Romance scam letter(s) from Victoria to Michel (Belgium)
Letter 1
Hi !!!! Thank you for your letter. I am very glad to receive your answer))) I really really expected this)))) how are you doing today ??
tell me all your plans !!! what agency are you talking about ?? Oh no in any case
I found you on a dating site honestly) but it was a long time ago then I was in a relationship and when they ended I decided to write to you0 hope it’s not too late?)) I haven’t been on sites for a long time) I recently came to work! the weather is wonderful outside and the sun is shining) and my mood improved as soon as I updated my mail)))))) can i ask you your phone number?)))) I still have a lot of questions for you )) and I would like to know you even better today!
do you like animals?)))) and with whom do you live? Alone?)) I live alone in a rented apartment, and my parents live in a suburb of Donetsk)
I often go to them on weekends and help them)) I have a mom and dad, I am their only child) but I always dreamed of having a sister or brother)) for me, my parents are the standard of ideal relationships) And my childhood is filled with love and warmth thanks to them)) no matter what happens in their lives, they never hurt each other and always supported! for me they are an example and I want the same happiness and no less))) Do you remember anything about your childhood?))) what are your plans for the evening?)) I go to the cinema with my cousin and I hope that the film will be good))) really looking forward to your reply !! have a terrific day)) Victoria
Letter 2
Hello, darling !!))))))) how are you???? How is your mood??))))
Oh, how glad I am to your letter )))) there is no limit to my happiness)) oh no, I do not use the services of agencies, it seems to me frivolously!
my height is 167, weight 52 kg
I was born March 1, 1984
I don’t smoke or drink and I don’t have children! my goal is to be happy and start a family)) I studied at the university do you have a whatsapp? You know, I’ve never met on the Internet before
I thought it was frivolous stupidity, I thought, well, what can come of it?
and then I found you and you answered me and I realized that in other countries you can find a terrific man. Which will be very different from the lazy Ukrainian alcoholic and I'm so happy)) you are amazing, you are very smart, you are an interesting conversationalist and a real gentleman with good manners and upbringing)) I really appreciate these qualities in a man and I feel that with each letter we get a little closer to each other)) and you feel it ??)) I can tell you more, I trust you more and I'm very interested with you !! this is not flattery and not an attempt to charm you)) This is just true !!! although honestly, this is an attempt to charm you to some extent)) LOL tell me about your plans for the day !! and I am very very very looking forward to the next letter !!! have a charming day !! Victoria))
Letter 3
Hello my dear. Who is this girl and why is she writing such nonsense? What $ 100? That's a lie!
Why don't you believe me? I know that you sent me money and I kept everything to the last cent
I will spend it on my way to you
my parents have no money. My family is in debt due to the illness of my father and my grandmother, we can hardly make ends meet
I ask you for the last help for my passport
I swear that there will be no more expenses !! I found out the bus flight Donetsk-Kiev, and then Kiev-Kherson, I can go this Friday if I issue my passport
then on Saturday night you will meet me at the bus station in Kherson
I miss you very much and want to come!
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