong life is due to growth and prosperity. The base of the leaves is inspiring.
We have very nice hot days, sometimes in the evenings there are thunderstorms. Yesterday it was so depressing, a thunderstorm began in the evening and I preferred to watch it. Then I close my eyes and see your face in front of me, a smile and eyes as deep as the universe. At the end of the day I watched a film about love, life and happiness. Even if two people speak the same language, this does not mean that they understand each other. If hearts do not understand each other, then love and happiness can be like continents, and everything else is a delusion. You do not speak Russian, but I speak German. Sometimes we may not understand each other completely, because we use words differently in their meaning, but our hearts and souls speak the same language. This is the language of the senses.
It touches me so much when we both write to each other, and sometimes I think it's so beautiful that it's hard to believe. I believe in you and want to be what you want.
You are the reason why I smile in quiet moments, that not a single mountain is too high for me, does not depend on you, and there is no water too deep for me, as long as the path leads to you. Now I am at a point in my life when I want to open my heart to one person only - it's you Richard. Entry into your country is currently prohibited, but I think it will change until August / September / October. If restrictions in Russia decrease, we may have the opportunity to be together.
That would be so sweet. And in these years I do not just want to work and play sports, I want to devote my years to you Richard.
Did you ask me about the trial of the director? and would like to know my opinion? but I admit honestly that I did not carefully monitor these events and I can not give any comments to you. If he was tried, then the investigation and the court proved his guilt.
Recently, I rarely meet with friends and do not go to any parties. This is because there is still a distance limit, and this is important for compliance.
I hope that everything is fine with you and you smile after my words. Remember that despite the distance between us, I feel how close you and I are and how much love lives in our hearts. I sincerely embrace you and send the most passionate kisses to your lips.
Letter 30
Hi Richard, how are you my dear? What is your mood? I hope that it is beautiful and you are in a good mood.
My dear, thank you very much for the invitation to Norway. I really appreciate your hospitality and sincerely relate to your gentle words.
Of course, I will try to find out in the near future all the details for obtaining permission to visit Norway.
That came July-mid-summer. The weather in my city is sometimes replaced by severe thunderstorms, they usually happen in the evening. But day and morning it is always hot and comfortable.
July 1 was the day of voting for amendments to the Constitution in Russia. You probably heard about them. The main change is, of course, the ability of the president to be elected for a new period. What do the journalists of your country say about this, what opinion do people have? I am curious. Here in Russia, opinions are divided.
But personally, I was against amendments to the constitution because I believe that there should be a change of power in the country.
It is impossible for one person to rule the country of 20, and in some cases 30 years. Because it leads to authoritarian politics. It is disastrous for people, the economy. Of course, at the vote, the amendments were adopted and approved. Who would doubt that! Ordinary people say that their votes didn’t solve anything, and at the top of the government, a decision in favor of the president had long been decided. All this is ridiculous if it were not so sad.
I do not want Russia to be at the level of the DPRK countries or other African states. Where power, dictators and power decide everything.
Russia is a European country and all principles should be similar to the principles of developed states. Here is my opinion.
The situation with Covid-19 in Russia has gradually faded into the background. Now there are still infected, but their number is falling every day.
Probably in the summer the virus will go into decline. The Minister of Health said that the situation would only fully stabilize by February 2021.
Yesterday, the Russian Federal Aviation Administration issued a statement that all flights were stopped until 01.08. Russia does not accept anyone from other countries, nor does it let anyone out of its country. We are in a vacuum. But probably all this is somehow done with good intentions.
I still cannot believe the situation the whole world is in. A few years ago, people lived happily and did not think that the world would be closed and isolated for many months.
He is actually paralyzed and torn off. Restriction measures are still present, but I hope they will gradually weaken.
So, in general, I told you about the situation in my country.
At work, everything is still with me. The schedule is still high and the requirements for work are high. We are all also in high responsibility mode. Nothing changed.
Yesterday I was a doctor on duty and worked on an ambulance as part of a group. We had 38 calls to patients. This is actually 2 times more than before the pandemic.
Symptoms of the common cold are still present and people are scared. In this regard, there are frequent emergency calls.
My dear Richard, I really appreciate the fact that you are in my life. I love you, and believe these are not empty words. These are words from the heart.
I love you for the way I am next to you, I love you for giving me a feeling of happiness and joy every day. I hope these feelings are mutual.
I sincerely kiss you and send you my most tender kisses and hugs.
Letter 31
Richard hi. Thank you for your letter and attention to the news. I feel joy when I open the mailbox and see your news. This is the moment when my pulse quickens and my heart begins to pound excitedly. Of course, these are the most pleasant emotions for which I will never tire of thanking you.
Everything is fine and fine with me. At work, everything is in order. My family and parents are also in perfect order. Now parents live outside the city.
They have a small plot of land where they plant vegetables and look after them until the fall. It's so cute and wonderful to eat the vegetables that grow in your garden.
This has a special magic and a sense of pleasure. will you agree Saturday and Sunday I spent with my family on the site. we processed tomatoes and other vegetables.
They also watered the garden, because it was raining only a few days ago and all crops needed moisture. This year there will be a large harvest of cherries and apples, there are several fruit trees on the site. Mom will probably make delicious cherry jam. do you like sweets? I promise to make mom’s dessert for you. would you like?
Richard Today I was a little happy and smiling at the good news. Because on TV they talked about Putin’s conversation with the head of Aeroflot.
They discussed opening borders. I am glad that the ice is gradually beginning to melt, I hope that soon all borders will be open.
I really want our meeting, our first kisses, hugs and tenderness. Sometimes I look up to the sky and see how planes fly in the blue.
There are not many of them, but the joy of what they are fills me with a smile. A month ago, there were practically none, and now seeing a plane is a happy event.
I believe that a miracle will happen very soon and we can kiss in reality and feel the warmth of mutual hugs.
Richard thank you for all the news, for the sweet words of love and tenderness. I really look forward to our first meeting, our romantic evening and our love.
When you hug me and cover me with a gentle blanket. When you give me a kiss from which my eyes will be filled with happiness and brilliance.
I wish you a great start to the week. Write me as soon as you can, send you my sweet and tender kisses of love.
Letter 32
My dear hello, How's your day? like a weekend and what new happened this beautiful sunday? Today I returned from the summer cottage of my parents.
I had 2 days off and spent them out of town with my family. The weather was very hot, a real pleasure in the warmth and sun.
Yesterday at sunset I took a bike ride along the field trails. It is so wonderful to enjoy the clean and fresh air of the countryside.
Listen to birds sing and crickets clatter. But most of all I enjoyed the aromas of different wildflowers. Romantic and lovely.
I caught myself dreaming this min. I would very much like to take a similar walk in your company one day. What do you think?
In the evening, dad prepared a sauna and I spent about an hour in the sauna with a break for rest and tea ceremony. Do you like tea?
here in Russia tea is very popular, especially from seasonal herbs, mint, lemon balm, currant leaves and thyme. A unique correlation of aromas, by the way tea can be ***** both hot and with ice. Which tea do you like most? Sweet now in the summer month, my mood is the best and beautiful.
Probably the reason for the abundance of sundials. I love the sun and try to get all the vitamins from the sun. The most important is of course vitamin D.
It has a fruitful effect on our health. I highly recommend you take sunbathing for several hours a day. You will immediately feel better mood and health.
Everything is still at my work, there are no significant changes. Quarantine measures are still relevant. Everything about the vacation hung in the air, but I know that I can take it at any time. I want to keep this opportunity and be sure to take a vacation as soon as international flights begin to fly.
And in this direction there is good news again. Just yesterday, Russia announced that the borders would be opened in 2 stages starting July 15.
It all depends on international partners who speak out about opening borders with Russia. Already announced several countries for messages in the first phase.
Perhaps it will be Finland, Norway, Thailand, Vietnam, as well as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and several countries of Central Asia.
The list of countries was quite impressive. And when I heard about this news, a smile of joy and happiness appeared on my face.
My dear and beloved Richard, the only thing I want and the only thing I dream about is our meeting with you and the long-awaited personal acquaintance.
Thank you again for being in my life, probably in the past I was a very good person if God and fate gave me a chance to meet you.
Gently hug and kiss you, write as soon as you can, Natalya
Letter 33
Richard hi my sweet. How's your day? I hope your city is not very hot on this summer day. Or at least you spend time under air conditioning.
Here in my region the weather is quite hot, sometimes the thermometer can rise to the mark of 35 degrees. At night I try to sleep without clothes, in order to somehow escape from the exhausting stuffiness. There is no air conditioning in my apartment, I didn’t put it on principle so as not to catch a cold.
And the summer in Russia is short enough to spend money on air conditioning. I am saved by a fan, at least it does not give a sharp temperature drop and slowly, moderately cools.
In one there is an advantage, I sleep ***** and at this moment there is a longing for you to sleep next to me. There is a desire that you give me a body massage and crush the feet of my legs after a hard day. Sorry for these intimate details, but I sincerely want and dream about it. I sorely miss you and I rejoice at every thought about each other.
Your letter, your attention and thoughts about you are always a reason for my smile. I hope that I provoke mutual feelings in you. Share them please.
In such heat it is especially important to drink plenty of water so as not to get dehydrated. I drink about 3 liters. How much do you drink? it’s important to drink water, because tea perceives other drinks as food, do not forget about it.
In general, everything is fine and wonderful. The work is going as usual, but quarantine measures are still not weakened. The number of infected drops every day.
In Russia, some cities have already lifted all quarantine restrictions. It is likely that the situation is improving gradually, with small and slow steps, it is moving to the old way. What else to tell you? my dear Richard, you can always ask me any questions, I will be happy to answer them. Of course, just a few months ago, I could not think that with our acquaintance my life would change. But now I'm glad that you are in my every day. And thanks to you, I feel like a happy woman.
It is important for me to feel the happiness and love that you give me with your attention. Every day I pray that everything will be fine with you, that you will be healthy and happy. Because my happiness depends on your well-being. I rejoice if everything is fine with you and sad if something doesn’t have a plan.
I also pray for opening borders for our meeting. Because there is nothing more desirable for me than to see the sparkle of joy in your eyes and feel the tenderness of your warm embrace. I hope that in a couple of weeks there will be happy news about the opening of a message between our countries.
Then we can think and plan a meeting with each other. I am sure that a personal meeting will give a new impetus to our relations and you and I can be happy with each other, and also think about the future. What do you think my darling? Well, I wish you a great day and send my sweet kisses to your lips.
Letter 34
Hello my dear Richard, thank you for the letter, I would like to start my answer precisely with thanks. I am glad and happy that you are in my life.
From the very first time I met, I have been respectful and serious about our communication. Largely thanks to him, I feel like a happy woman.
A woman who is in love and who has feelings always smiles and sees only positive emotions in everything. It is these feelings that are in my every day.
Sorry that I do not write you a letter every day. I feel a little guilty about this. Are you forgiving me? Sometimes there is work or routine.
But in spite of my busyness and everyday duties, I remember you. In my life there is no other man and I do not communicate with anyone except you.
Frankly, I do not want to spend my strength and energy on someone else and sincerely want to develop only our feelings. All my attention belongs to you alone.
So what about you? Tell me, do you communicate with anyone on the Internet? As I always said, I do not like playing on feelings, and therefore I do not want any reason for jealousy. Games always hurt, they primarily destroy trust. Trust for me is the foundation of a solid foundation for a couple.
Richard Are you jealous of your character? I believe that jealousy is primarily a sign of self-doubt. I always dreamed of having a man in my heart, to whom I would be faithful until my last breath. And if I say the words "I love you Richard" then these words mean a lot to me.
They come from the heart and with the most sincere feelings. Which are based on trust respect and a sense of physical attraction. These words are not an empty phrase or recognition of sympathy. They are for me something more and spiritual. When you accept a man as he is in everyday life. With its strengths and weaknesses, with its character, intelligence, mentality. With his eyes and a smile, with his sexuality and smells. I really want to develop my feelings towards you, so that every day gives joy to each other. In my opinion, a strong and wise woman is behind every man. That is the kind of woman I want to be for you. If you do not mind.
What do you think? tell me your opinion on these simple principles.
Dear, how's the weather? It is still very warm and comfortable here. Summer pleases me and the sun's rays caress the smile on my face day after day.
At my work, everything is also in normal mode.
You probably heard on television about the situation with rallies in the Khabarovsk Territory. This is a remote corner of Russia. And there, some time ago,
the governor was arrested on charges of organizing murders in 2005. But people say that this is a fabricated criminal case. The reason, as always, is banal.
The governor was from another party, not loyal to the government. He always took care of his citizens and they did not choose him by chance.
In the last election in 2018, he defeated the incumbent governor from the party in power by a significant margin. Now the preponderance of forces in the region has gone to another party, and the Kremlin does not like this. And in this regard, there was a reason to arrest the governor on a denunciation.
It was the denunciation and slander that caused the arrest. The most annoying in this story is the fact that the authorities did not give a **** about people's opinions.
And she arrested the governor after a vote on constitutional amendments. I am not strong in politics and told you only the tip of the iceberg.
Because in Russia, rallies of thousands do not pass without attention.
The cute situation with the Covid-19 virus is also on the decline. I hope that measures will be relaxed in the coming week. I wish I had this event earlier, so that I had the opportunity to meet. Probably when these events come I will rejoice with joy. Because finally there will be an opportunity to make a permit for the trip and our meeting. On this I will end my letter. I am sending you a short video clip and kisses of my passionate love, Natalya
Letter 35
Hello my Richard, I apologize for my long absence. I wrote a letter a few days ago. Then I had a business trip from the Ministry of Health.
A delegation from the city visited a remote area of the Tomsk region. There are few doctors now and sometimes it is necessary to fill the position of a doctor in a particular locality. This practice was introduced in connection with the pandemic. And every doctor once a month leaves for almost one week to another remote clinic in his region, for practice and assistance. I came back last night. During the trip, I did not have the opportunity to write and be in touch with you, because of this I felt very sad. I was depressed that I could not write. The most important happiness for me today is that I can finally give you my news.
I promise not to disappear for such a long time without warning. How are you? How is your life? Tell me, haven't you forgotten me? For me, it was like an eternity passed without communication with each other. I missed you terribly and realized how much I was attached to you with my soul and heart.
My dear, I find you a real gentleman, because you want happiness for me. And you don't want to jail me. However, I agree to jail if they contain your hugs and kisses. how do you like this scenario of our future?
You've probably already heard that Russia is starting international communication with other countries. Great Britain, Turkey and Tanzania are the first countries with whom we start flights. There is a list of 30 countries with whom negotiations are still underway, but the list is kept secret.
I hope that your country is on the list and flights will be fully restored by mid-August. What a happiness it is that the world is returning to normal life with flights and movements around the corners of the planet. Dear, as soon as I hear that Russia has resumed the flight with your country, I will immediately learn all the subtleties and details for obtaining permission. I want our meeting and our long-awaited acquaintance.
I hope my feeling is mutual ?! write me as soon as you can, I'm looking forward to feedback from you, your Natalia
Letter 36
Hello my dear Richard, how glad and happy I am to give my news to you today. How is your day and how are summer days?
Now I can tell you that everything is fine with me, but I must confess, I am a little angry, no, my beloved, it has nothing to do with you.
I mean young people in my country, they do not follow the rules because of Covid-19, they want to party and celebrate festivals, they organize everything themselves, they pay little attention to the causative agent of Covid, and you can hardly control everyone, but this The result is now clearly visible.
Two weeks ago we had fewer infected people who were recently infected, and today it was announced that the number of infected had increased in one day (this information applies to the whole country in my country). Everything is still with me, to be honest, I'm tired of working tirelessly.
But I don't want to waste my vacation, I want to save it for our meeting. I still really hope for the resumption of international flights.
The countries of the European Union review the list of allowed countries to enter every 2 weeks. With the hope that the flight program will resume by mid-August and we can meet and connect our hearts. Of course I know, I am sure that our feelings and desire to see each other are very mutual.
Without a doubt, there is an idea that our stars on the heavenly canvas are nearby and therefore feelings that fell asleep before flared up between us.
I love romantic feelings, and thoughts of you give me the basis and motivation for romantic feelings and excitement. This is a special and unique feeling for me, probably I have never experienced anything like this in my life.
My beloved, my thoughts are always with you, you have changed my life very much, this will also happen to you, and I can tell you that I am looking forward to this moment, together we will return our lonely life, we will have a lot to tell each other, and we will kiss and love each other until death do us part, but we suppress it.
Best wishes Your Natalya
Letter 37
Hello my dear angel. How's your day? I hope you had a great and great weekend. Now the weather in my city again took the vector of summer and warm days.
Already August and the days are gradually becoming cool in the evening, but during the day it is always warm and the sun shines brightly.
This year I did not spend much time on the beach, because the work and the situation in the medical clinic did not leave me free time at all.
But even in previous years, I spent many weekends on the lake, admiring the sunsets and the warm sun of the daytime. I especially love to breathe the fresh summer air when the aromas of herbs and flowers are mixed in it. I really miss my vacation and want it sooner. But my most important desire is to open borders.
There is good news here. Flights to Switzerland are already allowed. And in Russia they say that flights to all countries can resume by mid-August.
This is the best and happiest news of the last days. I will remember this day forever. The day when the borders will open and I will be allowed to plan our long-awaited meeting. My dear, tell me, what is your deepest desire? I hope it has the same meaning as mine. The meaning of our meeting with you and our personal acquaintance is the best and innermost desire of 2020.
My dear, thanks for the breakfast story. I had a desire to wake up one day together in a hotel and have a joint breakfast. This could be the most wonderful start to the day.
I spent the last weekend again with my family on the backyard. I helped my mother make juice from fresh apples. We also collected cherry fruits and froze them.
To make a cake or a delicious cocktail in winter. I thought that if one day you come to visit me. Then I can find a way to your heart through your stomach.
I really want to treat you. Prepare breakfast lunch or dinner, prepare delicious meals for you and take care of you.
These are the deepest and most sincere desires of my heart. Today I am at work, but overall the atmosphere is calm. The number of cases is decreasing and work responsibilities are slowly decreasing. Write me your news as soon as you can, I look forward to hearing.
Dear Richard, I send you the sweetest words of love and tenderness, my kisses and hugs, Natalya
Letter 38
Hi dear, how are you today? Hope your mood is amazing and happy.
Richard, thank you for telling me about the education system. It was curious to know this topic and details. My dear, are you asking for a better day?
the first thing that came to my mind was, of course, the day we met. This is the best day of my life. Day which will not be neither before nor after.
You understand how strong my feelings for you are.
My love, with the opening of an international message, I increasingly think about our meeting. More and more often I think about rest.
Most likely, I will take a vacation in early September. Of course, I have a great desire to come to you so that we can get to know each other and spend time with each other.
Now there is no direct communication between our countries. But it is possible to fly in transit through Istanbul, London or Switzerland.
I am not afraid of the long flight, at the end of the journey your embrace will hide fatigue. Do you agree? Yes, the world has seriously changed during the pandemic and people have become attentive and careful. For example, I found out that in order to apply for a visa to your country, I must be tested for covid-19.
And the certificate is valid only for the first 3 days. I am ready for anything for our long-awaited meeting. Richard international flights are now available only from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Rostov. I think that the best thing is to go to Moscow and apply for a visa at the consulate, and from there take a flight to you.
I have to fill out a questionnaire, pay a registration fee, attach a photo, work certificates and submit a biometrics.
Therefore, a personal presence at the consulate is important here. Honey, I think with the trip and all the bureaucratic expenses I will have to spend about 700 euros. Maybe a little more. Now I have saved money and I can cope with the bureaucracy, renting a hotel in Moscow and travel there.
But the question of tickets scares me, because a transit flight can have a somewhat high price. You understand? Here I want to ask for your support.
Of course, I do not want to put the entire burden of financial responsibility on your shoulders. And I think it's fair to share our responsibility.
My dear, can I count on your little help and financial support? If you could help me buy tickets, I will take on all the rest of the formalities.
Tell me about it in the next letter and give your opinion. Once again, I do not want to offend you with this request, and I do not want to hurt you.
because I take you and our feelings seriously.
It would be wonderful and wonderful to meet face to face, to see the sparkle of happy eyes and sincere smiles. One way or another, if we talk about a meeting, then everything needs to be carefully weighed, because our meeting is a crucial step. But I definitely really want to meet and get to know you and get some rest.
I want to enjoy free time with you, not to rush anywhere, not to think about anything, to completely turn off the outside world.
You and I have known each other for a long time, we easily talk on different topics. You occupy an important place in my life.
Sometimes it is difficult to communicate at a distance, because we do not have the opportunity to see each other.
Of course, meeting face to face would allow us to strengthen our feelings. You know, at this moment I am writing lines and I have excitement.
I imagined our meeting, and I did not want to lose the moment of its sensation. It was a great moment! I don't want to tease and hurt myself.
But I am more and more at the mercy of thoughts of you. I can say with confidence that for the sake of personal acquaintance and the continuation of relations, I am ready to come to your country. But I am deeply convinced that sympathy for each other and mutual feelings will break all barriers.
I'm sure you will agree with me. In my opinion, there are few things in the modern world that can be categorized as impossible.
The most important thing in any business is desire and approach. Because 99 percent of success is a huge desire, motivation and inspiration, and only 1 percent is an opportunity. This is my individual opinion. Richard I appreciate our feelings with you, and have the deepest respect for you.
Sorry for asking a lot of questions. I want to wish you a very happy day. Today I dedicate a sweet kiss to you, I will wait for your new letter
Letter 39
Hello my beloved Richard, I am very glad to receive your letter today. They keep me warm and create a mood of happiness and peace in my soul.
I'm fine, I often think about us and these are the happiest thoughts in which you always play the main and important role.
In fact, I can never evaluate feelings, because they are priceless. And perhaps this is due to the sincerity that was born between us.
The weather in the city has turned a little worse and colder, and I sincerely believe that love has the ability to warm a person.
Have you ever heard of such an expression? Or it is only popular in countries with cold climates. Where winter is very long and the temperature is cool most of this time of the year. Love gives strength, gives wisdom and a person is not afraid of anything when he loves. Love is a big word! I don't like loud speeches.
But my love for you is something special, this is a unique feeling, thoughts about you give a smile and joy inside my heart.
I feel that they are very valuable and dear emotions of my every day. Either way, your letters mean a lot to me. You occupy a large place in my heart, and all my thoughts about the future life belong only to you. Now you and I are standing on the threshold of our happiness. We are writing a new love story, and as I told you I have a great desire for her to be happy and start from scratch. I am very glad that you agreed to support me in my arrival to you.
It doesn't matter what your help is. The main thing is that I feel you next to me, and it is important that there is reciprocity between us, and a feeling of support for each other. It is important for me that in my decision to come to you I am not alone, it is important that you are always there.
I understand that you and I are one team and we will work on our meeting with joint efforts. I am convinced that only in such conditions, meeting each other, when we meet in person and feel the first kiss, will come true.
Today I am planning to buy a ticket to Moscow. Tomorrow I will send there and will apply to the visa center for paperwork.
I am determined to spend my holidays with you, there is a great determination to meet. Patience and will will help us more than ever.
Do you agree? To organize a trip to an unfamiliar country for the first time is always very difficult and not just as it seems at first glance.
But I feel the strength to cope with all the difficulties. Cope for our sake, for the sake of seeing you and giving you the hottest kiss.
Today I will be packing, I have no plans to pack a large suitcase. I plan to take only the essentials. I will now finish my letter.
I need to get ready for tomorrow's road. As soon as I get there, I will certainly inform you of all the news. Please write to me often, because your words bring warmth and comfort, with love Natalya
Letter 40
Hello my dear Richard, I arrived in Moscow early this morning. The journey was easy enough. Passengers sat at a distance from each other and the mandatory requirement for masks. The flight was about 4 hours. There was no breakfast on the plane now, and contact between flight attendants and passengers was kept to a minimum.
I haven't flown on domestic flights for a long time. And it was very interesting for me to experience the sensation of flying over Russia. Moscow is changing very quickly, I was here during my studies at the institute, in 2005. Since then, many buildings have been built, everything is becoming very modern and developed.
I don't recognize Moscow! But I really liked it here. Moscow has long canceled all quarantine measures and life is in full swing here.
As soon as I arrived, I immediately turned to a real estate agency to look for housing for myself, I need it during my stay here. The hotel has a high price and I decided that renting a room or apartment would be cheaper. That's why I turned to a real estate agency. They helped me find an inexpensive option, the room is very cozy and bright. You can stay here for a while, but I wouldn't want to live here for a long time. I am writing you a letter from an internet cafe which is not far from where I live. I will write to you often. Because now it is more accessible to me. I also want to ask you to write to me often.
It's nice when letters from you come, thereby I understand what you think, about me and care.
My dear Richard, sit on the veranda and listen to the birdsong. What could be more romantic, you know how to create the best environment and ideal feelings between us.
I totally agree with you that true love is very simple.
She is sensitive where words are not needed at all, true love is a high spiritual state of mind and body. And I perfectly understand what you are talking about and what you mean.
Love is just attention. Sometimes you can make a compliment and your whole day will be filled with happiness and love. Sometimes giving a kiss early in the morning when you wake up is much more valuable and important than many other moments.
How did the opening speech go? my dear, of course I support the idea that you bought some candy. It is valuable to give attention to each employee, to show his importance, care and respect. This is the key to great team relationships. you are an intelligent and very responsible leader.
Richard, I can't say exactly how many days I need to spend here. of course I would like to prepare the papers quickly. Nevertheless, I will try to get a visa as soon as possible and already look forward to the date of the flight. Please write me a convenient date for choosing a flight? And the nearest airport. well?
Darling, of course, you and I met on the Internet, exchanged letters and pictures, and therefore I think that all this is very little for both of us. I hope I made the right and courageous decision to come to you. Get to know you and spend some time with each other. I love you very much, and I would rather be on your side.
Honey, I will be going to the airline office and consulate soon. I have already made an appointment for the appointment, tomorrow I will have a complete picture of the information. I will find out all the details about the flight and airfare. I was informed that the ticket prices are different, there are several airlines.
Of course I will choose a more economical flight option. Well, well, when I know for sure, I will certainly inform you. I hope that during this week many questions about our meeting will be answered. I love you with all my heart, and I look forward to when I find myself in your arms.
I sincerely hug and kiss you. My love, write to me. I will wait for your letters, Your Natalya
Letter 41
My love, my Richard, I am writing again. How's your day? Now I have a lot of news for us. I do not know where to start, but I will try to explain everything to you in order.
There is a feeling that I am caught between a rock and a hard place, and therefore I ask you to support me. Now I need you and your words more than ever.
Because your words always show concern.
I applied to the Visa Application Center. There I wrote an application for a package of travel documents. I liked that nice people work at the visa center.
They are very welcoming and welcoming. They helped me in absolutely everything. I gave the necessary papers. I also took photos for decoration according to the requirements.
They took my fingerprints, as the rules require for each applicant in obtaining a visa. Now, after the cancellation of the quarantine stages and the opening of borders, many tourists are in a hurry to get an open visa for travel. So I spent some time in line. Everything according to the requirements, there is a distance between people and the presence of masks, as well as gloves, is required. However, then everything went quickly and comfortably.
The term for obtaining a visa takes from 10 days, but not less. During this time, I will be able to get a ready and approved visa. It's so cool!
The consulate told me that I have to purchase 2 air tickets. In fact, I was ready and knew the script in advance. If you have a flight ticket and a return ticket, the preparation of documentation will be very fast. The application package will be complete. In other words, the procedure will take place as usual.
The fact is that the consular staff must be sure of the real dates of my departure and return to Russia. This is necessary, first of all, for error-free paperwork.
But no less important is the fact that when you first obtain a visa, you must strictly show your tourist goals.
Visa inspectors do not allow potential emigrants to obtain permits. Also, the availability of tickets is confirmed by the itinerary.
I visited the airline office today and looked at the airfare prices. The flight date is open and you can change it as you like.
A choice of air tickets is available and there are dates in early September or late August. The main selection criterion for me was the price.
In fact, it doesn't matter which plane I fly, the only thing that matters is that the plane connects our hearts. Do you agree with me?
But due to the fact that the flight passes through transit countries and implies docking, the cost has increased. I needed to find cheap flights.
The airline manager helped me in all matters related to the choice of tickets. There is a very good offer. The cost of one air ticket is 268 euros.
I need to pay 536 euros. Richard, I already told you that I will need your help. This is the money you need to buy tickets. I have to buy tickets in Russia here, I have already made a reservation and it only remains to deposit 536 euros. If everything goes well, then in a very short time I will complete the registration and receive the documents. As soon as I pay for the flight, I will give you all the necessary information about the flight number so that you can meet me at the airport.
Honey, of course I had the means. And I wrote about them in my last letters. But the preparation of bureaucratic visa issues, travel to Moscow, accommodation, meals, all these items bear their own costs. Unfortunately, I have no money left to buy tickets on my own from my personal savings.
Forgive me, to the depths of my soul I am ashamed to ask you for help. My love, if I receive your help promptly and quickly, this circumstance will significantly speed up the process of preparing the documents. I really want to finish everything as soon as possible, because then the waiting time for the day of the meeting will go faster.
Darling, I really am ashamed to ask you for help. And I feel the shame in my heart! I would never have thought that I would have to apply for financial support, much less talk about money. Please do not be angry about this. Until recently, I hoped for myself and my self-sufficiency. But believe me, there was no other choice.
I tried to pay with a credit card, but my card is a salary card, and the money I earned is credited to it. And there is no line of credit on such a card.
I am very sad and ashamed to write this bad news to you. But I ask you to treat me with understanding and love. All that I do, and for the sake of which I try all this is exclusively for you and me. For a happy future together.
When can I get your help? Paperwork is a complex bureaucratic process. But with mutual support, I believe that I can handle all the formalities.
Already my documents are in the process of registration. I hope that very soon you and I will be together. Write as soon as you can, I look forward to your lines.
I will be waiting for your news, please write as soon as you have a free minute, kiss of love
Letter 42
Hello my love Richard, how is your day? I wish you a wonderful morning and a great mood. This morning started with rain and it is cloudy outside. The time is getting closer to autumn and it
is likely that the rains will be too frequent now. I carefully read your letter and I want to express my sincere gratitude for your words. Darling I am very pleased that you take care of me.
Because no words can express my feelings of admiration for you. I don't want to talk about being tired. Because I knew there would be no easy way and it didn't scare me.
In the end, happiness must be fought for. And you are my happiness! I know that I want to be with you, and I am ready to try for this in spite of fatigue and problems.
Richard I learn a lot from you, and your words are always very sensitive to convey the mood and especially in them I feel how you support me and care. I admire you, your intelligence and education.
My love, thank you for your kind words. Thank you for the support and care that is in your heart. The barrier to the issue of buying tickets is all that interferes with me now,
and what separates me from completing the visa approval procedure. My beloved, after buying the tickets, I will give you accurate and detailed information about the arrival flight.
I'll give you full information so that you meet me at the air harbor, ok?
My love, I found out some details about the assistance, I want to express my opinion. I think the most convenient way is to send me help through the fast transfer system.
This method is, first of all, convenient and safe. In fact, I can get your help in a few hours. But the main advantage is the promptness with which I can receive your money.
I found out that there are many ways. For example, Money Gram or Ria office services. You also said what about western union? I read and realized that it is also a great option that will help us.
This postal service is in close contact with the Russian postal service. And I can receive money in fact an hour after the completion of the transaction. I think that the same statistics exist in your country.
Most likely you will need additional information.
I'll tell: Voller Name: Natalya Aleksandrovna
Nachname: Busyreva
Passport-ID: 78 0297341
Meine Privatadresse, Region Tomsk, Stadt Tomsk, Straße Vokzalnaya, Haus 28, Wohnung 20, Postleitzahl 634006. Bankadresse in Moskau:
Leningradskaya, 29
Khimki, 141400
Richard, I need 536 euros to pay for the tickets in full.
I will write you the data exactly as it is in my passport. Please do not make mistakes, and check all the letters for correct spelling. During the day I will try to send you a copy of your passport.
The fact is that the passport is handed over to the consulate. It is on one of its pages that a mark is put on the receipt of an approved visa. I handed over my passport to the consulate when I applied.
But I'll try to think of something to send you a copy. You will probably have to ask for the document back. I will try to do all this.
Write to me if you have any questions. I will try to respond promptly. This method is convenient and safe. In any case, if you have any questions, please write to me without fail. Did you agree?
After completing the transaction, you will have its details. Let me know. But if possible, try to send me a copy of the transaction receipt.
With her help, I will accurately draw up a form for receiving funds. My dear, I love you with all my heart, and I express my deep gratitude that in this difficult moment you offer me your shoulder.
I feel protected by your side.
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