Scam letter(s) from Elena Yelyanova to James (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my future husband Matt.
Thank you very much for the letter, I am glad reading it from you today. And now I am answering you with pleasure as always. It is Monday here and another working week has started. It means that the weekend is over. And it was another weekend that I spent alone, I mean there was no one to be next to me and with who I can share my thought, my desires and my dreams. I am sure you can be the one for me with who I can share everything and spend my life in happiness with you only. I love you so much and I am dreaming about you so much. I am wishing we are together as soon as possible. I know it is thought I am writing you about almost every day, but it is the most thought I have now and I can not even think about anything more. Dear Matt if you have an opportunity to send money in parts, I could begin to work with agency for purchase of the tickets. I am sure we shall together very very soon. I am missing you very much I am kissing you tenderly and waiting for the letter from you impatiently.
Forever yours Ekaterina.
Letter 2

Hello my lovely Matt.
Yesterday I was in Embassy of USA and I had interview. They asked me questions and I answered on it. I have return tickets. I have bought tickets to you. I arrive to Dallas( Dallas Ft Worth Intl ) in the 5 of July in the 08 pm. It is by Delta Air Lines. Flight number DL1123. Travel Time: 16 hours 35 min. I have shown tickets in Embassy of USA. I got visa, but they told me that I should have some money. This money are necessary that I could came in your country. I will need to have some amount of money in my hands when I will be in the airport. The customers will ask me for this money. I need to have it just to show them and it does not take anything from me. I've told that I go to my love and I will not require in something. But they told me that it is the law and if I want to arrive to you I should have money. I am very sad knowing it and I even did not think that it is so hard. I was told that I need to have about $1000 for this purposes. I have not money. My love, I hope only for your help. I can't fly to your country if I haven't this money. Please send me money and if you haven't this money please borrow it from friends or relatives. This money will stay with me and when I come to you I return all this money to you. I will not waste any cent and I will give it all back to you when you will meet me there. My lovely Matt, I may hope only on you. We must find a way of this situation. My love, write me as soon as possible because we have not enough time. I will waiting your letter with impatience.
Yours forever Ekaterina.
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